Is Snapchat down?

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are called snaps. The sender of a message is able to determine the period that a message can be viewed by setting a limit between one and ten seconds.

 Problems detected at Snapchat

Snapchat problems in the last 24 hours

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April 23: Problems at Snapchat

Snapchat is having issues since 04:50 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Glitches (25.00%)
  • Messaging (23.86%)
  • Multimedia (15.91%)
  • App Crashing (13.64%)
  • Connection (12.50%)
  • Sign in (9.09%)

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Snapchat Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • LSarazua6 Lu (@LSarazua6) reported

    @sydsogood is the sole reason why I watch IGN Fix on Snapchat

  • H81M86 Heather Minotti 🌊🌈 (@H81M86) reported

    @JeffreeStar I’ve lost ALL trust in JSC. Ya took my money but a month later I still don’t have my order! I can’t reach anyone regarding this. People can talk shit on Jeffree & he’s gotta throw a shit fit on Snapchat.. but real people, paying customers have issues.. & you just don’t exist!

  • tamyajohnson1 ta’mya john$on 🍓 (@tamyajohnson1) reported from Cleveland, Mississippi

    attention everyone who goes to DSU: if you see me anywhere please say hey, be my friend, take a pic add me on snapchat. i be forgetting to fix my face.

  • mhesen09 Mohammed (@mhesen09) reported

    @Snapchat for @Android continues to be bad. It doesn't matter how new your phone is, Snapchat doesn't care to fix the software for it. I uploaded a screenshot and it uploaded blurry. I have Galaxy S10+, that shouldn't happen. #SnapForAndroid is trash #SnapChat

  • asianoelle03 Asandei 👩🏽‍🦱 (@asianoelle03) reported

    Same. And I keep blocking them. Smh snapchat always got a problem

  • nandiaminah {nAHn-dee} (@nandiaminah) reported

    why as soon as I open Snapchat my battery goes from 80 to 7😭😭fix it Jesus

  • remssx reham (@remssx) reported

    i have a disease where i can’t film a snapchat video without zooming in a million times someone blz help control my finger

  • leeema6_ Aleema Ali (@leeema6_) reported

    Hi @Snapchat fix the spam pls

  • sunjeno kat loves jeno (@sunjeno) reported

    when you send a cry for help to escape from the claws of boredom to your friends on snapchat but you get ignored

  • NataliasVisca Natalia Visca (@NataliasVisca) reported

    @somamohh @Snapchat 1st world problems....

  • _janelle_kiana Janelle 🖤 (@_janelle_kiana) reported

    A year ago today I was down south and I walked away from a toxic situation and received my closure...thanks for that reminder Snapchat 🙃😂

  • _janelle_kiana Janelle 🖤 (@_janelle_kiana) reported

    A year ago today I was down south and I walked away from a toxic situation and received my closure....thanks for the Snapchat memories😂🙃

  • CaelynPfarr caelyn (@CaelynPfarr) reported

    Snapchat just informed me that smoking makes your penis smaller.... guess I better put down the camels..,.

  • MakiRoll_Bot Maki Harukawa (@MakiRoll_Bot) reported

    iruma modded all of the monopads to have snapchat but now angie keeps sending me blurry pics of shinguuji. help.

  • theonlytayter Tay❤ (@theonlytayter) reported

    @snapchatsupport me and my friend have a video that's stuck and won't load. I can pull up the video but it just keeps loading on the screen. It's been like this for two days. Please help. I have put in support help and so has she. no help yet...

  • Bbrezzo1 Bbrezzo ひ (@Bbrezzo1) reported

    Snapchat + Android = SYNTAX ERROR STOP POSTING MY *****

  • Kvothe312 The Chandrian (@Kvothe312) reported

    Watching @sydsogood trying to figure out the plural of “penis” in reference to Squirtle on IGNs Snapchat Daily Fix is the highlight of my week 😂😂😂

  • kagewaka waka🐚 TOUHOU 17 HYPE (@kagewaka) reported

    guys im going to lose my mind if i dont find this tweet so please help . itwas like. the first picture was a pic of a guy on snapchat and he was like "just found out what dysphoria is that sucks" or something and then there was a second picture with something similar

  • kellymglasgow kells (@kellymglasgow) reported from Richland, Michigan

    “you always bail when i wanna hang out” ummm my dude that’s because every time i look at your snapchat there’s at least 2 new ******* in your bed, shits weird. i’m not down bro, that’s sus.

