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Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • GamingKitsume Kitsume Gaming (@GamingKitsume) reported

    @SMITEGame Hey fix Merlin he's ******* useless I got recked by a fenrir with the stone his dps is trash stop putting new gods in a fix the old ones

  • _Lit_Herrera (@_Lit_Herrera) reported

    these guys camped under tower for 15 minutes, waited until late game, and won because their gods are broken I truly love playing smite

  • Sisconater Jake Sisco (@Sisconater) reported

    The connectivity issues for ranked getting in and out of picks and bans and losing tp and getting deserter penalties for it is a complete and utter joke. @SMITEGame how in the world has this never ever been fixed or have someway of realizing it’s the games fault and not ours.

  • GrandpaGhooost Grandpa Ghost (@GrandpaGhooost) reported

    @ELPAdog I mean, yeah ive been doing that all night. Still think a smite team sounds chill. My brain is broken. I just miss having the bois 😭😭😭

  • mikkel770077 mikkel eriksen (@mikkel770077) reported

    Having problems here too hmu if u play smite tho lol when they get it back up 😂#psndown

  • HiRezStatus HiRezStatus (@HiRezStatus) reported

    [Hi-Rez Status] Smite Blitz Login Issues: Feb 27, 18:35 EST Investigating - We are aware of an issue that is preventing some players from logging into their respective servers on Smite Blitz. Our investigation into this issue is still on-going. We apologize for the inconven…

  • fourwheeldrive3 dan townsend (@fourwheeldrive3) reported

    @SMITEGame I need help with my game crashing . It doesn't matter if I'm at the main menu or in a game , it will just crash and send me to the dashboard (Xbox one X) I've done all steps that include static ip , opening ports and uninstalling and reinstalling the game 😔

  • CCOONANSR Midknightsecs🌐Christopher Coonan (@CCOONANSR) reported

    @Briizzzyy I installed SMITE and get a DX9 error when I start it. Haven't played it yet because of which...

  • 23EZizhere EnEffer_ (@23EZizhere) reported

    Paper straws suck and steel straws taste like metal and knock against my teeth. Ladies and gentlemen, the answer to the problem, is not making biodegradable or reusable straws, it’s to smite anyone who ******* litters in the ocean.

  • AddieBuns Addie (@AddieBuns) reported

    @AllyTrips Smite won’t patch, there’s always an error 😡

  • DDGLK92 Delvin D. (@DDGLK92) reported

    @SaltyFemaleDog I've been wanting to play smite to try out Mulan but I'm having problems hitting the play button, my mind refuses XD

  • The_Kiridaku Kiridaku ° (@The_Kiridaku) reported

    @AlphaRainer @HiRezAjax @SMITEGame So is decent players in smite apparently. I wasn't even aware Loki was an issue.

  • branhipo pablo (@branhipo) reported

    @SMITEGame Once again the game is broken. Randomly lose all control over characters

  • KamiKwazii Kwazii💰 (@KamiKwazii) reported

    The only competitive scene where the players trying to make it legit just can’t act like professionals lmao every other major esport has maybe one problem every once in a while. Smite bans a comp player probably 3-4 times a season for serious infractions. Sad

  • The_Kiridaku Kiridaku ° (@The_Kiridaku) reported

    @AlphaRainer @HiRezAjax @SMITEGame Idk man, Loki only seems like a problem if you're new to the game, or just don't know ward's exist

  • Skinggy Sking (@Skinggy) reported

    @SMITEGame Y'all, why so many coding errors this patch 🙄🙄

  • oystersparty oysterparty (@oystersparty) reported

    statistically, oysters wipe floors with intergalactic snapdragons but they fail sometimes. because of their issues, they smite anyone to bring them

  • auverin TitanAuvey 👾 (@auverin) reported

    @Eugene_ii_Krabs @SMITEGame @SmitePro @HiRezAjax I just found out about the issues with some of the VODs on our channel so I'll be working with the video team today to get it fixed!

