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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • CheapGodiva Matrim Cauthon (@CheapGodiva) reported

    @ALieziert @Rich_Cooper I see this all the time in the r/tinder subreddit, it’s the single most irritating recurring issue.

  • dxmthemachine 🦇 David 🦇 (@dxmthemachine) reported

    I want to start a version of Tinder for socially awkward people where they barely speak to each other for the first few months and then a year to two down the line they clumsily confess a liking for the other person before a car crash first meeting 5 years down the line.

  • Celestial_Bagel WordPainter (@Celestial_Bagel) reported

    Hey @Tinder! I'd really like to use your service again but I've literally tried all day to sign in on my new phone and I keep getting the error (Option-1) PLEASE HELP! #noobstacle #Ignorantbutcute

  • Nika989 MizNika (@Nika989) reported

    @totalywrexles Hell naw. I have no problem ghosting Tinder. LoL.

  • srixracha punk ass twink ・ 。 ☆∴。 (@srixracha) reported

    this dude that i matched with on tinder is freaking out at me bc i added him to my priv story, i unadded him like he asked and had no issue with that and he spams me with nonsense still freaking out at me lol

  • rochemma em (@rochemma) reported

    i remember the last time i downloaded tinder it tried to supermatch me with my ex that i had JUST broken up w💀

  • blizzmons whateva name the face recognition machine callsme (@blizzmons) reported

    all the dudes on #tinder have daddy issues, #too .. dont get it twisted *****

  • marisadagert01 marisa (@marisadagert01) reported

    been talking to this hot guy from tinder for a minute. tell me why out of all the places in this shit city he can work it’s at the airport & I see him. while my dad is walking me in. and I crash my luggage cart 3 times cause I’m so flustered. I hate myself and my life goodnight

  • aliielden علي الدين والمصباح (@aliielden) reported

    @amber_alldredge @Tinder Same problem and they don't respond to any technical issues over email No worries about providing good services

  • roxieewil Mia Wallace (@roxieewil) reported from New Orleans, Louisiana

    I know God is working on me because I finally live alone and have managed to keep my ass off Tinder. The Blood still works, y’all.

  • DavisSnow d (@DavisSnow) reported

    @notdevito Only problem with this is that everyone is going to know it’s a catfish . Why would Brad Pitt be on tinder 😔

  • CaseSegrest Case Segrest (@CaseSegrest) reported

    I’m either ugly... or Tinder is broken.

  • OfficialQEvans Quintin Evans (@OfficialQEvans) reported

    This whole tinder thing isn’t working. Time to improvise.

  • megangashxx MG (@megangashxx) reported

    I did not pay £14 for tinder gold for my tinder to crash every time I click on the app !!!!

  • dillaz51 Gabriel Diaz (@dillaz51) reported

    @TweakboxSupport The tinder+++ and Snapchat red is not working

  • Mimita_Villa MimitaVilla (@Mimita_Villa) reported

    @aaroncarter That's the problem with tinder 😂😂😂

  • unpreesentable ghost girl (@unpreesentable) reported

    Sometimes I just go on tinder and talk to boys about my problems then unmatch I can’t afford a therapist rn

  • xltraviolencex mil (@xltraviolencex) reported

    Kelsey on FaceTime “ so I think I matched with the virgin media broadband man on tinder because when he came to fix my box he was asking me oddly specific questions about when I was starting work, like we spoke before, and then he sat on my bed!!” @kelseyh_98_ 😭😭😭😭

  • D_hernandez912 Dominic Hernandez (@D_hernandez912) reported

    “My tinder must be broken because I haven’t matched with anyone in awhile” “No you’re just really ugly” 😕

  • Crownlesse Gabriel Sullivan (@Crownlesse) reported

    If anyone's wondering about my sudden activity on twitter i haven't slept and a girl said she like my glasses on tinder and hasn't said anything else. I think that's were these thoughts are coming from. That and other deep seated issues that won't go away. Like feelings.

  • RachixRachi Maude🦢 (@RachixRachi) reported

    Niggerz still on tinder when they got the right swipe. They be out here looking famished like my ass ain’t ripe. I’m a meal they don’t appreciate and that ain’t no problem. They be out here eating poison and I ain’t gon stop em.

