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RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex, released originally in January 2001. RuneScape can be used as a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering.

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  • rsn_Marioh Mario🍄 (@rsn_Marioh) reported

    @YeahItsAndyOSRS @OldSchoolRS No need to openly flame jagex for issues that the are aware of already. Keep your account secure. Play the game like a normal person

  • samaldridge122 Sam aldridge (@samaldridge122) reported

    @JagexSupport im having issues with my rs3 account i used the same email as my old school log into rs3 no progress or items

  • swordasensai jack riley (@swordasensai) reported

    @JagexSupport hey having some issues resetting my password i think the email its going to is a random one i used, i have loads of info of the account when i do the account recovery only things i dont know are first ISP and when it was created and it says appeal failed (1/2)

  • nick199020 Nicholas Osborn (@nick199020) reported

    @JagexSupport hello and good evening i was wondering if you could help me out with a problem. I just need a few moments to disguss with you and it would be great to have any assistance.

  • Umbrel48 Umbrel (@Umbrel48) reported

    @OldSchoolRS @JagexAsh don’t know the correct person but mobile glitch discovered, Updated iOS, iPad Pro 11inch 2018. Game crashes on olm 100% of time. Works flawlessly on older iPad

  • JagexHelpFox JagexHelpFox (@JagexHelpFox) reported

    @karsten28237458 @JagexSupport On the forgotten login page press no for each question. Then click the maybe we can help button. It's a web form, it will not show that screen.

  • nickgers420 Beefstick (@nickgers420) reported

    @JagexAsh @OldSchoolRS I voted yes, but one of the current in game issues I feel is the lack of need for mage armour. The only places it’s really used is pvp, raids and zulrah. All these new low level armours don’t really have a use at all. Places like barrows etc you just wear tank

  • cfav91 James (@cfav91) reported

    @JagexSupport Hi, my account has been perm ban for RWT while being hacked, I wasnt able to login or anything and would never break this rules. My login name is lord pker379 please help.. I tried everything

  • Neodragon315 Neodragon (@Neodragon315) reported

    @JagexSupport Yes, and it doesn't have any info regarding my issue. I'm linked to twitch, but have not received anything.

  • DaemonReiji 國棟 Gwokdōng 🇺🇸 (@DaemonReiji) reported

    @Abstergo07RS @JagexAsh @OldSchoolRS I get they wanted the game to be community and player driven, but Jagex should still have the final say on what they ultimately do. Like, IIRC, we had a poll to fix a graphical bug with the Aramdyl armor set, which failed by like 2% FFS.

  • DatDude_JG Silent Führer (@DatDude_JG) reported

    @OldSchoolRS I feel the issue is we have so many "more items/stuff and less work" players that the idea of having to level something else, even tho it fits the OSRS model, is the primary issue here. Because it seems everyone wants the items y'all polled just not the skill to make them.

  • techn9nebk TechN9neBk (@techn9nebk) reported

    @JagexSupport so ive ran in to a problem doing a quest im trying to do the eyes of gluophrie and ive been sitting here for about a hour trying to get the number 5 or something to add up to it but i cant get any red parts or any circle pieces

  • ZedanXiong Zedan Xiong (@ZedanXiong) reported

    I'm not sure if today's going to be a full-commitment day or a half-and-half day (like yesterday) for me. Either I'm gaming one entire day, writing one entire day, or mixing both into one day. I will fix my schedule after I renew my RuneScape membership (I got like 5 days left).

  • jabbottgb Johnathon Abbott (@jabbottgb) reported

    @Larss07 @King_Jim_Z @SilentHeist @ReedOsrs @Sick_Nerd @OldSchoolRS Runelite and runelite+ are separate entities with different owners. Runelite+ adds in the things runelite took out for Jagex. If Jagex developed(or bought) a client they could really crack down on the problem and 100% initiate bans for using 3rd party clients

  • imrickyr Ricky (@imrickyr) reported

    @JagexHelpElf @JagexSupport I understand that. But I let my brother use my laptop and he plays the same game as me, and unfortunately my login details were just saved .. he never uses it so it’s usually fine.. and I believe both said macro botting or something around there. Has a talk, he said he only 1/2

  • JagexHelpElf JagexHelpElf (@JagexHelpElf) reported

    @OneManNoodle @JagexSupport Hi Vinoodle, let's ask @JagexAsh if anything can be done to return your Hardcore Ironman status on Old School which was lost due to a technical issue (player is not asking for any item refund) as I am unsure on whether this is possible.

  • JagexHelpElf JagexHelpElf (@JagexHelpElf) reported

    @oGHisses @JagexSupport @Jagex_Mark Hi Zyroi, Jagex offer customer support on the Runescape forums, and various social media sites (including Twitter) but not a customer support email service I'm sorry. If you could outline the issue, without revealing any personal or account details, I will try to assist you.

