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Roku players are a series of digital video & media players manufactured by Roku, Inc. Roku partners provide over-the-top content in the form of channels used to stream TV and movies.

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November 17: Problems at Roku

Roku is having issues since 07:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • GreenEyedMews Kirsten (@GreenEyedMews) reported

    @DisneyPlusHelp I was able to watch on my roku tv for 2 days now all i get is error code 83. And waited on the phone for over 90 minutes and still got no help.

  • elijahpepegames Elijah Conners (@elijahpepegames) reported

    @SavedYouAClickV It's not Roku TVs, it's playing the game on the same network as a Roku. The data packets sent by Sword and Shield's Y-Comm feature look similar to Roku's, so much that Rokus are boot springing. Roku has been notified and the best fix is Airplane Mode.

  • MagicTurtle643 Benjamin Simon 🧚‍♂️🐢✨ (@MagicTurtle643) reported

    Turns out @disneyplus automatically spamming our Roku with pointless ads for a terrible service somehow crashed our entire TV, making it unusable. Thanks evil corporations!

  • CHofferCBus Christian Hoffer (@CHofferCBus) reported

    The dumbest ******* problem. TWO WEEKS I've been trying to figure out why my Roku would randomly brick and it turns out it was Pokemon of all things.

  • ICEgelski Not Santa (@ICEgelski) reported

    @PinkValkyrie None w/ any of the 3 services, but I've never had any issues w/ Hulu since I switched a Roku

  • cre1226 ℭ𝔞𝔱 (@cre1226) reported

    Ok cool. No response to my email I sent 3 days ago and no response to this tweet. I should just cancel until the roku issues are sorted out. @disneyplus

  • PuddleFrog_ richie ! 🏳️‍🌈 (@PuddleFrog_) reported

    i could singlehandedly crash 3 tvs in my house by not putting my switch in airplane mode while playing sword and shield. thank u roku <3

  • hulu_support Hulu Support (@hulu_support) reported

    @DrewLCalvert Sorry about that, Drew! This is something our team is currently working on. While we don't have an ETA on a fix at the moment, we appreciate your patience in the meantime. For now, some devices (such as a Roku) may offer a volume leveling feature as a workaround!

  • _wrez Olivia Pope 💥 - 15 DAYS (@_wrez) reported

    Day three and @disneyplus is STILL not working and on my Roku

  • LehrR Wayne R. Lehr (@LehrR) reported

    @LGUS I love my 65" TCL Roku tv for a little over $400.00! I had a plasma that didn't last,burn in ! I won't over pay for a set that has this problem!

  • KingRasta__ winnie the pooh. (@KingRasta__) reported

    @HeavenMinusH download the roku app and you can use your phone as a remote. i have the same problem

  • powpkmn Susy Cromwell (@powpkmn) reported

    @DisneyPlusHelp we are having an issue streaming on our Roku device. Everything is either in another language or explains the tiniest detail. Settings won't let me change it. Thank you for working as hard as you are to resolve all the problems. Hopefully it gets better soon.

  • Longoria74 Fabian Longoria (@Longoria74) reported

    i keep getting ”Error Code 83” when i try to watch on my roku TV @DisneyPlusHelp @disneyplus

  • BrennerSpear Brenner (@BrennerSpear) reported

    Not as impressed with their rollout/product - fell over during launch - noticed some bugs in their web UI - Roku app doesn’t have a link you can go to on your computer/phone to login, so requires your actual password, but doesn’t have 1password

  • ericfriend5 eric friend (@ericfriend5) reported

    @SimiMiller007 yeah when I get it back I will watch that got it removed for now it is not working on my lab top. was already thinking of getting a fire stick or roku one day but I did not think Disney plus would not play on my lab top sadly wont.

  • asgardianson Allen Martin (@asgardianson) reported

    @alliemackay @disneyplus @AppleTV The mandalorian is quite good. I've I had no issues steaming disney plus on my roku tv.

  • DeVinSimmons Devin Simmons (@DeVinSimmons) reported

    So I hooked my hot spot up to my roku tv and I didn’t get my hopes up about the speed, but I watched an entire show without it stopping to buffer wow. That might change but oh well

  • haskell420 Edward Herrel (@haskell420) reported

    @johnmarianony When I clicked on this below, again, all I get is this BLUE SWIRLY SPINNING THING...Which is what I should see AFTER I enter my name & password as then it's logging in. On PC when I click LOGIN, a box appears where I enter in that info. (not a keyboard like Roku)

  • haskell420 Edward Herrel (@haskell420) reported

    Sorry! I replied "I don't have a smartphone", when you sent me this image & "This is what the page should look like." Which is what you see on your smart phone(or Roku.) I'm not getting that. All I see is this BLUE SWIRLY THING that is spinning & NOT a LOGIN BOX w/ name/password

  • johnmarianony March of the Wooden Soldiers (@johnmarianony) reported

    @haskell420 It could be a platform issue. I am accessing it on my Roku and my Mac. Serving the software to all of the platforms, intermittent blackouts are to be expected especially as they are still in launch. It appears some platforms may be more stable than others. Give it the night.

