Is Sea of Thieves down?

Sea of Thieves is a shared world action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows 10 and Xbox. The game allows players to take the role of a pirate, sailing the seas of a fantastical world either solo or as part of a crew of up to four players featuring both co-operative and player versus player combat.

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Sea of Thieves problems in the last 24 hours

Sea of Thieves Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Sea of Thieves. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 40.91% Sign in
  • Online Play 27.27% Online Play
  • Glitches 11.36% Glitches
  • Matchmaking 9.09% Matchmaking
  • Game Crash 6.82% Game Crash
  • Hacking / Cheating 4.55% Hacking / Cheating

Sea of Thieves Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Due Carrare Sign in
Belas Online Play
Labourse Matchmaking
Lisieux Online Play
Málaga Game Crash
Medellín Online Play

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Sea of Thieves Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • EPIC_ANG3L Stephanie (@EPIC_ANG3L) reported

    @SeaOfThieves if y’all could fix the loading time on console that’d be great. I used to enjoy your game but spending 5 mins on loading screen while getting chased.. doesn’t end well.

  • petmaMinecraft Minecraft PETA (@petmaMinecraft) reported

    @_ToniZamboni_ @LPuaro @SinisterMerk @HowdyElite @TheMelvinMan @SeaOfThieves No problem :)

  • NorthWestRednec Allen (@NorthWestRednec) reported

    Is anyone working on @SeaOfThieves because theor servors are garbage right now. Quest items wont spawn/broken. Multiple lags Everytime its critical, like ramming a ship. @Rare please fix this. I just wanna finish 1 tall tale!

  • nexieane Aryna Alexandra Parmson (@nexieane) reported

    @Spammals @SeaOfThieves @Axel123ax Imagine seeing the Ghost Meg, let alone killing it twice. I call first world problem!

  • TylerMaxBaxter Tyler Baxter (@TylerMaxBaxter) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Your whole game, because people are shit. They join alliances then betray you, all the time. Fix it

  • SirStrip Strip Mercer (@SirStrip) reported

    @theofficialrobk @SchunckaDunk @Guden_av_Sten @TiberiusToaster @SeaOfThieves I know, and plenty of people will play it as intended. If other people want to play it their own way I don't see what the problem is, it won't affect you negatively, it will only affect them positively.

  • LaFringeGaming LaFringe (@LaFringeGaming) reported

    Hey @RareLtd @SeaOfThieves A nice little update for you. So we did the entire quest again and wasted another hour of our lives! Guess what when we went to collect the enchanted compass... poof gone! Can you please fix your game ffs as this is surely a known bug!!! #SeaofThieves

  • PiratesOfSoT PiratesOfSoT (@PiratesOfSoT) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd Sorry everyone that we haven't had the chance to put out the Deluxe issue yet..... it'll be out no later than Wednesday. Due to certain things that happened in order to put the articles together, we had to push it back a couple days.

  • CrabNate nate the crab (@CrabNate) reported

    @SeaOfThieves hey I got a small problem some reason when I’m doing a legendary quests I’m not getting any miles I need my miles can you fix that please

  • Teenygiant Teenygiant (@Teenygiant) reported

    @SeaOfThieves let’s talk about how I did revenge of the Morningstar and then got attacked by two galleon ghost ships on my way to the last objective... 2 hours graft in a sloop. I lost the objective items and rage quit. Fix this please.