  • world_wide_wout worldwidewout (@world_wide_wout) reported

    @SMITEGame Now all we need is to get your ass to balancing. As long as an Hercules can hit people with this boulder when they arent even within hitting range I think you guys got more pressing things to do than introducing new gods... So many broken stuff still in the game. Do. Your. Work.

  • DefinePride Andy (@DefinePride) reported

    Haven't been able to login to the Smite store page to buy gems for gifts for a while, says I have the incorrect password even if I reset and type the exact password given to me via email.

  • SithLordTori Vittorio 🇮🇹 (@SithLordTori) reported

    @LyonPredator My smite nerd pro friends all say he’s broken too so idk

  • TitanCupcake_ Titan Cupcake🧁 (@TitanCupcake_) reported

    @phatprize @SMITEGame @TitanIsiah I've forwarded this to our team to investigate to see if there's an issue.

  • xLadySao Lady Sao | Gamer and Artist (@xLadySao) reported

    @SMITEGame I hope you are also trying to fix your daily logins. I would have enough gems for another chibi chest. But I haven't gotten any login rewards for 2 weeks

  • Kitten0fDoom Olympian DoomCat (@Kitten0fDoom) reported

    @Fivsy_ @SMITEGame try restarting smite, its been a problem today but that has been fixing it

  • BUSCHaGAME 🦎Just_A_Lizard🦎 (@BUSCHaGAME) reported

    @SMITEGame Game is lagging when playing, players keep teleporting around making it difficult to land hits and end up getting defeated very quickly

  • cmk2433 xxSubieDaddyxx (@cmk2433) reported

    @SMITEGame Not at all because for me it still takes forever to log in if I sign out and it doesn’t load apps it gives me error codes and Xbox assist isn’t even working I’ve reset my router like 3 times already and rest my Xbox 4 times

  • JamieRobson Jamie Robson (@JamieRobson) reported

    @SMITEGame this is just getting out of hand, is there problems getting matches on Xbox one, I've got one match today and a endless loop of sorry couldn't find you a match error. I shouldn't of bought the second event bundle now since I'll never be able to play at this rate.

  • ImUpAndAdam Adam Alfaro (@ImUpAndAdam) reported

    @a_dubz408 @SMITEGame same issue

  • SmileB4DEATH_ SmileB4DEATH_72K (@SmileB4DEATH_) reported

    @igreedyao some path of exiles :D pretty difficult game to get used to lol. Smite i cant login for some odd reason

  • lin_freitas Dani (@lin_freitas) reported

    @SMITEGame i cant login site. Permanent loading.

  • javel_4_life Gaming Addict (@javel_4_life) reported

    @SMITEGame Still having issues getting kicked out of conquest games 👀

  • adrianstroh adrian (@adrianstroh) reported

    @SMITEGame after what happened last update how are the same issues happening again

  • NJFraney NJFraney (@NJFraney) reported

    @SMITEGame extremely long load times for games leading me to have to re-login or close app and restart to join games :(

  • TitanCupcake_ Titan Cupcake🧁 (@TitanCupcake_) reported

    @Bealieuboy3 @SMITEGame @HiRezAjax @TitanPonPon @TitanIsiah Please try restarting your client. That solved the issue for most people. We are continuing to investigate for those who restarted and still did not receive.

  • BMPar21 Bailey Parkhurst (@BMPar21) reported

    @SMITEGame Still having bad DC issues. Just got kicked to main menu in the middle of match

  • GoriX327 Jorden (@GoriX327) reported

    @SMITEGame I have a problem with the viewer points, I would not be receiving them 😑😑😑...

  • SKYLORKAHN Dale Doback (@SKYLORKAHN) reported


  • MrKbal Sam B. (@MrKbal) reported

    @LittenCast @SMITEGame @HiRezStudios it’s a glitch. Exit the game and restart.

