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RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex, released originally in January 2001. RuneScape can be used as a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering.

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  • Rt65478698 Rt (@Rt65478698) reported

    @OldSchoolRS Can you fix those cancerous teleports in solo olm I have to run to the other side of the god damn world for them

  • Joshieporritt JP (@Joshieporritt) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport I have a strong feeling what the login name is and it will have been created pre-2010

  • Requiem NAYEON FAN ACC (@Requiem) reported

    @JagexKieren @NMZscape If walking is a problem for brand new players they're probably not cut out to play a game like runescape.

  • MichAelDTR Michael Marven (@MichAelDTR) reported

    @RuneScape @JagexWolf @JagexSween @JagexAsh @JagexKieren desperately in need of help, I am trying to recover one of my real old runescape accounts but it has authenticator on it. The phone I setup auth on was broken and sold awhile ago, Please help

  • 20mileswest 5,280 feet long (@20mileswest) reported

    Finally remembered my RuneScape login info... about to go do some slayer

  • jacob35096782 jacob (@jacob35096782) reported

    @RuneScape Also if it isn't obvious enough, I have never cheated or broken ANY rules whatsoever. I wouldn't be making a fuss if i had been caught cheating. That would be pitiful. But I've done NOTHING wrong at all.

  • jacob35096782 jacob (@jacob35096782) reported

    @RuneScape Just found out I had my account permanently banned today. They accused me of boting on OSRS yesterday. I didnt play or even log on yesterday and ive never EVER played OSRS. Either i was hacked yesterday or there is a big error here. Please help.

  • ayychook Chook (@ayychook) reported

    @JagexSupport Howdy ho neighberinos. Had a Prime issue. Activated prime 1 month, instead charged my cards 2 days later (Looked like compromised PayPal), did a chargeback because all my of accounts I played had a membership. Locked out of all. Never opened Paypal. IGN: Chookx

  • underground_lux Underground Luxury (@underground_lux) reported

    @RuneScape I can't change my password!!! All I keep getting is: There was an error processing your request. We have not found this change request, or it has timed out. PLEASE HELP! I don't want my account to get hacked!!

  • GarrettSmith420 Garrett Smith (@GarrettSmith420) reported

    @OldSchoolRS "GarrettWins" and "Duck Kitten" were falsely banned because the 'OpenRazer' and/or 'ckb-next' driver for my mouse/keyboard as it was the only way to get them working on linux OS, please fix this error

  • GuessMyPants Drew (@GuessMyPants) reported

    @JagexSupport Okay the short version I guess, wish the founders still worked there support was 10x easier to handle. But is the only way I can change a login email is to delete the account I have that email on then restart and if so how would I transfer membership to a new login email

  • kurkjou Arnold Zagurski (@kurkjou) reported

    @JagexSupport Thanks, already did that. Hope this issue resolves itself then.

  • maquyjinnbeel fuck you im fucking BEELZEBUB bitch (@maquyjinnbeel) reported

    @JagexSupport hey jagex, im trying to changed my registered email so i can redownload mobile beta. i dont have access to my registered email rn cus phone service off and have no way to change password. PLEASE HELP A BROTHA. long live Zaros

  • Burak65557082 Burak (@Burak65557082) reported

    @JagexGee I'd love to play runescape it's mine childhood hero game. But there is unfortunately a problem i can't login anymore! And the most important of all i can't enjoy playing the game, this all happend while i was on a worktrip in Dubai. Help me out please i want to play

  • ImBrent_rs Brent (@ImBrent_rs) reported

    @shhLag @RuneScape @Farnborough_Int when are the new staking sessions coming i will login for that

  • LeviMira Levi (@LeviMira) reported

    @RuneScape GWD2 because... lag. ☹

  • senseivelez JoseSensei (@senseivelez) reported

    @JagexSupport i am experience with heavily lag i am using radeon rx 580 series it seem fine it probably happen on all of them how do i fix this

  • PxndaLoL Robert Sta-Ana (@PxndaLoL) reported

    @JagexSupport So instead of personally asking me about the problem you guys redirect me to your help page. Really living up to your rubbish customer service reputation according to every youtuber

  • luisgtzv Luis Gutiérrez (@luisgtzv) reported

    @JagexSupport The problem Is that the oldschool website Is redirecting me to unexisting blog posts because of my physical location. This didnt happen a week ago.

  • Xeav Xavier Pelchat (@Xeav) reported

    @JagexSupport This account is 13 year old, ive been playing on it since i was a kid, and never had such problem before, take a look at the IP you'll see im not responsable for the ban... Id really like to play on my main account again!

  • madebydavve david (@madebydavve) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport It says account locked as We suspect it has been stolen When i try to log on in the client. And i followed the link to reset my password. I did and i still cant login anywhere.