  • coolzeldafan gamer (@coolzeldafan) reported

    just had an utterly shattering flashback of myself, 11 yrs old, innocent and full of life .. logging onto runescape and entering the wilderness for the 1st time only to immediately get savagely killed and lose my few but precious items . Please dont talk to me. feeling #broken

  • Karmattacker Dana (@Karmattacker) reported

    @wow_rs_ @mortismos @OldSchoolRS I think your real issue is that playing fair means the possiblity of you not getting the outcome you want. Both sides are stuffing the ballot box though, this poll is a joke.

  • Chicxen Noah (@Chicxen) reported

    Imagine ruining runescape once, getting a brand new start with even more popularity with the easiest reboot of an old server. Making a shit load of money all in pursuit of fixing your errors, just to **** it up in a different way.

  • Davuk1710 David Morton (@Davuk1710) reported from Porirua City, Wellington

    @JagexSupport The game logs me out.. I have been using the authenticator for ages, that wasn't the problem. Every time I go to a bank, switch between rs and the authenticator, back to rs and im logged out.

  • Larss07 Lars (@Larss07) reported

    @SilentHeist @ReedOsrs @Sick_Nerd @OldSchoolRS Using the original client only. Otherwise the problem will always persist

  • waywardpug ser nay of tarth (@waywardpug) reported

    @RollingOnandOn @CHILoutVAL She did, we made it the same as her runescape login lol

  • Karmattacker Dana (@Karmattacker) reported

    @wow_rs_ @OldSchoolRS See people want to complain about underhanded tactics on Jagex's side of the issue and then do stuff like this. One person, one vote regardless of number of accounts.

  • Ellzzzg Elliot (@Ellzzzg) reported

    @SmiffyIrons @llcoolstain @deji_imole I remember you hacked (opened a small word document, opened RuneScape and told me to login) and stole my toy horse 😂

  • Paulplatteeuw1 Teddy Gummy (@Paulplatteeuw1) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @RuneScape @Jagex @JagexSupport And when the page doesnt show error it tells me im temporarily blocked 🧐

  • Paulplatteeuw1 Teddy Gummy (@Paulplatteeuw1) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @RuneScape @Jagex @JagexSupport I do get the email and put my logins in and after that error page :/

  • Paulplatteeuw1 Teddy Gummy (@Paulplatteeuw1) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @RuneScape @Jagex @JagexSupport I get a error page 😕

  • HecateDraconus Hecate Draconus (@HecateDraconus) reported

    @RuneScape I did. I always confirm it. Even before loot streams. Support just replied to me. According to them, Twitch loot is not a physical item in inventory this month. So problem solved.

  • KaRathCS KaRathCS (@KaRathCS) reported

    @peachycs @MaykerCSGO I think every carrier has issues, it's the trick of finding the right one and fixing the issues from there Like mine was silly, worked perfectly fine for everything... Except Runescape

  • Jacob_E_Johnson Jacob (@Jacob_E_Johnson) reported

    @Bungie @2Calico @SwiftyTO @d20_hates_me your dev team is shit. Literally any other company would of done changes HOURS after this many complaints. Literally @OldSchoolRS Has polls and weekly updates to please players and to fix game breaking issues.

  • Creeshawn00 Gruñoncito (@Creeshawn00) reported

    Teejayx86 took remote control of my PC and stole my financial information and RuneScape login.

  • StackageRS Stackage (@StackageRS) reported

    @OldSchoolRS you make a decent game mode and you manage to ruin it... again. Starting inventory is even worse than before and you still haven't fixed several major issues involving fog and looting. Seriously unbelievably terrible

  • JuanjoWins JJ (@JuanjoWins) reported

    @JagexSupport Hi, a friend of mine was hacked. Hacker knew login email and password and even the password to my friend's email. They changed his password and he's now waiting for you guys to review his rcovery appeal before they get through his bank pin. Name is Bote Mojado

  • chrisblammo123 artificial death in the west (@chrisblammo123) reported

    @NerdistOSRS @OldSchoolRS This affects all people as is the nature of a skill, the problem with pvp is that many people don’t participate in it or are just mad that they got killed once and are too immature to care for other players

  • Akaisonfire Prancer (@Akaisonfire) reported

    @JagexSupport I meant login attempts*, sorry, this issue is really bothering me. @JagexSupport

  • BryanPetsy Bryan Petsy (@BryanPetsy) reported

    @Faux_Freedom @OldSchoolRS I get the same thing. I turned off every plugin in runelite and I have tried on the OSRS client. It's not a computer issue because I can handle the most stupidest FPS demanding games beyond OSRS. It's only demonic gorillas. Disabling Hardware acceleration doesn't work either.