  • Mynue_Jeens Meech ♌ (@Mynue_Jeens) reported

    @RokuSupport My Roku 3 has stayed on the loading screen for hours. How can I reboot if my remote is just blinking. Please help!

  • burningzeroX TJ Scott (@burningzeroX) reported

    @Roku @NintendoAmerica @Pokemon I don't care whose fault it is, but fix it. Not being able to play this game without being in airplane mode or dealing with every Roku player and Roku TV in my house crashing sucks. I should have bought Fallen Order instead. #roku #pokemon #fixit

  • burningzeroX TJ Scott (@burningzeroX) reported

    @Roku @NintendoAmerica @Pokemon I don't care whose fault it is, but fix it. Not being able to play this game without being in airplane mode or dealing with every Roku player and Roku TV in my house crashing sucks. I should have bought Fallen Order instead.

  • GavicWayne Wayne Gavic🏁 (@GavicWayne) reported from New Hope, Minnesota

    @td__m I'm having the same problem with Roku. Maybe Amazon Fire is what we need.

  • Ipstenu ipstenu (Mika E.) (@Ipstenu) reported

    Switched from Roku to Fire (so the wife can have TwitchTV) and the video quality on everything is so much better! @CriticalRole eps 2.62 and 2.63 I can see @WillingBlam blushes down to his ARMS. 💪🏻💪🏻

  • mymaddescent I am Me 🌈📘🏳️‍🌈 (@mymaddescent) reported

    Well our main @Roku device has suddenly decided it no longer wants to connect to the internet. While I'm trying to figure out how the hell to fix it, my friend informs me that there were some updates and the devices may no longer be compatible. That sounds lovely -- NOT!

  • GeriTownsley Geri Townsley (@GeriTownsley) reported

    @hulu you still need to fix your @Roku apps' I" can't play this video" bug!😠 And it's still annoying 😡 so please get your a into gear time too.

  • okokaley kaley (@okokaley) reported

    @Roku FIX UR SHIT.

  • jaime__76 Jaime 💜 TROS. I have spoken. (@jaime__76) reported

    @disneyplus I haven’t been able to login to my account all day. I put in my email and it show an error code 83. This is on my Roku TV and iPhone. Would appreciate some help!

  • stef_tweets Stefenie (@stef_tweets) reported

    99% sure my tweet about my broken @disneyplus was magically deleted. @DisneyPlusHelp why is English NOT an option on my roku. Everything is in Spanish or has a narrator describing what’s happening. Help.

  • chaosinabox Mark Cappis (@chaosinabox) reported

    And my thoughts on the Roku: my only problem is it doesn’t have @CraveCanada, so I’ll have to use my old Apple TV for that.

  • etchlingsart Evan, of the Conifers (@etchlingsart) reported

    @sihayadesigns @ManOuttaTheB0x Thank you both for the good input! I guess future proofing isn’t the worst idea either. We can’t fit anything bigger than 43 inches here anyway so it’s really down to tech and internal vs external Roku.

  • cddouglas19 Chad Douglas (@cddouglas19) reported

    Mildly annoying that @disneyplus can't login to a new tv via online code. Also, single Roku sign in should access all Roku tvs automatically, but doesn't. #FirstWorldProblems

  • buttongod_ks Grandpa DCI (@buttongod_ks) reported from Topeka, Kansas

    @TCL_USA @Roku ok, she turns on her #Switch and my TCL/ROKU TV locks up. She's playing hand held with the wi-fi disabled and it locks up. Latest software on TV. If she shuts off the switch, no problem. Help me Obi-wan!

  • redgirlva Alison R (@redgirlva) reported

    You guys. My roku stopped working today. Go to trouble shoot... website says there is an issue with Nintendo switch/pokemon (new) game messing it up. So soooo weird!

  • MurderDeathKiII 𝕊𝔥𝕖𝖑𝔇Øℕ (@MurderDeathKiII) reported

    Brad & XI the Disney+ has buffering issues since launch seems xbox app side since disney on roku works fine plus encountered two system shutdowns during buffering with the app just thought the team should be aware filing report now after startup @WorkWombatman @xboxinsider

  • TheKnightFox The KnightFox (@TheKnightFox) reported

    @DisneyPlusHelp Have had one issue after another and spent hours on hold, unanswered. Today's issue is getting an Error Code 83. Have tried on iPad, iPhone, Vizio TV and just went and purchased a Roku Stick and am getting the same error.