  • soupdude42 soupdude (@soupdude42) reported

    @snapchatsupport well i tried that and not only hat but it’s a growing problem and i’m not the only one experiencing it

  • ILovee_PINK1 ⓜⓢ.ⓚⓘⓦⓘ♥ (@ILovee_PINK1) reported

    My bf and I were eating at the bar and there was another ******* the other side of him that legit wrote her Snapchat name on the receipt and tapped at him so that he can look down at the receipt 🤯🤬

  • WWYITMBailey sally • J&J TOMORROW (@WWYITMBailey) reported

    middle school girls on snapchat after having the smallest problem:

  • samIovebot nasa. (@samIovebot) reported

    @pitchryou honestly i posted smth on snapchat and this boy replies to it trying to help and i immediately was like 😬 no thanks

  • CandyGirl93_ candy (@CandyGirl93_) reported

    “***** you ugly. Something Snapchat can’t fix “😂😂

  • abbeyglidewell abbeyyyyy (@abbeyglidewell) reported

    snapchat is really out to get people with Trypophobia like damn calm down 💀 i’m tried of going on snapchat and having to go off after seeing holes and the *DON’T WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVE TRYPOPHOBIA* caption like 😤

  • xitlally_mena Xitlally Arteche (@xitlally_mena) reported

    @evanspiegel please, help me recover my account of snapchat

  • xitlally_mena Xitlally Arteche (@xitlally_mena) reported

    @Snapchat please, help me recover my account

  • RaRoqi rayan. (@RaRoqi) reported

    @snapchatsupport Hi, I have a problem I am and the majority there is an automatic bypass in the story .. I not can see the story of my friends full

  • llamacallie Callie (@llamacallie) reported

    Add my snapchat caLLLaxy for adult vids of me. Very cheap prices high quality content. I need furinute, a bed, ALL housing necessities. Im moving friday and have nothing. On that note buy my videos. It will help me more than yall know 😭

  • ChuckMetzger ChuckMetzger (@ChuckMetzger) reported

    @Zane07 @MarcHochman @JimDiJoseph I only rely on him for terrible Snapchat videos. Everything else is unnecessary noise. Fair point.

  • molls Slendermommy (@molls) reported

    @RavynStadick @HelloSerah If that's the case, and it's possible, it could confirm the "it was personal with libby" comment that was allegedly made by Abbey's uncle to a (shitty) friend who shared the screenshots online. Perhaps they were targeted or tracked down by someone via Snapchat's map feature.

  • heemo021 Heemo🥀 (@heemo021) reported

    @Snapchat There is an error in the application that skips the story for 3 seconds and is incomplete and then you delete the application and then again downloaded it and the errors still exist Why are you very provocative @snapchatsupport

  • TedescoTime Ethan (@TedescoTime) reported

    @ElResurreccion my premium snapchat is another subscription service i will provide

  • j5mesy james (@j5mesy) reported

    @snapchatsupport my account was hacked i think and it’s been constantly locked and now i think it’s permanently locked. i don’t have third party apps or a jailbroken device but i cant unlock my account. i reset the password, my account is still locked. help

  • saltinesquad saltine (@saltinesquad) reported

    @credibIes I heard if you email Snapchat about it they’ll fix it if you lose it LOL

  • QuotingMyLife_ pile of rocks (@QuotingMyLife_) reported

    @snapchatsupport I'm an Android user and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to save my whole story together since the new update. Please help. I've tried googling and googling and now all I have is lots of copies of the same 3 snaps in my memories and no complete story

  • AMBoushehri Abdullah M.Boushehri (@AMBoushehri) reported

    @snapchatsupport @BADRAN360 Same problem here and I already logged out and logged in again nothing solved. Do something please.

  • yuyupie MurderInHighHeels (@yuyupie) reported

    I ******* hate the new Snapchat. Not that I use it. It's just terrible.

  • BGlizzee Blizzard_Glizzee (@BGlizzee) reported

    Sit ******** down Shante. You're embarassing all of San Diego with yo ugly ass on Snapchat. Nobody gives a flying **** about your personal insecurites and miserable ass lifestyle. Stop hogging all the ******* camera time ugly ass *****. They're calling you ugly as **** stupid

  • BBorkinstein Samantha (@BBorkinstein) reported

    @GameOrDeath1 @Snapchat you said "idk what garbage shit android you have". anyways I'm not here to argue. my issue is with snapchat, not you.

