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  • finferflu Emmanuele Massimi (@finferflu) reported

    @SlackHQ Actually, I've managed to resolve the issue myself. Another browser extension was overriding the Esc key. Thanks for your assistance anyway!

  • LindseyGrande Lindsey Grande (@LindseyGrande) reported

    Not liking that @SlackHQ moves my conversation to a different place when I have a draft in it. Totally confusing and its slowing me down 😩

  • navigator Navigator (@navigator) reported

    @kendall__miller @SlackHQ I hope not! Lots of people in big orgs that I'd love to help!

  • r_k_23 Rohit (@r_k_23) reported

    @dhruvtv @SlackHQ Couldn’t agree more. I’m having the same issue as well

  • bigneon Big Neon (@bigneon) reported

    @joeDmarti @cloudapp @SlackHQ not quite - cloudapp keeps going down, nice try

  • JCV Jason Victor (@JCV) reported

    @HithaHerzog @SlackHQ I set one up a year ago b/c I thought it might make communication better. Problem was getting my family to use it instead of texting. My 15 y.o. son did a bit, but my wife was happy with text/iMessage, and so it lies fallow waiting to be used another day.

  • scottpedia Scott Moran (@scottpedia) reported

    Google calendar/meet being down stops startup productivity in its tracks. Might be a good time for @SlackHQ to drop some content on the convenience of slack calls.

  • timro timro (@timro) reported

    @SlackHQ Please, I cannot stress enough how much we need this. I've taken to personally telling folks to redirect their DMs to a channel or email many times. The bad behavior continues and it's incredibly disrupting. When I'm offline they email correctly. When I'm online they DM. Help.

  • iaincole 🇺🇸 Iain Cole (@iaincole) reported

    @SlackHQ /remind @SlackHQ every month to fix exact channel matches in quick search :D

  • StrangeBrewTech Strange Brew Strategies (@StrangeBrewTech) reported

    No signal. @SlackHQ and @awscloud down. #SixWordHorror

  • developerayo Shodipo Ayomide 🥑 (@developerayo) reported

    @Iamfaarda @SlackHQ @neutrino2211 @mrgaphy @maleekcodes @ibn_Abubakre @mykeels has a fix for that.

  • fmc_sea Fernando (@fmc_sea) reported

    TIL that @slackhq caches link previews for ~30 min so if you want to share your link make sure to fix your meta description/image etc. first or you're gonna have to wait a bit.

  • suhinini Ivan Suhinin (@suhinini) reported

    @SlackHQ guys, your iOS “shake to undo” is broken :( Hell I just accidentally pasted two words over a page of text and it’s all GONE now 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Anusien Kevin (@Anusien) reported

    @ketang @SlackHQ I don’t think the problem is inability to cope with scale. I think it’s that the controls aren’t designed for channels of our size. Everyone being able to @channel by default, for example.

  • Marta_Mmmmmm Avishai (@Marta_Mmmmmm) reported

    @SlackHQ I've done as you suggested, but it seems like it didn't create any ticket. I'll start a separate email query via ticket system about my real issue, because it might be days until you fix the chat. Thanks!

  • acr Andrew Crookston (@acr) reported

    @sazzy @SlackHQ There’s a notification help page in the app, it helped me reset the notifications (to work) in the past. it has some sort of reset or test button.

  • LFNJSinner Adam Seth Moss (@LFNJSinner) reported

    @SlackHQ That's fine. We have a belief our owner's account was compromised and they hacked everything, shutting it down. Will talk soon.

  • jcurranarin John Curran (@jcurranarin) reported

    @SlackHQ @DerDogboy21 Looking forward to IPv6 support for Slack... If there's anything we can do to help (e.g. information for your IPv4-only vendors about the risk their taking), just let us know...

  • BrajkishorB Brajkishor Baheti (@BrajkishorB) reported

    @SlackHQ @Microsoft @surface some help would be nice

  • terenzeyuen Terenze (@terenzeyuen) reported

    @BenLumenDigital @AppStore @AppFollowIO No problem, try hook into your @SlackHQ channel!

  • _pi0_ Pooya Parsa (@_pi0_) reported

    @sptonjohn @nuxt_js @SlackHQ Slack banned my account because I'm iranian 🙄 But would be happy to help implement a provider. Please make an issue linking to the docs for slack.

  • rickmesser Rick Messer (@rickmesser) reported

    @favoriteshape @SlackHQ I also think it’s not a software problem but a social expectation problem. I don’t believe this is a problem software is well-suited to solve. I think it will always come down to a person managing others expectations or else succumbing to the social pressure of others.

