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  • drgdgg4 Floof (@drgdgg4) reported

    @Josh2Gud4U they already paid for all the sets/pre-production just as BvS dropped they knew it was going to be terrible either way & the quicker they got it out then the more time they have to distance it from aquaman/shazam they shouldn't hav greenlighted JL until after BvS's reception

  • ManLikeTeka Teka of House Jibril. (@ManLikeTeka) reported

    @fvnmI @oraeekene My problem with Shazam was not the goofiness of the movie. It was the fact that it turned to a power rangers-esque flick bar the zords. Shazam has Superman power levels and they reduced him to Hancock.

  • BrandonDixon18 Brandon Dixon (@BrandonDixon18) reported

    I honestly thought the movie Shazam was going to be terrible and it turned out to be pretty good!

  • BrandonDixon18 Brandon Dixon (@BrandonDixon18) reported

    I honestly thought the movie Shazam was going to be terrible and I actually thought it was pretty amazing!

  • PSlade336 PSlade (@PSlade336) reported

    Its Lightening But It Aint Storming #Shazam Touched Down Stay Focused

  • ii_luvmusic Ali 🌹 (@ii_luvmusic) reported

    The neighbors, down the street, music is so loud I could probably shazam the song from here 🤦🤦

  • cedrichouse1994 Cedric house (@cedrichouse1994) reported

    @CamstewIngred @JoeySalads If there up in your space yes you should, by your logic shazam is terrible hero cause he dropped his bully car from sky, or in man of steel superman where he crushes guys car, or how Steve Rodgers steals an innocent persons car in civil war... oh wait there males

  • T0bey_ Tobe 🔧 (@T0bey_) reported

    Ok. Shazam is a terrible movie with good lessons.

  • taufetee17 RustyGosling_17 (@taufetee17) reported

    Y'all got me hyped up for #JW3 for nothing. Lmao Came home & watch #Shazam thinking it was gonna help me cool down my disappointment, but it got worse. Lmao No more movies for me this weekend.

  • tuskerpapi Ga (@tuskerpapi) reported

    Shazam is terrible 😂💀

  • DevTheMayor The Mayor Of Leimert (@DevTheMayor) reported

    Told y’all when you around the under 25 Shazam is going down but keep it low 😭

  • Finesse_Her 🤷🏽‍♂️ (@Finesse_Her) reported

    I thought Shazam would be a terrible movie but it was actually really good!

  • ythos Matthew Adams (@ythos) reported

    Shazam makes a fundamental error. I am usually trying to find out who is responsible for this "ghastly shit", not adding a delightful new tune to my playlist.

  • hailer03 sudo su (@hailer03) reported

    Magisk Manager 7.2.0 and Magisk 19.2 latest updates broke my #youtubeVanced nothing will load and somehow #shazam is also not working after the update. #magisk #XtendedRom #android9pie

  • JamesMartinez_ JLM (@JamesMartinez_) reported

    is why we got deprived what would’ve made half my audience completely flip a true @HenryCavill cameo. Considering they lost it at a doubles chest. But I have no problem with #ShaZam it was exactly what it should’ve been and I thoroughly enjoyed it the second viewing.

  • AfricaSweehart CamnHobi💕STREAM PERSONA (@AfricaSweehart) reported

    Y'all stream more on Spotify and Apple Music and Deezer, buy on iTunes ,shazam and request cause we went from no 19 to 24😭 He says its the most popular but it's sliding down please @5fm #5FMTop40

  • spideysensey Mia 🕸 (@spideysensey) reported

    so I’ve read 200 issues of Spider-Man. idk if I should continue to read MORE Spidey (Miles Morales) comics or take a break for a bit and read idk maybe some Jessica Jones or Shazam 🧐

  • MrBenibo Saki (@MrBenibo) reported

    Superman and Batman sequels are dead on arrival. (The Batman is a prequel). Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman are still in the same universe, but they aren't tied down by it. The Flash is in development hell, and Cyborg didn't even get that far.

  • TheSithChicken Eric Woods (@TheSithChicken) reported

    @franklinjoenz @MounirMagedSaf1 Shazam was utter garbage from beginning to end. Literally every character in the movie except for the bad guy was terrible. It is the worst movie I have seen in theaters in probably 10 years.

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @arka2027 I wonder who at WB doesn't want a sequel at this point. Yes. Bloggers will complain up one side & down the other, even though they've been praising #SnydersUniverse to high heaven in the form of WW, #Aquaman & #Shazam which aren't much different from MoS & BvS, but still. 1

  • andbitch__ The Fourth Migo 😈 (@andbitch__) reported

    Me and my mom playing beat shazam for 10k & she pose to hold me down on the old songs & sis is failing us 🤣

  • spoiledmjlq Imani (@spoiledmjlq) reported

    Shazam was a terrible movie.

  • thicckrennic molly⚡️ (@thicckrennic) reported

    This is kinda depressing and bleh the scene in Shazam where billy finds his mother and she doesn’t want him and his world comes crashing down made my heart drop to my stomach. My mum left me when I was 5 years old but not because she was young but because she was an addict.

