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RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex, released originally in January 2001. RuneScape can be used as a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering.

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  • ZowskiiRS Zowskii (@ZowskiiRS) reported

    @JagexRamen @RuneScape “The ironwoman” as pmod status has broken Ironman broadcasts for me.

  • Jokamutta Jokamutta (@Jokamutta) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Finally the lag is over!

  • elitenokia Daniel Wesley Morgan (@elitenokia) reported

    @JagexSupport would it be possible to have mobile clients auto pick the world with the lowest pings near to them. I'm not sure if this would fix the mobile issue but might increase success on getting people in without using the sites world list.

  • beldozer5000 boppin bella (@beldozer5000) reported

    I want to play runescape but I can’t open that door right before finals or I will crash and burn

  • rutje22 OSRS Rutger (@rutje22) reported

    @Zuktwo @KazukiKiryu87 @OldSchoolRS Stop crying over 3 days of membership, you could’ve played on your laptop or pc. You didn’t do this, that’s your problem fella. Hope Jagex don’t refund people like you.

  • Shailes50680681 Shailesh (@Shailes50680681) reported

    @OldSchoolRS But the thing is problem is still not resolved still getting same error

  • shablagoosh Shablagoosh (@shablagoosh) reported

    @Dufmaan @OldSchoolRS I didn’t have any lag at all until the gp dupe thing happened with rendi. First time I’ve actually lagged on rs since maybe 2013-14

  • Scumhead1 𝖘𝖈𝖚𝖒𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖉 (@Scumhead1) reported

    I feel like playing oldschool runescape again. Something about the christmas login music makes osrs feel like a christmas game, idk. Time to fish like a ************ while I work on sprites

  • Dufmaan Dufmaan 🎮 (@Dufmaan) reported

    @Corncobb64 @OldSchoolRS And yes +400 german and uk worlds have been lagging

  • RSThePillow The Pillow (@RSThePillow) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Sysadmin here, I know the pain. Keep it goin team, it sucks when it's not working the way it's supposed to.. for all parties involved. Thanks for the update on the status 👍

  • Misterspacecake Misterspacecake TTV (@Misterspacecake) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Thanks for wprking hard too fix this issue. Were routing for you guys :D

  • o4Do1 o 4D o (@o4Do1) reported

    @OldSchoolRS “Give me compensated membership because of an issue cause to your servers because of people breaking rules” Yeah lets see how that one goes.....

  • iplaygame93 Ryan (@iplaygame93) reported

    @JagexHusky @Arislash @Fray_OSRS @NevermoreRS @Korean_GirlRS @JonWilSenze @Dear_SleeperRS @NoexiOSRS @OldSchoolRS Just giving my two cents,see some pretty big heavy hitters in here and would like your opinion.What about a dark blessing that gives -prayer bonus, 5% magic accuracy and damage. It would still be bis for that equipment slot, but not effect or crash other items or accomplishments

  • NakedWizGaming Naked Wizard Gaming (@NakedWizGaming) reported

    @Fray_OSRS @JagexHusky @Arislash @NevermoreRS @Korean_GirlRS @JonWilSenze @Dear_SleeperRS @NoexiOSRS @OldSchoolRS And siren (added to images book) would have their place. This is only an issue because defensive stats dont matter any more. The sirens tome is intended to be ONLY a dps increase, but since defensive stats don't matter this dps increas makes it a bis in all situations

  • JahovaDuck JahovaDuck (@JahovaDuck) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Huh kinda weird how we just had players forcefully trying to lag out the worlds to dupe items and then these players get perm banned and now the servers and mobile app services are being attacked. Coincidence I think so! 🤔

  • Shoubz1 Shoubz (@Shoubz1) reported

    @JagexSupport None of the features work. I don't know my trusted email and would like to put another if possible. I know my Game Center login but can't use that to log into my pc unfortunately. Theres no buttons for customer support on mobile account either.

