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  • acemaster19 Mohendra (@acemaster19) reported

    Asher angel was terrible in Shazam!

  • SuperMachoJedi Rise of SuperMacho (@SuperMachoJedi) reported

    wow. two consecutive issues of batman i wasnt rankled by. 2 issues of detective that....will be forgotten by this afternoon. fun wonder womans. mediocre shazam.

  • Princess_Holly Holly SmilesALot™️🧁 (@Princess_Holly) reported

    Shazam was a terrible movie.

  • SuperWinterGirl Princess Winter 🧜‍♀️👸 #SnydersUniverse (@SuperWinterGirl) reported

    @AmazingKungFuCt @Mainterrio They haven't distanced themselves from Snyder. All untampered with DC Films (MoS, BvS, WW, #Aquaman & #Shazam) follow the same principles. AM takes place after the #SnyderCut & ⚡ is practically a love letter to #SnydersUniverse. WB's interference was the problem, not Snyder. 1

  • Phyla3000 Kaderin (@Phyla3000) reported

    Im late with this; But shoutout to that lady at @RuPaul's Drag Race sea. 11 tour. @ScarletEnvyNYC had this dope song playing during her performance, I was trying to shazam it so I can find it but nothing was popping up. I feel a tap on my shoulders & she wrote the song down 4 me!

  • vicorib Viktor (@vicorib) reported

    Shazam Captain marvel Terrible movies

  • brilliantdodie emma taylor (@brilliantdodie) reported

    @PodcastATI life hack: if you hold down on your screen while you’re in snapchat it acts as shazam if you don’t know a song title/artist!!

  • EricaFails Erica Henderson (@EricaFails) reported

    We watched Shazam a day ago and I’m real tired of new movies that have 80s style bullies to give kids problems. Arthur is missing his mom and Freddy is an orphan on crutches, they already got problems.

  • raveryn Alessandro [Lex]🎤 JLUPodcast #ReleasetheSnyderCut (@raveryn) reported

    @DCEUBAT @LnSdreamer_98 Only one I got a problem with is Shazam's.

  • SimPurist Muark’Dib (@SimPurist) reported

    @BJMendelson Sometimes they do, like when AMC gave a copy of the first issue of Ta-Nehisi Coates & Brian Stelfreeze’s run on Black Panther for people that saw the movie. And then they did it again when Shazam came out.

  • StopTheWorld9 StopTheWorld... (@StopTheWorld9) reported

    @stoopiduk @Shazam Tell him; put the ******* phone down and experience BOB ****** DYLAN

  • CptnA1 🦎Cptn A1 (@CptnA1) reported

    Shazam has seriously gotten really good since I last used it. Been a few years but just Shazamed someone walking down the street about 50 ft away listening to their music from their iPhone. Insane.

  • tombstoneblues Tom Bromley (@tombstoneblues) reported

    @YouAreATweet5 @stoopiduk @Shazam im sure if it recognises someone as crap as ed sheeran for example as "music" it wont have any problem with Bob.

  • BrianJBaby Yeekmonger (@BrianJBaby) reported

    @HarperWHarris Shazam was dope but atom, I want a good range for his character. Form the obscure arrogance like in infinite crisis (during a meeting w other villains he floated instead of sitting down to remind them he’s better than them) to his WW3 arc

  • poppethx Poppethx (@poppethx) reported

    Bruh. I knew Snapchat has Shazam but I ain’t know if u put the camera in front of a object and press it down they will find the item on amazon. Bruh that’s weird

  • Guesty22 Matt Guest (@Guesty22) reported

    @james_lewisss @stoopiduk @Shazam My mate went and said it was terrible. He just messed around with all the songs for the sake of it.

  • dearD4NI Dani | ~You did well, Jonghyun~ (@dearD4NI) reported

    i heard a song that i liked in an instagram tutorial so i tried to slow it down to different speeds so i could shazam it and that didn't work so i tried putting the lyrics into google but no matter what part of the song i search nothin comes up its like the song doesn't exist wtf

  • JoblessMoron Nate Trevelyan👓⭕️ (@JoblessMoron) reported

    Nope. Cuz that’s been stated as an elseworlds story since the beginning. Matt said it was in the Dceu while still being A stand alone story. Same as Aquaman, Shazam, BoP etc. you’re trying so hard rn and it’s not working just throw in the damn towel

  • beothebunny ᏴᎬᎾ (@beothebunny) reported

    START W/ ME ABOUT SLOWED DOWN AUDIOS THAT MAKE IT ******* IMPOSSIBLE FOR SHAZAM TO PICK UP. I honestly can’t believe “shazam it” is the lesser evil of “google the lyrics” bcuz wow what if its an underground edm remix that can only be found on yt 🙃🙃🙃 just ******* credit

  • Jaggednes ✨Jay✨ (@Jaggednes) reported

    Me: Wow I can’t believe I can work on flushing out character arches at work today when I have down time bc there’s nothing else to really do— Prime Video: Did you notice 👀 we have Shazam available for you to buy now 👀👀👀 Me: ,,,well ****

  • Thori_Matsietsa GONTSE MATSIETSA (@Thori_Matsietsa) reported

    @scarahoodz @dem_gi @Hit_Refresh Shazam is not acting up bruv, Bo Mathata ba I-owner so network is always down when they are playing. Lol ka dlala😂

  • doomwad765 Doctor Fudge (@doomwad765) reported

    @SuperNerdMike Wb Mason sells a nightmarish blend called Shazam. My office has it. Tastes like if you boiled an ash tray then diluted It down to less than 1% so it simultaneously tastes awful and is weak as ****.

