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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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December 10: Problems at Tinder

Tinder is having issues since 05:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • bt_sbb FelineFeral (@bt_sbb) reported

    So this ******* tinder asked me if I was a good cuddler and autocorrect told her I was an expert smuggler. And I sent it before caughting the error 🙃 #thriving #HappyTuesday

  • DominicaHurlock dom (@DominicaHurlock) reported

    @LeahtheMoon This one is from tinder. Commitment issues, probable drink problem and too many mixed signals for me. Red flags all over the place

  • alexanderawwr alex 😔 (@alexanderawwr) reported

    Tinder ain’t working so I think I’m gonna go back to 2D girls

  • sciliz Science Lizard (@sciliz) reported

    @szetoinsitu @bastard_robo @danitheroma @NyleDiMarco To be clear, I doubt a genetic tinder would've prevented that situation, but right now genetic info is too expensive, too much gatekeeping, and too late in the pregnancy. There are ways of addressing those problems responsibly, but I'd actually start with privacy law.

  • HugoThePinkCat ❄️ Hugo the frozen snep ❄️ (@HugoThePinkCat) reported from Montréal, Québec

    @CeresBaistat But there are already ways to know if you're more at risk of passing down a genetic anomaly. You can then take a informed decision The issue's that this guy is literally promoting the idea of matching people through their DNA as a Tinder style service. It's not the same thing.

  • shawnshreds95 shawnshreds (@shawnshreds95) reported

    @hermit_hwarang Maybe, just maybe, the problem is trying to find someone on tinder period ... desperation is never attractive

  • transgemder man of strawb 🍓 (@transgemder) reported

    twitter and tinder are the only apps that are working for me... so uh... 🙂

  • orpheuseurydice Cameron Jackson (@orpheuseurydice) reported

    @NickEvershed By the end of the year, it may well exceed it. The Guardian reports that the fires this year are very different from the 74 fires. In 74, the fires were largely scrub out West, and the problem was rain had created a lot of fuel, rather than everything being tinder dry.

  • AyeRishPirate Spuds McKenzie (@AyeRishPirate) reported

    Every time I mention a trope I'll number it. 1. Starts out with young couple on Tinder date. 2. Guy is working class and seemingly decent. Gal is for lack of a better word "Bougie" 3. Gal is attorney who just had a client sentenced earlier in the day to the death penalty

  • st4reintoabyss meme queen sour cream latke praxis (@st4reintoabyss) reported

    Also way fewer messages on tinder after putting in my profile that I'm disabled 🙃 gets rid of the problem but feels bad man

  • MattKleinDrums Matt Klein (@MattKleinDrums) reported

    @The_Malibu_Mike @Tinder @bumble That sounds like a you issue, bud...

  • agabrielleC__ STARGIRL. (@agabrielleC__) reported

    I think my Tinder is broken lol

  • Trash_G2 Gray (@Trash_G2) reported

    My biggest problem was that me and my boyfriend broke up but now it’s the fact I matched with my manager on tinder

  • Rosie_BunBun Rose (@Rosie_BunBun) reported

    //holy shit, I think Tinder's actually working for me

  • itchebitche dickarus (@itchebitche) reported

    maybe its because im mentally a boomer at dating but these 20 somethings on tinder are something else with the “come thru tonight, on this monday night, u can crash at mine if it gets too late. im inviting you over at 10:37 pm” like excuse me sir its past my bedtime as it is

  • btcrob Rob ⚡️ (@btcrob) reported

    @hermit_hwarang I don’t have any tinder problems 🤨 #tinder

  • CryingWithStyle it really be like that sometimes (@CryingWithStyle) reported

    If your pictures on tinder are more filter than face, there’s an issue.

  • BRENDAeleven WoodRat Bren Sound Fair (@BRENDAeleven) reported

    @fatherqueerest @wsbgnl @TheStranger @richsssmith 2 people making $15 an hour with no kids shouldn't be struggling to pay rent together. That's around $62,000 a year combined ... well over the "$56,000" people supposedly needed to rent a studio. So you're either not working or your spending all your money on video games & tinder

  • LaraLaefer Lara (@LaraLaefer) reported

    True, but the problem is that when marriage was the expectation and standard hypergamy was used to secure good husbands. Now it’s just used to hook up with the most Chad guy on tinder

  • leftcoaast ⛄️ (@leftcoaast) reported

    I found out my ex had a tinder and was talking to females while i was working. ***** i bawled right there and then and my boss made me go home 😭💀💀💀

  • _JessGavx xJessicaa❤️ (@_JessGavx) reported from Fort Worth, Texas

    Work is so slow that at this point if you see me on tinder is just to get potential car buyers so mind ya business 💀

  • Dylaneggs Dylan Sparano (@Dylaneggs) reported

    I have been on one tinder date and their sick friend drove us and this dude who got his leg broken in a rave around Arleta for a while to which I had to assist both of them and when the girl finally made a move on me I was tired af. I don’t even know if it actually happened.

