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Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015, with ports for Xbox One, OS X, and Linux being released in 2016.

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  • Matchmaking (7.69%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (3.85%)
  • Game Crash (3.85%)

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  • MaciejMatusow Maciej Matusow (@MaciejMatusow) reported

    @RocketLeague Fix this salty shores sund bug already!!

  • LO86798521 LO (@LO86798521) reported

    @RocketLeague @Monstercat @tokyomachine I am from the Middle East .. I have two years and I am playing .. But I am still a noob .. The reason that ping does not fall for 180 .. Is there any solutions from you to my suffering .. Or that the problem with our service provider

  • NoahSnyder2 Nahhh (@NoahSnyder2) reported

    @DaFoogle @RocketLeague This is a huge issue. The toxicity of people needs to be monitored better. I have grown so sick of my teammates scoring own goals on purpose. It takes all the fun out of the game.

  • warklein Warklein 🇳🇴 (@warklein) reported

    @TwitchMrWolfe @Xeratrickyy I got someone in my chat from a previous Rocket League game. He was pissed and threatened to Ddos me and my family. I started to ask him out about the technicals behind ddosing, but he ended up having no clue about it. He said goodbye with "i ****** ur mom last night! Priceless😂

  • nic91682 Nic91682 Gaming (@nic91682) reported

    @RocketLeague Can you please fix a bug it’s the replays, cause my PS4 crashes every time I go into and try to watch one.

  • QuiKGunZ QuiKGunZ (@QuiKGunZ) reported

    Problem with being up so late when every is asleep is that I think too much. Now I want to be give PC gaming another try this time being 100% committed as well as sticking to Rocket League as my main game for streaming. 🤔

  • Ecczer Ecczer (@Ecczer) reported

    @Vortex5674 @Vikkstar123 I might watch something like that I loved the Minecraft H2M series. Also please fix your rocket league car @Vikkstar123 so it isn’t a mess to look at

  • InsiteRL Insite (@InsiteRL) reported

    You need to fix this shittt tournament mode @PsyonixStudios this is ******* garbage.

  • tenvarex Kenzo | Tenvarex 🇮🇹 (@tenvarex) reported

    @RL_Caro you seem to be a cool person but when someone knows you enough you are sometimes toxic in ranked but you should be upset because of some other problems, not only from rocket league i think but even when i used to trashtalk you, off rocket league i wanted to delete what i said

  • DiamondRhino64 DiamondRhino (@DiamondRhino64) reported

    @StoutVevo @GreatBradsby @RocketLeague problem with that is that there are tons of good limited items, that would likely end up bad too.

  • StoutVevo Toucanz (@StoutVevo) reported

    @dcgeliminate @RocketLeague Get gud wifi I have 30 ping a hiccup here and there but worst I've gotten is a server disconnect on a 10-0 match

  • kzih_ ̸̷̶̵̴̛̣̤̇̈̈́̾̔̓̒̎̍̋̏́̀͐̌̂͒̊̐̽͛͆͌͋͊̃̉͗͑̆̑̿̅̄͘̕̚͠͡͝͞ͅ (@kzih_) reported

    @RocketLeague Fix ur replay system

  • UanI_Play UanI Play (@UanI_Play) reported

    I lol when rl chat bans me cuz im not the problem. Kids are telling ppl to kill themselves. But im being banned for calling someone retarded. Society is crooked. #rocketleague #psyonix what an example of garbage devs making a garbage game. Great concept. Just needs better owners.

  • FriGGen_RejeX REEEEEEEjeX (@FriGGen_RejeX) reported

    @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague pls fix tourney mode. There is a bug where one game is played and then then next game will start, then restart, then restart again, and then the match is over, and it repeats throughout the rest of the tourney. PLZ FIX

  • dcgeliminate Chris Alexander (@dcgeliminate) reported

    @RocketLeague FIX YOUR ******* SERVER HOW HARD IS IT. I've been disconnecting from games constantly and sometimes it won't even let me back into the game. NO other game has as bad servers as you.

  • Dizzy4Dayz DizzyBoy (@Dizzy4Dayz) reported

    @HeisenbergFX4 @RocketLeague Problem is, it could open up cross platform trading, which is something that won't allow at the moment. The only things they could do is merge XP and ranks, items would have to stay platform locked.

  • DiamondRhino64 DiamondRhino (@DiamondRhino64) reported

    @GreatBradsby @RocketLeague issue with that is still that those items are part of the trading market too, so that would be very bad in psyonix's eyes.

  • pcllama Llama 🇬🇧 (@pcllama) reported

    @RL_Support I put my game on 1080x1080 in video settings and my game crashed, now whenever I try to load up I get an HDMI error message and my screen goes black. Happens on my 2nd steam account too and still happens after I uninstalled and redownloaded Rocket League. Please help.

