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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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February 28: Problems at The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is having issues since 08:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • RVec01 Robert (@RVec01) reported

    @TESOnline Napkin! This pile of Cyrodillic lag isn’t gonna clean itself

  • flazuh Austin D (@flazuh) reported

    @TESOnline Fix your game

  • Zeno124 Zeno (@Zeno124) reported

    @TESOnline Anyone else having problems with the game crashing. Since the update the game crashes a lot not just for me

  • WWG1WGAninja America first! (@WWG1WGAninja) reported

    @TESOnline If we give them this maybe they'll forget about the lag in cyrodiil.

  • TL749 Tucker Lynch (@TL749) reported

    @Ringod123 @TESOnline Oh it did something, causes my friends and i to crash sometimes best patch ever

  • Ezmaralda1 Rebecca Ruthenberg (@Ezmaralda1) reported

    @TESOnline I had 100 fps now I'm lucky to get 40. Often it's choppy and nauseating. Everyone in my guilds is having issues.

  • Were_Wolf_Gamer ElvenWereWolf (@Were_Wolf_Gamer) reported

    @TESOnline PLEASE, MAKE WOOD ELF STEALTHY RACIAL PASSIVE COME BACK!!🥺😖🙏🏻🙏🏻 We don’t need the old crit bonus, just the stealth detection radius reduction!! Detecting stealthed enemies can be obtained by all races with abilities, the latter cannot. Stealth sets is not a fix. #Bosmerthieves

  • GreggyCo Seveyan (@GreggyCo) reported

    @DottzGaming It really shows the difference from NA and EU.. Since the patch: lag has been bad, with constant 200+ms and more, big loading times between zones and DC.. Wasn't the patch sort of fix this at least be much better than before. Seems as bad or worse now. @TESOnline @ZeniMax_Online

  • GreggyCo Seveyan (@GreggyCo) reported

    @DottzGaming I would say: @TESOnline @ZeniMax_Online @BethesdaSupport have finally delivered on their promise. No lag, no performance drops, no regular DC.

  • rat_doctor Doctor Rat (@rat_doctor) reported

    @TESOnline fix that shit quick I just got kicked 5 times in a row for no apparent ******* reason

  • BlueHeelerKY HeelerKY (@BlueHeelerKY) reported

    @CousinDaveLives Only problem with that, is the internet going down and I can't play Elder Scrolls Online

  • PallaisAthene Pallais (@PallaisAthene) reported

    So, my @TESOnline character is too old and not high enough level for them to bother to restore anything. They basically tossed me 10K gold and told me to go away and buy replacement gear. This is how not to have good customer service.

  • AussieNord Josh (@AussieNord) reported

    @TESOnline Please fix UI scaling in gamepad mode. It’s far too large

  • Zeno124 Zeno (@Zeno124) reported

    @firesidespitta @TESOnline Yeah idk wtf is going in Cyrodil with the lag but yeah

  • Zeno124 Zeno (@Zeno124) reported

    @Eithelion @CanadianDog @firesidespitta @TESOnline It is true , I liked pvp and the wars but the lag in the game is insane. All they give is very small free non combat pets and updates . The fps is a little better now, but the load in times are practically the same as before .

  • AcostaCesario Cesario Acosta (@AcostaCesario) reported

    @PlagueOfGripes SWToR & ESO both I liked the concept and idea of a new Star Wars MMO, and an elder scrolls MMO, but the main issue that plagued them was it's great single player it's not a good MMO they didn't feel MMO like for me at least. And I know at launch they were received well 1/

  • CanadianDog Darrell (@CanadianDog) reported

    @Eithelion @firesidespitta @TESOnline The last thing they care about is cyrodill. They are more worried about pets and costumes then actual gameplay. If lighting isn’t right in a house they get the whole development team working on it. If cyrodiil isn’t working they grab the janitor to try and fix it.

  • Jinxedcat1 Jinxedcat (@Jinxedcat1) reported

    @Ringod123 @TESOnline But the pvp shouldn't be a lost cause, it's fun and would be far better if they just tried to fix a couple things! It doesn't even need to be major fixes, small adjustments here and there could draw more player's to want to play it.

  • Ringod123 Paul Ring (@Ringod123) reported

    @Jinxedcat1 @TESOnline PvP was a lost cause a long time ago, that's why they just made it so dying means nothing (doesnt even affect armor durability any more) and winning the campaign means nothing but an extra 10k gold. Doubt they will ever fix it up now.

  • SmokedGammon Gammon Man (@SmokedGammon) reported

    @TESOnline Update dates are going well so far the games still a broken mess 🤣🤣

  • Crash0verride22 Crashoverride (@Crash0verride22) reported

    @TESOnline Fix your game PVP is still broken

  • lebenheiler BsG_Lebz (@lebenheiler) reported

    @TESOnline Let’s keep up the great work! I’m really hoping that update 25 starts fixing some of the issues on PS4.

