Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 down?

Star Wars Battlefront II is an action shooter video game based on the Star Wars film franchise from 2017. It is the fourth major installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series and seventh overall, and a sequel to the 2015 reboot of the series. Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

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February 28: Problems at Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is currently having issues. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Amersfoort Online Play
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Saint-Dié-des-Vosges Glitches
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Ågotnes Online Play
Sheffield Online Play

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Issues Reports

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  • SeanChriscole Sean Chriscole (@SeanChriscole) reported

    @EAHelp Sorry, but no they're not. I'm still having issues with @EAStarWars Battlefront 2. Error code 721 is happening all the time now.

  • Champion_rocks Edward Bobadilla (@Champion_rocks) reported

    @EAStarWars Please fix the ARC Troopers, you guys ruined their aggressive play style. Me and a whole community/MILSIM all agree that the republic ARC Troopers have been ruined please revert them or at least give us the rate of fire back

  • Ka1adin_ Ka1adin (@Ka1adin_) reported

    @EAStarWars Fix your ******* MM for Battlefront 2 im done with this shit

  • Blackmist523_ Victor Bermudez (@Blackmist523_) reported

    Love coming back to the game for the new update where we can finally get new weapons after 2 and a half years! Except when they glitch and dont unlock at all.. Ridiculous 😒 @EAStarWars

  • Siddart88831744 Siddartha (@Siddart88831744) reported

    @EAStarWars in the new update why does the E-11D have the same stats as the standard issue blaster

  • tony_galactico tony (@tony_galactico) reported

    @EAStarWars On battlefront 2 ps4 i Keep getting error code 721, cant go on line, this happen since the recent update

  • spencermorgank Spencer Not Dinwiddie (@spencermorgank) reported

    Its lame that now in #Battlefront2 when you upgrade a weapon for a milestone you have to quit the matches to go access them in crates. Waste of developing time. @EAStarWars fix that please

  • tony_galactico tony (@tony_galactico) reported

    @EAStarWars Keep getting error code 721, cant go on line, this happen since the recnt update

  • Narizu44 lHAZ4RD (@Narizu44) reported

    @EAStarWars cant connect to servers and cant find info on this issue

  • NewNameWhoDis_ PIE (@NewNameWhoDis_) reported

    @EAStarWars Awesome update great job but only problem I have is duel wielding. I WANT MY DUEL TRIGGER SPAM FOR THE ARC TROOPER BACK DAMN IT!

  • DemzLP Babu Frik (@DemzLP) reported

    @Curtis_is_crazy @EAStarWars Me too, I'm stucked here with the error code 1,107 unable to play but I can see a couple of my friends playing with no problem. PS4.

  • IlickassY ilickassYT (@IlickassY) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA How about you fix the god dammmm fifa servers ya money hungry motherfuckn RATS we pay 60$+ and you fkn money hungry RATS cant even give us good damm servers **** YOU and ya moms a ***

  • smaniac1 Omar (@smaniac1) reported

    @Nexahs @memeboyerik @EAStarWars Well you said that the console automatically turns off, so each decent chunk of time spent away tell the system to start downloading the game, it will download a bit of the game and then turn off, do that a few times until the game is downloaded, problem solved :)!

  • smaniac1 Omar (@smaniac1) reported

    @Nexahs @EAStarWars Well you said that the console automatically turns off, so each decent chunk of time spent away tell the system to start downloading the game, it will download a bit of the game and then turn off, do that a few times until the game is downloaded, problem solved :)!

  • matthewweston12 Matthew Weston (@matthewweston12) reported

    @Nexahs @EAStarWars Sounds like a YOU problem, no one else is having this problem.

  • Storm_Viper64 StormViper (@Storm_Viper64) reported

    @EAStarWars Is it just me or when I sometimes join a online match there is to many players on the team in heroes vs villains there were 8 heroes and no villains fix this bug

  • pitts_grayson Grayson Pitts (@pitts_grayson) reported

    @EAStarWars Im having an issue where i’m not getting the guns

  • Marco97177472 Marco (@Marco97177472) reported

    @EAStarWars Please fix Naboo team bug

  • KrazySlayerYT Krazy Slayer (@KrazySlayerYT) reported

    @AresL4VZ @Nexahs @ConnorKlinzing @EAStarWars He legit blocked me because he knew my statement was correct and that there is a problem with his internet lol.