  • netflixndyl Dyl♛ (@netflixndyl) reported

    @RocketLeague fix that fuckint shitty post game lobby glitch

  • Blxe___ Blue97 (@Blxe___) reported

    @RocketLeague FIX SERVERS!

  • GoGeurt callie geurts (@GoGeurt) reported

    imagine a rocket league smash bros character omfg that would be............ broken as hell

  • robIOIIOIO Robert Smith (@robIOIIOIO) reported

    @RocketLeague I put a lot of money in this game and I'm tired of getting repeats of octane skins, the octane is just as trashy as a players that use it, Can you please work on the duplicate problem!!!!!!!

  • Stephen18065555 Stephen Barr (@Stephen18065555) reported

    I love how @RocketLeague has a big ping problem I lose because of my ping is at 124 or 700 after a few games

  • DustinDuncan Dustin Duncan (@DustinDuncan) reported

    @RocketLeague used to be my favorite game. Now it's full of cheaters, smurfs & lag. Game is almost unplayable now. Every update breaks the game more. Ranking system has always been terrible. Stop putting your money & effort into crates & tournaments & fix your game & servers.

  • BattleKingYT Scope King (@BattleKingYT) reported

    @RocketLeague There is a severe issue with the in game tournament feature. Constantly, players and myself included will be kicked out usually several times of the game and have to restart the round for no reason. This has been going o n for months now with no fix. Please

  • PrimeRib1999 PrimeRay1999 (@PrimeRib1999) reported

    @tayloraverdick @RodawgP @RocketLeague Its reliant on the version of unreal engine the game is on, and apparently if they wanted to bring the game to a version that didn't have this issue they'd have to rewrite all the code for the game

  • Second_Suxx Creator Code: 2ndsuxx (@Second_Suxx) reported

    @VezyThieme @NicktendoYT @ZILAYT_ @Kazus690 @scerbio @CalhounShear @clmac21 And there's hundreds of more people for Rocket league and other subscribers accounts I do Fortnite challenges for. But like I said. You're not comfortable then no problem 😁

  • SpitInMyRing A True Alpha Male (@SpitInMyRing) reported

    @RocketLeague Game is next to unplayable, patch has cause a stupid amount of issues. Server issues, frames dropping, sound drooping in & out. Past 2 "patches" have created more issues than they've fixed.

  • littleBIGman185 Jesse Black (@littleBIGman185) reported

    @GreyRayvn @RocketLeague Finally someone else is talking about this. Same problems here. I play on Xbox One X. The game is pretty much unplayable now.

  • ancientspirits1 Esmeralda (@ancientspirits1) reported

    @kurmikut @RL_Support @RocketLeague I deinstalled it because of this. I used to love the game but after the crossplatform update toxicity in different forms became a real problem as well as severe server lag sometimes but all rocket league says check your hardware and i did but its FINE at my end.

  • jamescliffmedia James Cliff (@jamescliffmedia) reported

    @RocketLeague fix your forfeit button

  • SpitInMyRing A True Alpha Male (@SpitInMyRing) reported

    @RocketLeague great patch, servers are broken, game wont load things properly. Seriously unplayable.

  • SpitInMyRing A True Alpha Male (@SpitInMyRing) reported

    @RocketLeague Oh look another update that doesn't sort the abundance of retards lagging everywhere ruining the game.

  • AimlessRL Aimless (@AimlessRL) reported

    @Lethamyr_RL @RocketLeague @RL_Support I had the same problem. Go into your logs folder in documents/mygames/rocket league. And delete everything in the logs folder. RL should be just fine.

  • trivialattire Collin (@trivialattire) reported

    @VooDooOtter @RocketLeague I play to get my good feels fix, not to necessarily get better, and I’m definitely not getting my fix when I’m getting my ass handed to me.

  • xboxwhiteguy Madkracker (@xboxwhiteguy) reported

    @iChaoticRL @RocketLeague We need an option to scrap or trade up all items. Inventory is becoming an issue fast with rocket pass.

  • LordPotato69 Sam (@LordPotato69) reported

    @PsyonixStudios can you guys fix the trade cancel and time out thing plewse

  • ImLukeDeWitt Luke (@ImLukeDeWitt) reported

    @Orion_RL @Lethamyr_RL @RocketLeague @RL_Support Unless you are having issues, dont delete the file. RL will just have to generate a new one on launch and it will slow it down.

  • Drew92865119 Drew (@Drew92865119) reported

    @PsyonixStudios How can something that has been broken so long still be in the game. In my opinion just fix them or take them out. Im referring to the demo inconsistency.