  • Ash2X Ash2X (@Ash2X) reported

    @BleedingEdgeNT @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd Come on, that's unrealistic - he didn't lag :D

  • JsCOOPER_94 Jordan🐝 (@JsCOOPER_94) reported

    @LukeyWolf_ @UwUjustaweeb @pRiSoNpLaNeT666 @Defaeco_Nefas @Xbox @SeaOfThieves And guess what, if you buy it on PC they still make money so why would that be a problem, PS exclusives will end up on PC too it's the way things are going bud

  • Chief_Powder Chief Powder (@Chief_Powder) reported

    @C212th @BleedingEdgeNT @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd Yeah same. Idk why the hell its so hard for them to fix it

  • iTzBlynk_YT Blynk (@iTzBlynk_YT) reported

    @Xbox @SeaOfThieves My elite controller is broken (rb came off)... and I can’t use it anymore. could I get a replacement maybe 👉🥺👈

  • sa_spax Sara (@sa_spax) reported

    @MmmCherryade @sermattex90 @ChrisRoberts606 @JonSnow7888 @ruskichikin @SeaOfThieves Look, who enjoy only pve isn’t really logging in anymore. Maybe when there’s a new tall tale, but get annoyed easily and quit. Players like me that appreciate both will continue to play in both modes. If players doesn’t log in anymore, pvp players has the same problem without pve

  • DawsonS57962976 DawsonStephenson0 (@DawsonS57962976) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Thank you for adding chain shots now we can actually fight with out someone running buttttt fix the server lag

  • sa_spax Sara (@sa_spax) reported

    @ChrisRoberts606 @sermattex90 @MmmCherryade @JonSnow7888 @ruskichikin @SeaOfThieves If you aren’t able to protect you or ride a ship as fast as possible to the nearest outpost is you’re problem dude. Make someone rage quit because you’re not good enough is toxic

  • malo840 Malo (@malo840) reported

    What has been going on with the servers lately @SeaOfThieves I've got more Hazelnut Beard and Allmond Beard Errors since this last update then I ever have before. More afraid of losing my loot to disconnect than to an enemy 😟

  • Symlistic Symlistic (@Symlistic) reported

    @jon18347952 @GhabzsGhabzs @SeaOfThieves Hit me up when you fix that stupid ass haircut man.

  • Godsoldier911 Sean Maloy (@Godsoldier911) reported

    Either a ghost ship or a kraken not both..... swords need a pvp nerf like yesterday.... @SeaOfThieves fix your game for the love of god.... ****!

  • Symlistic Symlistic (@Symlistic) reported

    @jon18347952 @GhabzsGhabzs @SeaOfThieves ******, I can't go rock climbing after work anymore. I wake up at 5:30 am, shower, login remotely for my software engineering job, get my shit done, workout after, play a game, then I go to bed around 10. I'm not over here playing shit-nite like your ass is on the side.

  • thatNoseyParker Parker (@thatNoseyParker) reported

    @SeaOfThieves make that 3/3. Would love to join in the event but it’s impossible when the core mechanic is broken af

  • AshTheOtherOne Ash (@AshTheOtherOne) reported

    @IBushido305 @ALCOHOLIC_DAD @EPIKAMENRA @SeaOfThieves I think the problem here is that you do not know what griefing is.

  • sermattex90 Sermattex90 (@sermattex90) reported

    @ruskichikin @JonSnow7888 @SeaOfThieves the problem is not the loot, but the story

  • matthew99621481 matthew (@matthew99621481) reported


  • nexieane Aryna Alexandra Parmson (@nexieane) reported

    @RepRaptor98 @Otrojuansemas @SeaOfThieves So then they’re not objectively overpowered or an issue at all, you’re just consciously choosing not to use that particular game mechanic. That’s like going up against another ship in a battle but not using your sails and then getting mad at them for using theirs.

  • DougBro51095567 Doug Brown (@DougBro51095567) reported

    @SeaOfThieves More lag and bugs you mean, thanks! Game isn't bad, when not lagging or glitching which happens everytime you come across people. Dont buy this game till its actually ready and not broken

  • Chrimyariver Christoffer Myreng (@Chrimyariver) reported

    Had some issues with server merging last night... we had just fought 3 fort of the damned... we got server merged on our way back and my gf couldn't reconnect. When she did we got killed by another crew and lost all our loot☠ little bit mad #SeaOfThieves

  • DuchessSierra DuchessSierra (@DuchessSierra) reported

    @SeaOfThieves fix your game!!!!!!!

