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  • Nick_Craver Nick Craver (@Nick_Craver) reported

    @SlackHQ The checkbox of whether to send a message to the room when in a thread animates down over the text box itself. This has 2 effects: a) sometimes clicking into the Electron app *doesn't* click the text box, meaning you type into the room (default) instead inadvertently.

  • garthk garthk (@garthk) reported

    Not sure if it’s just our tenant, but @SlackHQ is not well. Images stuck blurred out, threads not loading, and — for the irony — unable to see their reply to old help requests or to raise new ones.

  • jacobbockelmann Jacob Bockelmann (@jacobbockelmann) reported

    @SlackHQ Having issues since 4.1.0 on OSX: Slack will routinely disconnect where I cannot send nor receive messages. My status remains green. This has happened at work and at home so I don't think it's a local network issue. Refreshing Slack fixes it.

  • danieloleary Dan O'Leary (@danieloleary) reported

    @iamjoshknox @SlackHQ Inconsistent requests in channels meant for people to get help with projects.

  • mhernand40 Marcelo Hernandez (@mhernand40) reported

    @SlackHQ Yesterday I received an update for Device Personalization Services and now the issue seems to be fixed for me.

  • bricin Paul Steckler (@bricin) reported

    @SlackHQ Sadly that is almost worse. Imagine Help desk. I want it in every channel. Copying would mean some channels are missed so users would have an inconsistent experience.

  • DaveSteckler Dave Steckler (@DaveSteckler) reported

    @SlackHQ No, Disabling Drafts is not the solution. Problem is channels get lost; cannot find them in channel list. When you have dozens of channels this is really bad UX (!) Keep the channel in Drafts, but keep it in the list, too. Maybe with an icon or color to indicate Draft status.

  • iRameswar Rameswar Prasad (@iRameswar) reported

    @SlackHQ please fix the push notifications + badge issues on iOS latest version. I’m receiving push notifications and the badge doesn’t go away even if I’m active on the mac app.

  • whoyee Casey Yee (@whoyee) reported

    @SlackHQ "Find your Slack workspace" on /get-started is broken and can't sign into workspaces. Get typeError: e is null in browser console.

  • szgodny Stu Zgodny (@szgodny) reported

    @SlackHQ having alot of trouble adding member how can i get help what is the help desk phone number

  • tomosman Tom Osman (@tomosman) reported

    @jagdish_bajaj @bentossell @makerpad @glideapps @SlackHQ @FlowXO @sharetribe @NotionHQ @parabolahq @integromat I tried it but was terrible! More product side!

  • melaniersumner Melanie Sumner 💥🐹 (@melaniersumner) reported

    @MadCarmody @discordapp @SlackHQ Lol it’s like a special kind of torture send help.

  • NNeiner1 🇨🇦♀️NeinerNeiner1🌼🌺🌸🌻 (@NNeiner1) reported

    @31points @telegram Error, it is called @SlackHQ not slacker.

  • MrMikeSmith Mike Smith (@MrMikeSmith) reported

    @SlackHQ should have CRM like functionality so you can leave notes about colleagues. Ex. Jane prefers slack over email or John can't be disturbed tuesdays at 4pm. So valuable to help adjust to how colleagues work best

  • atrubek Anne Trubek (@atrubek) reported

    @SlackHQ I sent this in error! Please disregard; sorry and thanks ;)

  • thorkilds Thorkild Stray (@thorkilds) reported

    @SlackHQ Ubuntu (all updates) running MATE 1.20.1. After testing, I have found it is related to sending notifications (when I turn them off in slack, it doesn't hang), and I can reproduce the problem outside the slack desktop client so "you" are not the root cause. Still digging!

  • Brad_Recruits Brad Beaton (@Brad_Recruits) reported

    @SlackHQ now has @googlecalendar integration, one of the features is to notify people if you are in a meeting, etc. One of the biggest problems with work, AND work/life balance today is that people have come to expect an immediate response to everything. Tech won't fix that.

  • NasLAU Nas LAU (@NasLAU) reported

    @tallshmo @Spotify 😂 I got the opposite problem with @SlackHQ "Launch app on login" keeps getting disabled.

  • evnsio Chris Evans (@evnsio) reported from Baldock, England

    @SlackHQ it's not just me! 🙂 Would be ace to have some kind of protection here to avoid cmd+enter sending a half written message (I think that's the only actual problem combo)

  • 7d1 Darek Dwornikowski ☁ (@7d1) reported

    @SlackHQ Hmm. Ok might be then the library issue. Btw. documentation for incoming webhooks does not really state clearly that blocks are fine. It mentions attachments explicite though. Hence my confusion.

  • trammandan Dan (@trammandan) reported

    @SlackHQ @KrakenNotBird @hansen_tsui This really does need to be an option. It’s so frustrating to have a conversation with a colleague, then try to find the conversation when you can’t remember who it was with. It doesn’t exactly help with productivity 😭

  • missingfaktor Rahul Goma Phulore 🇮🇳 (@missingfaktor) reported from Poplar, England

    @SlackHQ Thanks! I already downloaded the new version manually myself. But happy to provide more detail on the issue on here: Every time I click that popup, Slack quits, and then just doesn't start again. When I start on manually, it shows the same popup again. Rinse, repeat.