  • kai__matthew swarm of bees in a trenchcoat (@kai__matthew) reported

    Overall, Shazam was enjoyable. BUT if it weren’t for the actor for Adult Shazam (who i was really amped to see), I wouldn’t have watched past the first terrible 30 minutes so.... not very impressed.

  • SW_Rules 🍿 🍿 (@SW_Rules) reported

    Yes I watched shazam then went down my WB DC hot takes rabbit hole I’m sorry IT WASN’T ON PURPOSE I JUST LOVE DC AND AM NOT SATISFIED WITH THE MOVIES

  • NiqueP__ EASTside Neek (@NiqueP__) reported

    So. I was just tryna to use Snapchat for Shazam and I had the phone pointed down towards the dresser, he popped up amazon suggestions for dressers. This tooooooooo much

  • SuperMachoJedi Rise of SuperMacho (@SuperMachoJedi) reported

    @arc_blog its quite unreasonable really. not even a joke. i just dont know what else to cut and still get new and interesting stuff. ALSO DAMMIT @MARVEL AND @DCComics NEED TO STOP BI WEEKLY SHIT im down to bats, tec, WW, and shazam from dc.

  • NeuroticLunacy Midnight (@NeuroticLunacy) reported

    I also finally saw #Shazam still really pissed I missed out on this one. Anyway I throughly enjoyed this movie. Comedic moments were great, they used the Shazam transformation in battle exactly as I wanted. I do think the movie dies down a bit for me in the last half

  • Mkhu_luli Hlub’ elihle. (@Mkhu_luli) reported

    Whoever came up with the idea of Shazam needs to be rewarded for their service to humanity.

  • VampWriterGRRL Robin D. Ashe 🍷⚰💻 (@VampWriterGRRL) reported

    @DrAntagonist @bennydiego We relocated a little maple sapling that was growing too close to the house. Every year it spreads out about a foot and grows a few inches. We call it the Charlie Brown tree. People could just protect and then move a couple of baby trees instead of mowing them down and-SHAZAM.

  • AndrewAnduiza Andrew Anduiza (@AndrewAnduiza) reported

    Am I just stupid or was BatmanvSuperman not that bad. Would’ve loved seeing a solo film with Ben as the bat. I wish we could forget Justice league happened cause if you take that away DC hasn’t made terrible films. Aquaman, Shazam, (I personally didn’t hate suicide squad). Js.

  • rodge97 Rodge97 (@rodge97) reported

    @Shazam @TAGHeuer I've contacted shazam through twitter and email regarding the app not working on my tag heuer connected watch and have had no response, can someone get back to me

  • Gerald_world34 Gerald (@Gerald_world34) reported

    @queenwhiskey The director of Shazam put it best: He spends months and months problem solving every thiny detail in the movie, only for ******** like Cinema Sins to point at something and act like it was a deliberate mistake made by incompetence EVERY TIME. It stopped being funny long ago.

  • lukekorolowicza Luke Korolowicz (@lukekorolowicza) reported

    Unfortunately last night's #Livestream was deleted due to a connection error. #YouTuber #YouTubeLive #ArtUncensored #Shazam #ThursdayMotivation

  • Matt_R_Bacon Matt Bacon (@Matt_R_Bacon) reported

    I understand the frustration. ALADDIN, Disney's last live-action remake, wasn't great, but *sigh* it was fun. I didn't regret seeing it. The problem is also that other major studios aren't making fun films. DETECTIVE PIKACHU was fun. SHAZAM was fun, but there should be more!

  • DarkGraysonIII Grayhold (REBIRTH) (@DarkGraysonIII) reported

    @Claylex1 @Thor_Odinson @petersimeti Just say what concepts you're gonna use, so we don't have problems with DC on legal terms. I would recommend contacting with @CarlShinyama, he knows everything about Cap & how to write him properly. Alex Ross' Shazam: Power of Hope is the closest we had to Fawcett version.

  • aengster Andy Eng (@aengster) reported

    @CoryBooker Re: Wrong on so many levels - like when there were requests made early on to address the issue which were #neglected and Shazam, you’ve your very own #manufacturedcrisis

  • Fox_Die15 Fox Die (@Fox_Die15) reported

    Just watched Shazam not bad I only had a few problems with it but the problems are just me nitpicking as a fan of comics.

