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Shazam is a service available for personal computers and smartphones that can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device.

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Shazam Outage Chart 06/20/2021 08:40

June 20: Problems at Shazam

Shazam is having issues since 05:30 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments section!

Most Reported Problems:

  • Errors 72.92% Errors
  • Playback Issues 14.58% Playback Issues
  • Buffering 10.42% Buffering
  • Audio Quality 2.08% Audio Quality

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GermanyKonstanz Errors
ArgentinaVilla Regina Errors
ItalyVicenza Playback Issues
GermanyBerlin Buffering
CanadaOttawa Errors
United StatesLexington Errors

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  • 2Partizan Partizan 2.0 (@2Partizan) reported

    @SupesBatsy People like Andy and Sandberg are nothing but WB's yes-man. Can't wait to see The Trash and **** movies like Shazam go down in flames.

  • MoviesThatMaher Movies That Maher w The Viking (@MoviesThatMaher) reported

    @Dibbik_ Yea a fine standalone (kinda) film that's doesn't affect if JL2 happens. As long as its not a huge Disrespect to Zacks film, what's the problem. Aquaman, Shazam, WW84 (controversial) were fine OK Films to watch and enjoy, not as good as Snyder's take but what can we do.

  • bluetealmagic Junaid (@bluetealmagic) reported

    @Lilheathen333 @Vikram27473254 It all comes down to your taste in movies. If you liked Aquaman, Shazam, BOP and WW84 then the Flash movie is for you. If you didn't like those movies, then there is a fair share of chance that you're not gonna like it. I didn't like those movies so I'm not excited for it. Simple

  • imWymee wymee (@imWymee) reported

    @LeviathanJPTV You can try using shazam next time if you haven’t yet and you’re having trouble finding music, doesn’t always work but it’s helped me find a lot of music I was looking for 👍

  • shuaanana ️️ zel ready to love ♡ (@shuaanana) reported

    please shazam properly :3 u don't need to sign in/log in for android users !!

  • pges PG (@pges) reported

    Hi @hbomax, any chance u could not suck? I've been trying to watch Shazam and Aquaman for weeks. And all I get is a frozen commercial. Is this my punishment for trying to save a little money by getting the service with commercials?

  • daamiedwards Daami 😐👍 (@daamiedwards) reported

    @mayerdelrey @CutHamad they want snyder fans $$ so bad. they been using that trick to get $ from us ever since they brought in whedon. it worked for JL AQM & HBOMax but not for shazam bop & ww84. im hoping it keeps not working like d latter.

  • gentlesexy_josh eddie is ready to love🎨 (@gentlesexy_josh) reported

    we're slowing down....just keep streaming in yt, spotify, mubeat, and apple music. Also don't forget to shazam the song:) Fighting Carats! drink lots of fluids, stay healthy! #Ready_to_love #SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 @pledis_17

  • DcfanSean sean DCfan (@DcfanSean) reported

    @SuperWinterGirl @Sean_OConnell Shazam I haven’t seen it. I read SM wears a blue suit in the ZSJL he wears black. In AM (I did see!!!) Arthur doesn’t know Mera WW84 I haven’t seen it. The 100 years Of been walking away???? BOP I did see! Joker dumps Harley men try to hurt her Anyting u take issue I’m open

  • StuartField14 Stuart Field (@StuartField14) reported

    @RabTales I hear a piece of music and a scene comes into my head. The trouble comes when I'm driving and it comes on the radio and I have no idea who it is. Shazam is helpful. As for A particular bit of music, I'd have to say no. There are lots.

  • drkCloudMedia darkCloud (@drkCloudMedia) reported

    @iamjamiefoxx bro, that Shazam show is ultra fake… terrible actors as contestants. Get out before you’re name is as trashy as the show

  • Kennel_Dogwood Kennel Dogwood (@Kennel_Dogwood) reported

    @SpotifyCares if this issue can’t be resolved I will be forced to abandon @Spotify entirely since using it for music back in 2008 when I had my original account and listened to primarily classic rock, I will be forced to go and use @Shazam despite not liking their music platform.

  • dorkland Christopher Helton (@dorkland) reported

    @MWDanvers I remember, back in the 70s, when DC made their SHAZAM comic more like the Saturday morning show, down to having Billy and Uncle Dudley traveling around in an RV.

