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Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming and social networking services. Steam provides the user with installation and automatic updating of games on multiple computers, and community features such as friends lists and groups, cloud saving, and in-game voice and chat functionality. Available on Window, Mac OS and Playstation.

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  • roddic11 Edson (@roddic11) reported

    @Steam @Steam_Support . Hello i have problem. I Forget my password and i send you mail request with my information user, crédit card ... i buy many game by year in your platform and 0 answer

  • MILAN160279 Milan Thakur (@MILAN160279) reported

    @Steam_Support I can’t login into my account after password resets and there is no email address to contact you . Please help.

  • GamerKingPlay1 GamerKingPlay (@GamerKingPlay1) reported

    @Steam_Support Hi so I just tried to sign in to my steam and steam guard popped up I dont have access to that email anymore and the card info you guys wanted as a confirmation is from years ago the password and account name was all correct

  • C0nn0r64 Crustiani (@C0nn0r64) reported

    @Steam_Support are you guys gonna actually fix your mobile app or just continue to watch it suffer

  • HasteDay_Twitch HasteDay (@HasteDay_Twitch) reported

    Love how when I get banned with a false reported for Illegal purchase (THAT I DIDN'T DO AT ALL), and no longer can apply for appeal because they have gone out of their way to make it near impossible for me to try to fix or appeal. @Steam @Steam_Support #fixsteam

  • ShyGuy17613457 ShyGuy (@ShyGuy17613457) reported

    Dear @Steam_Support I have encountered a problem with the Games "Gothic" and "Gothic II: Gold Edition" The problem is that I cannot launch these games properly. I press the Play-button in the Library, but it seems that the program does not start/ show up on the screen.

  • djmaker2015 dj maker (@djmaker2015) reported

    @Steam_Support i have some problem with my account someone hacked and i fear that he might delete it can you please help me and my friend

  • Hoodyhooo Hoodyhooo (@Hoodyhooo) reported

    @fakey_jaryd @Steam_Support Rip man I’m sorry. I fell for a phishing link long scam ago but immediately realized it and changed my passwords. Not before they took all my items though. If you have this documented (tweet/steam email of new sign in) you will most likely be able to get your items back.

  • syntaaaaax Luciano (@syntaaaaax) reported

    @Steam_Support I can't access to the Rocksmith 2014: Remastered Edition page in the store. I keep getting HTTP ERROR 500, sometimes F5 works, but it's annoying, is the only game that I have problem with.

  • flowkii2 flowkii (@flowkii2) reported

    @Steam_Support So i am having issues with steam support, i am in the right with a situation and honestly i am feeling scammed, get me someone that actually uses the their head and not mechanic replies please, thanks.

  • timchiang1 OPO (@timchiang1) reported

    @Steam_Support my account got hacked and now I cannot login. Please send assistance

  • WeldCow Brandon Tate (@WeldCow) reported

    @Steam_Support can you please help me, as someone as sign in to my account an changed my password an, email without my permission

  • djolektbffh meh (@djolektbffh) reported

    @Steam_Support i can not gift "unexpected error and i dont want to wait 72h"

  • banditolo1 Dominik (@banditolo1) reported

    @valvesoftware @CSGO Please fix this game, because it's a shocking situation with assists, for me it's drama. Yours production is not professional. I am an above average player. Professional players sometimes play how amateurs on huge tournaments. It is visible. @CSGO @Steam @Steam_Support

  • goawaytony gutr (@goawaytony) reported

    @ucomsgeek @valvesoftware @SteamVR @Steam @Steam_Support @oculus thank you for the kind support. I highly doubt Steam support will address the issue. So I used OSINT and google dorking to find valve employee corporate email addresses and sent a long ass email to everyone I found at the executive level asking why the process for RMA is ******

  • GGFIFE Fife (@GGFIFE) reported

    @Steam_Support How do I actually contact a human. My issue is not listed on the help site, and I would like to get it taken care of.

  • azzuly312 azzuly (@azzuly312) reported


  • goawaytony gutr (@goawaytony) reported

    @ucomsgeek @valvesoftware @SteamVR @Steam @Steam_Support @oculus One of the base stations had a hardware failure. Was unable to correct the issue on my own so I had to open an RMA for a replacement.