  • LukeBrake Luke Brake (@LukeBrake) reported

    When you hurry to see if your music streaming service gives you yearly statistics, but the Runescape Music Player doesn't have ANYTHING!!!

  • HexeteraX Hexetera (@HexeteraX) reported

    @OldSchoolRS One problem solved and another one surfaces, I'm getting a too many login attempt error when trying to connect via mobile, and I'm getting this error on all my accounts.

  • ErionMetolli Erion Metolli (@ErionMetolli) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Fix ur game jamflex

  • YourMuthr James DeleteStoneSpirits McCarthy (@YourMuthr) reported

    @JagexHusky @Arislash @Fray_OSRS @NevermoreRS @Korean_GirlRS @JonWilSenze @Dear_SleeperRS @NoexiOSRS @OldSchoolRS Reading this thread was absolute cancer. Justifying power creep as a Jmod is just disgusting when it's evident that the continual release of ever more and more powerful items has been a major issue that shouldn't be overlooked. What you're saying is you refuse to release more

  • Dufmaan Dufmaan 🎮 (@Dufmaan) reported

    @Ageytg @OldSchoolRS Sure remember to login, dont cry when u get dc'd

  • BackstabRS Backstab (@BackstabRS) reported

    I have been disabling and enabling the authenticator because I got a new iPhone. I still have a few accounts left to swap but now I get this message ''Due to a large number of requests, you have been temporarily blocked from using this service'' @JagexSupport @JagexAsh @Jagex

  • B_4_M_RS B 4 M (@B_4_M_RS) reported

    @Fonckers @OldSchoolRS Mobile should work now. Delete the app and re-download it if it’s not working for you.

  • YourMuthr James DeleteStoneSpirits McCarthy (@YourMuthr) reported

    @OldSchoolRS So many idiots here saying you want a refund for your 3 days. If you can't go 3 days without playing RuneScape, you have an addiction problem. Server lag is not a RuneScape-specific issue. If any of you cucks actually had jobs you wouldn't worry about 80 cents worth of membership

  • rallco1 rallco (@rallco1) reported

    @JagexSupport im furious are players going to be compensated for their missed days of membership I bought a bond and only got to use like 4 days of it and only have 4 days left kinda pissed also can’t find a way to contact jagex Game Center login doesn’t exist please contact me

  • chrisnash301 Christopher (@chrisnash301) reported

    @JagexSupport I also purchased an android run tablet running android 9 because of your false promises re: rs3 mobile, now thankfully that can be returned, but I want to cancel my subscription and be reimbursed all for failure to provide service 5/5

  • luisgtzv Luis Gutiérrez (@luisgtzv) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Mobile doesnt work for me. It says too many login attempts.

  • _F_red Fred (@_F_red) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Something tells me whoever patched that ddos dupe ****** things up server lag wise👍

  • BoulderFalcon Astrobiology (@BoulderFalcon) reported

    @Mayvis11 @matijakrajnik92 @Mase219 @OldSchoolRS lmao I know right look at this paying customer expecting to receive the service he paid for what an absolute ***** xDxD

  • JHesidenz Jeremy Hesidenz (@JHesidenz) reported

    @Gr3ggl3s @Ninjagoldmaking @KazukiKiryu87 @OldSchoolRS Not really, it’s best practice. I’m not saying it’s legal or illegal or against terms of service or not, just saying it is the correct thing to do both morally and as a business.

