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Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram clients exist for both mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch) and desktop systems (Windows, macOS, Linux). Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers and files of any type.

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  • Terroo_1k ☥ank (@Terroo_1k) reported

    🛄🛄🛄Damn nea finna start a telegram service 😭

  • ZTPetrizzo Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) reported

    Jacob Wohl doubled down on the claim he donated to Laura Loomer tonight on Telegram...according to filings he hasn’t.

  • maa12nni तमाननी तलत (@maa12nni) reported

    you're best chat ever @telegram 💙💦 its so fast to fix it, Nice you did edit video, now we don't need to app 🤘😎

  • fengtality Michael Feng (@fengtality) reported

    @avichal @telegram Great analysis. Given this stance by the SEC, it'll be very difficult to issue a new utility token by US companies. Even if your intentions are pure and you don't raise any capital with it, the legal fees needed to mitigate regulatory risks make it unappealing.

  • AmYeoj Yeoj Am (@AmYeoj) reported

    @hkbutyr Funny, we have tons of way to do promotion. Just shut down the LIHKG and telegram and you will see.

  • BruiserLycaon 💣💉🐾ANXIOUS CRYPTID 🔜 Furpocalypse (@BruiserLycaon) reported

    @nosemanquespera @JammingLombax @ZoophilePolice The zoosadist leaks went down on twitter and kiwifarms (I honestly forgot how it started) but basically tons of telegram logs and shit outed a whole bunch of people in the fandom as zoophiles.

  • TonyBamanabon10 what dose a kiwi say? (@TonyBamanabon10) reported

    @GucciFursuits69 Honestly I prefer telegram tho it's so much better and my twitter notifications are always broken

  • itsSavvo Savron (@itsSavvo) reported

    Just checked @telegram s replies. It's a known issue and is being investigated. I should probably check sooner >.>

  • widdr IRC User (@widdr) reported

    @telegram @ShoaTheOtter @H__Mir @discordapp yes, this is un-cached. if a dev of yours did dm me I could likely give direct help, assuming this is a YouTube-only problem.

  • widdr IRC User (@widdr) reported

    @telegram @ShoaTheOtter @H__Mir @discordapp Yes, it's still causing problems (working less than half the time) for me.

  • JasonCoombsCEO JasonCoombs.CEO❤️🤓💰 (@JasonCoombsCEO) reported

    @avichal @telegram Appreciate your effort. Your summary misses the crux of the filing. The SEC is not stopping capital raising under Regulation D. They affirmed the securities sold to date are not a problem. SEC says there is no way to separate $GRAM from securities sold to finance their creation.

  • Captain_Eyeball Pablo 💬 ✊ (@Captain_Eyeball) reported

    Strange how all the nutjobs who are tangled up with ethnicity issues & spew out "Great replacement" theories, are all on BitChute & Telegram spouting their nonsense, it's almost like all their bat shit far right bile has got them banned on all other platforms 🙄

  • TeaDrivenDev Тэ дрэвэт утвикλэрэн (@TeaDrivenDev) reported

    @GeoffreyHuntley The problem with people moving off WhatsApp is that everyone has different ideas of where to go to, with Signal, Telegram, Threema and a bunch of lesser-known ones, so the whole thing is very likely to end up quite fragmented.

  • ShoaTheOtter 68.61 SECOND CANYON RUN (@ShoaTheOtter) reported

    @widdr @telegram @discordapp Seems to be only YouTube, discord had the issue a few days ago, apparently it’s tied to a YouTube update specifically

  • Straightpath191 Straightpath19 (@Straightpath191) reported

    @EKTcoin Please I need help in exchanging my old token into new one I have sent different messages in telegram and emails as well twitter no response please respond all I need is how to exchange my coins very simple

  • Ghasnakr Ghasnakar (@Ghasnakr) reported

    @TelegramHelp Without putting offensive messages or anything like that, they have limited me for no reason. Please ask me to resolve this error as soon as possible, from Telegram.

  • nlw Nathaniel Whittemore (@nlw) reported

    @BLOCKTVnews My takes: 1. @avichal breakdown of the SEC action against Telegram is really worth reading. Effectively argued that the issue is that it's JUST Telegram people building this crypto in a way that will benefit them; not something regarding SAFTs. And on FB...

  • ApeAaron Aaron the Ape (@ApeAaron) reported

    It has come to my attention that I have very few furry friends! Let’s fix that! Message me on Telegram @ApeAaron ! And no I don’t do RP.