  • ATimeBeforeBea Shittheldam/alt (@ATimeBeforeBea) reported

    I dont think Reeves batman will do a lot of fan service. Itll be comic accurate and shit but dont expect an ending like aquaman, shazam, or wonder woman. Itll probably be a badly beaten batman returning to the batcave and taking off his mask before sighing.

  • crystymre crystymre (@crystymre) reported

    @bnhagay Crap now I can’t remember lol I sat down and argued about my top 5 and I’m blanking. (No particular order) -shazam -logan -Deadpool 1/2 -watchmen -teen titans go the movie (don’t judge me) -mysterymen Cannot remember the seventh.

  • TheFliteCast TheFliteCast (@TheFliteCast) reported

    @SuperWinterGirl When Shazam has a 27% Rotten Tomatoes score with 3 years worth of clickbait pieces about how terrible it and its director David Sandberg are, and when I constantly hear people IRL trash it, then it will be at BvS level. It'll never happen. Don't listen to "Snyder extremists."

  • alex0010497 Regular Joint (@alex0010497) reported

    @FamousAmosJ69 Well it's just that Shazam is better than Aquaman Both are vapid, with the latter having distinctly terrible character development, but Shazam is a lot more self-aware I mean if you didn't like Shazam, fair, but Aquaman does everything way worse

  • realDogaldTramp Dogald J. Tramp (@realDogaldTramp) reported

    @DCUO The game is infinitely bugged (Shazam in SG is going on 2+ MONTHS of not being properly fixed), they have the worst customer service, and Mepps ruins everything, but hey...let's put our broken game on a new platform! -_- Next up: Homeless man invests in a new yacht.

  • SandersNowell Nowell Sanders (@SandersNowell) reported

    Upon which time immediately prosecuting and executing the guilty! Shazam!! In one week our nation’ problems would be reduced significantly and then the individual states can be dealt with to clean up the rest of our problems, of which were created by the insane leftist/marxist’s!

  • Neelam_CY 💜 l Citi Field 10/06/18 (@Neelam_CY) reported

    @Mochischeeks @BeMineDionysus @BTSonthecharts Also because streams decreased, Shazam rates are showing down

  • jonALVAREZ86 Kal EL (@jonALVAREZ86) reported

    Hey @DCComics @TheDCUniverse PLEASE STOP making movies Reboot the franchise and hire actual people who are comic book fans. Just saw Shazam and it was horrible. The CGI was terrible and the storyline made absolutely no sense. Maybe @MarvelStudios help. PLEASE we deserve better

  • _sydneyhansen Sydney Hansen (@_sydneyhansen) reported

    only way to shazam a song is to turn ur brightness all the way down, slyly open the app & pretend like ur not even on ur phone

  • poIIenstar (@poIIenstar) reported

    riku has such an unexpectedly terrible reaction to the "shazam" trailer that he and sora have to leave early and never get to see httyd3 in theaters. they watch a camrip later because sora is very excited to see httyd3 (its not very good)

  • swiftshandstied em (@swiftshandstied) reported

    did you know if you’re on snapchat and you hold your thumb down over an object it’ll scan it and then show you where you can buy it on amazon i was just trying to shazam a song on snap and there were hangers on my bed and white hangers on amazon came up on my snap instead

  • dojohnjaes sudi 🍑 hiatus - holidaying! (@dojohnjaes) reported


  • scott_springer Scott Springer (@scott_springer) reported

    the local second-run movie theater down the street from me currently has #Shazam and #CaptainMarvel listed on one side of the theater sign and it makes me laugh every time I drive by it. If you're a #comics nerd, you get it.

  • PogmorSuperSoul Andy Hunt (@PogmorSuperSoul) reported

    Yo @Shazam - just found an error on your service: using @AppleMusic radio function to play @robertpalmerjr “Johnny & Mary” and the Shazam instead shows “Addicted to Love”. Try it, you’ll see! #fixplease

  • albxl Leslie Brooks (@albxl) reported

    @ShazamSupport help the old app was removed when I reinstalled the new app all my tags were gone.Looking for my history of Shazam I have Samsung S7 checked I tunes 0 heart broken....

  • casey_wise1 casey wise ッ (@casey_wise1) reported

    when are they gonna make @shazam for movies cause every time i sit down w my fam & they’re watching something, i can’t figure it out bc no one will answer me

  • casey_wise1 casey wise ッ (@casey_wise1) reported

    when are they gonna make shazam for movies cause every time i sit down w my fam & they’re watching something, i can’t figure it out bc no one will answer me

  • RealSteveCox Steve Cox (@RealSteveCox) reported

    @JohnnyMcNulty @nathanwpyle I want to make a Shazam that identifies car problems from the noise they make.