  • ucomsgeek Jonathan McKinney (@ucomsgeek) reported

    @goawaytony @valvesoftware @SteamVR @Steam @Steam_Support @oculus What was the original problem... just curious...

  • derpshii1 derpshii (@derpshii1) reported

    @Steam_Support can you help me my account has been hacked I’ve been trying to send proof but it’s not working I have proof the account is mine but in need you to help me get it back

  • gzr4547 Gaming Demon (@gzr4547) reported

    Hey @Steam_Support I need help I’m trying to update steam but at random times the progress bar will go back for example it will be at 8,305 then it will go to 7,711 do you have any solutions to fix this

  • AaronKreis Aaron Kreis (@AaronKreis) reported

    Hey @Steam_Support i can't Log into my Steam Account anymore because the authentificator code i receive on my Phone is not working anymore. Any Tips or a way i can contact the Support via Steam without having to logging in because obviously I can't

  • iTA360COM iTA360.COM Davide Spagocci (@iTA360COM) reported

    @Steam_Support @Steam Please Fix this it's unacceptable.

  • LuckySocks3 LuckySocks (@LuckySocks3) reported

    @Steam_Support Fix the launcher plz its ******* broken

  • DragonBladeYTG DragonBlade (@DragonBladeYTG) reported

    @Steam_Support I cant login to my account on a new device because it asks to verify who i am and i cant cause i no longer have access to the email or phone number attached to my account. I tried to send a help ticket but it says the captcha failed to verify. please help

  • epicfanofepic SavageMedusa (@epicfanofepic) reported

    @ChchWoody @Steam_Support @Steam I just closed stream lol; no point in Even trying, Hope they fix fast

  • epicfanofepic SavageMedusa (@epicfanofepic) reported

    @WarDrust @Steam_Support @Steam ****, happy it aint my pc being broken or something tho lol

  • ChchWoody Craig W (@ChchWoody) reported

    @epicfanofepic @Steam_Support @Steam Seeing the same problem here. Apparently my wishlist has 26 items in it, but I can't load it.

  • nikhilistic Nikhil (@nikhilistic) reported

    @Steam_Support I can't access my authenticator. Due to which I am unable to login. The "dont' have access to my authenticator" form asks for a code sent on email. And when I enter it, it says "can't verify captcha" even though there is no captcha involved. Please help.

  • AspeakGaming Aspeak (@AspeakGaming) reported

    @WeebLobster @Steam_Support Desktop app do not detect the network other side on the web no problem

  • WeebLobster lobstersarefabulouz (@WeebLobster) reported

    @AspeakGaming @Steam_Support ya for me as well.. login issues

  • Samletemknow SP (@Samletemknow) reported

    @Steam_Support i cant login to my steam account and have had no response to my support ticket

  • GoblinSmaragd SmarTheNimble (@GoblinSmaragd) reported

    @Steam_Support I still haven't heard back from your "customer service" department about RESETTING MY PASSWORD

  • Cosm0GG zjb . (@Cosm0GG) reported

    @Steam_Support hey, so I have sent a few things in for help to sign into my account because for some reason I cant login. Can you guys please get in contact with me.

  • APEverSoBritish EverSoBritish (@APEverSoBritish) reported

    @Steam_Support is Steam’s servers down because I cannot connect


    @Steam_Support I need help, and your support center can't help me. Please contact me to support the issue.

  • GwentreeFisher GwentreeThunderSnow (@GwentreeFisher) reported

    @mjc0961 @SidAlpha @igp @Beawesome_Games @Steam @Steam_Support I've seen people who put large amounts into the Kickstarter threatening to sue about that. Steam wouldn't be an issue if Valve would stop with this crap. We'll just have to see how this plays out.

  • JonWinegar Jon Winegar (@JonWinegar) reported

    @Steam_Support "Report profile" is not working for me on the steam browser and google chrome. This has been an issue for many people over a year. Please fix this ASAP. I don't like seeing profiles with slurs as names.

  • Henryp666 Craig Patterson (@Henryp666) reported

    @Steam_Support I'm looking for some help getting back into my account. Problem is when I use self service it asks me to contact support directly. I can provide my email & username which should help you guys in assisting me. Thanks

  • aetomenos spiros (@aetomenos) reported

    @Steam_Support can you plz dm me I have a big problem with a scammers plz I need your help before 7 days

  • PatrikSelin Patrik Selin (@PatrikSelin) reported

    @Steam_Support Still the same problem!