  • 7moodmaher 7mood_jumah (@7moodmaher) reported

    @JagexAsh @OldSchoolRS @JagexAsh Hello mod ash I have been trying to recover my login information but the forum requires to fill up first password created on that account but i cant remember it since my account was created 13years ago but i still have access to myregistered email adress and username

  • Burak65557082 Burak (@Burak65557082) reported

    @JagexWest Hello Mod @JagexWest, I'd love to play runescape it's mine childhood hero game. But there is unfortunately a problem i can't login anymore! And the most important of all i can't enjoy playing the game anymore, this all happend while i was on a worktrip in Dubai. Help

  • Aleksandras_gg Izar o o o (@Aleksandras_gg) reported

    @JagexHelpElf @JagexSupport I've already tried the appeal. The problem is that the hacker added their own info for things like membership when I never added any billing information to the account

  • LauriskLexyyy SilentLife (@LauriskLexyyy) reported


  • MyRsAcc1 MyRsAcc (@MyRsAcc1) reported

    @JagexHelpElf @JagexSupport I've tried to appeal several times, because I haven't received any responses. I know this is an error. I never got to play after the temp ban ! 😰

  • MyRsAcc1 MyRsAcc (@MyRsAcc1) reported

    @JagexHelpElf @JagexSupport On May 8th 2018 I was 7day banned for minor macroing. On may 15th (as soon as the ban was lifted) I logged in with an authorizedclient and instantly was disabled. I logged into the website and it said major macroing. I think an error was made. I've tried to appeal, but no respons

  • MyRsAcc1 MyRsAcc (@MyRsAcc1) reported

    @JagexSupport My account got banned twice (now permanently) for a single offense, not a duplicate offense. Basically like the double jeopardy law. A MISTAKE WAS MADE, PLEASE ENDORSE BETTER CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR THESE ISSUES 😥😥😥

  • matiasnider11 mat (@matiasnider11) reported

    @JagexSupport hello, i secured my pc as suggested last week and my account recovery was succesful, but i am still banned, my account has been hacked multiple times over the last year, please check "ips", ban appeal is not working, Rsn: sukiteasy

  • matiasnider11 mat (@matiasnider11) reported

    @JagexSupport hello, i secured my pc as suggested last week and my account recovery was succesful, but i am still banned, my account has been hacked multiple times over the last year, please check "ips", ban appeal is not working

  • luisgtzv Luis Gutiérrez (@luisgtzv) reported

    @JagexSupport I play from Mexico OSRS, and previously you guys used some service called Axeso to manage memberships. The thing is, on the website, when I try to read new posts (like the hosidous update) it redirects me to a dead site in spanish. It didn't do that,

  • 3ETweets Triple E Gaming (@3ETweets) reported

    Finally off work and back to #runescape. I think I might have a problem

  • imblayck blake 🖤 (@imblayck) reported

    @OldSchoolRS very disappointed about this. Please fix immediately.

  • Lauriam12 Lauriam (@Lauriam12) reported

    @JagexSupport let me reset my damn password so I can continue to be a paid member like I have been for for the last f***ing 10+ years. You won't let me access the reset password page. I keep getting a blocked message. Fix this sh*t

  • unemployedincel adele (@unemployedincel) reported

    @JagexAsh @OldSchoolRS ash ... @notdevito has been suspended u got to do some computer nerd hacking shit and fix this RN

  • JivitarK Jivitar khurana (@JivitarK) reported

    @JagexSupport hello, the ban appeal does not ask for any thing else other than , login name, email, character name, and thats it there is no further comments section to address any issues that may have lead to it and this side of the story

  • Weebtism Aniel 🇨🇺 🇺🇸 🚁🤸‍♂️ (@Weebtism) reported

    Myspace weaponized Java-script kiddie. Runescape Private server coder. Actually knew how to execute a compile.exe and debug errors in my lines of code. College loner **** boi with no friends. Habitual drinker. "**** the government man, george bush did 9/11-ist trust infowars".

  • Gamer_i2eally i2eally (@Gamer_i2eally) reported

    @OklahomaPlanker @JagexAsh @OldSchoolRS if you login to rs3 and talk to hans you can buy a sick 15 year capes (shame rs3 has all the sick capes)

  • AlexanderFleck6 Alexander Fleck (@AlexanderFleck6) reported

    @JagexSupport it was a technical problem from the game! They used the fail mechanic from te game to scam me. I was standing in the save zone (Bank) on a pvp world and then they pushed me out of the save zone. Thats a game mechanic fail so normaly i should get back.