  • killermoth1975 The Mad Ghost (@killermoth1975) reported

    @TESOnline I've had more lag since the update.

  • Crash0verride22 Crashoverride (@Crash0verride22) reported

    @TESOnline Fix your game pvp is broken

  • FutureLab3D Future Lab 3D (@FutureLab3D) reported

    @TESOnline @Squiddy_Squishy Don't bother! Waste of your time and money. The game is so broken spending money on this product is simply a waste.

  • LazloeLonghair Lazloe Longhair (@LazloeLonghair) reported

    @JediMind7rix @TESOnline Yep. I have to deal with this twice a year on average. I finally got it going after a full uninstall/reinstall. I am glad I have true unlimited data here.. That was another 80GB used. Now to take another half hour to put my other 80GB game back, which never gives these issues.

  • CanadianDog Darrell (@CanadianDog) reported

    @TESOnline Ah nice now I can look good while I’m stuck in load screens, and lagging so bad in cyrodiil. If only you guys would spend as much time making the game run better rather then crown store items.

  • RomerosSoldier Chris White (@RomerosSoldier) reported

    @Literally_MB I had that problem when I was getting back into Elder Scrolls Online. Few bigs games over the years I’ve had to drop out of early because friend groups left; Neverwinter and Division 2 immediately spring to mind

  • MechaPanda9K Panda Actual 🔞🏳️‍🌈👙🎃 (@MechaPanda9K) reported

    @AnsgarTOdinson The Elder Scrolls franchise is completely broken, mainly due to a lack of climbing and vaulting

  • Zeno124 Zeno (@Zeno124) reported

    @TESOnline There seems to be problems with the servers , can't load in . My guild mates are also having problems with their games crashing . My game crashed twice today . Didn't crash once in 400 hrs till today

  • TillyManBambino Jordan Dewing (@TillyManBambino) reported

    @BethesdaSupport I have a problem on elder scrolls online regarding my account and twitch prime

  • RextttO oRexttt (@RextttO) reported

    @AceMercsPro @TESOnline ******* lag was god awful but true, it was a good one brotha🤘🏻

  • suceress Su 🏳️‍🌈 (@suceress) reported

    @TESOnline Also, my launcher has the message "Could Not Load News". Not sure if it's a connection issue or what.

  • curtfalcon Curt (@curtfalcon) reported

    There's a lot of other smaller stuff too, but it's honestly embarrassing that I can boot up New Vegas (from 2010) and have it run/play fine, but Fallout 4 (2015) is unstable af Really hope this isn't an issue for Elder Scrolls VI

  • GalGadotUSA Gal Gadot USA 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 (@GalGadotUSA) reported

    @TESOnline Well you were successful is breaking the game. It's unplayable after your so called lets make it better. From no daily reward to a confusing quest starters to mail not working to the graphics totally messed up, seriously, did you hire the Fallout76 group. Just crap.

  • Dagger_MXT Dagger (@Dagger_MXT) reported

    I usually don’t complain but I’m tired of crashing every 5 min. Please fix this shit @TESOnline #ElderScrolls

  • BlackboaBlogs Blackboa Gaming (@BlackboaBlogs) reported

    Impressed with the performance update for @TESOnline in regards to open world exploration and PvE. Staying away from PvP till further notice, but I am loving the fact I can run the game on highest graphics on my laptop with no issues and no overheating!

  • emzeo85 Sim Emzeo (@emzeo85) reported

    @TESOnline Can you fix the continued crashes

  • AussieNord Josh (@AussieNord) reported

    @TESOnline your update has made the game borderline unplayable for me with the gamepad UI scaling. It breaks mods and makes everything far too big and cannot be scaled down. Please fix or I’ll have to stop playing again - I just came back and don’t want to have to go again

  • TFmUdCrAb 🦀 TheFeistyMudcrab 🦀 (@TFmUdCrAb) reported

    @TESOnline Too bad the game is broken. Worst. QA team. Ever.

