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The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. Available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • EmmieFishsticks Emmie Fish (@EmmieFishsticks) reported

    @_Catacious @Kaalgrontiid @TESOnline While we at it, we also need a fix for the necromancer skin from scalecaller. Its easily one of the best skins in the game... if you character has light skin. Its seriously lightens dark redguard skintones, which is such an unnecessary feature. All we need is the glowy tatts!

  • DanF89434 DanF (@DanF89434) reported

    @TESOnline Hopefully you'll fix the Svagrim fight by then.

  • N3bon1 N3bon (@N3bon1) reported

    @JakeCallahan29 @ChrisAGTV @TESOnline To be fare they have had weeks to work on it after the pc release if the same issue occurs it’s because they are just straight up bad at there jobs

  • BlueSlayss Joseph (@BlueSlayss) reported

    @TESOnline I swear to god. I have no problems with this but if the dlc gives me problems on the new release day then I’m seriously gonna have a problem with this.

  • EsoImagin 🧟‍♀️🧝🏻‍♂️🧚🏾‍♂️ImaginESO🧚🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧟‍♂️ (@EsoImagin) reported

    @TESOnline Solution. Bring the game out on the 8th, issue resolved. Xbox will be ready for it to be installed, no problems.

  • KoltonRoger kolton roger harvey (@KoltonRoger) reported

    @TESOnline George Floyd was not deserving of death, but the dude was not innocent. The BLM movement really could of picked a better martyr to unify people under it's cause. Like maybe Breonna Taylor. Although good way of saying hey I want to delay the update by a day to fix a problem.

  • cmcoppola Crystal Coppola (@cmcoppola) reported

    @TESOnline I'm sorry to be that person, but I see it mentions the midyear mayhem event. According to most accounts cyrodiil is still barely playable with the severe lag and crashing. I experience it some in IC. Is that gonna be fixed before hand or are we going to have a terrible time.

  • LeWickerson computer (@LeWickerson) reported

    @ar_swimmer @kewhi_83 @TESOnline Yeah, 1 day, but that's not the problem. The problem is the reason of why they do that. It's pathetic and selfish. Some people can't see that it's a business thing, not solidarity. But let's be honest, everyone would do that for the image.

  • ZedEx81 ZedEx81 (@ZedEx81) reported

    @TESOnline Damn I took annual leave for this and I live in Australia. I mean OK its sad what happened but why does the rest of the world have to be punished for US problems

  • BrokeGlasses Kevin Ryan (@BrokeGlasses) reported

    @Gwynbleidd771 @_caio_cesar_ @Dovahkriid3 @TESOnline I mean, none of that makes it okay to have your neck crushed by an officer in the middle of the street. To focus on his criminal past is to miss the larger issue by a country mile. But the past 4 years has taught me most in this country are unable to apply nuanced perspective

  • niffi niffi (@niffi) reported

    @TESOnline Floyd died 25th May; Greymoor Release on PC 26th May was no problem. Mhm...

  • VonJamestein VonJamestein (@VonJamestein) reported

    @TESOnline Imagine being mad about social justice issues and a matter of 24 HOURS.

  • JakeCallahan29 LyfeNEET (@JakeCallahan29) reported

    @NoreneBurkhead @TESOnline Game suppose launch on Tuesday but its releasing on Wednesday and everyone starts flipping out get over it it also gives the devs a extra day make sure console release doesn't run into same issues pc had on first week of release. Grow up people

  • JakeCallahan29 LyfeNEET (@JakeCallahan29) reported

    @ChrisAGTV @TESOnline Game suppose launch on Tuesday but its releasing on Wednesday and everyone starts flipping out get over it it also gives the devs a extra day make sure console release doesn't run into same issues pc had on first week of release. Grow up people

  • Soloplanes Teyarri Re'Shard (@Soloplanes) reported

    @Dovahkriid3 @TESOnline Wow. Smh. You got issues

  • SeeJoeEvil Joe Piervincenti (@SeeJoeEvil) reported

    @jesterXDsao @TESOnline don’t know about being screwed over but I do understand the frustration... I personally don’t really feel the need to rush to play everything immediately but I do hope at some point that’s not an issue anymore, was really hoping from a couple of years ago this would be resolved!