  • DVaijan BROTHERS PREDICTION (NBA DREAM11TEAM) (@DVaijan) reported

    @telegram HI TELEGRAM I need help PLEASE HELP me My telegram channel is public, it is private. Now the channel is not public PLEASE REPLAY

  • chaarqn 6 (@chaarqn) reported

    i have 4 friends in my telegram account wow trying to help me

  • puev10 Royal Flush (@puev10) reported

    Finaly Betfury open Beta to 100 users to help to improve the platform. Make sure don't be late to join Beta tester. Follow + RT @betfury_io Coment wallet and telegram ID. @gamdork1

  • DragonAssFat aaaaaAAAAAAAAA (@DragonAssFat) reported

    @DanzaDragon They're losing their income basically, and telegram servers are expensive for them to keep up. It's widely believed telegram will be shut down

  • TeslaCollie Tesla Collie (@TeslaCollie) reported

    @FuzzyNoki @xadron You have closed dm's so i couldn't contact you and you have broken links on fa to your telegram

  • ReynGoldfur Reyn Goldfur 🇬🇧🇺🇸 (@ReynGoldfur) reported

    I have many commission slots open! I could also do a quick same-day piece if anyone's interested as I need a little extra dollah to help get us to and from a VA appointment tomorrow. <3 Hit me up! Here or Telegram, same handle.

  • mokarios Nnamdi⚡Mphela⚡ (@mokarios) reported

    In a Telegram group of Biz Analysts that I belong, I just volunteered a solution to a knotty problem that a Microsoft MVP had been labouring over. I used Power Query. Man's been screaming thanks with exclamation marks. My chest is about to burst with elation.

  • OuijaYenna Adrian Planchette (@OuijaYenna) reported

    I'm going dark everywhere but telegram. Things are bad. I'm ******* broken.

  • TheBryantFox Cautiously optimistic (@TheBryantFox) reported

    @BeagleInRed Dammit beagle.... recover quickly. if you need any help with car insurance stuff shoot me a message on telegram, I'm here for you bro.

  • noxveale Artur 👻 (@noxveale) reported

    @telegram @telegramdesktop @durov YouTube previews are broken, could you please take a look at it and fix it. Also, webpage bot does not update previews either. Thank you!

  • avichal Avichal Garg (Electric Capital) ⚡ (@avichal) reported

    14/ Obviously this is not legal advice of any sort. And it is not crazy to imagine avoiding all of the issues the SEC has with Telegram, yet the SEC still asserts a token is a security because of Howey - most likely because of the common enterprise and efforts of others pieces

  • Renee25749150 (@Renee25749150) reported

    @telegram I can't get the app to open in the Instagram app, since the update it only opens in Safari on my Iphone - how do you fix this

  • JayBhattNL Jay Bhatt 🇪🇺 🇳🇱 #FBPE #NotInMyName (@JayBhattNL) reported

    @kat_cary @Jocar6562 @AngryRemainer I don't understand the issue.... It's free. You can keep both and ask people to make the switch. I did... Pretty much everyone that matters to me has downloaded Telegram for me and some even like it better than What'sApp

  • animacava Вальдемар (@animacava) reported

    @telegram fix YouTube preview pls

  • GranPC Gran PC (@GranPC) reported

    @telegram I can't do that because the template is completely broken and it doesn't generate a preview at all

  • Kaishen Kai that stinky Dragonbrat (@Kaishen) reported

    Y'all need to chill with the "Telegram is doomed" talk. It's not getting shut down. They're just getting spanked for selling crypto coins without talking to the SEC first. Slow yer roll. 😜

  • KamatsuKyoto [Spooky Alan] 🎃 (@KamatsuKyoto) reported

    @telegram Sure. It's the same here on Twitter. @KamatsuKyoto. I've explained lightly there but it's happening some weird stuff lately and maybe we can discover the root of the problem, don't know. Thx for the reply.

  • FeelsFox Sunny 2: Electric Boogaloo (@FeelsFox) reported

    @DeerTori Boy oh boy do i regret asking for every friend’s telegram and trying to get em all just to have things into one place with stickers never place your faith into a single service or measure closeness with it kids.

  • AliothFox Alioth, Paternal Vulpine 🇺🇸 🌻 (@AliothFox) reported

    @ColbyPupGB Ehhh. The code is open-source, but the service still requires resources that Telegram owns. But like I said - it's mostly a moot point.

  • ColbyPupGB Colby Dogtober (@ColbyPupGB) reported

    @AliothFox Even if the SEC managed to take the company Telegram down, the source code is open-source, and thus it could be taken over by other devs and kept up.

  • ColbyPupGB Colby Dogtober (@ColbyPupGB) reported

    @NatalyaGrey @pouchedfox Telegram is open-source software though, so any interruption in Telegram service may be temporary. There's enough IT furries to get a new one started relatively quickly.

  • razzdrgn Razz!! (@razzdrgn) reported

    if telegram shuts down i guess thats it for me tbh not going back to discord with their data collection and all that junk, and i don't know of any other messaging app that 1. my friends are on and 2. works like telegram does so. twitter dms and maybe irc i guess :c

  • TheRealMrMikhal ミカル マーク (@TheRealMrMikhal) reported

    Lost access (possibly temporary) to telegram account @therealmrmikhal If you want to contact me - use the same nikname in any other social service.