  • RussWBrookFan0 Zachary Levi 4 LIFE (@RussWBrookFan0) reported

    @LuizFillipe2025 @DAlter007 Captain Marvel & Endgame have had 20 films leading up to them lmao, terrible comparison, Shazam ha s ever even been in theatres before. It’s more profitable than TFA

  • _ImCoolio_ YouFoolio ♦️1️⃣ (@_ImCoolio_) reported from Fairborn, Ohio

    The movie Shazam is honestly terrible bro... worst superhero movie 😭

  • FilmLov03514087 FilmLover (@FilmLov03514087) reported

    @AllsportsTees @nothingtoprove9 @ElcoAlFares @HardBoiledFilms Yes, it was on the list. But more was spend on marketing for Logan. WB kept Shazam's marketing down to $40 million. Instead of Logan's $100 million. That's a difference of $60 million.

  • sorrytruthhurts Troy Scott (@sorrytruthhurts) reported

    @SuperWinterGirl @87Whitewolf @DAlter007 @ManaByte That’s YOUR opinion. I thought Shazam was terrible and deserved its terrible box office. Had to see it alone, cause everyone I knew thought it looked as stupid and childish as it was. Your bitterness was entertaining though.

  • MoonVonDoom DOOM the Emperor (@MoonVonDoom) reported

    I was watching Shazam last night, and couldn’t get over the fact that the actor they got for Shazam himself was a terrible choice, and looked old af. LIKE HONESTLY BILLY BATSON HAS SUCH A GREAT BACK STORY AND YOU DO THIS TO HIMHWJSKDKSLSLS

  • Cee_bow Ma'am (@Cee_bow) reported

    no ways my shazam must be broken, no ways!

  • Roseandfalcon Rose (@Roseandfalcon) reported

    @SureScribbles Shazam, a few of such incidents will happen, expected. All of a sudden we cannot expect everyone to change. The best thing right now is to not get upset. Certainly, it is not easy to be hassled, bullied, told what to do. It is more of a common problem.

  • p1vs_v1tra rbq Herzog 🇸🇪 (@p1vs_v1tra) reported from Westland, Michigan

    @smilinglion71 @Shazam I missed the one about the boots! But those guys completely shut those girls down!

  • RevGeraldPalmer Rev. Gerald Palmer, MSW (@RevGeraldPalmer) reported

    I watched the new movie Shazam and have some major problems with it. My major problem is its unrealistic body images and expectations for males. I can't explain fully without spoiling the movie.

  • st0neg0ssard laken knowles (@st0neg0ssard) reported

    @moontallica you can Shazam through Snapchat! just hold down on a random spot on the screen :)

  • Arminies Arminies of Solotollogy (@Arminies) reported

    It’s sad in many ways, I know a bunch of people who refused to see #Shazam due to the toxic behavior the fanbase Online was throwing at Brie Larson and the “she’s not the real Cap” bs, Shazam was a outstanding film that got dragged down by toxicity and a awful release date

  • Adam_Langdon Adam Langdon (@Adam_Langdon) reported

    Attempted to see Shazam with my father. Projector went down an hour ago. Still nothing.

  • babybabybun ᶜᵒᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵍᵉᵗ ⁱᵗ 안녕하세요 ᵃʰᵍᵃˢᵉ 입니다 (@babybabybun) reported

    @ifnthgelseworks @GOT7Official Some people's shazam is not working too i wonder why🤔

  • JaninaManga 🍑 (@JaninaManga) reported

    The sad thing about this is that I don't even know why I'm sad, anymore. Like, one minute I'm fine, and then the next fckin SHAZAM! Surprise *****, you are sad again. And that will frustrate me even more 'cause idek why I feel so down, there is no reason, I just feel that way+

  • gotjjai7 E🌜 L I P S E (@gotjjai7) reported

    Shazam is still not working :'(((

  • ahga7phoenix 𝓟𝓱𝓸𝓮𝓷𝓲𝔁🌕🌘🌑 (@ahga7phoenix) reported

    @EraPresent @Shazam @bryanherz @GOT7Official Still not working 😔 @Shazam @GOT7Official #GOT7 #갓세븐 #GOT7_ECLIPSE #GOT7_SPINNINGTOP #GOT7_BETWEEN_SECURITY_AND_INSECURITY

  • JbGot7for7 GOT7for7JB🌕🌘🌑 (@JbGot7for7) reported

    @EraPresent @ifnthgelseworks @Shazam @bryanherz @GOT7Official I have the same problem too 😢

  • ImGoodNoThanks Issak Sainz (@ImGoodNoThanks) reported

    Finally about to watch SHAZAM!, I feel like I've let DC down by not going. I hope they remember me.

  • MultiLand93 Eclipse is my new reason to live #SPINNINGTOP | 🐣 (@MultiLand93) reported

    @GOT7onSHAZAM @Shazam @bryanherz @GOT7Official OMG so its really not recognizing it, god I've been freaking out thinking my app was not working for some reason #GOT7 #갓세븐 #갓세븐_이클립스_6시공개 #GOT7__SPINNINGTOP #GOT7_ECLIPSE