Is TikTok down?

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

 Problems detected at TikTok

TikTok problems in the last 24 hours

TikTok Outage Chart

April 09: Problems at TikTok

TikTok is having issues since 07:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 39.52% Sign in
  • Glitches 30.95% Glitches
  • Online Features 19.52% Online Features
  • App Crashing 6.67% App Crashing
  • Microtransactions 3.33% Microtransactions

TikTok Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Peligros Glitches
Paso de los Libres Glitches
Ecatepec de Morelos Glitches
Catania Sign in
Tláhuac Glitches
Puebla Sign in

TikTok Comments

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TikTok Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ultchanel ㅤana (@ultchanel) reported

    but tiktok was becoming a problem

  • WTeffJarren jare (@WTeffJarren) reported

    TikTok isn’t working for me. OnlyFans here I come...

  • Salty_Singer18 Dezzy🎉 (@Salty_Singer18) reported

    Did you guys hear about tiktok stealing all our information. Like they banned all ppl working for the federal government to use tiktok! Should we delete tiktok

  • kina_purrs karina🥺 (@kina_purrs) reported

    TikTok really solves all my problems

  • kurlyvibes sweet vi (@kurlyvibes) reported

    Y’all knowing tiktok is discriminatory yet you still use it is the problem

  • hunnynutcherioo ria 🦋🌻 (@hunnynutcherioo) reported

    @DanteGoldz__ @kuzushikid @saikixfenty The issue is when you have to do all the extra shit such as shit talk on black women to appease non-black women instead of just LIKING them, it becomes disrespectful to us instead of just a preference. Look at those tiktok videos.

  • ashley_haze Ashley_Haze 💋 (@ashley_haze) reported

    Online was slow. Time to make some #TikTok videos! 😂🎶💁🏼 Follow me on there too: ⤵ theblondebutterfly 🦋

  • fabyeons ˗ˏˋ fab ˎˊ˗ (@fabyeons) reported

    my tiktok is always broken smh

  • alashay_ lexy ✨ (@alashay_) reported

    I downloaded tiktok a few weeks ago just to record a transformation video. I started scrolling when I was high last night and now I think I may have a slight addiction. I’m bouta be working my ass out!! Body bouta be so right.

  • yinslizzy Yinbirikeye Denyefa Elizabeth (@yinslizzy) reported

    @Enigma__Mag Lol babe you won't understand.. Login to TikTok for just 30mins, You go question your bf

  • urbansadfitters ‏ً‏ (@urbansadfitters) reported

    i cant wait for tiktok to crash and burn like vine

  • ChloKoh chlokoh oNOO IM IN QUARANTINE (@ChloKoh) reported

    @KristinaMaione My understanding is that it’s just insensitive! When you search the challenge on TikTok it’s a bunch of white girls while if you actually look at who makes up a large percentage of inmates, it’s poc which is a huge issue due to poc being targeted

  • SShadyJessie Jess, Corona degenerate (@SShadyJessie) reported

    can quarantine please end soon, I've spent so much time on tiktok that I've realized I probably have mommy and daddy issues I didn't need that in my life

  • bivocado izadora (@bivocado) reported

    @lolacoaster To be honest it probably was removed because of fatphobia. 🙃 I follow quite a few people on Tiktok who are fat and they have videos removed often for the same "reason" and a lot of it has to do with people who clearly have some issues they need to work through reporting it.

  • AyannaL00686898 Ayanna Lawrence (@AyannaL00686898) reported

    @tiktok_us fix this now. my tiktok was original, and another small; mixed creator did the same thing and went viral, come on now tiktok. really pressed fr but here’s my tiktok @ayanna.xoxx

  • KristinaMaione King Kristina👑 (@KristinaMaione) reported

    @makennafoster Exactlyyyyyy!! There are so many tiktok POVs that I almost find comforting to know that ppl have gone through the same thing, so what might be triggering to one is comforting to someone else. Unless it was set out to be ignorant or hurt ppl, I don’t think it’s a problem

  • damnitsnotdeep centella (@damnitsnotdeep) reported

    rightttt, like tiktok gonna solve the problem

  • ICraghill Bad Boy Iz (@ICraghill) reported

    Someone once commented fyp on my Tiktok and at the time I didn't know it meant for you page. So I searched it up and urban dictionary said it meant fix your post. So I got really embarrassed and deleted it.

