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  • NayrmanBSC Ryan Malis (@NayrmanBSC) reported

    And if it weren't for Captain Marvel/Shazam he'd be the most broken thing in the Justice Society/Earth-2

  • fugginbish Cliff Booth (@fugginbish) reported

    @psyche6flowww @oscarosorio_dj I too have been let down many times by shazam that's why I know :(

  • flopezluis Félix López (@flopezluis) reported

    I would pay for a service where I could get the music of a pub/bar. Like the Shazam but for places, I'm not taking about just a song. I would like to have the whole Playlist

  • indigo_grl °•.. ภєภค•° (@indigo_grl) reported

    Dude on a bike was playing some slaps, like man slow down I’m tryna Shazam that real quick

  • hausofarda arda (@hausofarda) reported

    @coochieyves what song is this my dumbass shazam is not working

  • KrystalBlessed6 BlessedByBTS 💜🇺🇸🏟️💜 (@KrystalBlessed6) reported

    Ok #ARMY they coming out the woodwork now on every platform. Let's stop chasing the poisoned bread crumbs of decent and chaos they're throwing our way. Clamp down & focus on supporting BTS and BH platforms only. Buy, stream, Shazam, request, watch, play, repeat! Shut em down! 💜

  • MaxReebo4 Max Reebo (@MaxReebo4) reported

    @dazman007 @supermahad12 I struggled with Superman letting Kevin Costner die to protect his secret, and I had issues with Batman killing dozens of men to steal a rock so he could go kill Superman. I did like Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Shazam so I don't hate all DC

  • UzairGhani Uzair Ghani (@UzairGhani) reported

    Shazam is owned by Apple and it doesn’t support Sign In with Apple lmao

  • GravityDcfying Heidi (@GravityDcfying) reported

    @OCYIUS She grimaced. "Nah. I rather have my first kiss with a frog." Sighs, and looks back down to the notebook. Those signs Thaddeus used to write. The SHAZAM signs before coming to the cave. "I don't think so. He's always busy with you."

  • tdarkmaterials Jimmy Hoffa (@tdarkmaterials) reported

    @Axe2801 @TheDCUSheriff It's not bad it's terrible warner brothers wants my wonder gal wants my money and so does Jenkins in order to secure funding for wonder woman 3 or it will be in limbo like shazam 2

  • maveealso Dark Chocolate. (@maveealso) reported

    Guys my Shazam is not working ko moja😢

  • JerryOrdway Jerry Ordway (@JerryOrdway) reported

    @GmtcPodcast @CarlShinyama Different writers, different story goals. I spent the last issues of Power of Shazam having Billy accept that Black Adam May have not been the one who killed his parents. I didn’t think Cap/Billy would ever be friends, though. The JSA stuff kept the spirit of that, anyhow.

  • 0Arkham_Knight0 Ahmed Wayne #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@0Arkham_Knight0) reported

    @hamadajin Problem is people who take it so seriously and trash people who like Aquaman, Shazam!, and are excited for future movies and at the same time want the Snyder-verse back. They start blocking and calling others names like "fake fans", "part timers", etc.

  • CatFishJohnny catfishjohnny (@CatFishJohnny) reported

    @AshTagGaming I dunno. I don't think so but maybe. I know Marvel went after them for Shazam's first issue because it contained the words Captain Marvel in the subtext. They had to change it.

  • lookoutkc that Guy (@lookoutkc) reported

    @DrJasonJohnson Shazam was down right awful.

  • MillyDeena Deena Milly (@MillyDeena) reported

    @invisibleman369 @Tyrion2020 @ERodBuster1 that's why i said soft reboot as they're keeping what worked and ditching what didn't. Thus why batman is getting rebooted and superman likely is eventually down the line when they try doing something with him again. Wondy, Aquaman Shazam etc aren't but their timelines are.

  • feeexins I'm tall (@feeexins) reported

    @NFLGimpy @rockcandy87 DC on a whole has a character problem, and that's a big part of it. Outside of Batman's rogues gallery, they just don't have many that are even worth remembering. I was surprised how much I liked Shazam because that villain was so generic

  • YouDamnWhites Maryland World Peace (@YouDamnWhites) reported

    Crazy how DC shoves Batman and Superman down out throats but it was Aquaman Shazam and Wonder woman that held it down while the rest of the DC universe shit the bed

  • Peter_Smyk Peter (@Peter_Smyk) reported

    A Wonder Woman / Shazam movie, please, where they have to solve a big magical problem.