  • sunparagon Sharon Warren (@sunparagon) reported

    @latimes …an “error”? SHAZAM Vol. 2 Mo. 9 Jan. 1974…? P.O. Box 1047, Flushing, N.Y 11352 147; 4|17 1|12 35 3|5 2011|2010 1979|1981 11(8)3 52 Rates for fifteen 20c issues $3.00 in U.S and Possesions; $4.00 elsewhere

  • Nkanyezi_IV Grand Zemo (@Nkanyezi_IV) reported

    @jessika7979 The humour is terrible through the DCEU so💀? Even Whedon couldn't save it (with the exception of Shazam, a Marvel ripoff film)

  • BitikoferAustin Austin B. (@BitikoferAustin) reported from Clayton, North Carolina

    @reverselamaj Shazam? Works. BoP? Works. Nothing really contradicts or has continuity problems with them, only differences they have are the tones, but that doesnt make them non-Snyderverse. I strongly believe they are.

  • Signs2323 Leonidas (@Signs2323) reported

    @PlayRjc @steusmotus and that’s the issue. You are not taking Snyder’s Superman and putting him in that low budget goofball ShazAm ****. This is not a comic book. This is a film and there are much different rules

  • robschamberger Rob Schamberger (@robschamberger) reported

    The original Captain Marvel (Shazam) serials are on Prime and in the first episode Cap machine guns down a bunch of indigenous people who were upset that his team pillaged their temple. And he’s the good guy? This is WILD.

  • FourWideOnes FourWideOnes (@FourWideOnes) reported

    @SketchedBat It is almost entirely terrible. Batman is still good, Aquaman is finally given some respect, Cyborg is elevated to a more prominent position, and that’s about all I can think of that’s any good. The Shazam stuff is ok, also. But it’s mostly a pointless reboot.

  • JP12x John Peacock (@JP12x) reported

    Just watched a great video essay on the DCAU. It's kind of funny, but, the problem with current DC movies is the same as so much pop DC: It's trying to be Burton's Batman. If DC ever leans the other way (Shazam), they're going to make some money.

  • samuraiemily Emily Jones (@samuraiemily) reported

    @anirvan Shazam is terrible. Delete! Every app is a risk to your privacy. Use the browser for everything. You can record music and ask around or search lyrics online to get the name of songs.

  • cindusmaximus cindusmaximus (@cindusmaximus) reported

    There should probably be a rule that if you can Shazam someone's music from more than 100 feet away they need to turn it down #atthepool

  • icy_beard Icy Beard (@icy_beard) reported

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, Shazam is terrible at recognizing ambient music

  • er3s Chris Stepaniuk (@er3s) reported

    @Shazam your app doesn’t work if my iPad 2 used to have LTE and now only has wifi, no cellular service. The app says it’s “offline” when clearly wifi is working, I deleted it and reinstalled, please fix

  • CrashFu CrashFu / Anomie Lee (@CrashFu) reported

    I mean, honest answer: Because it feels daunting to sit down and watch ANYTHING that's more than twenty minutes long? And also once I assign something to "I need to do that some day" I tend to forget about it completely? A.D.D. is... great. 😐 Anyways, Shazam's a fun movie.

  • ScreamngEagle Michael__SameOnParler&Gab - ScreamngEagle (@ScreamngEagle) reported

    @MsAvaArmstrong It worked with alcohol, too ! It worked with drunk driving, too ! SHAZAM Ava ! All the US needs to do is make EVERYTHING ILLEGAL and SHAZAM, the problem is INSTANTLY FIXED !

  • NicholasMoore16 Nicholas Moore says ACAB (@NicholasMoore16) reported

    @JustEdLeng David Ayer was a foregone conclusion, and ya know why? Cause his movie LOOKS like it was butchered by an outside party. It’s tone, pacing, editing, etc are clearly a hack job. Even if you don’t like the jokes, Aquaman and Shazam very obviously don’t have that problem.

  • NicholasMoore16 Nicholas Moore says ACAB (@NicholasMoore16) reported

    @JustEdLeng Not that often actually. Younger me had good taste. Frankly, I don’t think 5 year olds who like Aquaman and Shazam are gonna have any trouble liking it when they’re older. Hell, they might like WW84 MORE as they grow up, since I have a hard time imagining 5 year olds really-

  • joemuggs 🔊💚 IT WAS BASS, MIDS, TOPS ALL ALONG 💚 🔊 (@joemuggs) reported

    @BretEastonEllis This would be pointless. 1) track recognition algorithms work regardless e.g. Mixcloud / Shazam recognise tracks that have been pitched up or down in DJ mixes 2) in YouTube's case it's their own algorithm: why would they game it this way rather than just bypassing it?

  • dapper_human lil (@dapper_human) reported

    I was like hell yeah! So I bought those books and they came and there was one duplicate and I was like dafuq do I do with two of the same book so I went to a comic store down town and they gave me $3 for it so I got Supergirl + the Power of Shazam from the Peter David run as-