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Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are called snaps. The sender of a message is able to determine the period that a message can be viewed by setting a limit between one and ten seconds.

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  • sircartibitchh Sir Carti 🦋 (@sircartibitchh) reported

    I’m done blocking family members in snapchat 😭 YES I LICK ***** UPSIDE DOWN AUNTIE 🙃3 0

  • ____shelbylynn_ Shelby Millspaugh 🥀 (@____shelbylynn_) reported

    I used to beg my ex to post about me on snapchat or social media, which I know is so trivial and shouldnt mean anything but since we've broken up he's had no issue showing off his new girl all of the time. Just goes to show you peoples actions always speak for them.

  • Dr_Dusse King G 👑 (@Dr_Dusse) reported

    @Snapchat @snapchatsupport y'all need to fix the chat button at the bottom of the screen when you watch/look at snaps. I'm using an S9+ and practically have to press the home button to get it to work half the time, the other half I just get pushed back to my friends list

  • ripx2myyouthx 🌫bryanna (@ripx2myyouthx) reported

    Even snapchat filters barely help

  • _wxnderlvst_ ☀️ (@_wxnderlvst_) reported

    Yall i accidentally posted a thirst trap to my story on snapchat but i deleted as soon as i posted it bc i realized i had clicked the story button...the only problem was it never deleted so people were seeing it but i wasnt seeing it in my story queue...

  • hunsaker777 Derek Hunsaker (@hunsaker777) reported

    If I'm getting more of a workout skipping your Snapchat story than I do by running a mile you've got issues *****

  • daily_stydia grace (@daily_stydia) reported

    Ok so I’m in the biggest issue of my life rn: so I’ve been home alone since 3 o’clock and idk when my mom is coming home. I was feeling a little risky so I blocked all of my contacts from seeing my story on Snapchat except for this kid that I kinda like saying “someone come over”

  • kaelynnnicole kaelynnbrecker🌼 (@kaelynnnicole) reported

    It would be nice if @Snapchat would allow you to finish your games and them not glitch out 😤

  • kieran_2st Tommy Shelby (@kieran_2st) reported

    Baha withdrawal in full effect... may have to shut down Snapchat for the week.

  • monsterhanne hanne (@monsterhanne) reported

    @snapchatsupport New update in my problem!! I logged back into my account and now my whole contact is gone, and I can’t even search his username up!

  • jinwitIuv cece ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ JIN'S HIGH NOTE AT 1:55 IN 이밤 BY JIN (@jinwitIuv) reported

    @itboyksj @liteskinjin oh no baby dont use me for help I know a lot of youtube videos that show easy installation cuz my wig was horrible I just made it look good cuz of snapchat filters

  • ellen_2_ E. (@ellen_2_) reported

    @snapchatsupport Still not working😞😞

  • drm_pinsent digby Pinsent (@drm_pinsent) reported

    @snapchatsupport I’m having an issue where someone snaps me but the snap won’t appear at all so I’ll get a notification but nothing will be there

  • RetiringRaver VonVon (@RetiringRaver) reported

    Literally me. My lunch break starts when I’ve heated up the food, gone to find my location to eat it and settled down to watch snapchat/insta/catch up on the TL. Even then. The clock might not even properly start yet. I still need to wash my container.

  • oMarkk_ mR. strüggle (@oMarkk_) reported

    My snapchat feed doesn’t refresh when I pull it down and I’ve never felt more triggered

  • ducboi Donald T White Jr. (@ducboi) reported

    @snapchatsupport help me out

  • msdnnclrcg_ 🕊☾ (@msdnnclrcg_) reported

    I’m scheduled to close today, my pt group decided to host a group study since midterm is next week, but if I call in my manager is gonna talk mad shit on her Snapchat LOL help

  • TJBuck6 TJ Buck (@TJBuck6) reported

    @PhillyD I am 100% down for the SnapChat “News Tid Bits” idea! It literally might be just about the only reason I would go on Snapchat.

  • x_buntain Gem 🐝 (@x_buntain) reported

    Last few weeks I’ve severely cut down on the amount of time I’ve spend on social media, went on Instagram/snapchat there and my god do folk not post a lot of shite

  • AutumnChisholm Autumn Chisholm (@AutumnChisholm) reported from Garfield Heights, Ohio

    There’s a guy that I haven’t talk to in almost a year and today he decided to slide in my DM’s on Snapchat. And I don’t know what his problem is lol.