  • dcolympus 🏛DCOlympus🏛 (@dcolympus) reported

    @WillamKelley @DerfelMacGuffin Yet... BoP and Shazam burns that down... both are DCEU but he is not a producer for either

  • thehermeister Hermes (@thehermeister) reported

    YES! Introduce Kaldur’ahm & Wyynde for the sequel, and writer to fix that terrible dialogue. This isn’t Shakespeare on bath salts! Give. Mera. More. Agency. Just make Shazam 2 as great as the first 1. 😌

  • Dahmolah Elon Mosque (@Dahmolah) reported

    Man i remember that heinken x Shazam competitions .... lmao i was literally shazam-ing bottles up and down

  • thegrandfinalle Rodney Finalle, MD (@thegrandfinalle) reported from Hillingdon, England

    I need to gush about the wonderful customer service of @British_Airways. Tight connection, weather delay, someone named Michelle and Shazam I’m headed home. 😁🛫🙌🏼

  • Josh2Gud4U PiScEs27 (I'm cleansed now) (@Josh2Gud4U) reported

    I literally gave Shazam an 8/10 lol. That's basically a B. So idk why you're making a big deal about it being "that low" when really it's not. I dug it but Shazam had some issues with its CGI at times thru out the film. Birds of Prey won't have that issue luckily.

  • kcentereugene Koinonia Center (@kcentereugene) reported

    So, I'm watching #Shazam! and wondering why "Billy Batson" sounds like he's walking down a corridor in dress shoes when he's wearing Converse sneakers in a cave #SoundDesign

  • TJFutureCPA Terence Robinson (@TJFutureCPA) reported

    @DT2ComicsChat I think/heard that might have come up in the last issue of Shazam. That would be an interesting development.

  • feiticas swamp hag 🍄🌱 (@feiticas) reported

    @PierrotDeVerdad i honestly had to shazam half these songs because they were buried so far down in my mind. just like jesse mccartney as a concept

  • BlessedSouthpaw Southpaw (@BlessedSouthpaw) reported

    My Shazam review was among one of many videos I took down to increase my chances at getting monetized by YouTube, and today I'm announcing that that version will not be reuploaded.

  • SkyRide04069348 Sky-Rider (@SkyRide04069348) reported

    @andrewissawsome @PSYCHOV3N0M @BrandonOrengo1 @JoshWill0315 @Cyberpunk_Zelda @IGN If anything Endgame helped it with its box office numbers. Also, Shazam was not that good in my opinion. What could've been a good movie was riddled with bad acting and terrible dialogue

  • THEsamhanna . (@THEsamhanna) reported

    I cannot express in words how ready I am for this movie!! If it lets me down I WILL never watch another DC movie (other than Shazam movies)

  • SheepOfBlackInc Black Sheep Inc. (@SheepOfBlackInc) reported

    Alright, everyone... I'm about to watch Shazam for the first time. I know I'm really late to the party, that probably makes me a terrible DC Comics fan or something, but I'm FINALLY going to watch it.

  • kennzzzzo not michelle obama (@kennzzzzo) reported

    Just watched this lady walk up to the speaker with her phone to Shazam ‘Get Down On It’ 😬

  • kaiju66 Kaiju (@kaiju66) reported

    @RackSpinner Just Firestorm. I always loved that Shazam cover but never could find the issue.

  • setback780 Matt Arnoldussen (@setback780) reported

    @BlackMajikMan90 @Yxllop @clarisselou Man of steel was terrible Wonder Woman was okay Aqua man was not good Shazam was better than all of them

  • len_pem LenPem (@len_pem) reported

    @totominya @RAZ0RFIST You established that you are a terrible listeners and hurling insults is your only strategy because you can't cite sources. There have been movies that broke even but were still seen as having underperformed - Shazam! comes to mind - and Rambo: Last Blood is no different.

  • len_pem LenPem (@len_pem) reported

    @totominya @RAZ0RFIST You established that you are a terrible listeners and hurling insults is your only strategy because you can't cite sources. There have been movies that broke even back but were still seen as having underperformed - Shazam! comes to mind - and Rambo: Last Blood is no different.

  • MattyyPlummer Matty x (@MattyyPlummer) reported

    Why can’t you hold down on someone’s Snapchat story to Shazam it, would be way more easier than getting another person to Shazam it for you

  • MUHDJAMILUMAR MJ SABO😎 (@MUHDJAMILUMAR) reported from Maiduguri, Borno State

    @Ahmerd_206 @STermined I tried shazam is not working

  • TheAllKnowingN1 The Wizard Of Snark In The Multiverse Of Madness (@TheAllKnowingN1) reported

    @Zakiyyah6 @AGramuglia It's pretty clear that Henry Cavill is as done with embarassing himself walking around in a Lycra body-****** and a CG-enhanced cape as Ben Affleck was. It's the reason that when Supes shows up in "Shazam!", we only ever see him for a split-second from the neck down.

  • victorgriggio Victor Griggio #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@victorgriggio) reported

    @SuperWinterGirl @Jad0717 @ScottMendelson @ZackSnyder @jayoliva1 @markhughesfilms My problem isnt with the scene per se, it's all the toy variations nodding to all Batman versions, eg, the animated series. As that would put Shazam in a universe where animated series were a thing, and in BvS Batman is portrayed as a myth, instead of an existing pop culture icon

  • victorgriggio Victor Griggio #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@victorgriggio) reported

    @SuperWinterGirl @Jad0717 @ScottMendelson @ZackSnyder @jayoliva1 @markhughesfilms I have serious problems in setting Shazam in Snyder's universe. Specially because of all the toys (toy store fight) and stuff. Even with the batarang and "superman"s appearance. Feels more like a DCEU 2.0 or alternate universe. To me, It may be based on, but its not builded on.

