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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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April 23: Problems at Tinder

Tinder is having issues since 06:10 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (51.22%)
  • Online Features (18.97%)
  • Glitches (15.72%)
  • App Crashing (12.74%)
  • Microtransactions (1.36%)

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  • ArtistTraveling The traveling artist (@ArtistTraveling) reported

    @SenecaScalps @rooshv I think the way Tinder shows each profile is part of the problem. You don't know for sure if the girl is overweight, or has a terrible personality, until you meet them. Yeah you can decide to date the younger girls but they are pursuing the hot alpha chads. It's a dead end.

  • visakanv Visa ✈️ SF! (Apr 24 – May 8) (@visakanv) reported

    Imagine Marilyn Manson or Mick Jagger working at Microsoft and trying to get dates on Tinder / OK Cupid

  • GaussianGoose Matthew McLaughlin (@GaussianGoose) reported

    My Tinder opening line of sending the entire hour and a half video of The Brave Little Abacus's last show is not really working

  • plntbabe al ♡ (@plntbabe) reported

    everytime i see some tinder story i'm reminded of one guy who blew up when i didn't respond after ten minutes when i 1. didn't have notifications on 2. was working a very busy shift

  • moontaku_mage Abby. (@moontaku_mage) reported

    Tinder isn't working. My life is meaningless.

  • NotZelta Zelta (@NotZelta) reported

    @vBhrdy @relapsse nah blame the american women if my boy relapse isn’t doing well on tinder then you 2 defo aren’t the problem

  • ohso_krispy Maybe: Kristie (@ohso_krispy) reported

    All the guys on tinder are like “the season is too slow, where’s the action at” and I’m like IF YOU JUST WANT AN ACTION SHOW GO WATCH SOMETHING ELSE, and unmatch them. (Jk I don’t unmatch, desperation is real y’all) #GameofThones

  • igneousqueen chelsea (@igneousqueen) reported

    this tinder thing is not working out for me

  • tylersegsjr tylersegsjr (@tylersegsjr) reported

    @Tinder please fix your app

  • nothnxplz chubby crybaby (@nothnxplz) reported

    swiped past a dude on tinder whose first pic was a selfie in a broken mirror...... just gonna assume he punched it and broke it which means he has anger problems and also 7 years of bad luck so no

  • tylersegsjr tylersegsjr (@tylersegsjr) reported

    @Tinder stop working I never get a match anymore

  • TheyCallMeChew Chewy 🇳🇬 (@TheyCallMeChew) reported

    This girl told me I needed to fix myself. Today I went on tinder and swiped till I found a girl with moderate emotional intelligence. God therapy is soo hard :/

  • moshskeet james (@moshskeet) reported

    It bothers me some that this chick has a problem with alcohol. In my tinder profile, it does mention beer. I guess women don't read profiles either.

  • kimchikarma91 Tinki (@kimchikarma91) reported

    Someone is trying to login to Tinder with my phone number and I am legit creeped out

  • SeanPaulinhoooo Sean-Paul Connaghan (@SeanPaulinhoooo) reported

    Might make a Tinder account where my bio includes "Liking dogs and liking food aren't personality traits'. I know it's not everyone, but ******* it's common enough to be an issue.

  • ZACHARY_PAZ Empath Zac ✝️ (@ZACHARY_PAZ) reported

    @LegendaryEnergy I’ve noticed the same problem with tinder. You think you connect with someone over text, and then they’re completely different in person. Weird energy.

  • doremineko_ dont talk to me (@doremineko_) reported

    Man my roommate is really crazy about tinder. She literally have every day a new guy at home for dinner. And my problem is that they are all tall and blonde so I never remember if I already met them or not lol

  • autochi0 ᴊᴏʀᴅʏ ʜᴀᴛᴇs l̾i̾b̾t̾a̾r̾d̾s̾ (@autochi0) reported

    @xoQueenBethxo @MalaVidaaaaa @donovonalxander @migh0st @nonotrending Girl you need to fix your wig and your makeup and your attitude stupid thot. Go turn some tricks on Fremont for a new wig or something 💀 we’ve established you’re already a ****** getting busted in by random ****** off tinder for a McDonald’s McGriddle 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Capstone_PE_VC simon C (@Capstone_PE_VC) reported

    @torproject The chinese social dating app(payed subscription)likes tinder clone use geo-fence to block sensitive🤫 area likes R.O.C. (Taiwan and Uyghur)thé system said according to policy the R.oC. Was blocked and the server errors cannot meet new friends in Xin-Jing , that Unbelievable 🤬

  • A_Pretty_ChemE Wholesome Faithful Black Queen 👸🏾 (@A_Pretty_ChemE) reported

    If they think you a ***, they have no probably being all in ya business. I bet he sent a screenshot to her new dude 😂😂😂 “I ain’t trying to start no problems but I wanna come to you as a man and let you know I her profile on Tinder.”