  • amirahjasni ared (@amirahjasni) reported

    is telegram down or

  • 2G7zI0B96ynPKIK 别拿 (@2G7zI0B96ynPKIK) reported

    @smstelegram Hello, I just registered the telegram, the login telegram prompts that the mobile phone number is forbidden, please help solve it. number +63:9562835436 number +63:9562835437 number +63:9770841669 I didn't do anything wrong.

  • 2G7zI0B96ynPKIK 别拿 (@2G7zI0B96ynPKIK) reported

    @smstelegram Hello, I just registered the telegram, the login telegram prompts that the mobile phone number is forbidden, please help solve it. Number +63:9562835431 Number +63:9562835433 Number +63:9562835434 Number +63: 9562835435 I didn't do anything wrong

  • 2G7zI0B96ynPKIK 别拿 (@2G7zI0B96ynPKIK) reported

    @smstelegram Hello, I just registered the telegram, the login telegram prompts that the mobile phone number is forbidden, please help solve it. Number +63:9452853238 Number +63:9452857103 Number +63:9562835426 Number +63:9562835427 Number +63:9562835428 Number +63:9562835429

  • DogpatchPress Dogpatch Press (@DogpatchPress) reported

    @ChoresForever I think it's different from other services that seem secure but aren't as secure as people think. Like by accessing personal devices or intercepting signal before TOR. The problem is creators and authorities aren't acting, which is why Telegram is THE place for certain crime.

  • LarnrothDragon 🍁🧡🎃Dunkin'🍁Dergan🍁Dergie🎃🧡🍁 (@LarnrothDragon) reported

    @Arkeywulfe No, Telegram isn't shutting down. They did make a tweet joking about it, but no, they legitimately said that they're not shutting down

  • jameshenrik James Hewison-Carter (@jameshenrik) reported

    @SyncNorwich @Meetup @NorfolkDev @hsnorwich @SearchNorwich @norfolkgamedevs Switch to a massive Telegram group - if the fees were going too support the tech network in Norwich then I'd have no problem.

  • Piebriedis35 Gederts Piebriedis (@Piebriedis35) reported

    @foxapollo3 @Dr_Don_Chepe @thekungfunerd @ApolloCurrency ...telegram. DEX is so bad that no one actually uses it. Design of website is awful. Apollo promo videos will make you epileptic. Nodes going down or some sort of network problems. Apollo claims having the best developers, but in reality they can't do nothing right.

  • LambdAurora 🦊 foxxo (@LambdAurora) reported

    @geran999 @telegram Ok, that really sucks then, because I do not want my account to be dependent of my phone service provider nor of a specific device.

  • Akash46972284 Akash (@Akash46972284) reported

    @telegram Boss I am not able to get any details,or I am not able to login in my account ,My cellphone is lost .

  • CalicoCharlotte Charlotte Calico (@CalicoCharlotte) reported

    lol telegram is going down. good, only fuckboys use it because it deletes real time

  • andrewfordlyons ಠ_ಠ (@andrewfordlyons) reported

    @nscrutables While I understand *why* some movements have gone with Telegram, I'll never condone/endorse it. But usually it comes down to whoever's on hand who makes those decisions. Also, agree: Learn from previous long-term, resilient movements, not the flash-in-the-pan "Occupy" era stuff.

  • HereForClout3 here for fun (@HereForClout3) reported

    Guys, am looking for links to telegram pages with porn. kindly send me some. Retweet,my help might be on your TL.

  • R7Kop Valar dohaeris (@R7Kop) reported

    @bephyne @bewasai Help link ya telegram

  • theNikoDog Niko🍕 (@theNikoDog) reported

    @ValerieDrawing I am really wondering what'll happen here. I feel like Telegram would put us on notice if it was going down. The platform operates off mostly one 3bn dollar donation so... might undercut that a good deal, but they's have tons of funding available still I believe. We'll see.

  • _PaulJ Paul Jewell (@_PaulJ) reported

    Facebook is working again. No message as to why. Biggest issue for me was being locked out of messenger, a communication channel for several friends. Think I will be more actively encouraging them to move to telegram. #FacebookLockout

  • AlbainJanus Albain (Spoopyguy) (@AlbainJanus) reported

    id have requested your help on the app @TelegramHelp @telegram but when i try it wont let me send the messages

  • liber_liver Liber Liver (@liber_liver) reported

    @hasufl Telegram and Libra wouldnt have any problems if they d just embed Bitcoin wallets.

  • churchsstreamin Church (@churchsstreamin) reported

    @Kik Too late. Y’all acted super unprofessionally about the shut down and me and all my buds already went to @telegram which has far more features and is less buggy. Something as simple as keeping old images is a huge improvement.