  • Flatline__84 Erix (@Flatline__84) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Hey guys there’s been some glitch issues as of late. I’m currently hunting the Cursed Rogue, and the special compass disappeared 😐. Not sure if my hunt is gonna work out. This i#was a lot of time put in

  • Ms_AJWolf Alexandra (Lycan AJWolf)📽 (@Ms_AJWolf) reported

    @devshvrp @SeaOfThieves DON'T CRASH

  • Spank_808 SPANK (@Spank_808) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Private servers already .... seriously. I am ******* tired of being ganged by 12-year-olds camping the-spawn points five seconds after I login.. I’m going to put this game down again for another six months. Not everyone wants to sail together. Private servers now!

  • kahlan_87 kahlan87🦈🦈 (@kahlan_87) reported

    @kiralee_twitch @SeaOfThieves Girl, if anyone has a problem with it, then they need to go check their own priorities...

  • Rex92573887 Rex (@Rex92573887) reported

    @CapRLachance @SeaOfThieves @keeyaaaa Ye I have the same problem I keep getting gems and normal skulls when I need kegs and villainous Athena skulls

  • TheReyBashon Rey Bashon (@TheReyBashon) reported

    Please find a way to fix this @SeaOfThieves . Make a way to have a peaceful server for voyages with alliances then have the hardcore server. Its obvious the trolling ***** dont want to play the arena.

  • Andrew29565253 Andrew (@Andrew29565253) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @keeyaaaa I’ll check it out when you fix hit registration

  • ionel30182613 ionelito99 (@ionel30182613) reported

    @SeaOfThieves please fix sword hit reg

  • NWontheflipside SomeWanderingTurtles (@NWontheflipside) reported

    @SeaOfThieves can we do something about the glitch with the Fishing rod always showing the tutorial Everytime I try to fish, I've noticed this since flameheart released, and I have most of the commendations for fishing so I'm pretty sure I don't need the tutorial

  • Bell91August 12thmanbjj (@Bell91August) reported

    @SeaOfThieves With how frequently they spawn on me this won’t be an issue

  • VoudonsGhost Gho$t (@VoudonsGhost) reported

    @SeaOfThieves How about you fix the captain chest achievement guys..

  • jakeoconnell Jake (@jakeoconnell) reported

    @Jake50500818 @SeaOfThieves I get it, I just regret not buying them back when the update came out because I was saving my Doubloons at the time. It’s wishful thinking to fix my mistake from back then.

  • CapRLachance Captain Robert Lachance (@CapRLachance) reported

    We want content to spend them on, not a hole to flush 'em down, so make it gold like everything else, this is a gimmick to make us use 'em up before the next update but it's not our problem you drip feed so slow. Leave our dubloons out of it... @SeaOfThieves

  • FlintlockAvery Adrian Flintlock Avery (@FlintlockAvery) reported

    @DaggerMcTimbers @SeaOfThieves Lemme guess, you were like,"Yo! This is it, my last legends chest to make me an Athena!" Its super late, ready to crash, you start selling loot, an that chest moves the rep just to a Hair width away from max an stops.. Then the Rage takes over 😂😃 Been there my friend lol

  • AA_mephisto some body (@AA_mephisto) reported

    @SeaOfThieves would it be possible to fix the disconnected due to inactivity when we are moving the camera but hiding

  • yaness67480 yan (@yaness67480) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Hello i've played last night with friends from 8pm to 2am. We do an Athena quest and before the end I was disconnected "Groomedbeard error" impossible to me to reconnect the game I lost all reputation points. Help please.

  • cgoleman81 Bamapride6969 (@cgoleman81) reported

    @GhostRecon Seriously guys tell us something. EA is already banned in my home. I don't want Ubisoft on that list. Fix it or talk to us. @RareLtd kicks your ass in this area. Take some notes from them. They keep everyone in the loop on @SeaOfThieves. This is pitiful people.