  • TonyBologni Anton Stöckl (@TonyBologni) reported

    @coderbyheart @SlackHQ Ok, granted. It still feels for me like it’s only delaying addressing the real issue -> the guy who does the harassment.

  • limi 𝐋𝐈𝐌𝐈 (@limi) reported

    @SlackHQ So many bugs when adding attachments to messages on iOS lately. I just took a screenshot, doid some annotations, and share it to a team member. The message just disappeared, no error, nothing.

  • adrexler Andy Drexler (@adrexler) reported from Los Altos Hills, California

    @SlackHQ Nope. Hundreds of GB free. Other apps update. New apps download. Only you and Evernote have this issue (at least on my machine)

  • mikerapp Mike Rapp (@mikerapp) reported

    @joshuantaylor @favoriteshape @SlackHQ Slack has evolved some bothersome issues, but it is still infinitely better than email.

  • danielthall Daniel T. Hall (@danielthall) reported

    @favoriteshape @SlackHQ My biggest problem with Slack is when I am overseas and I wake up with a huge list of unread direct messages and channels to read through (on top of all the emails). It’s a terrible way to start the day.

  • swang swangmin (@swang) reported

    @SlackHQ apple share extension. i wanted to share something from twitter and chose slack, and the modal that pops up there is what is causing me issues.

  • _Tomalak Tomalak (@_Tomalak) reported

    @coderbyheart @SlackHQ The ability to read private messages creates a bigger problem than the inability does, IMHO.

  • joshuantaylor Joshua Taylor (@joshuantaylor) reported

    @favoriteshape @SlackHQ Everybody said how much better it was than email. But here we are with all the same email problems. The only difference is slack ramps up the pressure to be present and respond faster.

  • davidalpert David Alpert (@davidalpert) reported

    @SlackHQ Great. So I have lots of ongoing conversations; I star them all and use the “sort alphabetically” feature to predictably find them. Now that drafts jump up to the top I have to remember that the conversation is not where it usually is which lands on me as a disruption not a help.

  • PalindromeBart Bart Renner (@PalindromeBart) reported

    @favoriteshape @SlackHQ Turning off notifications and muting most channels was a big help for me to turn down the noise. I also give instructions for how to cut through to reach me in a pinch. But it's tough. Also threading had made the cognitive load infinitely more complex for me.

  • chrismeeks Chris Meeks (@chrismeeks) reported

    @favoriteshape @SlackHQ I'm with you on this. I think teams started adopting it for project management and it just isn't good at that. It can prevent deep thought because there is FOMO about important updates being missed if you aren't always watching. Basecamp (and others) didn't have that problem.

  • jamiletmzelaya Jamilet Zelaya (@jamiletmzelaya) reported

    @SlackHQ I can not stand the new "draft" feature. There was no issue with the pencil icon alone to indicate a draft. If it isn't broken, don't fix it. It's been nothing but a disruption to many and isn't helpful. I've lost so much of my day due to this. Please make it optional.

  • bokardo Joshua Porter (@bokardo) reported

    @SlackHQ One problem with drafts (and new message highlighting on mobile) is that it changes the physical location of channels. From a UI design perspective, this is typically bad, as users can’t rely on memory to refind their active conversations.

  • daycan David Aycan (@daycan) reported

    @SlackHQ No hoping to forward or include others when I am contacted for issues for which others are on point.

  • daycan David Aycan (@daycan) reported

    . @SlackHQ it’s an issue that people need to constantly send screenshots of Slack conversations. It’s a symptom of a major product shortcoming.

  • mhartl Michael Hartl 🏖️ (@mhartl) reported

    @ryanbigg @SlackHQ Thanks for the suggestion. The problem is that I almost never want bold, but I want italics all the time, and every other service I use (local Markdown, GitHub Markdown, Stack Overflow, Discord, Mattermost, Hacker News) sets *this* in italics.

  • archiecoder Sébastien Lachance (@archiecoder) reported

    FYI @SlackHQ always recommend to use the direct download when a customer has a weird issue with the Store version (taskbar icon disappearance, auto correct crashes, etc). I believe @MicrosoftTeams is aware and they avoid the Store version.

  • josekont Jose Kont™ (@josekont) reported

    “Anytime someone says “that problem has been solved,” remember @SlackHQ and @zoom_us have created ~$20B in value in categories most wrote off as finished." - Aaron Levie.

  • mhartl Michael Hartl 🏖️ (@mhartl) reported

    Dear @SlackHQ: For the millionth time, I used asterisks to mean *emphasis* but got bold instead. You’re the only service I use that follows that convention. Please offer a checkbox option for those of us who prefer the Markdown convention.