  • jaidasoraya jai 👑🤰🏼✨ (@jaidasoraya) reported

    Ho you ugly, something Snapchat filters can’t fix 😂😂😂

  • Lucaspassantino Lucas Passantino (@Lucaspassantino) reported

    @Snapchat y’all need to fix your articles. I would love to read half of them if I didn’t have to scroll down and hit next 55 times before they say one sentence or post the photo you’ve been clicking next for over an hour to finally see... customers not in mind. Just ad revenue 🖕

  • Noxect matt 🐢 (@Noxect) reported

    snapchat is lowkey terrible lmao

  • snapchatsupport Snapchat Support (@snapchatsupport) reported

    @TheLittleBird08 If you have a phone number associated with your account, you can also reset your password in the app. This can be done by opening Snapchat to the login screen and selecting 'Forgot your Password.' Then, you'll be able to choose how you'd like to reset your password.

  • BADRAN360 Badran (@BADRAN360) reported

    @snapchatsupport Hello, I need help with the stories they are skipping automatically

  • LazerBalls LZ (@LazerBalls) reported

    ***** you ugly, somethin snapchat cant fix

  • djhwho abby (@djhwho) reported

    i cleaned my snapchat of random guys from tinder and i put my story to only friends, i feel like my anxiety has already gone down 30%

  • gianlucagrig Gianluca Grignoli (@gianlucagrig) reported

    This 15 year old girl is writing paragraphs into a Snapchat and I just can’t help but feel bad for the poor boy on the other end of the phone

  • TheLittleBird08 . (@TheLittleBird08) reported

    Hey @snapchatsupport I need some help. I entered the ring email when setting up my account (I left out a period). I can’t change my password because I can’t get to the email. What do I do

  • Michael131420 Michael Caruso (@Michael131420) reported

    Just went a week with a broken phone. No Twitter, no band app, no Snapchat, no Netflix every free moment. I did not like it one bit. Not at all. Im now comfortable with my dependency on social media and electronics, and will cover my phone with bubble wrap 4ever #MondayMotivaton

  • svdi3_ $ADIE (@svdi3_) reported

    I can’t login to my Snapchat cause I changed my phone number

  • itsadam604 Skrt Skrt (@itsadam604) reported

    @snapchatsupport So you can do this but not fix tagging users on android, this is why people are turning to Instagram

  • im_Malhotra Rajan Malhotra (@im_Malhotra) reported

    @Snapchat @snapchatsupport @Snap is down!

  • Pussykake Pussykat (@Pussykake) reported

    @ensignslog Haaa it wasn’t that person that sent it it was a guy that said I had 1,he ******* pissed me off lol don’t worry he’s stalking me on Snapchat now and I got the sorry I so richly deserved from the guy that pulled my ******* down to see if I was really a woman...🙄Ffs enrages me

  • Ant__M_ Ant M (@Ant__M_) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    Alright cut the shit. @Snapchat please can you just make the app friggen use our camera on androids. Like honestly, the apple hype is going down. Invest in android. Even if it's just for the flagship devices !!!! #snapchat #SnapForAndroid

  • seb_242 Sebastian (@seb_242) reported

    @SamsungSupport Yep, there's no update for the buds. I had to send them back and just got them again after a couple weeks. The pair I sent before (which had a different software version than this new pair) didn't experience these issues tho. Tbf, Snapchat has also had its updates ofcourse.

  • laurmanisthrill Save ODAAT (@laurmanisthrill) reported

    fix your damn shit to support the xs max please @Snapchat

  • teeeanne SweetT (@teeeanne) reported from Galt, California

    I think it is very ****** that not even 10 minutes after posting on Snapchat how today was going to be such a good day, I found out my seatbelt is fckn broken all of a sudden. My car is 5 years old dude

  • pIutoskoo neele is my baby! (@pIutoskoo) reported

    oh my god i was watching snapchat stories and this one boy irl always posts snaps of his pants down every time he takes a shit and i’m SICK

  • maddie_weathers MAD (@maddie_weathers) reported

    If snapchat taught me anything, it's that looking down makes you look worse.