  • hobostanks hobostanks (@hobostanks) reported

    @JagexSupport having a problem with my account the out going email are being sent to an unknown email address

  • mediocrebrid Mediocre Zerker (@mediocrebrid) reported

    @King_Jim_Z @OldSchoolRS You're right bolas will keep people at lms til the end of time, but good Lord they were so aids :/ imo with osrs's venezuelan problem and many clans raggier tendencies these days bolas are going to be suuuuuper unhealthy for Wildy

  • JordanLoveHope jordan (@JordanLoveHope) reported

    @JagexSupport I try so hard after being hacked many times and not once i get my items back which i think is stupid because it takes alot of time to get items back they got onto my account without no problem bypassing authenicator and bank pin

  • josesan018 Jose Santiago (@josesan018) reported

    @JagexSupport still waiting a reply from us, it says much about the support service. still waiting for 2 days.

  • KEVDOZER King of the Jungle (@KEVDOZER) reported

    @RevanJB You need some RuneScape xp to fix that

  • Mujtaba_Mali Mujtaba M ali (@Mujtaba_Mali) reported

    @JagexSupport Thanks for the reply. I have checked that page and it doesn't help as my issue is that the email that is being sent to me is glitched.. as soon as I click on it, it says the link doesn't exist or it's expired. Thanks.

  • osrsTeliriah B L-C (@osrsTeliriah) reported

    @JagexSupport Why would only one account of like 13 have that issue though

  • tonyshaffer49 Tony Shaffer (@tonyshaffer49) reported

    @JagexAsh My main issues are 1) it seems fighting behemoth rats isn’t considered “exercise” in regard to keeping the cat from getting lazy. 2) there’s no set way to train your cat back. Doing a random # of interactions, as opposed to training progressively, isn’t very Runescape-y, IMO.

  • Cotton_DogRS Cotton Dog (@Cotton_DogRS) reported

    @JagexSupport I am still having issues with authenticator, every time I close my client and open a new one I have to enter authenticator again even though I have 30 days selected.

  • Meka_Dragon MekaDragon (@Meka_Dragon) reported

    @ColorblindRS @RuneScape dont be silly now, jagex doesnt fix things that need fixing,

  • GloomyCassie Cassandra Rexach (@GloomyCassie) reported

    @rblxKrystalTeam @RuneScape Yes :) this I know . It wasn’t working but apparently the issue is resolved. Thanks 😊

  • Freehzyy Freehzy (@Freehzyy) reported

    @FUT_Economist @OldSchoolRS does a frequent stream discussing what the Jagex mods have been working on., fixing, schedule for new content and answer questions from viewers about the current state of the game and their intentions of balancing issues if they come up

  • osrsTeliriah B L-C (@osrsTeliriah) reported

    @JagexSupport felt like logging in to play and one of my account when I try to log into game just comes back as "to many login attemps, please wait a few minutes before trying again" I can log I to the website. There are no messages or marks against account.

  • samuelt19834472 samuel tate (@samuelt19834472) reported

    @platytech Using hikariknight setting RuneScape will lag without oracle end user agreement, with an I accept that: accept new openjdk agreement for development ....

  • samuelt19834472 samuel tate (@samuelt19834472) reported

    @platytech Oracle agreement error... not allowed to install “cannot find” I’m looking over it. The crashing of RuneScape was an agreement issue when I posted last. How to agree on Linux in Ubuntu 16.04 of hikariknight install. On minimal Ram on chromebook of 2 not 4

  • xprozenta Marius Bjeglerud (@xprozenta) reported

    @JagexSupport The problem is that i cant login there, since i made my account with google, so i dont have any other emails to login with

  • kestem009 Kestem009 (@kestem009) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport Its the right account since i had to login ingame to recover it , i filled in the right passwords and still on same IP as back in 2006. Also filled in different paypal payments but no matter what i do i instantly get denied.

  • GloMBOGamer GloMBO Gamer (@GloMBOGamer) reported

    No he are said my account will not unban But this is not my problem this because my account gmail it's hack and I backed it and he are played with my account in runescape please unban my account 😢

  • FitzxSkimmons Melissa ⍟ ⎊ ⧗ ✵DAISYJMADEMEQUAKE (@FitzxSkimmons) reported

    @JagexSupport @TwitchPrime hi there i'm trying to redeem the runescape promo because I have twitch prime and amazon prime but it's not working can i please get some help

  • ioyalty59 Tyler (@ioyalty59) reported

    @RuneScape I need help with some account issues revolving loyalty program and past DarkScape xp Cache event account transfer. I'm having a hard time getting a reply from you guys.

  • VianimLavarock Vianim (@VianimLavarock) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport Its not much of a suggestion but it would be very helpful if there was a message on the Jagex 'claim reward' page to verify the account name before it's claimed, and a category to submit a related support ticket. My issue can be definitely be fixed by manually moving the rewards.

  • VianimLavarock Vianim (@VianimLavarock) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport That helps only if the reward is left unclaimed. Once the reward is 'claimed' it's locked to that account and can't be claimed again. The issue I have is that it was 'claimed' to an unlinked account, and I don't know who or how to contact to fix that.

  • Enzii1993 Enzii (@Enzii1993) reported

    @Misterspacecake @TwitchPrime @RuneScape Make sure to click on the link that says "here" and then logon to your account, if you did that and still not working i apologies i cannot help you further.