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Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015, with ports for Xbox One, OS X, and Linux being released in 2016.

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  • HalfwayDeadRL HalfwayDead | Rocket Science (@HalfwayDeadRL) reported

    @StumpyGoblin @BennyFlark You can easily see the difference. Because response time is not input lag. A 1 ms monitor is going to smear less in fast motion, giving you a clearer image. In Rocket League most noticeable when turning with ballcam off or when you switch it on/off.

  • MkV_SHOCKER Jack Ostrom (@MkV_SHOCKER) reported

    @anderson_noah2 @RocketLeague @EpicGames Fix your broken brain. Its not there fault YOU leave a loss before getting demoted. Just because u skip the screen doesn't mean it doesn't count.

  • SlaYeR_RL Blade | SlaYeR (@SlaYeR_RL) reported

    @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague PLEASE FIX YOUR SERVERS

  • dobyzilla doby6109 (@dobyzilla) reported

    Well rocket league crashed.......again give me a sec I’ll be back on btw does anyone know how to fix that problem

  • KaineNyne Figure (@KaineNyne) reported

    @RocketLeague @EpicGames fix your game please

  • Kchamp123YT Kchamp123 (@Kchamp123YT) reported

    @kfcgaming you guys have to run high quality YouTube ads if you want this thing to work. I had no idea you guys existed until I saw UKOGMonkey's video on the Crash tournament. I'd recommend advertising a new tournament for a bigger game, maybe Rocket League or... fml... Fortnite.

  • Mine91779065 oh yeah yeah! (@Mine91779065) reported

    @PsyonixStudios fix ur dam demo system how did i hit someone from my front bumper to their side and i get demod going supersonic

  • WiltTheStilt5 𝕮𝕸𝕯𝕮 (@WiltTheStilt5) reported

    @RocketLeague your servers are so bad. The latency issues are rampant and it’s not my WiFi. Please update!

  • nagdd_ Nate Gd 💫 (@nagdd_) reported

    @RocketLeague @Xbox can you please fix losing mmr bc ur tm8 leaves the game or decides to play for the other team

  • xhastex haste (@xhastex) reported

    @akaBakonoe @RocketLeague Im still surprised people have issues with this map. Its a tad bright, but I have no problem with it. Anyway, if you're on PC, try turning Windows Night Light on 30-40%, it helps a lot.

  • HurlTristen Valkyrie (@HurlTristen) reported

    Playing 1s with anything over 90 ping atm is ******* impossible. You have no when they touch the ball. The game is unplayable. Fix your shit @PsyonixStudios

  • GeekthulhuLives Geekthulhu (@GeekthulhuLives) reported

    @CogBotLeech Watching the replay right now. It's all because BWH can't take a little Rocket League shit talk lol. NOW you have an issue with a guy that you didn't really call out before for shit. Because that content bucket is running low lol. Enjoy cannibalizing your friends boo boo.

  • anderson_noah2 Noah Anderson (@anderson_noah2) reported

    I've been demoted six times on wins... fix your broken game @RocketLeague @EpicGames

  • crimson_zz CrimsonZz (@crimson_zz) reported

    Quitting rocket league due to the game being broken. 1v1 are nearly impossible to play with the flip resets and bumps and you can only win if you have better ping than the other person. @RL_Support

  • kwerc1 Kwerc (@kwerc1) reported

    Yeah lmao I’m done. Hopped onto rocket league after a while of not playing AND GET THE SAME DOGSHIT ******* TEAMMATE THAT COSTED ME GC. Done. Absolutely ******* done @PsyonixStudios @RLEsports @RocketLeague @RocketLGCentral FIX THE GODDAMN GAME AND PUT A HARD RESET IN ****

  • billhuey bill huey (hui) (@billhuey) reported

    @BenDuBose It kind of disparages Dwight during his time as a Rocket just before GSW asserted style changes across the league. His problem always has and continues to be his free throw percentage and lack of mobilit

  • marvsta Marvsta (@marvsta) reported

    @RL_Support Lol I even said don't have the support team message me because I've tried all the troubleshooting before. Rocket League is the only game I play with these consistent issues.

  • JimmyMa66722572 Jimmy Mac (@JimmyMa66722572) reported

    @RocketLeague Fix the glitch from the slash beam boost it's giving me frame lag!

  • soarelle soarelle (@soarelle) reported

    @iCurrlee @RocketLeague @DreamHack @DreamHackRL They've got to have some rocket league... Somebody's gotta fix it.