  • PaulRich_Actor Paul Rich (@PaulRich_Actor) reported

    @DemyxTheCat @SeaOfThieves Having the same issue. 48hrs of trying. Ships wheel of death

  • BourneOli Shiny Umbreon (@BourneOli) reported

    @SeaOfThieves found a glitch.... if you jump in the water in PL hideout you land on the floor and the game acts as if you are walking on the bottom without the water

  • EliasLaerkedahl Jesus (@EliasLaerkedahl) reported

    I'm not getting Any reputation right now and I just sold fort of the da ned loot @SeaOfThieves fix fast!!!

  • Ash11183 Adam Hagymasi (@Ash11183) reported

    @seaofnews @FlyingOmalax @Captain_Falcore @SeaOfThieves @OriTheGame @XboxGamePass Thats stupid that the ones that did’t full price for this game and just have game pass get this exclusive... WORSE exclusive item release yet At least with other exclusives that you release everyone has a chance to get it because it’s just timed and not offered to one service

  • Ash11183 Adam Hagymasi (@Ash11183) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd @OriTheGame @XboxGamePass Thats stupid that the ones that did’t full price for this game and just have game pass get this exclusive... WORSE exclusive item release yet At least with other exclusives that you release everyone has a chance to get it because it’s just timed and not offered to one service

  • sharp2kn6 Lynn Dawson (@sharp2kn6) reported

    Logged on for a bit of solo #SeaOfThieves did a bit of fishing, had a heart attack cause I saw a galleon on the horizon and managed to crash my ship into a tiny seapost. I did get to hand my fishes in though 🐟

  • SBalaning State of balaning (@SBalaning) reported

    @SeaOfThieves I'm on xbox and I would like to report a bug, every time I put the ash dragon set on my ship, the curse on my character, and when I go to a outpost everything is blurry, can you guys please fix this as soon as possible.

  • somthinSnazzay somthin snazzay (@somthinSnazzay) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Every time I sink a skull ship 5 more come out of the water...what the point in even trying. Please fix

  • SadistShabby Shabby (@SadistShabby) reported

    @biomechine @SeaOfThieves @Plecotuz @RareLtd @ClaudiaRevolter @ChappersChapman @Trident_TV1 @keeyaaaa @TheSynicall @TrentKaniuga No problem! If you ever wanna make my stuff no need to ask, just I dunno say based on Shabbys design or something 😂

  • P15H3D P15H (@P15H3D) reported

    Awful and frustrating night on the seas. Huge amounts of server lag anytime you go near other players, random spikes and dsyncs resulting annoying deaths. I know you all need to stay home but stop killing the servers! xD #seaofthieves

  • GustavoSoratto Gustavo Soratto (@GustavoSoratto) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Hey @SeaOfThieves I don't know why, but my game doesn't iniciate, it appears that i have am error with my connection, but its all okay, by the way, it says "Marble Beard Error" and I didn't saw any marble beard in your support If you were able to help me, I would be thankfull

  • SilverXX90 Silver (@SilverXX90) reported

    @Creek_117 @DynastyLake2 @SeaOfThieves @SoT_Support That most likely means someone lazy bearded off the ship, their isn’t a way to fix groomed beard it’s basically a death sentence for your boat

  • Creek_117 Creek (@Creek_117) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Hello, I can't join my friends right now.. Error code : GroomedBeard @SoT_Support .. I found no tips to get back to normal.. Help me!

  • Retidurc Retidurc Silvernight (@Retidurc) reported

    Hey @SeaOfThieves ! Please, never fix this dumb birb.

Sea of Thieves Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x80070005
  • AlabasterBeard
  • AllmondBeard
  • AvocadoBeard
  • BeigeBeard
  • BronzeBeard
  • CinnamonBeard
  • CyanBeard
  • DaffodilBeard
  • FluffyBeard
  • KiwiBeard
  • Lapisbeard
  • LavenderBeard
  • LazyBeard