  • Mase219 Mason Hakimi (@Mase219) reported

    @2_Pi_RS @OldSchoolRS If you acknowledge that the service or good you are providing isn’t working as intended then there should be some form of compensation

  • Ivelisse_Rs Jorge (@Ivelisse_Rs) reported

    @DarzOSRS @GRxKnight @Skekles_ @OldSchoolRS I dont really care about the money because money is not a problem i got a good job is the fact that i couldnt play cuz of servers beign terrible if it was me beign busy or not able to play for my reasons i wouldnt mind

  • notwaxtape Waxtap (@notwaxtape) reported

    @JagexHusky @KFramed @Arislash @Fray_OSRS @NevermoreRS @Korean_GirlRS @JonWilSenze @Dear_SleeperRS @NoexiOSRS @OldSchoolRS That’s the problem, Junior

  • Sdf09j23kjsdfj flpienfhaienfowmsd (@Sdf09j23kjsdfj) reported

    @JagexAsh @OldSchoolRS You need to be as aggressive in tracking down DDoS-ers as Blizzard was when WoW Classic was attacked earlier this fall. They tracked the guy down in less than a week and it served as an example for others who might want to try the same shit.

  • Anthonymorlacci Anthony (@Anthonymorlacci) reported from Cornelius, North Carolina

    @brian_G_Avila @matijakrajnik92 @Mayvis11 @Mase219 @OldSchoolRS Yeah that hasn't worked for everyone, coming from personal experience. Didn't fix it for me. But i'm lucky to have a laptop

  • knostalgick Charles Edward Howard II (@knostalgick) reported

    @JagexSupport am trying to contact you via DM my issue is not resolved as of now please reply when you get the chance thanks Charlie

  • KFramed Kevin (@KFramed) reported

    @JagexHusky @Arislash @Fray_OSRS @NevermoreRS @Korean_GirlRS @JonWilSenze @Dear_SleeperRS @NoexiOSRS @OldSchoolRS I agree but I think one of the main issues people have with what was said here was the way you worded your stance; People can disagree and that is completely okay but the second that you try and belittle the opposing side of the argument is the second you lose the argument. (1/2)

  • BrayNom Basically (@BrayNom) reported

    @Mayvis11 @matijakrajnik92 @Mase219 @OldSchoolRS You could play but it took about 4x the amount of time to do anything due to lag.

  • parvekefilosof1 parvekefilosofi (@parvekefilosof1) reported

    @OldSchoolRS next time fix them faster xp were wasted because of this not needed lag

  • JHesidenz Jeremy Hesidenz (@JHesidenz) reported

    @Ninjagoldmaking @KazukiKiryu87 @OldSchoolRS Sorry, you’re wrong. If you pay for something and aren’t able to access it due to a failure by the provider, it’s on them to refund missed time. It doesn’t matter why the failure occurred, and yes DDoS attacks can be mitigated and defended against.

  • seanduffy_uk Sean Duffy (@seanduffy_uk) reported

    @KazukiKiryu87 @Ninjagoldmaking @OldSchoolRS Clearly you don’t understand how DDoS attacks work, there isn’t just a magic security button they can press to stop them. They had to change the death mechanics of the entire game because of DDoS attacks and it’s been that way ever since, it’s not an easy fix.

  • slayer125012 slayed ya mum (@slayer125012) reported

    @OldSchoolRS well im still having the same issue the update did nothing but kick me from the game the one time it loaded for me in the past few days

  • CsJbello JBello (@CsJbello) reported

    @Ninjagoldmaking @Conan_RS @KazukiKiryu87 @OldSchoolRS why not make the customer happy, we pay FOR A SERVICE that is unusable. its not our fault we lost playing time. its cool when you buy a 14 day bond for like $8 and you get to play 4 days LOL

  • teelargay tyler (@teelargay) reported

    i have never seen a community of bigger ******* man-children than osrs holy **** REEE I LAG FOR 3 DAYS BC JAGEX HAS SERVER ISSUES OCCASIONALLY REFUND ALL MY MEMBERSHIP WOW TERRIBLE COMPANY yup u go own a company and host runescape brainlets

  • slayer125012 slayed ya mum (@slayer125012) reported

    @OldSchoolRS well that didnt fix the client issues

  • Darkfokusas DarkFokusas (@Darkfokusas) reported

    @OldSchoolRS The lag is unberable, missed so many hours and days of playing... Want to play on two accounts and can't becouse the lag is so much that the game is now unlplayable. I probably say this from everyones perspective that there should be a refund in memb days. Thank you.