  • WRyneHall W. Ryne Hall (@WRyneHall) reported

    Wow, Birds of Prey looks TERRIBLE. Shazam has been the only good DC movie so far, and it doesn't look like that's going to change.

  • CamilaOnRadio Camila On Radio (@CamilaOnRadio) reported

    Shazam for IOS Users 1. Download & Install the Shazam app from the AppStore 2. Use a VPN app to change IP to US(international fans only) 3. Open Shazam app, click my Shazam, then click settings button to login.

  • Bisht_Mode Deepak Bisht (@Bisht_Mode) reported

    @high_by_the_sea Shazam will go down as one of the worst movies DC ever made

  • ppaul3 Paul Adams (@ppaul3) reported

    @Shazam tried register shazam for artists(my 12album). Now Apple.Used all correct login and pass (Triple checked), then tried sign in w/ google. After letting me in it said it was incorrect email. Tried again 3x. Can't use service if this difficult. If an easy fix good, if not..

  • ahnlak FaktCzech (@ahnlak) reported

    @gothick Although I now see that my main problem is that a lot of my listening these days happens in the car, which does not scrobble. So you have at least one buyer for your Shazam-integrating app!

  • HailSnydra frank castiglione (@HailSnydra) reported

    @PattyNest @TheNiceCast_ Shazam was ******* dog shit and a terrible movie. It was cheesey and overly comedic. U posers think that just because he’s a kid it’s a kids movie. Clearly never read the graphic novel.

  • EmmettMcKinney Emmett McKinney (@EmmettMcKinney) reported

    Put a BRT down all of these freeways, and Shazam! You have a well-connevted functioning transit network without having to cut any new right of way or obtain any land. Seriously @metrolosangeles. A studio at the @HarvardGSD shower how this could work last year!

  • DroopDogg865 DroopDadd (@DroopDogg865) reported

    @BigOrangeJB Shazam was incredible and Aquaman was fun as hell. I tried to watch Wonder Woman but fell asleep, I saw Man of Steel but don’t remember shit about it, Suicide Squad was obviously terrible and I didn’t see any of the other ones

  • lowheeledshoes reincarnation (@lowheeledshoes) reported

    i just remembered that a couple weeks ago i was getting my hair dyed and heard someone else in the salon saying shazam was a terrible movie and felt deep rage

  • creamonomics nance (@creamonomics) reported

    ive thought about those teens who shazam'd Dreams by Fleetwood Mac every single day since that tweet. its been months. i need an update. how far down the hole have they fallen so far. do they want more recommendations. please

  • WhatAFeeling_E ᴇɪʟᴀᴛ ◟̽◞̽ 𝕗𝕚𝕟𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕖 (@WhatAFeeling_E) reported

    @EdTheErodian Shazam is broken unfortunately

  • MovieBuff100 Movies That Maher w The Viking (@MovieBuff100) reported

    @emraaann If David could of used the real Cavill he would of, it's not his fault and don't be presuming what you think I Mean, I don't follow you so I don't value your opinion. I love Shazam if you followed me you'd know that. Headless Superman is the problem not David.

  • DavidMa13974163 David Mayberry (@DavidMa13974163) reported

    @MovieBuff100 A headless freak. I still can't figure out why they thought putting a headless Superman into Shazam was acceptable, if you can't get Cavill you don't do the cameo. Terrible!!! #ReleaseTheSnyderCut #afsp @warnerbros @wbpictures @hbomax @ATT

  • ReturnOfTheKool ReturnoftheParaDemons #44 (@ReturnOfTheKool) reported

    @BobDigi69 Looks like it's going to be a big issue down the line. But, Shazam flopped. So, they might feel the need to use a bit of a strong arm to get this down. I've already been thinking that they'll use Black Adam and the JSA tie in to soft reboot the DCEU. And, you know GJ is involved.

  • _BrooklynBatman Anthony (@_BrooklynBatman) reported

    Kinda like Supes in Shazam though but only from the waist down this time. Lmao

  • Reese1689 Reesie🎄 (@Reese1689) reported

    Superman isn't the problem. The whole DCEU is. For some reason the movies are straight 🗑. With the exception of Wonder Woman. Shazam and Joker were also great movies but I believe those are not part of the DCEU, I think...anyway, yeah DC come on man I believe in you!!

  • Goose__lol Goose (@Goose__lol) reported

    @Majd1LoL ur shazam is broken

  • pintofsimilar Alex (@pintofsimilar) reported

    @Grumpyrocker @OBiW4NSHiNOBi @Readitdaddy But people don't want to see a superhero film where the hero doesn't super his way about. Shazam! worked well because Billy was a flawed character. He's an equal hitter to Superman but not the complete package that Supes is. Superman needs his powers dialling down IMHO

  • toziertoe mia 🐻 (@toziertoe) reported

    everytime i say shazam is a valid christmas film im always shut down and im sick of it