  • WillHawkins03 Will Hawkins (@WillHawkins03) reported

    @Nexahs @EAStarWars Well your the only one I’ve seen, anyway at the end of the day majority people have done the update quickly without problems and you can’t which means something is wrong with your shit

  • Nexahs Shane (@Nexahs) reported

    @LoftedGaming @ClassicGlu @EAStarWars Then how come I have zero issues every other game install/update except this one. No one in the comments is trying to help, unless saying I've a trash connection is somehow perceived to be a helpful thing to say.

  • WillHawkins03 Will Hawkins (@WillHawkins03) reported

    @Nexahs @EAStarWars If it’s an issue for only you and nobody else is having it, it’s your issue

  • WillHawkins03 Will Hawkins (@WillHawkins03) reported

    @Nexahs @EAStarWars It’s not a them problem it’s a you problem, the update took about 20mins to install before copying which only took around 10-20. I have around 30mbs ish and everyone else’s downloads are fine it’s yours that can’t handle updates

  • Nexahs Shane (@Nexahs) reported

    @WillHawkins03 @EAStarWars Install takes 8 hours, last update I did a few months ago took 2. It's a them problem.

  • Vexanon77 Conor Allenby (@Vexanon77) reported

    @BenWalke @EAStarWars Just wanted to let you guys know of a small bug, Continues music does not seem to be working right, after the first track plays at the start of the game, i have to re-enable it for it to play any music again. Hope you guys can fix it !

  • Fuoco136 Fuoco (@Fuoco136) reported

    @Nexahs @DANKDOCTOR210 @EAStarWars Couldn’t tell you. All I can say is you seem to be the only if not one of the few people with this problem

  • sniperj2018 Sniperj18 (@sniperj2018) reported

    @BenWalke There is an issue where I just unlocked the E-11D through Co-Op but my game crashed and now it says I have 0 kills for the milestone...Plz Fix This! @BenWalke @EAStarWars @EAHelp @T0TALfps

  • KrazySlayerYT Krazy Slayer (@KrazySlayerYT) reported

    @Nexahs @ConnorKlinzing @EAStarWars This all seems to be some type of issue with your wireless internet connection to your PS4, or your connection to the download servers. This is not the fault of EA or Dice. I myself downloaded this update in less than an hour and have worse internet than you. I only get 10mbs.

  • The_LTpunisher Nicholas (@The_LTpunisher) reported

    @EAStarWars So the the imperial AI on hoth aren't wearing snow trooper armor. Fix pls

  • Frostyfresh088 Brian comer (@Frostyfresh088) reported

    @EAStarWars Not working for me, there is straight up not age if rebellion available in supremacy rn

  • lman8bsa Logan Harrington (@lman8bsa) reported

    @BazaarStar @BenWalke @EAStarWars Fix this for the fans who don’t have 2 hours to play a single game of Supremacy. Smh

  • Oh_Bee1 Oh Bee (@Oh_Bee1) reported

    @KielJohal @EA_DICE @EAStarWars I'm excited for the update as well. In terms of content, we have gotten a lot in recent months. Each one keeps dropping more bugs, however. On the brighter side, I am glad to see them address the melee canceling out abilities issue. That was a bad one.

  • DbdDumpling04 Dumpling (@DbdDumpling04) reported

    @BenWalke @EAStarWars Fix Anakins heroic might bug

  • Marvin_xTheSoup Fanxtic05 (@Marvin_xTheSoup) reported

    @BenWalke @EAStarWars Hey please fix or remove BB- units. Thanks and bye

  • HollywoodCF6 Christoph Faber (@HollywoodCF6) reported

    @BenWalke @EAStarWars Still no lowering of the spawn timer in GA and fix for squad spawning as well. Also, no new heroes. I hope your company doesn’t make Star Wars Battlefront 3.

  • Dailygamingx Dailygamingx (@Dailygamingx) reported

    @BenWalke @EAStarWars Please fix the lags on PS4 in CS or GA

  • citizen_628 Citizen_628 (@citizen_628) reported

    @EAStarWars My fo’s white spider doesn’t spawn. I was killed in our first meet. Then i came back, it didn’t show up. I am very sure that this is a bug, a few other players also reported this problem. I cant get my platinum trophy due to i cant kill this legendary beast.

  • arodnapsbox XA-Spiffycorpse (@arodnapsbox) reported

    @iR3J3CT_ @EAStarWars @EAHelp @EA_DICE @EA @XboxSupport Sorry it does sound game specific if you're not having issues with any other games. Not something Xbox Support can assist with.

