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  • realChaseSmith Chase Smith (@realChaseSmith) reported

    @TheFliteCast I mean... I’m still pretty mad at what went down with JL, and I’ll be repping the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag until the movie is out but I am 100% excited for the future. Opening night for Shazam is about to be great

  • sakamoto_joe2 マッチ (@sakamoto_joe2) reported

    @SDagger02 yeah probably most likely, cause like that's the biggest movie that month, if Shazam didn't came out in April , then it wouldn't be a problem but it is what it is

  • SDagger02 patrick chirico (@SDagger02) reported

    @sakamoto_joe2 I Heard maybe next week the problem Shazam is Going to have Is Endgame is coming out in April

  • Chairman_Booty KC S. Phillips (@Chairman_Booty) reported

    Let me just Shazam this real quick *holds phone up to the dull and constant hum of an orange and blue neon "OPEN" sign in the window of a closed Menchie's*

  • XanmanComicGame SmashingXan (@XanmanComicGame) reported

    @CDC_III @ZacharyLevi It's a joke dude, calm tf down. Also, Shazam has always been campy, so the movie should be campy.

  • Me2189251618 FREED.M🌻 (@Me2189251618) reported

    @Shazam @katyperry I liked her🌻 My youngest wanted to be her...hopefully she won’t let us down 🙏

  • melissamricci Melissa Ricci (@melissamricci) reported

    @ZacharyLevi Shazam inspired my son to actually eat lunch today 😏 (Ignore the terrible drawing and the strange, unnatural, muscles)

  • makenzielepore kenzie (@makenzielepore) reported

    @momjeans_x You hold down on it like you’re trying to use Shazam or trying to add someone’s snap code or something

  • z_amo_xaninha Z (@z_amo_xaninha) reported

    @DarkGraysonII @greenlanternss I remember when I read that, actually a started to read JLA because of that it was when I find out that shazam was there, The way she figure it out about him the boy who was jealous, the problem of the group not knowing that he is kid and the difficult choice he made and leave

  • EvrLvnBluIdThng Ben Grimm (@EvrLvnBluIdThng) reported

    @OliverSava That's a shame. I don't know Santucci's work from a hole in the ground but I'll keep an eye open for it. Eaglesham's work always just feels a bit too detailed and rendered for my taste (purely a taste issue) and that particularly doesn't feel like "Shazam" to me.

  • OliverSava Oliver Sava (@OliverSava) reported

    New artist on next week's SHAZAM after one whole issue of Eaglesham. That sucks.

  • Inokis_Chin Rush is okay!!! (@Inokis_Chin) reported

    @superNATorious @iwantedthaticed Yep the correlation between spotify + apple music->tracks is like perfectly even. My problem is that when I do sets alot of times I need a second device to shazam tracks and I hate hearing something fire and not being able to find it. At least with tracks I always know the name

  • ashlxyrm Carpe DM. 🇺🇸 (@ashlxyrm) reported

    BUT he's Making America Great Again!!!!... by shutting down the government... and putting our citizens out of work... ain't THAT SOME SHIT.... shazam.

  • adamjmiles Adam Miles (@adamjmiles) reported

    @mikeev @TheDailyShow Hmm, that would narrow it down! (Shazam had no idea). I'll see if I can find it online somewhere. Thanks!

  • MasalaNoodles MasalaNoodles (@MasalaNoodles) reported

    @bopupdates @Josh2Gud4U Folks getting desperate for on set photos - as if, WB won't hunker down on it, especially after the mess that the Titans and Shazam leaked pics unleashed. Joker was an aberration....

  • PlasticManTalk Talking Plastic Man and Woozy Winks (@PlasticManTalk) reported

    @NerdSync It became in the N52 that it had to be intent while saying the word is what caused the transformation. It’s how he was able to be named Shazam without changing back and forth so much (which is a problem Capt. Marvel Jr. had, as his magic word WAS “Captain Marvel”)

  • murray_jemz Jemz Murray (@murray_jemz) reported

    @BrokenSlinki Oh I'm gonna see it because it's a character I'm curious about 😁 I've seen the trailer for shazam because of Adam (brother) and it looks terrible in my opinion 🙄 it's meant to be funny but it's just awkward

  • WnRandall Wendy Q Randall⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@WnRandall) reported

    @BusyElves @gail_st 70,000+ sealed indictments. Think about it. 70,000+. Average is 1007 per year. Shazam when this goes down.

  • Sandalw00dGrips Ben Chabala (@Sandalw00dGrips) reported

    @SuperRisu I mean I don't have a problem with it. Though I could use some more Shazam t-shirts...