  • iteration1 Karthik Gaekwad (@iteration1) reported

    Enterprise issues: someone pinged you on @SlackHQ and now you can’t remember who it was and slack didn’t save it in the recent DM’s

  • Mr_C_Wadd Claude Waddington (@Mr_C_Wadd) reported

    @SlackHQ I can't figure out how to delete recurring slack recurring reminders. I'm an admin and this is in a group channel. Can you please help.

  • jedfreeman Jed (@jedfreeman) reported

    @SlackHQ Feature request: AutoThread for conversations. Have the option to set all messages to threaded to reduce noise (like Twist). Threads help context and reduce chained response blindness.

  • guyrleech Guy Leech (@guyrleech) reported

    @SlackHQ Continuous high CPU and/or crashing when my Win10 laptop comes out of hibernation. I was told it was a known issue when using multiple monitors of which I use 3 - 2 via a Targus docking station and one plugged directly into my laptop. I've got loads of process dumps if you want

  • RemkoWeijnen Remko Weijnen (@RemkoWeijnen) reported

    @guyrleech @SlackHQ Screen sharing with @SlackHQ has been broken wrt multiple monitors for ages and in general it just SUCKS bigtime...

  • RNHurt Richard Hurt (@RNHurt) reported

    @SlackHQ I still can't make or receive Slack calls using the macOS client. 🙁 You said you fixed it on Monday but it's still not working for me.

  • cs_tim Tim Burke (@cs_tim) reported

    Change/set profile picture: On @SlackHQ: 8 completely sensible clicks. On @MicrosoftTeams: 47 clicks, three web searches, a dive into a forum, and a Twitter rant and I'm still just TB. @Microsoft your product is a failure. Burn it down please.

  • Anusien Kevin (@Anusien) reported

    @DrKlep @SlackHQ Allowing anybody to do @-here and @-channel by default is just broken. Pinning messages isn’t effective. Etc

  • ShyishDoggo Shyish Doggo (@ShyishDoggo) reported

    @SlackHQ I suffer from frequent migraines and moderate photophobia. I seriously appreciate dark mode on mobile. Please please please bring it to desktop ASAP. You're the last service I use on a daily basis that is missing what is for me a crucial accessibility feature

  • zackkatz Zack Katz (@zackkatz) reported

    @SlackHQ The new image compression for preview images is terrible. Used to be able to read text in shared images; now I need to click to enlarge. I understand it's likely due to memory usage, but please consider adding this as a setting. This is a big downgrade.

  • ryanfraase Ryan Fraase (@ryanfraase) reported

    @SlackHQ Exactly! Having to scroll all the way to the top to see drafts, and then all the way down to get back to DMs is just a disaster. I suggest both, thanks!

  • ryanfraase Ryan Fraase (@ryanfraase) reported

    @SlackHQ please change the new 'draft' feature, I'm losing messages left and right. Terrible UX

  • karlstoney Karl (@karlstoney) reported

    @oldmanuk @SlackHQ @PrometheusIO FYI Skippr has some other logic that takes into account the service Tier (SLA's) of a service, along with the level of the alert (info, warn, error, critical), and the time of day to make a decision to forward to PD but it's isolated from this capability (at the moment).

  • nickmomrik Nick Momrik (@nickmomrik) reported

    @bradymitch @SlackHQ @slackhq It's extremely confusing for the channels and DMs to move from where they are *always* listed in the sidebar. The Drafts could still be up top (so listed in 2 places like Threads), but removing the channel/DM from the list has been terrible.

  • tom_will_banks Thomas Banks (@tom_will_banks) reported from Hursley, England

    @mcmanustom @SlackHQ Good tip - I don't have an iPhone is the only issue - this is on the Mac client. I wonder if the android app would do similar..

  • aaantoszek Aleksander Antoszek (@aaantoszek) reported

    @TechAltar Same. But almost every service I use is built on Electron :( @todoist @NotionHQ @Spotify @pocketcasts @SlackHQ @discordapp Guys get your shit together and build actual apps not these Frankenstein monster things

  • MrAmbiG1 Gajendra D Ambi (@MrAmbiG1) reported

    Al my colleagues have the same shit issue with @SlackHQ crap who just see a blank white screen with soem random guys quote. Why are companies forced to use this crap. Why not free working opensource stuff online

  • Quent1n Quentin (@Quent1n) reported

    @SlackHQ @SlackStatus Slack is not working for me here in Bordeaux, France -- Opened a VPN to Paris and it works fine (a friend in Paris also has no issues). I kept the same DNS

  • stucchio stucchio (@stucchio) reported

    I have 64GB ram on my laptop. Training ML models while working doesn't slow it down the way @SlackHQ does.