  • muth_nicole 🦄 Nicole Ramstetter/PinkLadySMS (@muth_nicole) reported

    @QueenieKris We will have to see :-) its suppose to be my stream night but I'm exhausted from all of this overtime. I might go home and crash Haha! And p.s. I'm not very good at rocket league....haha!

  • littleBIGman185 Jesse Black (@littleBIGman185) reported

    @PsyonixStudios this game is broken on xbox one x. Please look into performance issues affecting the gameplay since the last update.

  • Giorgio200727 KilleR Official (@Giorgio200727) reported

    and another one.. @RocketLeague please fix or something its funny tho 😂

  • sir_shampoo SirShampooSheep (@sir_shampoo) reported

    @RocketLeague FIX THE NO SOUND ON XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YarissRL Yariss (@YarissRL) reported

    @DudeWithNose_RL @RocketLeague just report the server. think that some servers are getting issues. sometimes this happens in EU aswell. if you report the server the issue will be resolved soon probably.... i cant believe i just said that

  • Skrrrt_Kobain Axton (@Skrrrt_Kobain) reported

    @DudeWithNose_RL @RocketLeague Been this way for the past week for me, no issues outside of Rocket League. At this point I just kinda accept that the game/servers are flawed and no one actually wants to take care of it

  • Insaineyanko Insaineyanko (@Insaineyanko) reported

    @RocketLeague Hopefully it was to fix your new ranking system, kinda garbage I keep getting paired with unranked vets or legends while I'm Plat 3 and All-Star. Super frustrating

  • Nexawayyy Nexaway (@Nexawayyy) reported

    I’m gonna keep playing a bit of rl just so I’m not awful if the lag stops, but if not rocket league taught me how to improve and I will take that skill to other games and throughout life.

  • littlebithungry Mateo (@littlebithungry) reported

    @RocketLeague I keep getting this glitch where certain sounds just don’t work in game! Goal explosions, picking up boost, rumble items, and car dodging are just silent! It’s happened multiple times, please fix it!

  • crimz_el El Crimz (Ric Florida) (@crimz_el) reported

    New stall mechanic that also fixes @RocketLeague sound glitch: The Unistall

  • m0t0rcade m0t0rcade (@m0t0rcade) reported

    @Asmodean_ @Boogie2988 Sorry got of the ole Twitter for a second. Honestly wouldn't have an issue with it. My main games right now are PUBG, Rocket League, NBA 2K19 and Stardew Valley. My PUBG character is black. My NBA player I made is a mixed race. My Stardew guy is white.

  • ScreamRL SϾЯΞΛM 🇷🇸 (@ScreamRL) reported

    @Lethamyr_RL @RocketLeague @RL_Support I could help u, if we go discord, its complicated u need to go in ur docs to fix that issue

  • Matthias__1999 Maddias (@Matthias__1999) reported

    @Lethamyr_RL @RocketLeague @RL_Support I have the same issue, for me restarting my PC works

  • rl_mato Mato (@rl_mato) reported

    H O L Y S H I T, @PsyonixStudios can u fix the hcb asap i cant play normaly...

  • Quuiixx Quix (@Quuiixx) reported

    @Lethamyr_RL @RocketLeague @RL_Support open task manager and if steam is open you have to end rocket league through the dropdown box and if steam is closed rocket league is running as a normal background program ive had this problem for months

  • KevsyRL kevsy (@KevsyRL) reported

    @tehdaRL @RocketLeague @Deevo There are actually guys who are asking for subbing in tournaments, like Esl and stuff they send u an URL with the exact same over face where you need to connect to steam then with login details, I just saw the small difference in the URL at on point! So take care guys!

  • DerickBailey15 Derick Bailey (@DerickBailey15) reported

    @ImVictiny @V4lSuisse @RocketLeague Switch to PC. Issue resolved.

  • mrdarkstar3 daarkies (@mrdarkstar3) reported

    @Lethamyr_RL @RocketLeague @RL_Support I have the exact same issue

  • Brand0n_B Brandon (@Brand0n_B) reported

    @RocketLeague Please fix the trading system so we can trade with resend players without adding them as a friend

  • ItsYaBoiKeyBoy ItsYaBoiKeyBoy (@ItsYaBoiKeyBoy) reported

    @RocketLeague please fix the bug where people disconnect from the game and cant join back and fix the bug where there is no sound

  • oyveygoyim69 Papadopoulos (@oyveygoyim69) reported

    @Lethamyr_RL @RocketLeague @RL_Support Thanks, I just had the same problem but the file was 0kb. Deleting it fixed the problem.