  • JasonBanksPNW87 Jason Banks (@JasonBanksPNW87) reported

    @SMITEGame Fix the audio on the smitevod YouTube channel please

  • tonburry Tonberry (@tonburry) reported

    @SMITEGame I’m used to the servers being bad I’d prefer a response to the purchase error I sent to support in January 🙃

  • HiRezStatus HiRezStatus (@HiRezStatus) reported

    [Hi-Rez Status] Smite Crossplay Emergency Restart: Feb 25, 15:27 EST Resolved - This incident has been resolved. Feb 25, 15:12 EST Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue.

  • tonburry Tonberry (@tonburry) reported

    @SMITEGame I messaged support in early January about a purchase error and haven’t even been dignified with a response.

  • Yozu_Sama Yozu Sama (@Yozu_Sama) reported

    @timfoster00 @alphahunter301 @SMITEGame If you look on their status page, it says they had an outage. The players in this community are a bunch of grade a, salty ******** lol.

  • timfoster00 Timothy Foster (@timfoster00) reported

    @Yozu_Sama @alphahunter301 @SMITEGame It's not an outage. They shut servers down to fix a log in bug. But I see what you're saying. Players do ask for alot

  • Yozu_Sama Yozu Sama (@Yozu_Sama) reported

    @alphahunter301 @timfoster00 @SMITEGame Yeah man, it's like they can't help an outage, how dare they not warn us before their power went out. How dare they.

  • empysan sol (@empysan) reported

    well i was gonna play smite but that shit wont let me login

  • ItzWolfiieee bleooo (@ItzWolfiieee) reported

    all the smite players complaining about the login issues/dc rn "omg i was in a ranked game" why are u playing ranked on patch day anyway tho

  • cbut14 butler (@cbut14) reported

    @Decomposin @SMITEGame Probably banned you for leaving a game even though it's a server problem

  • guardianfrog4 Jeremiah (@guardianfrog4) reported

    @ZerhyaVFX @SMITEGame Well I was able to finish my ranked match no problems then it gave me no rewards for winning bc the server was in "safe mode." then I got kicked off.

  • Im_Karma95 Justin Browning (@Im_Karma95) reported

    @SMITEGame Everytime a new god comes out the game gets broken lol. It's okay, the new god is trash anyways.

  • Borkyhentia97 borky Frankenstein (@Borkyhentia97) reported

    @SMITEGame Another patch another thing broken what's next people being kicked out of games o wait that has happened alot before maybe it'll happen again

  • JoelHovis Joel (@JoelHovis) reported

    @SMITEGame PS4 servers down

  • Blscksunrise Micah Beard (@Blscksunrise) reported

    @SMITEGame Are the servers down they just shut down for me

  • hatedonee hatedone (@hatedonee) reported

    @SMITEGame Hey i am from Turkey. After new update gem store only purchase can with us dollar but we buy turkish lira before update us dollar too much for us please fix this

  • EsteDyn DynEste (@EsteDyn) reported

    @SMITEGame mulan’s 2 ability is not upgrading. Please fix ASAP

  • KLadell2 kennneth (@KLadell2) reported

    @SirpensworthIV @HiRezAjax @SMITEGame This rework isn’t for the actual Loki players, but for everyone else.(teammates and enemies) think of it as a quality of life fix for everyone except Loki.

  • nvand101 Nvand (@nvand101) reported

    @SMITEGame Unfortunately the login button to myhirez is not doing anything :(

  • zainkitami93 samuel (@zainkitami93) reported

    @SMITEGame if you own the $40 pack that gives all season 7 gods and VP does Mulan not count or is there just an issue with it

  • NativePrideDK Dawn Kuha (@NativePrideDK) reported

    @SMITEGame Back up and working!. Note. If you are still having issue. Fully shut down game then start back up again.

  • WyvrnDWRipsnarl Hakuro Whitefang - Twitch Affililated! (@WyvrnDWRipsnarl) reported

    @SMITEGame Negative, it does not fix the issue.

Smite Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0001
  • 0xc00007b
  • 10011
  • 30005
  • 5001
  • 5001
  • 5006
  • clr20r3
  • d3d9
  • d3dcompiler_43
  • d3dx11_43
  • msvcp110.dll missing