  • Watahmillen Watahmillen🍉🍉 (@Watahmillen) reported

    You trynna Shazam on the dL is not working bro😂

  • JReevesIsMe Jordan Reeves (@JReevesIsMe) reported

    @Tweezainshit @GinaPrimetime Don’t forget the cheesy looking Shazam coming out soon and the terrible decision of Suicide Squad 2 😂😂

  • bryancheco_ Checkman (@bryancheco_) reported from Miramar, Florida

    I honestly just learned to put my phone down at events, now I just Shazam the banger and move on LMAO

  • TheInspecter Taylor Pechter (@TheInspecter) reported

    Geoff Johns, but I am biased. I know Doomsday Clock is heavily delayed and hopefully Shazam doesn't suffer the same fate. However, when it comes to Doomsday Clock, even though the release schedule is so slow, when an new issue drops, it still feels like an event to me.

  • Dipxsss (@Dipxsss) reported

    Almost half a year after Shazam has let me down I have finally found the song I was looking for!

  • NSBeerandWhisky NS Beer and Whisky (@NSBeerandWhisky) reported

    My "My Shazam" is just a list of terrible songs that piss me off at work.

  • SuperWinterGirl Winter Girl #SnydersUniverse #ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @dts1186 @bee_pass91 @DerfelBarada #Shazam is a character that works for that tone. I still think it's still going to deal with real world issues and it's not going to be as cut and dry good guy beats bad guy, as too many Marvel movies have been. Otherwise it wouldn't reference Snyder's films.

  • SavlaFaire Seetal Savla (@SavlaFaire) reported

    @ChloeBlows1 @emmahdhughes I've been asked a few times and don't mind, but am very careful about asking others in case they do for whatever reason. Food Shazam would solve this problem.

  • davidoff110785 Dave S. the S means Hope ! (@davidoff110785) reported

    @WillamKelley @Batmancanseeyou Aquaman's box-office should calm down the stupid deniers to talk ludicrous nonsense. Shazam will getting a similar response and after that the MCU will get serious competition with the DCEU. Box-office for DC movies will be skyhigh nothing will stop that.

  • DBEgaryw Gary Weinschenk (@DBEgaryw) reported

    Cancel call SC 111124, shazam issue

  • DBEKLoers Kory Loers (@DBEKLoers) reported

    Please customer cancel sc111133. Was Shazam issue. Thank you

  • GODBINholic addie 🍎 I AM not OK (@GODBINholic) reported

    did shazam fix the problem with not recognizing i'm ok bc the last time i tried a few days ago it didn't work 😡

  • hoelyikon R (@hoelyikon) reported

    There's always something happening when its i'm ok........ lol apostrophe problems, not getting recognized by shazam, now audio problems loooool

  • SamuelCoop Sam_Cooper (@SamuelCoop) reported

    Thinking back to days before shazam when I'd sit and watch MTV base (RIP) and write all the tunes down I wanted for my shitty little usb mp3 player, and spend hours down loading them, and then be well chuffed walking to school banging em out. Simpler times with so much effort 😂

  • triganometrical Whole Bread Fancy Cakes. (@triganometrical) reported

    @PepsiGraps Yeah all three were extended. Some nice stuff in the captain marvel trailer. And an editing issue in Shazam that annoyed me.

  • ben_tweet Whizz Kid (@ben_tweet) reported

    @DefectedRecords Anyone remember a garage track with the lyrics, 'say something, say something, say something to me...' Shazam is letting me down

  • OfficialSkinny1 KingMusa (@OfficialSkinny1) reported

    @youdoingtoomuch Fair I think they're going in the right direction, for me Aquaman was 100x better better than justice league but that's not hard tbf lmaoo I think shazam will do well, maybe not 1b but lime Aquaman there hasn't been many problems before hand which is what ruined JL imo

  • FourthOctavo Octavo (@FourthOctavo) reported

    @OnePerfectShot @MouthDork It's still a reboot of a terrible film by the same screenwriter, and based on the trailer, it hits the same narrative beats as The Last Stand. Even Shazam seems more interesting.

  • FourthOctavo Octavo (@FourthOctavo) reported

    @OnePerfectShot @MouthDork It's still a reboot of a terrible film by the same screenwriter that (based on the trailer) hits the same narrative beats as The Last Stand. Shazam seems more interesting.

  • george_katebe that geeky bro™ (@george_katebe) reported

    @Tigu_El Bring on Shazam! There's a pattern with DCs films. The solos have been OK its the team ups that have a problem.

  • kennagq kenna (@kennagq) reported

    If Shazam can give us a 7.5 movie and we can tear down justice league and start over , the DCEU might actually make an impressive comeback. First off we need a new Batman. That is the DC talisman

  • doctor17t Doctor Animation (@doctor17t) reported

    @newname1233 @TheImgHobbyist @ponysmasher @ShazamMovie @captainmarvel @ZacharyLevi @brielarson @MarvelStudios @DCComics man the title of Capitan Marvel belonged to Shazam but later down the line Marvel comics took and gave that name to Carol Denverse and copyrighted it.After that Shazam was left without his name. LOL

  • btouch B. Touch (@btouch) reported

    @ZainBokks Maybe with just the a Justice Society issues and the Shazam! one shot. Your mileage may vary, but I kind of find the Countdown stuff deplorable. Final Crisis was overall kind of a mess.