  • PlutoniumPanda Panda 🐼 (@PlutoniumPanda) reported

    @Ninjagoldmaking @KazukiKiryu87 @OldSchoolRS Maybe because we're paying for a service not rendered. Who gives a shit who's fault it is. As a banker, if a complaint came in to the Regulation E dept, the bank would side with the consumer who is paying for nothing.

  • ripplastt ripplastt (@ripplastt) reported

    @OldSchoolRS fix game lag bad

  • CsJbello JBello (@CsJbello) reported

    @Ninjagoldmaking @KazukiKiryu87 @OldSchoolRS Yeah let me crash the game for free membership, no the game is simply unplayable rn and people who pay a subscription need to be refunded a week for not being able to play..

  • AngrySalads nick (@AngrySalads) reported

    @Conan_RS @KazukiKiryu87 @Ninjagoldmaking @OldSchoolRS Must have slipped your mind but all forms of content were being affected from these attacks. Also would like to point out that a statement wasn't made to the public for an entire week while these issues persisted and affected all of the games players.

  • JagexHusky JagexHusky (@JagexHusky) reported

    @KFramed @Arislash @Fray_OSRS @NevermoreRS @Korean_GirlRS @JonWilSenze @Dear_SleeperRS @NoexiOSRS @OldSchoolRS I don't understand why it's a problem that I asked that question. I was curious to know if that was the reason he was arguing for it and it wasn't. That tweet is being taken out of context to infer that I am against Irons grinding Corp which I am not.

  • CsJbello JBello (@CsJbello) reported

    @Mayvis11 @Mase219 @OldSchoolRS Yeah we all play to lag around and not be able to pvm or pk we all just wanna cut logs at 30 frames per hour

  • KazukiKiryu87 Kiryu87 (@KazukiKiryu87) reported

    @seanduffy_uk @Ninjagoldmaking @OldSchoolRS Not really, it should make jagex security stronger. Ddos attacks isnt somehing new, there have been in the past and this sure aint gonna be the last one unless they step up the security a few notches, compensation or not.

  • DarzOSRS Darz 🇳🇿 (@DarzOSRS) reported

    @GRxKnight @Skekles_ @Ivelisse_Rs @OldSchoolRS It's not about how much or how little money it is. It's the principle of the issue. If you're paying a company for a service and they don't deliver on that service to the standard they lead you to believe they could when you purchased it, you have grounds to ask for compensation.

  • 1w1w1w1w1 Woe (@1w1w1w1w1) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Do you not host on aws with some ddos protection

  • seanduffy_uk Sean Duffy (@seanduffy_uk) reported

    @KazukiKiryu87 @Ninjagoldmaking @OldSchoolRS I think the issue is that if Jagex give out game time this could be considered as encouraging the DDOSing and they may keep it up for longer if they know it can cause significant revenue loss from all the refunds.

  • 440richardtv Boogeyman Fan Account (@440richardtv) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Just fix the servers pleeeeease the game is becoming unplayable

  • tyler03691697 tyler (@tyler03691697) reported

    @Mayvis11 @Mase219 @OldSchoolRS How about you spend your hard earned money, to not be able to play the game. Some people only play mobile. Now if you see a problem with not being reimbursed the days we’ve not been able to play. That’s your own ignorant opinion. It’s not like we’re demanding a month subscription

  • TheDopestKrit K ri t (@TheDopestKrit) reported

    @thatguygrim @keepitredpls @OldSchoolRS lmao rip bro Hopefully the update in about 20 mins will solve most of the issues :(

  • X3erk Lins (@X3erk) reported

    @JagexSupport Problem is that I can't appeal my accounts because its not appealable. Im playing this game for too long and know all the rules. Non of the gold been sold for real life money, just traded between accounts.