  • sawickipedia todd sawicki (@sawickipedia) reported

    @SlackHQ I can’t even access your website to see the help article - clearly someone on your BD team needs to reach out to Lufthansa’s internet provider to get slack unblocked

  • Osadome Osadome (@Osadome) reported

    @StephanieBusari @SlackHQ I totally agree @StephanieBusari . Things are changing, the world is moving, The way we solve problems also need to change. being at work 24/7 does not mean you are productive.

  • sawickipedia todd sawicki (@sawickipedia) reported

    Another flight, another instance of @slackhq not working on the plane’s internet (while every other website works) #tryingtoworkhere

  • bundtkate4 Kate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@bundtkate4) reported

    @SlackHQ I'm stuck in update hell. I've had the UI freezing up and needing a reload all week. Today, I discovered "restart and apply update" hiding in my system tray, and hoped for a fix, but no number of clicks seems to apply the update. It just restarts & shows the same prompt.

  • bernardocout Bernardo Coutinho (@bernardocout) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ! I have a BUG in the windows client! I can't click on the right side of my screen when I open slack, it's really annoying! Help!

  • senisulyman Seni Sulyman (@senisulyman) reported

    @countrybutions @FNnebe @SlackHQ People who saw this problem started inventing drones, in case the issues with road transport didn't get solved, instead of debating the obvious need for roads. We should push our government to fix road infrastructure. AND we should do the hard work of building around the problem.

  • notjackkennedy Sean Kennedy (@notjackkennedy) reported

    Dear @zoom_us, You provide a great service. But I have come to *hate* using it. (at least) 2 reasons: 1. your link preview in @SlackHQ is just an enormous ad 2. clicking on a meeting link causes a pointless webpage to open in my browser before it starts the app please help

  • OluyomiOjo Oluyomi Ojo (@OluyomiOjo) reported

    @senisulyman @fionnakkelly @zoom_us @trello @SlackHQ @IpnxSupport And sometimes, there’s gold in being able to walk to someone’s desk and sit down and help out with a problem or get in room together to think through a solution.

  • haesooheatherk Haesoo Kim🤔 (@haesooheatherk) reported

    I’ve never seen this error bc I have my default language set to English, but just realized it happened to a colleague once or twice - @SlackHQ , most Koreans don’t understand a wink of Japanese! Fixing this would be real nice.

  • jaydisc Jason Discount (@jaydisc) reported

    @SlackHQ You’ve broken URLs

  • johncabrera John Cabrera (@johncabrera) reported

    @ChickTech @SlackHQ Totally. And a customer is someone who actually uses your product or service. Not just someone who pays you. But we have some enlightened entrepreneurs on the horizon. They got this.

  • johncabrera John Cabrera (@johncabrera) reported

    @ChickTech @SlackHQ More companies need to implement pricing policies that dynamically adjust based on usage. Too many subscription models rely on dormant accounts. Such smart subscriptions would mean that only the most useful products succeed. Less service clutter.

  • RyanAshline Ryan Ashline (@RyanAshline) reported

    @SlackHQ I’m missing so much that’s hidden in threads. I hope for a user option to fix this

  • AjalaOfficial Altédola🤗😎 (@AjalaOfficial) reported

    @Lanredeola @AyoBankole @senisulyman @OlutosinCharis @zoom_us @trello @SlackHQ With advance technology, you'll be able to remotely control Da Vinci surgical machine for surgery without being physically present, AR and service delivery, remote drone control

  • kasey_junk kasey_junk (@kasey_junk) reported

    Someone at @SlackHQ please for the love of my wrists, write a vi keyboard mode. You are a central dev tool now, there is no excuse for your terrible keyboard interactions.

  • jpw1116 John P. Weiksnar (@jpw1116) reported

    @SlackHQ Thanks, but this is too common with Slack and never an issue with other services. Magic in this case shouldn't make the link disappear. . . . ;-)

  • rkhavard Rich Havard (@rkhavard) reported

    I critique businesses on here a lot, so let me give 2 shout outs: 1. @SlackHQ is amazing, especially for remote offices (thanks, @titocponce!). 2. @getquip has amazing customer service. I’ve broken 2 toothbrushes on accident l, and they have replaced both. Ok. That is all. Thx.

  • jpw1116 John P. Weiksnar (@jpw1116) reported

    @SlackHQ ARRGH. Everyone's using your platform but I can't stomach the inordinate delay in receiving the "special link" confirmation e-mail to see all my workspaces. No other service I use seems to waste as many minutes per day as #slack

  • mattyrowe matthew rowe (@mattyrowe) reported

    @SlackHQ @undermyhood This is not working for me either in iOS - I don’t see triple dots available, and slack does have read/write access. Just so you know!