  • ahzzaidi ahzzaidi (@ahzzaidi) reported

    The wind is blowing so hard and making creek nosies making me not know if it’s the wind or my boss coming and I keep closing my phone since I’m watching TikTok rather than working ..... 🤣🤣

  • pixielf2 𝕤𝕒𝕞 ☁︎︎ (@pixielf2) reported

    after trial and error of someone trying to take his name to twitter, this is the real issac! go support him through insta,tiktok,and now twitter! 환영해요 <3!

  • MichaelMistak Michael W. Mistak 👨🏻‍💻 Stay @ Home Order (@MichaelMistak) reported

    @mikeyil Respect the drip Karen (I really do have a TikTok problem)

  • ameerahaqilah Ameerah (@ameerahaqilah) reported from Ulu Kelang, Selangor

    But no offence. Pasal noreen buat kempen tiktok amende tu i pun disagree bcs there are so much more other issues that they can put some spotlight on

  • MollyTov2 MollyTov (@MollyTov2) reported

    @LilyHarder1 @ChispaSpeaks_YT Lily imagine if they came across Jim Sarokas tiktoks he dms the kids that follow him tells them if they ever have problems with their parents they can talk to him.. TONS of predators on tiktok it's awful

  • sreyadav0512 Şřé Yadav.KOMARAIAH.V.B🇮🇳 (@sreyadav0512) reported

    @palkisu Palki, can you please raise the issue of #TikTok (Chinese company) in India people are addicted to this Chinese app more over Chinese people won't use this app.. This is their gimmicks and foolish people using this app and wasting there valuable time..

  • muabchristine Brittney Christine (@muabchristine) reported

    pissed TikTok took down my video at 20k .... IM WORKING HARD FOR THIS CAREER OK

  • TweesaintDoglas Toussaint Douglass (@TweesaintDoglas) reported

    TikTok got content creators working like they in a sweatshop

  • _hilalbiyikli Hilal biyikli (@_hilalbiyikli) reported

    I need to have tiktok taken away this is becoming a problem 🥴

  • myooonieverse tiffy⁷🖋check pinned 📌 (@myooonieverse) reported

    Why would bts do bangbangcon on YouTube 😭😭we about to crash the app just like we crashed TikTok ALSKSKSNSK

  • Alyssai_ Alyssa (@Alyssai_) reported

    All these working from home Tiktok have me dying cause SAME. Lol

  • ETRNLKOOK ☕| 𝓳⁷ ²⁰¹³ • ° * ☆ follow limit AGAIN (@ETRNLKOOK) reported

    i was making a bts monopoly but someone else went viral on tiktok for it and even put her own version of the bts monopoly on youtube and now im scared that people are gonna say that i stole their ideas but ive been working on it since february and march 😭

  • purplemoonchii What do I put here😶⁷ (@purplemoonchii) reported

    @Louder_Then_BTS IKR AKFKBFWKFBFJDBDGDJXJK HE ONLY HAS TIKTOK AND IG😭😭😭 I followed it too..heart been broken too many times😭

  • winsmoon eli ♡ tine (@winsmoon) reported

    your tiktok is giving me heart problems sir

  • AvinashDoExist Avinash (@AvinashDoExist) reported

    @yusufahmed728 @ANI it's just a special permission app,no issue it's ok for me I'm not operating TikTok so my data isn't going to china 👉Now for your point of view i am clarifying u that through Whatsapp govt. can access each and every data(location,Gallery etc) from your mobile if govt. needs👈

  • Jimkookie_7 Cᴏᴏᴋɪᴇꜱɴᴄʜɪᴍ⁷ (@Jimkookie_7) reported

    Its official, I'm never going on tiktok ever again (unless its for BTS of course), a video almost scared the shit out of me and just as that video finished we had a power outage plus my phone was lowbat after an hour the lights are finally back but now i can't sleep fck!

  • RoderickLebron Roderick Fernandez (@RoderickLebron) reported

    I see no problems with this tiktok

  • sheldon9121 Sheldon (@sheldon9121) reported

    @BeachPeachSarah @mundy_levi @itsNICKSNIDER @jamescharles because he’s the only one people are talking about despite the fact when you type in “mugshot” on insane or tiktok, over hundreds pop up. That’s my point. It’s downright irresponsible to chastise one and not the entire challenge.. which is the problem. The challenge is the issue.

  • ashunbun hunny bunny (@ashunbun) reported

    that’s a problem bc it’s obvious that tiktok prefers ,,, como se dice ,,, wh*te ppl ,,, to go viral and there is plenty proof of that !!

  • greenberg_as asg (@greenberg_as) reported

    The problem with this whole “you’re annoying” trend on tiktok is that I actively call my guy friends annoying and NOW they think I’ve been flirting with them.