  • joderbs JODY (@joderbs) reported

    We need to PUT DOWN Instagram filmmakers who don’t include the song and artist on their edits. I’m pissed at this one chick. Shazam can’t even find the song

  • BrandonTalbot10 Supermaster51 (@BrandonTalbot10) reported

    @_BrooklynBatman I think that all the #DCEU movies could have been great, but have been writen terrible, so the reboot can be like the last option if Shazam doesn't work, equally like Batman and the Joker.

  • Paraptorkeet hah hah hah hah hah Hello Superman. (@Paraptorkeet) reported

    @SusanArendt Yes But only because I read the issue of Shazam where Billy Batson changes Black Adam's Transformation word to "Egg Cream".

  • AKewlSprinter 《Wally West.》 (@AKewlSprinter) reported

    @_BrooklynBatman And the next big project id Shazam which looks like it's gonna be terrible just from trailors alone. So not much hope for that movie.

  • DaveofTheSun Luke Targaryen (@DaveofTheSun) reported

    @NewTSage Man..Shazam I’m highly skeptical about.. maybe Wonder Woman 2 I can see potential there but everything else... idk man.. they don’t have a Batman or Superman, they need to lock the actors down before they can even make moves

  • LMJOnRadio Lauren On Radio (@LMJOnRadio) reported

    That's how you are shazaming #MoreThanThat. I recommend you to be logged in so you're Shazam counts without problems. After EVERY Shazam you need to CLEAR YOUR DATA HISTORY before shazaming again. Otherwise, don't matter how many times you Shazam, it only counts as ONE SHAZAM.

  • reubencollins Reuben (@reubencollins) reported

    The ultimate embarrassing internet security breach would be if someone hacked Shazam and published a list of all the terrible music we're listening to.

  • pardonater Miles// (@pardonater) reported

    @RachelKoz @MuseZack Hardly. TDK grossed a billion. Twice. Tone isn't necessarily the problem. It just needs to be more appropriate. IE Shazam should be lighter than WW84

  • vespertyIer get ur peen girlie (@vespertyIer) reported

    i hate how all my friends listen to xxx and i actualli enjoy it and then shazam it and see its him but i lov the songs but what a terrible person atleast u cant support a dead person by listening to their music

  • EdwardWestSumm1 Edward West-Summers (@EdwardWestSumm1) reported

    Smart. Though next time get a better shazam book. People had problems with this new 52 run.

  • papaj_whodoneit I Stand With Beasepernick (@papaj_whodoneit) reported

    @TopDawg_C I know this dude ain’t say Shazam will do 800 million lmfao man ***** picked the weakest movie to place a bet on. Some that other stuff made some sense but dawg Shazam looks terrible

  • DeeCeeGrayson Dee Cee (@DeeCeeGrayson) reported

    @JasonWestRayner @TTFMike I personally don't think the actor and suit could be a problem. It's that they're adapting the New 52 Shazam and they'll probably make him way too childish. But they did it mainly for the kids, which is great for families, but for some of us it isn't the best version.

  • Naomi_MC94 -Naomi- (@Naomi_MC94) reported

    I miiiiight have ordered @totalfilm's latest issue because of Shazam content. This is such a bad idea to buy while I'm studying for my exams. @ZacharyLevi

  • Jazz_Cruiser Jazz_Cruiser (@Jazz_Cruiser) reported

    @totalfilm What would have been cool I think, is if #SHAZAM was featured on the cover of, Total Film reading the exact same issue of Total Film being featured on that cover, like an infinite tunnel effect🎬

  • XiggyMatsu 🐊Crocodad o'Dile☠ (@XiggyMatsu) reported

    @blackfire5561 Oh shit, besides Shazam... i need to see when issue 2 of that comes out (....jan 23rd i guess....)

  • EKMontie Erika Montie (@EKMontie) reported

    I didn't Shazam Mic Drop, but that performance IS what started me down the @BTS_twt road! 💜😊

  • MakgSnake Ali Ghauri (@MakgSnake) reported

    I NEED THIS ISSUE RIGHT NOW! #SHAZAM Ok I will calm down now. #

  • asdfjkBTS debbie 💜 (@asdfjkBTS) reported

    I feel pretty bad for the frustrated ARMYs over the DNA views dropoff. I went through it during the FL Shazam 24h record. Once the record was broken, the Shazams dropped off a damn cliff and never recovered.