  • wicketwarwick j hill+ (@wicketwarwick) reported

    stupid random thing: played an hour or so Borderlands 2. no problems. nothing to tweet about. closed the game and realized I had Rocket League open the whole time. Had 2 PC games running at the same time and didn't get a blip of an issue. didn't even realize until after the fact

  • JimmyMa66722572 Jimmy Mac (@JimmyMa66722572) reported

    @PsyonixStudios or @EpicGames or @RocketLeague whoever I'm trying to do this mission with the slash beam boost but the boost keeps giving me frame lag. Not just me both of my friend's playing also. Please fix this!

  • BoIIinger Bollinger 😎 (@BoIIinger) reported

    Got shafted all night tonight in Siege. It’s sad that Ubi continues to not care about their game. So many problems and I’m not just saying that because I’m trash. Looks like I’m sticking to Rocket League for anything competitive..

  • iCurrlee Currlee (@iCurrlee) reported

    @soarelle @RocketLeague @DreamHack @DreamHackRL @DreamHackRL @DreamHack fix this next year plz

  • marvsta Marvsta (@marvsta) reported

    Also don't have the rocket League support team give me trouble shooting guide. None of that works, rocket league is just broken on Ps4 in oce

  • marvsta Marvsta (@marvsta) reported

    Server stability issues still, now the game is always crashing, honestly I think @RocketLeague is just getting worse and worse. Which sucks cause I love the game still. And no it's not my connection, these issues are only on rl

  • CurrierAshton Ashton Currier (@CurrierAshton) reported

    @RocketLeague Is anyone lagging really bad while playing today

  • JaredLodwick Jared Lodwick ✌️☝️✌️ (@JaredLodwick) reported

    So sick of getting banned for leaving games with toxic partners. First, fix your toxic community. Second, if I’ve reported a teammate and abandon the game I shouldn’t be banned from playing for 15 minutes. Fix your broken system #psyonix #epicgames #rocketleague

  • JakeStef1 Jake Stef (@JakeStef1) reported

    @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague ever since the spike rich update the game has ran soooooo poorly. Lag every game. I thought it was my internet but it’s not. Game is broken please fix :/

  • PapaBluchu PapaBluchu (@PapaBluchu) reported

    Not a single sessions goes by where I don't get plenty of ghost hits, ghost bumps, bad demo connections (giving or receiving). When a mechanical god like Breezi even mentions how broken things are, I think @PsyonixStudios should step up their game a lot.

  • InsidiousRyan Ryan (@InsidiousRyan) reported

    Fix the mmr, I’m getting people at CHAMP who constantly struggle to hit the ball @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague

  • chaysegr cooldude chaysegr (@chaysegr) reported

    @Windows Installed but runs horribly. Weird when my Surface runs Rocket League without issue.

  • uknowurjealous Im2Sexy4U (@uknowurjealous) reported

    @PsyonixStudios Someone needs to fix the shitty ass physics in this game. Get rid of that damn demolition mechanic too. #TrashGame #TrashDevelopers

  • m2_tikka m2 Tikka (@m2_tikka) reported

    @RocketLeague fix ur servers like holy i get latency bullshit every other game ive tried everything to fix and nothing works so please fix ur ****** servers before uploading more content.

  • cylizion Cylizion (@cylizion) reported

    Streaming #RocketLeague! My PC had streaming issues because it needed restarted, so we're good with it now!

  • TheOGMotion Motion🇨🇦 (@TheOGMotion) reported

    @Steam_Support I'm having this issue where whenever I move my mouse on the rocket league main menu it freaks out and I am unable to click on anything the rocket league support team sent me here

  • big_sailboat Big Sailboat (@big_sailboat) reported

    @WorldGaming @RocketLGCentral @RLEsports @RocketLeague @DreamHackRL There seems to be party connectivity issues, it says connecting but never connects

  • big_sailboat Big Sailboat (@big_sailboat) reported

    @sipisztibi @RocketLeague Are you having party connection problems on rocket league, mine continuously says joining but never joins

  • MR_LEON_SPAIN León (@MR_LEON_SPAIN) reported

    @RocketLeague fix your game please

  • 89peak chan (@89peak) reported

    @Jesterehs @PsyonixStudios After you fix the servers though

  • ForkyRL Carson (@ForkyRL) reported

    Real talk. I've been in a struggle lately, I'm torn between getting really good at rocket league and streaming, the problem is streaming is getting in the way of me being able to grind 6 mans and get rank x but if I wanted to do that I would have to stop streaming for so long...

  • HeartyAceDimond SafiyaXOX (@HeartyAceDimond) reported

    @SquishyMuffinz Honestly, idk if I'm the only one, but rocket league has a lot more lag than previously, I can't even play a game in peace. So I just flat out decided to take a break from it.