  • DWCook1962 Don #RESIST 🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@DWCook1962) reported

    @hulu_support I have been having streaming issues on both AppleTV and Roku. On AppleTV it is very random. One channel will stream fine, I’ll change channels, and it won’t stream. On Roku, the video streams but is very choppy, making it unwatchable.

  • BeamanAndrew Beamz (@BeamanAndrew) reported

    @magikittykitty Thank **** it's a known issue! Been getti g Paranoid as hell. Roku works great, time to play some pokmeon. Nooope roku shits the bed

  • EoinPouliot Eoin Pouliot (@EoinPouliot) reported

    @NintendoAmerica @Pokemon @Roku @RokuSupport The new Pokémon games when connected online mess with Rokus on the network. I have three Rokus and they go into a boot loop stuck on the loading screen when I play the games. The only fix is to disconnect the switch from the internet.

  • braiglove Cal 🎄 (@braiglove) reported

    @Nomi_Shamoon I don't have an issue with Roku//Nami as a ship but I've seen so many of its shippers get pressed whenever someone mentions the fact that Roxas and Xion have more interactions and chemistry overall. I'm sorry u think Roku//Nami is canon bc they interacted twice in KH2 lol

  • fuelweaver im a 'mammal' (@fuelweaver) reported

    Apparently pkmn swsh when online makes Roku devices on the same network crash LMAO

  • etchlingsart Evan, of the Conifers (@etchlingsart) reported

    @sihayadesigns A new Roku would fix our streaming lack but change nothing on quality front. A Roku TV would do both but I feel bad giving up a perfectly good TV.

  • mag4ce William McPheron (@mag4ce) reported

    So tired of the Roku app not working. I complained online. They opened a ticket like 3 days after the event. Never got back to me.

  • BritBoxHelpUK BritBox Help UK (@BritBoxHelpUK) reported

    @KSBennett4 @BritBox_UK Not a problem at all! Roku isn't currently one of our compatible devices but this is something we are working hard on for the future, keep an eye on the #Britbox website for an update on this and everything else!

  • Kasman119 Kasey (@Kasman119) reported

    @Rayquaza_07 Just had our Roku TV glitch out numerous times from Pokemon but it works normally with other titles.... can confirm this glitch

  • ScratchKitty top tier trash (@ScratchKitty) reported

    Playing pokemon online causes our tv to go into a boot loop 🙃 so I cant connect to the wifi while anyone is using it till a fix goes out "hopefully in a few days" thanks roku

  • Poketoa_EXE John Zinscape (@Poketoa_EXE) reported

    if your TV is straight up roku it may have this problem as well

  • ShrimpDNimler nim (@ShrimpDNimler) reported

    @mzema24 @Roku @DisneyPlusHelp I just did the update and it’s still not working

  • Poketoa_EXE John Zinscape (@Poketoa_EXE) reported

    TLDR: Roku's problem, it should have fallback frequencies

  • Carolin01102758 Caroline Barnes (@Carolin01102758) reported

    Does any one know how to get MeTv without a dish or cable. I signed up with Dish who promised MeTv but only offered MyTv. AT&T also promised it, but failed to produce it. I ditched dish and cable & using my internet, ROKU now. Thanks for any help!

  • JanetS67 JANET SWINSON (@JanetS67) reported

    Anyone else having problems with @nhra tv app on @Roku @RokuSupport

  • bikinimowing trishalicious (@bikinimowing) reported

    @OrangeChuck @Roku Email them. They will fix it for free.

  • xsg Gregg Bloom (@xsg) reported

    Realizing that there's no Disney+ on my Model 3 yet, the problem could be solved by integrating with Roku. Then Tesla could have *all* the channels! @elonmusk

  • nellia_imani pinky 💘 (@nellia_imani) reported

    The worst thing is losing a roku remote. I dont feel like waiting on my game to update 🙄

  • mamawerecat The Apotheosis Is Upon Us (@mamawerecat) reported

    @PokemonSwordNS has broken my @Roku tv and roku is "working on it" but i still have to have both switches in airplane mode. Not the way I wanted to spend the weekend 😐

  • yourlocalflower Molly ☮️ (@yourlocalflower) reported

    @disneyplus just so you know your roku app is like not working and restarts all the time.

  • ShrimpDNimler nim (@ShrimpDNimler) reported

    @mzema24 @Roku Same problem I have. I tried reaching out for help and never get an answer from @DisneyPlusHelp Very frustrating!

  • braiglove Cal 🎄 (@braiglove) reported

    There's this one person that goes around replying to a bunch of my friends from the Roku/shi server talking about how Days was the worst game in the series and how Namine is a better char than Xion Please I'm begging you to grow up!!

  • rebeccatate19 Rebecca ⭐️ (@rebeccatate19) reported

    @wiff_keiffah I have Roku & I just checked & it’s on there. I have the hd streaming sticks on all my tv’s but you can get a basic roku. I’ve never had any problems with mine.