  • twellie Ellie Stanton (@twellie) reported

    Me: I downloaded Tinder, but it’s a little disappointing. Dad: Don’t use Tinder. Dating apps are for broken people.

  • College_FIIT Jess in the Wild (@College_FIIT) reported

    @SaSquats @indianfit_2be I put “Venmo me $5 to tell you how to make your profile better” and apparently it tripped off their algorithms or some shit. Worst part is @Tinder doesn’t actually tell you why you’re blocked - it just tells you an error message that could be a NUMBER of things

  • LuisaFranchsca Call me Eska (@LuisaFranchsca) reported

    If u know my ex. Dont ever date him he has authority issues. Lies and blames you instead of himself. Stay away from him. I love u but then u see him on tinder. SWIPE LEFT. Big **** tho.

  • shawoIeggo ʙʟᴀɪʀ 💓 (@shawoIeggo) reported

    i wish i could fix my favorite artists on tinder. i feel like half of the shit that it loads isn’t right.

  • EenTheMachine €€N (@EenTheMachine) reported

    @isaacflair A girl that I went on one date with through tinder from my uni texted me that she told them to fix it LOL

  • vivianshylie Sonn(et)-y 🌼 (@vivianshylie) reported from City of Saint Paul, Minnesota


  • DylanMcBennett Dylan McBennett (@DylanMcBennett) reported

    If I match with casa Bacardi on tinder one more time I'm gonna backflip into a bay of broken trolleys

  • thesendulife si cantik yang sendu (@thesendulife) reported

    @thatbitchnoreen Someone working in the company. An engineer. Matched on tinder early this year but he's so busy we never had a date. Sad he's going to Singapore. Damn. Single tho. Should've asked him out. Too late now.

  • breda_brady Breda Brady (@breda_brady) reported

    @roemcdermott @MiaChristina_ @image_magazine I agree with this to a certain extent, my experience of using dating apps would be that those type of guys in this article are the minority. The guy unmatching & trying to redicule obv has anger & issues with trying to meet women, @ same I would'nt go on tinder again.

  • jazmineamoeba Jazmine (@jazmineamoeba) reported

    Being on Tinder is draining. I can never last a damn day on it. I’m literally done. Never using this app. Men are disgusting and I just learned ppl on there are just broken.

  • farrxwrr Farrah (@farrxwrr) reported from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

    Oh and I am on Tinder just for fun, sometimes Im there just to vent on my problems to strangers because its easier to tell them your problems than your family and friends because those strangers doesnt care and they wont remember anything.

  • OGConfig :config (@OGConfig) reported

    “I’m on Tinder to make friends” “Sure, I’m on PornHub to see if the plumber manages to fix this sink”

  • VanntChow vannt chow (@VanntChow) reported

    I’m posting this because tinder is boring and probably broken

  • kinseykat911 Kinsey (@kinseykat911) reported

    I always see people know in person on bumble or tinder and want to swipe right just to see if they swiped right. The problem is the majority of the time I don’t actually want to match with them 😂

  • bigdumbitch1 🗿 Tessa (@bigdumbitch1) reported

    My tinders not working AGAIN bruh like @tinder fix your ******* app why are you guys so stupid

  • GoddessCassie4 Goddess Cassie (@GoddessCassie4) reported

    Someone give me their tinder login info. That could be fun lol

  • ho_tross Hotross (@ho_tross) reported

    This lady said hello to me on tinder and then after she had to go I said it was nice talking to you and then she told me I had emotional trauma and very low self esteem and then left and I'm not sure how to process a stranger looking into my soul and pulling out my broken.

  • leeatortilla Alleya (@leeatortilla) reported

    If you have a tinder/bummble i feel so sorry for you because everyone on those apps have issues & low self esteem.