  • billybobjoe442 billybobjoe44 (@billybobjoe442) reported

    @TESOnline Maybe yall can fix console performance during that idc about waiting just atleast tell me when you are gonna fix the game pvp runs so bad

  • GrimUtopia Grim (@GrimUtopia) reported

    @TESOnline You guys have my full respect! Any of these trash people have a problem then I suppose they can just leave since nobody wants people like them around anymore. Great work eso #blacklivesmatter

  • Gas3019 Boss:[R||E]:Reaper (@Gas3019) reported

    @Yaroster @LoreanNerdkram @RoAvanchnzel @Kladvor @TESOnline I’m a Pueblo native and I don’t give a **** about George Floyd or what happened with the colonists. Native tribes fought wars with each other far more gruesome than the whites could even dream of. Some people don’t give 2 shits about petty problems like this.

  • Collynhoneybad1 Collyn honeybadger (@Collynhoneybad1) reported

    @TESOnline o but no were gonna delay our broken expac so we can show support stupid glad u already played it on pc and its really not worth a dam dime

  • Collynhoneybad1 Collyn honeybadger (@Collynhoneybad1) reported

    @TESOnline So y do we have to wait i get theres protest going on everyone should be equall but for **** sake first your game is gying case of all the bugs and glitches yall seem tk refuse tofix like the stam glitch bar swap issue necros being clunky as **** and halftheskills not working

  • Deuce_Deuce01 Robert Doose (@Deuce_Deuce01) reported

    @TESOnline Yayyy cant wait to play greymoor for 5 minutes and disconnect from a "invalid internet connection" every 5 minutes while im still connected to the internet just fine and still in my party... fix you’re ******* game bought a whole new router and ps4 still to only have this problem

  • faxx27__ 🦍🦍 (@faxx27__) reported

    @Soloplanes @TESOnline besides the one he was getting arrested for he spent five years in prison starting from 2009 for holding pregnant woman at gunpoint, his problems go all the way back to 90s. he was a criminal man, he wasnt a good person

  • Morrokarnaca RoLo (@Morrokarnaca) reported

    @Soloplanes @Golden_DragonV @TESOnline Pfff my mans you need a reality check. Facts are facts. If he was latino no one would give 2 *****. How about we fix our communities. And make black lives matter to black people 🙏🏼🇵🇷

  • HazyKop HazyJay (@HazyKop) reported

    @TESOnline Why not delay it for the USA only. Leave the others out of your virtue posturing. I know this may be a shock to people, but not every person on earth cares about americas social issues.

  • Soloplanes Teyarri Re'Shard (@Soloplanes) reported

    @NoreneBurkhead @TESOnline You are the problem that hurts America not make it better. Sit down and wait in time out while the civil people of America morn.

  • AlvinAwesomeX AlvinAwesome Dragon Knight of the Pact (@AlvinAwesomeX) reported

    @Enundr1 @TESOnline Because tbh, i would ask you to listen to the interview of @SlashLurk with @kyledempsterstu as this has been asked. But if you wanna ignore me, the issues sometimes is much harder than just turning it off and turning it back on again.

  • LoreanNerdkram Lorean (@LoreanNerdkram) reported

    @sekai @TESOnline This sort of Problem IS a US only Problem. Sry, but for NON US Citizens, the USA is just the most primitive Country in the world. Blacks are killing Whites, Whites are killing blacks etc...and black AND whites are still holding native americans captive in reservates like slaves!

  • jimbob73783407 jim bob (@jimbob73783407) reported

    @NefasQS @TESOnline If I thought it was genuine and not pr I’d have less of a problem.

  • dabacorn dabacorn (@dabacorn) reported

    @sekai @_arieldraws @TESOnline No it really not if they truly Care for this person to pay respects too him they shut the server down for a day instead of bullying console players sense there only ones with something they can use to use as a tool to look good.