  • veeveeedith Vivi 🐾 (@veeveeedith) reported

    I had to take down the picture of Lola off Snapchat cuz everyone was telling me I was bogus af for covering mikes face 😢 lol

  • DavidReeves David Reeves (@DavidReeves) reported

    @snapchatsupport DM'd a query RE purchased lense issue :(

  • BrentKessinger YaboiBK_ (@BrentKessinger) reported

    @Snapchat whoever is in charge of running your “fortnite memes” discovery page is doing an awful job of uploading QUALITY content. I’d love to help make it more intriguing hmu in the DMs 😉

  • NashaatFarea Nashaat Farea (@NashaatFarea) reported

    @snapchatsupport yall gotta fix the app it won’t post stories and snaps, I have a party in 2 hours, so I hope yall working to solve it !!

  • NashaatFarea Nashaat Farea (@NashaatFarea) reported

    @snapchatsupport Please help me out, yall gotta fix the app it won’t post stories and snaps, I have a party in 2 hours, so I hope yall working to solve it before I go to the party.

  • EveCelena Celena Eve Parker (@EveCelena) reported

    @snapchatsupport I’m still having issues and it’s been 16 days, every time Snapchat says my account is unlocked, I log in and it immediately kicks me out again.

  • violintress Atta ܐܵܬܐܵ (@violintress) reported

    snapchat filters change ur face way too much, no wonder everyone has body dysmorphia and plastic surgery problems

  • thebaseddom 🧟‍♂️™ (@thebaseddom) reported

    @snapchatsupport I uninstalled beta and now regular snap download is stuck permanently pending whether initiated on mobile data or wifi pls help

  • bradenhbu braden 🐾 (@bradenhbu) reported

    So yesterday in traffic I rolled my window down and got this cute boys Snapchat

  • WatersideCops Waterside Police (@WatersideCops) reported

    If you're being bullied on #SocialMedia visit @bullyinguk below to see what you can do to take control and get support from the service providers @facebook @whatsapp @instagram @snapchatsupport to remove offensive posts. @TottonPolice @NewForestCops @FordbridgeCops @LymoTweetUp

  • HannahLeBeau Hannah LeBeau (@HannahLeBeau) reported

    @mahinasauer @jacey_james10 You can contact snapchat, just tell them snapchat froze and messed up and they’ll fix it!!!

  • memaldar Marym AlDarwish (@memaldar) reported

    Apparently twitter is the place where we learn when instagram or snapchat is down....💙💙💙💙

  • Pg_x_Pat ❄️ 𝒫ℊ_𝒳_𝒫𝒶𝓉 🔥 ™ (@Pg_x_Pat) reported

    @MarcCTB @snapchatsupport Let me get the log in info to see if I can help

  • PinkMoscato4 Pink Moscato (@PinkMoscato4) reported

    Problem with people now a days is they’d rather check your Snapchat story and be nosey instead of texting you back and asking 👎🏼

  • jubileelove The $hizniyee (@jubileelove) reported

    Y’all why i show Snapchat my teacher and they keep tellin me he the one that got fired from our high school cause he suck and i be confused wondering why he caint figure out the math problems he teach to us today at the community college 💀 smh

  • theverybasst help (@theverybasst) reported

    so a dude on snapchat sent me this video of him jacking off but first shows me the beautiful forest around him and my first thought was “***** out for nature” and now i can’t stop thinking that if that were a real slogan we could probably fix climate change #dicksoutfornature

  • thirstforwords Benji. (@thirstforwords) reported

    @snapchatsupport Okay. It’s not a major issue just mildly irritating. Thanks for your help. :)


    This ******* Snapchat decided to record her tittys talkin about “I can’t help it they just sit there” lord knows I wanted to say “just like that wig” so bad 😫😭

  • invblaze ⛧Anarchy⛧ (@invblaze) reported

    @KEEMSTAR Facebook to ;/ cause Facebook and insta kinda work hand and hand also I believe some of it is worked on like Snapchat has issues like that all the time and YouTube and google services just need some tweaking cause no one can sql dump googles shit 😂😂😂 or ddos

  • MarcCTB Marc (@MarcCTB) reported

    @Ardusingh_7 @snapchatsupport Wish they would help me smfh

  • bamwithIuv LEA DAY TODAY EVERYDAY (@bamwithIuv) reported

    is snapchat down

  • ianhaehnel IMPULSIVE IAN (@ianhaehnel) reported

    My phone is broken so if you need to get ahold of me, DM me here or on Snapchat.