  • JiklimRS Cameron (@JiklimRS) reported

    @WuMemeOSRS @OldSchoolRS I think of OSRS as it's own game so conflicting with RS3 isn't a problem.

  • notCursedE womentally ill (@notCursedE) reported

    @GunsmithCatgirl @OldSchoolRS i dunno fam ive seen you complaining about this for a while and it seems like... such a non issue hahaha.

  • Alex66522064 Alex (@Alex66522064) reported

    @JagexSupport Hey there, I havent recieved my twitch prime membership and I was wondering what could be the issue. I link the profiles and then it said the rest of process was automatic. Not sure if I skipped a step or something.

  • RobrtPellegrino Robert Pellegrino (@RobrtPellegrino) reported

    @JagexSupport My buddy helped me figure it out: right after I bought my membership i changed my username with the name changer. All i had to do the whole time was login with my original username as opposed to the one i changed to.

  • Hotame16 ホタメくん 🐣❤︎ (@Hotame16) reported

    @JagexSupport Hey, so my problem is that I paid for 3 months membership and I left the game for like a week. when I logged in this messege popped up "Your membership has been cancelled due to billing failure" My Rsn is (Hot_Chef) thanks for reading this and hope you can help.

  • We_Get_Along E A D G B E (@We_Get_Along) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport After november 2010. He had to sign in with an email, but we were trying to recover the password on yahoo site and that email is way too old.

  • J_Esquivel3 Javier (@J_Esquivel3) reported

    @JagexSupport im having issues with recovering my account, i got my recovery request accepted but i accidentally put the wrong email as the registered email and now ive sent in 3 more requests with basically the same info and they've all been denied.

  • PacFlan Flan (@PacFlan) reported

    @Stone_OSRS @RuneScape Rs3 is definitely doing a turn around with quality and impact of updates, the primary issue is how saturated the main game is with MTX, turning away new players who see it as a P2W game. Updates should ease declining numbers but it may be too little too late

  • BrockIsaacks Brock Isaacks (@BrockIsaacks) reported

    @JagexSupport hello! I’m having some issues logging into my account. I try to send a password reset to my email but nothing ever shows up. My original issue was with the google Authenticator because when I got a new phone....they weren’t saved in there anymore.

  • astijusx3 Astijus (@astijusx3) reported

    @JagexSupport so my account was suscpected to be stolen when i did the recovery it was declined like in 30 sec, and now when i try to do it again it says: RRY, A PROBLEM OCCURRED. /Due to your account status, you must start your account recovery from inside the game/ i did that..

  • Mars_god_of_war Mars (@Mars_god_of_war) reported

    @Pidbullz @Umdlye @OldSchoolRS Yeah. I just wanted to show that the issue with the new tithe farm was brought up that publicly. That it was used publicly. That it was ignored (at least publicly).

  • illegalzelo D3lete (@illegalzelo) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport @TwitchPrime I promise you all I did was log in and it revoked my membership, I didn’t even create a different account. I’m not that stupid. Idk why y’all can’t just fix it.

  • young_jann joanna (@young_jann) reported

    My dad had no problem paying that $5 for a Runescape membership he was already paying $15 for a WoW membership

  • KalenBond Kalen Bond (@KalenBond) reported

    @JagexSupport Ok so i have this problem, I haven't played an account of mine for like 2 month and i have forgot everything, email password but i still have the authenticator on and i can see the code. I just need a hint so i can get back into my account 62poison1977

  • JuanjoWins JJ (@JuanjoWins) reported

    @OldSchoolRS @JagexGambit all links on the website lead to an error 404

  • WyattJa31804118 Wyatt Jackson (@WyattJa31804118) reported

    @JagexSupport Or you just need a better customer support option. There is no way I can send an appeal and get a denial email 10 seconds later. Work on your customer service.

  • DB_Linchpinn Linchpinn (@DB_Linchpinn) reported

    @RuneScape I must be really bad at hunter because I can I put get like 550k an hour on the arc. I guess I'll get getting like a quarter of the rate you'll move it down too. One ticking is a bug, fix that!

  • edvingusinac Edvin (@edvingusinac) reported

    @JagexSupport I will try again the next time I’m at their house. The problem is we no longer have the same PC. Over the years I have built new ones with completely new internals.

  • TeddiPanda PandaTeddi (@TeddiPanda) reported

    @JagexHelpFrost @JagexSupport That’s the issue of which I am currently discussing with the support team.

  • WetWontons WetWontons (@WetWontons) reported

    @Theoatrix @OldSchoolRS @mods i don't see the problem.r

  • christiaank4 Christiaan (@christiaank4) reported

    @JagexSupport hey jagex i have a problem :( and i hope it can be fixed. i hop you message me back. Yours faithfully, christiaan