  • countyhalls diode (@countyhalls) reported

    I'm nervous about tinder to the point where I can't sleep abt it but I gotta push away my social anxiety issues in order to enjoy ngl

  • Quthulhu Jana (commissions open) (@Quthulhu) reported

    @doomcultgames @SixFootTurtle There's just two problems: I think German people are severely unattractive, and weirdly enough you find just as many people with a personality as on Tinder. Second Problem: I don't go out enough for that to work, so Internet it is! lol

  • god_im_bored_ Golf Guy🥛 (@god_im_bored_) reported

    Casey Anthony not having problems getting matches on tinder but Zimmerman is

  • sunilsrk Sunil Sivaramakrishnan (@sunilsrk) reported

    @nandtara @priyankagandhi @RahulGandhi @Tinder 😂 @nandtara blocked me, she missed the humour in the tweet. Chalo, no problem.

  • byers90 Sam Byers (@byers90) reported

    @naomialderman But I have big issues with this kind of behaviour generally - screenshotting emails and tinder chats and whatnot. Sometimes I can see that it’s enlightening, but a lot of the time it seems mean and kind of smug.

  • neonbirb soap (@neonbirb) reported

    I’m so mad my tinder is broken I just wanna be able to boyfriend browse,,, I’m tired of being alone

  • stevpdixon Stephen Dixon (@stevpdixon) reported

    @samdruiff @TalkingTorquay Mate I was a Tinder veteran. (Pretty sure my Tinder was broken - I never got any matches 🤔)

  • illestmind ks (@illestmind) reported

    so that fake tinder with my pics is still up I guess cuz I just got a message asking if that was me (they’re using a different name) I am not on tinder. Leave me alone. I’ve tried to contact tinder already and they said they solved the issue a few months ago. Mfs creep me out.

  • queendoubleu the lions queen. (@queendoubleu) reported

    I had no idea we matched on Tinder. And when we started working together we had a genuine connection.

  • crystotangulous ViVi (@crystotangulous) reported

    The number one thing that makes me cry is seeing stereotypical blonde white college girls working their retail jobs talking about tinder & urban outfitters bc a part of me deeply wishes I could be that ignorant. Or maybe, just more plugged in to society with less life experience.

  • halimahy Halimah (@halimahy) reported

    The man who asked if the woman i was working with was single or not cause he saw her profile on tinder in front of her kids, kid's father & many others saw me the other day & asked me if she single or not in front of hella people. I told him ask her. Me and her don't dicuss that

  • RachelSlipke Rachel Slipke (@RachelSlipke) reported

    A guy on tinder just asked me for skincare advice so you could say the Facetune is WORKING

  • jzzkmbo jazz kambo (@jzzkmbo) reported

    No Tinder No Bumble No Problem

  • beachvermin california sober (@beachvermin) reported

    @Transthoughts1 exactly my point. this question is gonna come up eventually. i met my boyfriend on tinder and he had 0 experience dating trans guys. so he asked me questions and he was respectful. i answered him the best i could, was pretty open about everything and we never had any issues

  • ArkAnge21662023 ArkAngel (@ArkAnge21662023) reported

    To stop allowing people do you use tinder and Grindr to stop f*** tardes from breeding being outnumbered. I have never been accused of being such a thing until this year. All my years working in customer service is only this year that I've been accused of such a thing and I've

  • KellyCo53980973 Kelly Cooper (@KellyCo53980973) reported

    @DarylRitchison I remember the day well. I was going to NDSU, and working part time at the airport. A news crew hired a charter to get pictures of a fire near Staples. It was tinder dry.

  • softly_sighing2 NotMe (@softly_sighing2) reported

    Slow your roll, Casanova, this isn’t Tinder.

  • softly_sighing2 NotMe (@softly_sighing2) reported

    @Rick89948988 Slow your roll Casanova... this isn’t Tinder.