  • McDoodyHazard Robogen (@McDoodyHazard) reported

    @EAStarWars This game has been completely broken since the BB8 update. Please fix. The game is constantly lagging. Some abilities dont work. Games constantly crash. Please do something about it

  • RaiYukon94 Rai Yukon (@RaiYukon94) reported

    @EAStarWars fix your game like wtf I've been playing heros vs villains and i keep getting ****** by three stun villains and this is bullshit i love this game but since i came back from a month break you ruined my game thanks alot it's cool tho I'm not going to play it ever again

  • Ronaldj00426291 Ronald johnson (@Ronaldj00426291) reported

    @EAStarWars fix your dog shit game Bf2

  • alphaomegaostin AlphaOmegaOstin (@alphaomegaostin) reported


  • calvinHiltebei2 shronkthesimp (@calvinHiltebei2) reported


  • spencermorgank Spencer Not Dinwiddie (@spencermorgank) reported

    @EAStarWars battlefront 2 is so unbalanced and stupid so often that the pro move is to just be boba and hide somewhere that the other players cant find you and you can combat the bullshit. Love it. Fix your game.

  • rhoover Randy Hoover (@rhoover) reported

    @Matt_Barker_UK @Ermerlers @Respawn @EAHelp @EAStarWars Well that’s the way to officially report issues not responding to everything they tweet. I’d try that if I were you.

  • AgalaxyF @agalaxy_farfaraway (@AgalaxyF) reported

    If #JediFallenOrder 2 is actually happening, I want more world building in it. The biggest issue I had with the first one is there were no villages and signs of life in it. @EAStarWars

  • RiseofP Standing_Against_Globalism (@RiseofP) reported

    @EAStarWars How about you incompetent pieces of trash fix the Chewbacca charge slam glitch in HVV that has persisted for four years.

  • Matt_Barker_UK Detective Boiled-Hard (@Matt_Barker_UK) reported

    @rhoover @Ermerlers @Respawn @EAHelp @EAStarWars I haven't, but I have seen the issues reported widely online, it's a very common issue even on Windows so I imagine they know but either can't fix it or EA isn't letting them have time to fix it. Probably hasn't hurt the sales one iota.

  • Zachlyyy Zachary (@Zachlyyy) reported

    @EAStarWars please fix the game crashes please :) k thanks

  • DutchFett Dutch Fett (@DutchFett) reported

    @bludrider @DarthAnalius @OkBuckaroo @Teakbow @EAStarWars Yeah we go through periods where there isn’t bugs then we go through periods when there is, they usually fix them t

  • bludrider Clutch (@bludrider) reported

    @EAStarWars How about you fix hero abilites getting interrupted and the saber hit detection shit is a joke !

  • bludrider Clutch (@bludrider) reported

    @DutchFett @DarthAnalius @OkBuckaroo @Teakbow @EAStarWars The game is broken there are so many bugs with such a small dev team id rather they start from scratch

  • NinoBarone27 Nino Barone (@NinoBarone27) reported

    @EAStarWars Fix lightsaber ignition sounds they're all over the place.

  • JohanSchouten3 Johan (@JohanSchouten3) reported

    @TheFastGrizzler @EAStarWars Your are so funny... English isn't my main language, I can make mistakes. And it's obvious that I cannot fix their issues...

  • TheFastGrizzler Big Grizz (@TheFastGrizzler) reported

    @JohanSchouten3 @EAStarWars you literally said that you are hoping to fix promlems

  • brewmaster14225 [B]assmaster Matt (@brewmaster14225) reported

    @EAStarWars were there recent updates over the last week for BF2. Grievous' block doesn't work, stun lock is back, and hero abilities either dont cast properly or get broken midcast

  • MartinSisalima Martin Nicolas Escobar Sisalima (@MartinSisalima) reported

    @EAStarWars can solve the problem in online i cant play because appear an error 721

  • paulyoungphotos Paul Young 🔥 (@paulyoungphotos) reported

    @EAStarWars Not working #Battlefront2

  • mrivaakbar riva (@mrivaakbar) reported

    @joealbee @EASPORTSFIFA you too @EAStarWars fix anakin! he's too op! haha

  • machiokonkwo Machi “Mark” (@machiokonkwo) reported

    I just got killed by Darth Vader during Retribution and he was literally dangling in the air… @EAStarWars please fix your game