  • erresya Apexlegends-beginner🎮🔫 (@erresya) reported

    @Steam @Steam_Support @steam i can't login too in steam web

  • Itzreece_yt Reece Mcgee (@Itzreece_yt) reported

    @Steam_Support Cna you dm please. I have an issue can can’t be resolved on your website

  • NLeivis LEIVISON VEM AQUI AGORA!!!! (@NLeivis) reported

    @Steam_Support @Steam hello, my friend @oSix08 My friend's account has been hacked, and that's unacceptable, you should fix it as soon as possible !!!

  • SebastienDML SébastienDML (@SebastienDML) reported

    @Steam_Support Hello, I can not login to my account, I forgot the password and the phone number is my old number.. I tried everything.. #NeedHelp

  • SebastienDML SébastienDML (@SebastienDML) reported

    @Steam_Support Hi, I can't login to my account i forgot the password and the phone number is my old number.. I try everything #NeedHelp

  • HeadshotBen HeadshotBen (@HeadshotBen) reported

    @Steam_Support do you actually reply to people who need help getting into there accounts if they have problems because I haven’t heard anything from you guys for over 4 days in total now 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • K3vValkyrie FabreezeBoy9000 (@K3vValkyrie) reported

    @Steam Hi my account has been hijacked and has been threatened to be deleted I reported the issue but I'm unsure about what is occuring in my account I tweeted @Steam_Support but is there any direct way I could contact a support member

  • CrystaI_Mess Crystal Mess (@CrystaI_Mess) reported

    @Steam_Support I need Help right now, my account got hacked and when I change my password I still cant Login, If possible, I want everything undone from the last hour (or 24 to be safe) and my account to be locked until we can fix it. PLEASE DM me, I have too many games to lose.

  • KathleenNoir KathleenNoir (@KathleenNoir) reported

    @Stoner_Tomohito @steam_games I'll fix your English version, if you want.

  • _itsOvLrd itsOvLrd (@_itsOvLrd) reported

    @Steam_Support any chance i can get some help on a small issue im having

  • _Fused FUSED (@_Fused) reported

    @Steam_Support yo, my steam card is broken as **** please help

  • YaMothersFather William C. (@YaMothersFather) reported

    @Steam_Support I need support on crafting game badges, but i cannot seem to get any. I have completed trading card sets, but when i try to craft a badge, i get hit with an error and then directed back to my badges progress. If you could help me out, that'd be great!

  • jaycey44x Jaycey (@jaycey44x) reported

    @Steam @Steam_Support i sent a report about my locked steam account 5 days ago i really would like to unlock my account because it was locked due to an issue i reported that was dealt with super quickly but they did not unlock my account plz help

  • KabisCube Kabi (@KabisCube) reported

    @Oliver_Bentzen @steam_games 2/2 windows computers I've checked don't got it, while 2/2 Linux computers got it. Hopefully @steam_games fix it soon enough

  • sunnydelightgi1 ♡~sunnydelightlove~♡ (@sunnydelightgi1) reported

    @Steam_Support hi, I have been suspended from destiny 2 survival, I got time out duo to pc crash, two time, I hope the suspension can be removed, thank you. my game ID is AMH9000

  • AndrewBean90 The Pink Panther (@AndrewBean90) reported

    @BraffordCory @Steam Tell @Steam_Support to go F themselves because for the last 2 days the steam server has been broken thanks to a recent server maintenance update.

  • DaisyJia5 Daisy Jia (@DaisyJia5) reported

    @Steam_Support I cannot login. Password recovery does not work today for some reason when I usually have no problems. Now I'm locked out and you have 0 ways to contact customer support. Please send help!

  • caseyoakdale81 Dano (@caseyoakdale81) reported

    @wrdface @SkuzzBenSon @blackbeltbebe @dag_um_et @OneCakeLady @SeamusBlackley @Steam @Steam_Support @valvesoftware When the issue at hand should be the lack of parental supervision of a special nerds child. You people got your priorities ****** up and a very lose grip on reality on this one.

  • wrdface Mark Greig (@wrdface) reported

    @caseyoakdale81 @SkuzzBenSon @blackbeltbebe @dag_um_et @OneCakeLady @SeamusBlackley @Steam @Steam_Support The issue at hand is terrible customer support by @valvesoftware