  • ghoulcabin rob (@ghoulcabin) reported

    [to my friend who’s main tinder pic is a car off google images, has no bio and gets no matches] Yeah man all womens phones must be broken. Satellites and wifi everywhere might be down or something

  • LiuYongfu6 Liu Yongfu (@LiuYongfu6) reported

    @hermit_hwarang That's the problem with things like Tinder. It emphasizes superficiality, this usually takes the form of social biases. If it emphasized commonality and personality and then showed you their appearance, you might pick differently.

  • GilliesKodie Kodie Ann Gillies (@GilliesKodie) reported

    “I’m on tinder to make friends.” Of course you are, sweetheart👏. I’m on porn hub to see if the plumber manages to fix the ******* sink.

  • comugorved comugorved ☭ (@comugorved) reported

    @RuairiWood My guy looks 26 and is trying to pick up women on tinder by opening with the statement that he's a tory and if they have a problem with that then they're being prejudiced.

  • yoori_ebooks /yo{2,}ri_ebooks/i (@yoori_ebooks) reported

    I would probably just want my games I should have no one else is pushing me on tinder just been risen from the same issue as they made burritos for us

  • jackarymccann 🥺😈🤪 (@jackarymccann) reported

    I told myself I would finally start working on my paper but here I am, telling a man in a diaper on tinder that he’s worthless and should give me money

  • daveywaavy (@daveywaavy) reported

    my mom and sis were talking about their guy issues and i was like “yeah men are trash, it’s all good at first then you find them on tinder” and there was an awkward silence for like 5 minutes

  • hoeearrings the grink👑 (@hoeearrings) reported

    When my old 40 year old male manager and I went through my tinder on a slow night and he was talking the most shit about most of the men 😂

  • ChiomaPear1 Chiiiiiiiii (@ChiomaPear1) reported

    @steveamaza Lol. Used to accuse someone of hacking my Tinder and blocking my account. Things changed and voila!! Tinder is working..

  • Dogetoshi 𝕊𝕥𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕟 (@Dogetoshi) reported

    Tinder should issue a Basic Attention token.

  • KWilds91 KWild (@KWilds91) reported

    @getongab If you want to fight human trafficking & exploitation focus your efforts onto real issues & give awareness to actual daylight exploitation & online garbage such as bedpage, Tinder, and other websites.

  • LovinLifeUGuys David Cotter (@LovinLifeUGuys) reported

    To avoid doing my FINAL ESSAY FOR A VERY IMPORTANT MODULE I downloaded tinder again. Somebody fix me

  • FaerieKitteh DestKitteh™ ♡ (Bob) (@FaerieKitteh) reported

    😂😂 “I’m on Tinder to make Friends” Yeah and I’m on Pornhub to see if the plumber manages to fix the sink

  • MattisEB The Housewife / Mattis (@MattisEB) reported

    I dont even know why I bother with Tinder anymore, the girls I match with don't wanna talk with me anyway when I message them but why ******** did you match with me like bruh. I don't feel like being single all the ****** time but this is clearly not working out lmao

  • emoguyzarehot 🤢 reed 🍓 (@emoguyzarehot) reported

    someone on tinder sent me "you look like trippie redd ;)”,.............................I'm so broken

  • KayleeGromoll 🍌𝔹𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕟𝕒 𝕊𝕡𝕝𝕚𝕥 🍌 (@KayleeGromoll) reported

    @Oreocide @BNellyNelson @Tinder Haha I have the same ******* issue, but with guys and them being bland as a ******* saltine cracker without any chili

  • TKElkow Taylor K Elkow (@TKElkow) reported

    If there was a DC version of the L word it would be all the couples going to a farmer's market and staying in, and all the single women at the one ******* bar, that you can't walk into without seeing 5 awkward tinder dates, and complaining about working 80 hour weeks.

  • saldivar_katie Katie ❂ (@saldivar_katie) reported

    Y’all I hate hate hate going through breakups. And rn there’s approximately 2 other men I am attracted to So rebounding might be an issue. Oh I’m also never using tinder ever again lol

  • Ohdem1 ᏰᏗᎷᏰᎥ (@Ohdem1) reported

    @GetYerYaYasOut @Yourdarkdream1 @estelaestremera @ERnurse86 @MellieDarcy If you go on tinder and see James In the female section and swipe right on him then maybe he not the one with the problem. If you can clearly see it’s a dude and still go on to peruse him then that man is not straight. James wouldn’t be considered a predator.