  • okiedokienoki my sweetest darling noelle, (@okiedokienoki) reported

    will @Apple accept emoji ideas bc i know people in tiktok have been making cute ones!! i personally am working on a lavender emoji design

  • masochist_city ᵀᶦⁿⁿᶦ🦋 (@masochist_city) reported

    Insta is boring af, twts servers down, so ill go make tiktok cause im not gonna study.

  • Bollocksworth Boswald Bollocksworth (@Bollocksworth) reported

    @Anti_Gnostic I don’t know if I have a problem or what, but I have an allergic reaction to the narcissism and exhibitionism which social media encourage Instagram and TikTok being the worst self-worship platforms.

  • Rhi_tomes Rhiannon Tomes (@Rhi_tomes) reported

    Okay so my issue with TikTok is watching all these people paint doors and walls and I’m not able to do that because I’m in a student house

  • Lemmaaa_ بت النيل (@Lemmaaa_) reported

    I see tiktok videos on my explore page without sound and immediately know what audio it is😭 FIX ME

  • kxtrinaxkxne dumbass (@kxtrinaxkxne) reported

    my tiktok isn’t working and i am pretty bloody pissed

  • joseph_mallen Joe Mallen (@joseph_mallen) reported

    FWIW, TikTok has created no billionaires or millionaires in the US, paid no US taxes, and has not contributed to income inequality. Let China deal with those problems.

  • worldsaparths agam (@worldsaparths) reported

    I want to change my tiktok @ and it's not working k word me pls why did I put such a cringy one

  • livinmylife1603 Floreeze✨ (@livinmylife1603) reported

    @Mufaa6 i'm not saying it's right but the younger generation is "edgy" & they make fun of history while also bringing attention to actual issues; imo knowing the culture of tiktok she is most likely calling out fetishizing black women; i could be wrong but the zoomers do this a lot

  • aunirazak Auni Razak (@aunirazak) reported

    @NotYourNiqabae Tiktok is litterally and waste of my tik toks.. that slow

  • gtcooI (@gtcooI) reported

    HEY @Stray_Kids_felix you cant go around asking for tiktok recs and not posting anything. fix that.

  • katelen_marie_ 𝒦𝒶𝓉𝑒𝓁𝑒𝓃🌸 (@katelen_marie_) reported

    Just realized that almost every guy I follow on TikTok is in the Military😂 I have a problem lol

  • CelladoraLilith Lilith ⁷ |BANGTAN ONLY EVENT| (@CelladoraLilith) reported

    I’m gonna leave the fandom if y’all crash youtube, I’m still traumatized after tiktok #BANGBANGCON #BTS_concert_at_home

  • lodhiya_nimesh nimesh_lodhiya (@lodhiya_nimesh) reported

    Can you reply to our tickets @TikTok_IN I have reported my problem for more than 10 times #tiktokindia #tiktok

  • sashaeljurdi Sasha J (@sashaeljurdi) reported

    It’s my third week working at TikTok and I must admit I still can’t stop singing if i back it up is it fat enough koopahh when i throw it back is it fast enough koopahh

  • DemiThomson9 Demi✨ (@DemiThomson9) reported

    Girls on tiktok get broken up with and start applying makeup to “show him what he’s missing” In the most nicest way, it’s cringe

  • Vegas5207 Jenn (@Vegas5207) reported

    @MrDaveSpEdTch Some Apps weren’t working right. Functions within other apps weren’t working. And my phone was just slower. I can’t find where the info was now but basically everything they talked about TikTok doing was the same issues I was dealing with.

  • 44kcals Bread/Medal Boy: Loves Sara (@44kcals) reported

    @ghoulbone I don’t; I just like his TikTok videos and agree with his general kinda stance. I believe everyone can do what they want unless it affects others (hence why I take issue with obesity).

  • GolandJoshua Joshua (@GolandJoshua) reported

    Can people on tiktok slow down the the coffee tutorials like ok I get it you have both a caffeine and a nicotine addiction before the age of 18

  • wh8lien iffah⁷ (@wh8lien) reported

    ******* hell i’m scrolling thru my tiktok fyp and all i see are people working out is this the universe telling me i’m f#t

  • starsnamsoo ⌖𝕒𝕟𝕟𝔸⁷'⁸ ♡'s day6 (@starsnamsoo) reported


  • h0biwrId moon²⁰¹³ (@h0biwrId) reported

    @twicelyy omg hey.... i’m trying to open your pinterest but the link you put it on tiktok is not working