  • doubleD1923 Damian Derby (@doubleD1923) reported

    @TESOnline I cant open game keeps saying game laucher fatal error this was after a 60gb patch download plus a 7gb one and please dont direct me to the online support because they dont assist at all

  • danieljcabral 𝕯𝕮𝖆𝖇𝖗𝖆𝖑 (@danieljcabral) reported

    @TESOnline Please fix gamepad scaling on pc. It’s horrible

  • Lenny_Gab Lennart Gabrielsson (@Lenny_Gab) reported

    @TESOnline Oh it was a bitmap reduction that fixed the lag... my screens are hardcaped at 60 FPS... and it tops. even in PVP enviroment

  • EngramPlays Engram Plays (@EngramPlays) reported

    @wardenofmyheart @TESOnline I ended up traveling to a wayshrine, then running back in to finish the job. It's the only way to get out when you glitch into something. Can't use skills, can't move or roll away. Though next time I'm traveling to my house. That doesn't cost anything 😂

  • Transbot9 Glade Riven - Sometimes 🔞 (@Transbot9) reported

    ESO, I love ya, but getting lag-kicked really sucks (CAT7 on a gigabit connection, so NO IT IS NOT MY END) @TESOnline

  • kosmykeffect The one, the only, the Ephendrielle Chloe (@kosmykeffect) reported

    @consequence @trent_reznor @nineinchnails @watchmen btw they don't call them reptilians, they call them argonians. They're capable of diplomacy to get their points of across. They're not strictly fight or flight, they can think about this at this point. The story line in Elder Scrolls also brings up a lot of important issues

  • loonaromi loonaromi🌙✨ (@loonaromi) reported

    I haven’t read through ALL the patch notes, but... The game fps wise is much smoother, when there’s lots of people or pretty lights I don’t get any lag spikes anymore. So great job on that @TESOnline🎉 As for catering the game more to casuals - let me give my 2 cent. (thread)

  • MrJoufflu Joufflu Medicare For All (@MrJoufflu) reported

    @the7thlettter @TESOnline Based on what they said they were going to do, I had already said that that they had tried it in the past but that didn't do much for PVP as it was and continues to be a client side solution to a server side problem.

  • kindridspirits Kindrid Spirits #FreeAssange (@kindridspirits) reported

    Bethesda (elder scrolls ect) has left gforce and entered into partnership with google streaming service.

  • chrisvenable Chris Ven🅰️ble (@chrisvenable) reported

    @Eithelion @AlcastHQ @TESOnline I have an Intel 9900k with a single measly 980 GTX powering 3 monitors with vid settings pretty high and almost never have game-impacting frame-rate issues. Probably as much to do with settings like draw distance or something.

  • _Grimsley 💀Chris Ski💀 (@_Grimsley) reported

    @Helexzura @TESOnline well thats the thing im not sure that it is. just based off how many people i see having this problem, i would have thought this would have been a posted suggestion by the devs.

  • FreddoFoozbear Freddo Foozbear #justiceforveyahair (@FreddoFoozbear) reported

    @Kaalgrontiid @talkingchee5e @TESOnline No problem!

  • danieljcabral 𝕯𝕮𝖆𝖇𝖗𝖆𝖑 (@danieljcabral) reported

    @TESOnline @BethesdaSupport I want to bring to your attention that gamepad mode has been destroyed from the new patch. The UI is atrocious. It’s zoomed in like I’m playing on a 50inch tv but my monitor is overwhelmed. Please fix this!!

  • ChaosKingTru {BSE} ChaosKingTru (@ChaosKingTru) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline On stage, "we are removing 35 GB from the game to improve performance." All veteran pvpers happy. On Twitter tho, "games going to be double the size so ya cause we gotta make sure there's more stuff for pver's to do....hold this L with a side of lag pvpers." Smh

  • awkrdlibrarian Alyssa Sullivan (@awkrdlibrarian) reported

    So, on Elder Scrolls Online, I have one main character that I’m pretty much doing everything on. And then I have like 4 side characters that I haven’t even attempted to play because I have a problem with creating characters once’s I get an idea for one. I have a problem.

  • RevenDarklord PlagueGodVicious (@RevenDarklord) reported

    @TheFlyWahine @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline It ain't worth it, they didn't fix much and the storage spage it takes is alot more. Just give up on eso. I did today. Very sad what this game company has done over the years in their various games.

  • lizottematthew matthew lizotte (@lizottematthew) reported

    @BenPear35358761 @TESOnline Ya nothing has changed for us M8 **** zos was supose to fix the doungon que bug .. well they swept it under the rug its verry much still active and is stopping alot of groups from entering doungons.

  • Eithelion Eithelion, Ranger of Imlad Morgul (@Eithelion) reported

    @AlcastHQ @TESOnline Hopefully fps does well in cyrodiil. Aside from the horrible lag in cyro, fps was one of the hugest reasons why I dont play ESO anymore. Would 100% play if lag and fps are better off

  • HomerJa87005794 Homer Jay (@HomerJa87005794) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline It’s great that after all these years you are still trying to fix the game 👍

  • candelicious87 Hatterskeeponhattin🎩 (@candelicious87) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @TESOnline I thought the download was supposed to launch automatically. It's telling me it has a patch manifest error and wants to repair like when the servers went down a week or 2 ago. I'm not sure what to do.