  • dirn Andy Dirnberger (@dirn) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ, I went to hit option+left and accidentally hit option+down. I hit option+up to get back to the channel I had been in but *surprise* ended up in a different channel because the original channel moved up under "drafts." Please let us disable this useless feature.

  • bkchr Bastian Köcher (@bkchr) reported

    @a13xndra @beardigsit @SlackHQ I know and a lot of people in the it industry use this argument. Maybe someone could provide something to overcome this "problem" or proof the opposite. And all these people flying happily around will not be the first that will suffer from climate change.

  • undermyhood Binit (@undermyhood) reported

    @SlackHQ @biltmorecabaret Still not working for me!

  • RemkoWeijnen Remko Weijnen (@RemkoWeijnen) reported

    @guyrleech @SlackHQ No seems like I am on 4.0.2 (and auto-update seems to be broken). Will update manually and see how that goes...

  • zkhan Zubair Khan (@zkhan) reported

    If there's one thing I've learnt from @SlackHQ android app. It's that a wholesale move to react does not solve your problems.

  • futurefabric Guy Moorhouse (@futurefabric) reported

    @KommanderKlobb @TrentKusters @SlackHQ I had this exact same issue yesterday when trying to review a 4-5 second animation. Couldn’t see what I needed to without downloading vid and opening in quicktime...

  • shahidkamal Shahid Kamal Ahmad (@shahidkamal) reported

    @TrentKusters @KommanderKlobb @SlackHQ I’ve found video playback in Slack in general to be slow,l and at times unusable for a year now: glad you both also raised this new issue, which I noticed a variation of yesterday: Video plays, but no way of getting rid of a spinning circle in the middle of the video.

  • TrentKusters Trent Kusters (@TrentKusters) reported

    @KommanderKlobb @SlackHQ Yep. I ended up just downloading the video and set it to loop in VLC - all because of that big Circle on Hover. Which also sounds like a terrible band name.

  • cnrlw Connor Lowe (@cnrlw) reported

    @SlackHQ I really wish your iOS share sheet workflow was better. I want to easily route content from any app into any destination in Slack, but the current “channel picker” is terrible.

  • shegsdev Segun Akanbi (@shegsdev) reported

    @senisulyman @zoom_us @trello @SlackHQ Today was terrible, I literally spent 4hrs on a journey of 1h30m. We need to solve this problem.

  • nandkk05 Nand 🇮🇳 (@nandkk05) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ there are some errors while using your app. It's not working properly, stops immediately sometimes after update. #update #slack #down

  • SarahDudley3 Sarah Dudley (@SarahDudley3) reported from Boston, Massachusetts

    @theRab @SlackHQ This is true. All y’all are so polite down yonder.

  • rajatkumar ConfusionPrevails (@rajatkumar) reported

    @erickwendel_ @gerardsans @amirrustam @AWSAmplify @devrelcon @ng_japan @braziljs @Cypress_io @glitch @SlackHQ @awscloud @kennethrohde @MinaMarkham @w_oliveiras @keillamenezes_ @eeveeta Oh shoot! I misplaced my set of speaker stickers, billions of $$$ lost!

  • flakpaket Jon Gorenflo 🏴‍☠️🛡 (@flakpaket) reported

    @LaNMaSteR53 @SlackHQ I think they help for context if you miss the conversation and either read it later or comment later. However, to your point, the same could be accomplished with the proper use of the quote feature.

  • liisabarclay Lisa Barclay 🇨🇦 (@liisabarclay) reported

    @SarahDudley3 @SlackHQ I feel like we used to end emails with “thanks in advance” with the assumption the other person would help with the request, and now have just shortened it to “thanks”. Also saves the need to send a reply email that only says “thanks”

  • amirrustam Amir Rustamzadeh (@amirrustam) reported from Atlanta, Georgia

    @gerardsans @AWSAmplify @devrelcon @ng_japan @braziljs @Cypress_io @glitch @SlackHQ @awscloud Where can I get a Gerard sticker 🙂

  • gerardsans ᐸGerardSans/ᐳ😉🇬🇧 (@gerardsans) reported

    @ainmosni @AWSAmplify @devrelcon @ng_japan @braziljs @Cypress_io @glitch @SlackHQ @awscloud That's also an option. Somehow I ended up in the other extreme. I only wear tshirts I get from conferences so I became a billboard with internet access 😂

  • ainmosni Daniël Franke-Carlisle 🏳️‍🌈 (@ainmosni) reported

    @gerardsans @AWSAmplify @devrelcon @ng_japan @braziljs @Cypress_io @glitch @SlackHQ @awscloud Fair enough, I have a "no corporate stickers/shirts unless they pay me" policy. They can pay for their own advertisements. :)

  • IuliuDumitrascu Julian Dumitrascu (@IuliuDumitrascu) reported

    @SlackHQ I'd like to help you allow us to e-mail from Slack. I don't want to wait any longer. Let's make more people freer from e-mail!