  • raveshawty steph (@raveshawty) reported

    wow i’m such a dumb ******* ***** i forgave my ex cuz he wanted to fix things and this ******* SUCIO is on tinder . like bro **** this i’m DONE i’m ******* livid and just a dumb ass ***** , i’m ******* done hurting and being such a stupid forgiving person

  • justhoopin907 T.Coates 🎒 (@justhoopin907) reported

    People really bored in Alaska. How you gon make a fake tinder of me..... Causing problems in the household 😭

  • emmaxargent emma (@emmaxargent) reported

    everytime I fix one of my friends tinder they end up getting more matches... imma about to turn this into a business and make money outta of it

  • danitron daniello (@danitron) reported

    My WiFi isn’t working on my laptop so I can’t work on job applications. Weirdly enough it IS working on my phone so I can work on **** applications (update my tinder)

  • sworddslutt !! ♡ !! (@sworddslutt) reported

    @droolyalpha or the “staying out late ‘working’ and not coming home for two days because working is actually going on tinder dates and hanging out w random dudes” option like shit

  • burakkuhani Hagctzen (@burakkuhani) reported

    But now every guy on tinder seems to want a girl with self esteem and daddy issues so sucks to be you buddy I'm booked and busy 💅🏽

  • dmvician It's Denise! (@dmvician) reported

    Slow down there Tinder dude, I didn’t even give my phone number to the last guy I actually slept with. I ain’t giving it to you

  • andrewingram Andy Ingram 🌀 (@andrewingram) reported from Walthamstow, England

    I looked at my Tinder bio after a few months and didn’t hate it. It’s just the photos that are the problem now!

  • MAGA_JimmyD 🇺🇸Jimmy Dick🇺🇸 (@MAGA_JimmyD) reported

    @ResisterSiano Tinder not working for ya🤔

  • humblebrokeboi ʞuɐɹɟ (@humblebrokeboi) reported

    @notannah That can be fix with a single app “tinder”

  • BrookeSpeakNow Brooke_In_Wonderland (@BrookeSpeakNow) reported

    Kinda wish @Tinder didnt even exist but then I remember this isnt a Tinder problem this is a low down Marine guy problem who married the first girl who fell in love with him just so he could get out of barracks and she was stupid and her family let her do it.

  • vimanaboy PROOF OF DELUSION (@vimanaboy) reported

    @the_casle Asteroid causes Tinder to crash for me with the new iOS 12.4 JB. Unc0ver 3.5.2, iPhone 8 Plus.

  • juliettetheoreo camille (@juliettetheoreo) reported

    to all the people on tinder who put a picture with them and their ex on their profile and colors over their ex’s face and says “this could be you” get off of ******* tinder and let yourself heal you have a problem

  • N_A_Keating ηαтнαη (@N_A_Keating) reported

    highlight of my week so far has to be when I went for a meal out with my mum yesterday and a girl I talked to on Tinder was working there, but also she asked my mum for her number bc she liked her hair extensions and wanted hers doing, awkwardness at its peak x

  • larrykingundead Larry King (@larrykingundead) reported

    @ComicPerch I actually loved the first issue, it was not what I was expecting at all, it was really sweet, tinder even, I didn't think Miller had that in him. It's the best art JRjr's done since he left Marvel too, all a total surprise.

  • soapdoesit saint boudreau (@soapdoesit) reported

    @NIFCfire @BLMNational the major problem in forest fires in the US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT , for money, allows big corporations to cut old, fire resistant trees and leave brush and tinder. no ''fucing mystery'' stupid USA people. @USSenate plus killing life form diversity. @techreview

  • cyberEm00 👩🏼‍🦰 (@cyberEm00) reported

    @Tinder You banned me several times and i want an account, but i cant get in bc it requires my cellphone please fix this

  • BTaskarov Barry Taskarov (@BTaskarov) reported

    @AyoCaesar Thats the problem with kilo bags of bulk rice. Makes good tinder!

  • ellie194 elaine smith (@ellie194) reported

    Right so if people are so desperately needing a girlfriend/partner, a one night stand or even a little attention. Get on tinder or other dating apps. I have lost count how many times I am asked if I am single. My relationship status should not be an issue...

  • JoelleJp leann elle🎀 (@JoelleJp) reported

    Time for another addition of reasons i wont follow back: 1. I can't understand you 2. Stupid comments/questions 3. You're timeline 4. You're avi (**** pic) 5. You're bio 6. Not funny 7. Mean 8. You think this is tinder 9. People i do follow have had problems with you 10. Rude

  • lybaomer Lyba (@lybaomer) reported

    Girls who have issues with Tinder can just use Bumble. Simple. Problem solved.