  • OhHeyGibby Tom (@OhHeyGibby) reported

    @newmanbychoice @tomfgoodwin Agreed - but then I’d come back to the “depends on how it’s used and who’s using it”. Tinder allowed me to meet a massive pool of people without the time and cost expense of going out. What’s the real problem - the tech itself or the people using it.

  • bethanyyedwards Beth Edwards (@bethanyyedwards) reported

    the problem w tinder is that you guys get meticulously thought out and perfectly edited selfies of cute girls whereas we get a blurry pic of you playing lacrosse or holding a fish and have to distinguish you from your friends with 0 assistance

  • inxfixnixte charlie🌻 (@inxfixnixte) reported

    It’s hard bc we can’t really go out and they’re not from here so they don’t know anyone ): and tinder isn’t working lol

  • sarahtynan0 sarah (@sarahtynan0) reported from Cedar City, Utah

    i guess tinder is a place for homeless people to look for places to crash now

  • AaronMcC_Zero Aaron McClenaghan (@AaronMcC_Zero) reported

    @MarkGoulston @Tinder Personally, I only use the word 'love' when I genuinely 'feel' that emotion, so I would agree with the first part. I have never used it based on a narcissistic complex or a need for validation. My issue is when others devalue the word and say it without genuine feeling/meaning.

  • ekheraty emily (@ekheraty) reported

    tinder support just mad that i made enough to buy ben and jerrys, the noble cause i was looking to fund, while theyre working for shekels

  • sojumpthenfall allison ღ (@sojumpthenfall) reported

    I accidentally left my tinder set in France overnight and I woke up this morning to 250 matches of hot French guys and I don’t know what to do with them but I also don’t feel like it’s a problem

  • icarusatsea icarus (@icarusatsea) reported

    @btsxtrixie honestly for me it doesn’t even make it top five of reasons why girls would avoid me on tinder I have so many other issues AKSJSJSJ

  • xIN_8 ishan (@xIN_8) reported

    @dharxmmviii Imagine if we had Tinder as our sleeve sponsor. Would have solved so many problems

  • joeferret Janel W (@joeferret) reported

    @ABCWorldNews Tinder don’t want any problems. Zimmerman has several run ins with the law around violence and stalking. Tinder would be a fool to open themselves up to that liability.

  • liliezefont gwen and her bot (@liliezefont) reported

    I'm having weird clipping issues on tinder and here

  • rid7d7r1k3k i've gone for too long living like i'm not alive (@rid7d7r1k3k) reported

    Whdhdh people really took 5 working days to reply tinder chat

  • kioplikii bright eyes fan account tbh (@kioplikii) reported

    can’t believe my boyfriend still doesn’t understand why him keeping his tinder 6 months into our relationship was a problem when it literally broke us up lol

  • lanasnosejob charlie (@lanasnosejob) reported

    a good ol tinder session shall fix it

  • blIyache melody (@blIyache) reported

    i told this guy on tinder i was at mcdonald’s and he asked if i was eating or working pleaseeee kill me ***** do i LOOK like

  • toemansworld Toemansworld (@toemansworld) reported

    @daphnedare You gotta be shittin me the woman is beautiful as you on Tinder f*** I wish I was better looking and younger I'd walk to 10 miles of broken glass just to taste you

  • owentooelve Owen Tooelve (@owentooelve) reported

    @BearFightDawg @EmptySeatsPics @HardcoreHusky @yo_its_joe Not sure your Tinder problems have anything to do with this

  • shazzzaayy shaz (@shazzzaayy) reported

    i was texted a confirmation code to login tinder but i've never had a tinder in my life. help

  • mr_broast 🇵🇸✊🏾 (@mr_broast) reported

    tinder gold still wouldn't fix my shitty attitude

  • BSAReads Bye-Ren (@BSAReads) reported

    Seeing the same people on Tinder from 4 years ago is too much for me to process. Obviously, this isn't working for any of us.

  • aurax0s aura 🌙 (@aurax0s) reported

    im single because THEY'RE gonna get hurt hunny. not talking about throwing hands when things go wrong,,, or that im broKen, just that I'm waiting for myself to regain my maturity after losing so many brain cells on my last relationship and on tinder simple lang HSHDHAHA

  • Kahil Kahil 🏳️‍🌈 (@Kahil) reported

    @anxious_e Yeah....if Tinder, OK Cupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble and Grindr aren't working for me.....don't think Facebook will do the trick.