  • Scothinks Scot (@Scothinks) reported

    @OlawaleSZN @Ldsadiq Shazam has it's problems, but it's not forced, the various themes just don't fit well together. The world building will pay off.

  • xwilkmanx Thud Mackie (@xwilkmanx) reported

    Shazam is the first of the dc movies that felt like someone sat down, wrote one movie, and then saw it through to the finish unlike the rest of the movies including wonder woman. I’m interested in a sequel

  • d_0gLov3r not ur average jo🦋 (@d_0gLov3r) reported

    @charbeds You don’t know how long I held down my Snapchat screen waiting for the Shazam to pop up 😪

  • donald_strutman Donald strutman (@donald_strutman) reported

    @D_Cummins out of new time sucks so going back and listened to ep 31 and I swear swear shazam was a movie I asked my wife if she remembers it and she dose too so wtf am I miss remembering now I'm going down a damn rabbit hole on youtube your really ******* with my head man haha

  • SauronsBANE Jeremy (@SauronsBANE) reported

    @AlexLachiusa Not sure I'm comfortable making a judgment call just based on what I happen to see personally but even if that's true, it's also a fact that fandom has a problem with body-shaming in general. It *just* happened with Zachary Levi in Shazam, for instance.

  • __teamgot7_ teamgot7 (@__teamgot7_) reported

    @Shazam @OfficialMonstaX hi i have problem with receiving login email can you solv it I've tried more than 5times but still the same

  • FuMikechu Mike (@FuMikechu) reported

    @androgynous_boy I Shazam songs even the ones I already know but get scared that a music snob is gonna drag me for it so now I need to always be ready to throw down when I’m shazaming smh

  • bovd__ KB’ (@bovd__) reported

    Best part of Shazam was seeing Megan good in that superhero outfit, terrible movie !!

  • sincityho Clit Eastwood (@sincityho) reported

    Shazam is a terrible movie

  • CapStarringCap Captain Marvel Starring Captain Marvel (@CapStarringCap) reported

    @CarlShinyama @LetsTalkCM @CaptMarvelFan @talkingarrow @DarkGraysonIII @SentryIsVoid @PonoComics @DT2ComicsChat I have that problem w/ the comics. People say "The new Shazam comic is good, you just need to separate from the idea that it's Captain Marvel." And I can't. Also, it's not good. Even as its own thing. Some of Johns' worst writing. The fact that it's CM just makes it worse.

  • 2000Arifuddin Arif Uddin (@2000Arifuddin) reported

    @_DBArkham @Fern_323 Loll dc fans are all 🤡s. Trash films. Shazam had promsie but only went on to let dc down again. And suicide squad 😂😭

  • Kayne_Martin Kayne (@Kayne_Martin) reported

    @Stemot1978 Ragnarok and shazam really paved the way for them to double down on their not so secret loathing of Superheroes and go all in with the spoof. I miss Zack and David😭

  • manicsocratic Ardently Adan (@manicsocratic) reported

    @SenorBankhead I really dont understand the praise that Shazam got overall. It really should have been cut down another 10-15 mins

  • tokuryoga uhreezah ✈️🇵🇭 (@tokuryoga) reported

    UGH i want to shazam a song that’s on someone’s ig story but it’s not working i need another phone

  • repslover13 reputation ✨ (@repslover13) reported

    @taylorchart13 It’s normal to have bad updates .. Calm Down. Just stream the song and Shazam it

  • Lauralovestelly Laura Gibson (@Lauralovestelly) reported

    I'm having a really terrible day, but yesterday I saw a colleague Shazam himself humming, so not all is bad with the world

  • TrentonJocz Trenton Jocz (@TrentonJocz) reported

    The Jamie Foxx Shazam show is truly terrible.

  • depressed_super Name (@depressed_super) reported

    Shazam's a good movie, the only problems I had are the monsters look fake as shit, Billy's friend calls him out for being selfish when he was being just as selfish, and the pacing is weird. Other than that it's pretty great.

  • ChrisVannini Chris Vannini (@ChrisVannini) reported

    @FightOnTwist The problem is, if Affleck and Cavill are done and you're rebooting Batman again, you gotta write them out of the DCEU somehow. I'd enjoy an Aquaman/WW/Shazam team-up, but it'd be hanging over it.

  • Latopdad Latopdad (@Latopdad) reported

    @jennipenni44 @Shazam no one else seems to be having that problem

  • darkseid110 Darkseid (@darkseid110) reported

    @OllieMrJQueen @TheDCUniverse @DCComics Wonder woman was written by Snyder shazam was terrible

  • Mohrrix Marko 🙇🏻‍♂️ Radetić 🇭🇷 (@Mohrrix) reported

    @TenseiSasukeEdo @JJtheGamerGuy Shazam has that same issue repeated quite a few times.

  • Ethan_Anderton Ethan Anderton (@Ethan_Anderton) reported

    If you haven’t seen it yet, it's a great video explaining two completely different scenarios where problems arose behind the scenes of SHAZAM and how they needed to be fixed. I wish more filmmakers would do what @ponysmasher did with this video.