  • StoneC0ldS0ber Annie (@StoneC0ldS0ber) reported

    I pay $80 a month through @boostmobile and my service has been so shitty lately I can’t even get the data to use Snapchat or anything, only on WiFi 🙃🙂

  • OfficialJayBoi_ OfficialJayBoi (@OfficialJayBoi_) reported

    @Snapchat @snapchatsupport My Snaps aren't sending. Please help...

  • mlionti1 Mario Iionti (@mlionti1) reported

    @snapchatsupport please can you help me it’s saying that my account is temporarily locked please help me I did nothing wrong

  • pillmansambrose jensyn (@pillmansambrose) reported

    watch my “friends” on snapchat go and tell my ex i’m obsessed with him even tho his initial on my wrist is because he sat down and watched wrestling with me because I loved it. not because he enjoyed it.

  • Memuhries Memories ™ (@Memuhries) reported

    @snapchatsupport I have also done that and it doesn’t help

  • Memuhries Memories ™ (@Memuhries) reported

    @snapchatsupport my phone is updated, my Snapchat is updated, the issue happens on both wifi and data

  • Shhh_ayy Shay (@Shhh_ayy) reported

    Soooo when is @Snapchat ganna fix the app for XS users.... I’m tired of seeing my face 10x larger than what it is. 🙃🙃 barely using it cause of that reason

  • modeloXpapi Trashboat Buttcheeks (@modeloXpapi) reported

    Putting your phone down when you still seeing her on Snapchat twerking at hills

  • AmadnaDepew Amanda Depew (@AmadnaDepew) reported

    @snapchatsupport please help, I've been getting texts lately saying someone is trying to sign into my account. I've changed my password, i don't understand what's happening

  • bryceshepard10 bryce shepard (@bryceshepard10) reported

    @snapchatsupport my snapchat isnt working. please help

  • HateleyRosi rosie hateley (@HateleyRosi) reported

    @snapchatsupport my snapchat had logged me out and won’t let me log back in. Hurry and fix please!!

  • Alt_Left_Cure Double Standard Detector (@Alt_Left_Cure) reported

    @scrowder Interesting she chose to double down here Not helping her stigma as protecting anti-semites She’s also a total spoon and belongs on Snapchat making woke nachos

  • gwsbellisario rosie (@gwsbellisario) reported

    @Snapchat @snapchatsupport in a new update can you have a feature where we can delete snapchat videos we sent before they open it pls bc i’m sick of having to either die of shame and embarrassment from me sending videos of myself being stupid or block them and SMH I NEED HELP OK

  • narutohateacc nicole_ebooks (@narutohateacc) reported

    Snapchat is down but that didn’t stop me from using it to put an emoji over my ******* in a smoothie Just eat so….

  • godisfem emily (@godisfem) reported

    “my snapchat was broken” “i made a new one” “i dont use my new one” (talks to everyone on it every day) “it blocked you guys and a bunch of different people”

  • Alexxxandria_xo Alexxxandria🧨 (@Alexxxandria_xo) reported

    I’m abouttaaaa throw my whole snapchat away it played me 😂😂 I was going down the quick add *hiding* people just for me to accidentally hit *add* lmao lmao lmao and it happened twice...

  • ffsManiJ KingMani🎨 (@ffsManiJ) reported

    its meant to say "Harlington" not "Arlington" lol @Snapchat come on guys fix up

  • baitbaby1 baitbaby (@baitbaby1) reported

    Hmu for 100 a week deals on baiting service I have 2 spots left hit me up I may make an exception #straightbait #straightboys #nudes #uncut #teennudes #snapchat #dm #bait #baits #**** #*** #gay #gayvids #str8bait