  • ItsAnUglyGuy Vincent Michalek (@ItsAnUglyGuy) reported

    @RocketLeague @PsyonixStudios I have multiple videos showing your game of rumble is fuciimg broken. All you **** headed dumbasses need to ******* open your ears and eyes and fix your trash ass game mode.

  • GrimWhistler Grim Whistler (@GrimWhistler) reported

    @RocketLeague Fix your servers!

  • JazzaCito JazzaCito (Photography and YouTube) (@JazzaCito) reported

    @GamerBah_ @H4wK32 @RocketLeague or maybe it literally is impossible to see on the map also the beach day map lags way more for longer than any other maps so the problem is with the map not with my settings

  • glazin_asian Hungriana🥢 (@glazin_asian) reported

    Dudeeee my Rocket League ping has beeen SHITT ever since the last update like I can’t even play at alll from lagging so bad 🤕 the match probably ended on everyone’s behalf & I’m still 1 minute left in the game lmao

  • _GRIFFgg Drake Griffin (@_GRIFFgg) reported

    @RocketLeague since last night my game froze twice, please fix! 🥰

  • Ipot408710 Oscar caldera (@Ipot408710) reported from San Jose, California

    @RocketLeague bruh y’all need to fix y’all damn game swear on GOD I will stop playing this game ! #nolag #serversBlow #BESTGAMEFUCKEDUPSERVER #FUCKROCKERLEAGUE #FIXTHELAG

  • wk3d_ wickEd (@wk3d_) reported

    @RL_Support @RocketLeague @PsyonixStudios AWS has established their data center in the middle east. Please consider switching towards it rather than the current server's data center for better performance and to fix the bad routing issue that is affecting us for the last 3 YEARS

  • BlakeAtoh blake (@BlakeAtoh) reported from Mulberry, Ohio

    @PsyonixStudios fix your shit ******* servers you stupid *****

  • arithmeetic Ârîth (@arithmeetic) reported

    @RL_Support why do i disconnect from the rocket league servers when my internet isnt the problem

  • sethmb08 Seth Brewer (@sethmb08) reported

    @Classssify @RocketLeague @steam_games @Xbox No tepid time for the first time xD and the problems of a few years of a year or so in a minute lol is the only one that has to go on the other foot

  • ianinnapa Ian McIvor (@ianinnapa) reported

    @AskPlayStation We did use a completely different computer with the same result. On hold now for 30 minutes. Issue is that we downloaded Rocket League, deleted to make room, now it wants us to buy it even though we have trophies.

  • el_b3llo Bello(60FPS) (@el_b3llo) reported

    Imagine being a chap and smurfing beating a gold player and thing you’re hot shit wow 😂 @RocketLeague can we fix the smurf issue @Lethamyr_RL @SquishyMuffinz #rocketleague #smurf

  • krcilek Brandon Krcilek (@krcilek) reported

    @RocketLeague Get psyonix to fix your servers though!

  • Lyk2 Lyk (@Lyk2) reported

    @sparkabomb @RocketLeague Except I did, several times and out of 10, 3 times it gets stuck at the wrong position. Also I never had that Issue in Rush in the two years i play Rocket League now.

  • RoZeeRL RoZe (@RoZeeRL) reported

    I am having so much FPS Drops ingame and nothing works, i tried your Support also but didnt work, also used CPU Cores and is not working also. I can run every game perfectly (Tested) but Rocket League is the only game having issues with fps... @RL_Support

  • sparkabomb SparkaBomb (@sparkabomb) reported

    @The_Bot @RocketLeague It's definitely more about lag. I have a high ping and things like these happen a lot to me. But after watching the goal replay, it's clear that's my problem, not the game mode's.

  • watson_samuele Samuel⚽️ (@watson_samuele) reported

    @PsyonixStudios Can you pls fix your game so it won’t put a rookie against a rocketeer, it would be nice if you balanced it out witch should have been the first update.

  • The_Bot TheBot (@The_Bot) reported

    @RocketLeague The physics or collission detection could use some tweaks. There are times when they just kind of goof out and the collision doesn't happen. Assume it could be lag too, somewhere in the mix.

  • ItsAnUglyGuy Vincent Michalek (@ItsAnUglyGuy) reported

    @RocketLeague @PsyonixStudios can you tell me why your Rumble game mode is trash and so f****** broken I mean you're not going to sit there and tell me that it's quote on quote random when it's obviously not because the other team will get to plungers in a spike. Fix your game.