  • berettaali9mm candan (@berettaali9mm) reported

    tinder is a fight for a broken heart

  • schrodie_twts schrödinger's hooman (@schrodie_twts) reported

    tinder stop ******* posting this year in swipe and go fix your broken algorithm.

  • SassieStacie55 SassControl (@SassieStacie55) reported

    Alrigghhttt let’s play The Tinder Game where we judge from pictures who has their shit together more than come to find out they have a drug problem and they are STILL not over their ex when they broke up two years aggooo.

  • birdschoolgrad fool of a took (@birdschoolgrad) reported

    Like not to be that person but if you’re on tinder or bumble or anything else day after day looking for that next person to **** constantly, you probably have some inner issues you should work on before continuing to try to **** your way into a relationship.

  • SamHughes_99 Sam Hughes (@SamHughes_99) reported

    Life's pretty depressing when you cancel Tinder Gold because even that's not working for you lol

  • Crow31Darkness John Bishop 🇦🇺 (@Crow31Darkness) reported

    @realnormdeplume @JDRucker @JackPosobiec @MattWalshBlog @Schilling1776 Hook-up sites like Tinder are worse to be honest you don't know who those people are. People have met people on Tinder and later ended up dead from a person they met on there. I have no problem with Online Porn as long as its between consenting adults & only accessible for 18+.

  • Mojo_bojo_hoho Jj (@Mojo_bojo_hoho) reported

    @youtuberg0ssip And that the breakup has jeopardized her recovery, that her trust issues are even worse, that she has no idea it would end badly-as if her impulsive tinder binge was completely unavoidable

  • TemporalWalker 🔞🏳️‍⚧️🦨 Skunk Valor (dangerous) (@TemporalWalker) reported

    @Jumonji1 @IkkyPanda Yeah I was definitely trying my best to stick with it, it's just I got like 7 episodes in and it still felt like there were no like, stakes or anything past, he can't log out. I can appreciate a slow burn, but it felt like nobody had even lit the tinder yet, lmao

  • koolaidjizz Koolaidjizz (@koolaidjizz) reported from Denton, Texas

    @Tinder you instantaneously banned my account the second I created it. I Haven’t broken any of the rules on the terms of service because I couldn’t even log on to my account for any length of time.

  • tori_borialis victoria (@tori_borialis) reported

    Re-downloaded tinder today. Excited to see how quickly my faith in love is broken this time

  • L_Hemenway5 Lex (@L_Hemenway5) reported

    dudes are always confused why i’m on tinder... bro i’m just trying to get over my serious dad issues & the dudes that continue to hurt me. i’m just as confused as you & tbh i’m just tryna feel something other than the pain that’s in my heart rn

  • bangingbodyb the baddie b (@bangingbodyb) reported

    I’m swiping in tinder to “mystery of love” yeah. I’m broken.

  • shell19xx hollywood whore (@shell19xx) reported

    dude on tinder just asked me how many calories I burn when I run from my problems 😅

  • lildahliii lilith (@lildahliii) reported

    Every time I somehow get my heart re-broken by the Justin situation I end up back on Tinder 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ThatDudeFromLI scorpio serg (@ThatDudeFromLI) reported

    Tinder be working 10x better on Sunday. All these hoes are lonely Lmfaooo

  • TrescaAnthony Anthony Tresca (@TrescaAnthony) reported

    I didn't study for finals today, but that's ok because I did: -Sleep till 1:30pm -Make a bitchin showtunes playlist -Sit in the cafeteria for 2 1/2 hours -Anxiety run 4 miles -Crash a group study session -Text a Tinder match all day that I am probs never going 2 meet up with

  • balial963 pão ⛧ 86 days until Ghost🤪 (@balial963) reported

    @SWEETRAVENWINE Thank you, but that's... A huge problem for me. I only chose to try tinder bc I have no idea how I can make friends irl. I have a job and go to uni, but I only have colleagues

  • Drakengard3_ 𝒷𝒾𝒷𝒾 ♡ (@Drakengard3_) reported

    the boy working w me asked a gamer girl to a date on tinder and got rejected and I wanted to laugh but I might just be sick

  • goddessinannax inanna london (@goddessinannax) reported

    don’t care im hotter than every single man ive ever met so ill keep calling out you ugly entitled men who think you are ******. if his profile was working he would be banging hot chicks not being a pig on tinder you ********