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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • Online Features (18.89%)
  • Glitches (16.94%)
  • App Crashing (14.72%)
  • Microtransactions (.56%)

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  • lishaaaah
    Ali (@lishaaaah) reported

    Tinder is like working out...when you find one guy you like, you have to force yourself to keep swiping or else if you stop your catch feelings. #tinderchronicals

  • izzyparryyy
    izzy (@izzyparryyy) reported

    I’ve come to the conclusion that if u look at the root cause of all my problems, it all comes back to Tinder

  • itsaudreyewers
    aud mod (@itsaudreyewers) reported

    the year is 2021: -all of my friends have graduated college -i’ve moved back in with my parents and lost all hope of getting my degree -i’m working full time as a shampoo saleswoman for a pyramid scheme i got dmed about on insta -my tinder date just stood me up life is good

  • catl4dy
    uncle mom (@catl4dy) reported from Louth, Leinster

    sorry WHAT theres a girl from school and I STAN her and her boyf and now they mustve broken up cos he's on tinder im DEVO

  • T64839070
    T (@T64839070) reported

    @Tinder fix your ******* shitty glitchy app NOW!

  • rics_bpereira
    Rics (@rics_bpereira) reported

    So I wasted 11 minutes of my life on tinder swiping ... mostly are hot but only a problem : hairless. I cannot do SMOOTH.

  • swampheart
    Horoscope Bitch♎ (@swampheart) reported

    Im gonna just start using tinder to fix these hoes bad haircuts

  • Ionic_Ayon
    Too Busy Boy (@Ionic_Ayon) reported

    I hate that tinder is not working on my phone for some reason

  • nicollemetz
    nikki (@nicollemetz) reported

    y'all tell me why josh's debit card stopped working because he put through 10 transactions for tinder 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • OlDirtyBradley
    Bradley (@OlDirtyBradley) reported

    I just matched w a guy on tinder whose bio said “I’m sad.” I’m deleting this app and working on my self esteem I think.

  • BrannonMc0
    Brannon 🏴‍☠️🌐 (@BrannonMc0) reported

    You ever seen a bad ***** on tinder and then you see them working as a host then realize you pulling way more money then her but she still not going to like you back cause she think you ugly 😂 ok ***** I don’t wanna spoil you anyways

  • fakecakoi
    Z (@fakecakoi) reported

    Install tinder nak cari poets, tapi takdapat update anything and error and keyboard lagging tetiba teruk gila well I guess I shouldn't do this then 😂

  • KrisJennerTD
    reesha (@KrisJennerTD) reported

    My internet is going real slow so I’ve been swiping through tinder based on people’s names for the last half an hour

  • lisasierra
    Lisa Sierra (@lisasierra) reported

    I was telling my friend how bored I was with my broken ankle and she said I should get on tinder...I’m bored, not ugly and horny 😂

  • cocainadeIrey
    𝖍𝖔𝖗𝖓𝖞 𝖌𝖍𝖔𝖘𝖙 (@cocainadeIrey) reported

    this guy on tinder thought i would have a problem with him being bi well he doesn’t know he’s gonna got his ass ate

  • Tabsters_Kiss
    Tab (@Tabsters_Kiss) reported

    If you still take tinder serious, you’re the problem

  • thebaseddom
    💀™ (@thebaseddom) reported

    Two problems w tinder 1. Everyone on tinder thought it was a good idea 2.its not

  • The1GrantMcIvor
    Grant McIving home for Christmas🎄 (@The1GrantMcIvor) reported

    Well tinder sure as hell ain’t working so I’m up for spending Valentines doing this!

  • PunktAlexander
    alexander.punkt (@PunktAlexander) reported

    @EACoreySA You are not aware of working for a shitty company. @EACoreySA start to perform. Your job is pretty cool, might give you shots on tinder, but you are missing your scope of work every day. Same for @EA_GZaro and @EA_Andy_

  • abird498
    Pika (@abird498) reported

    @PandaHelperVIP Please fix tinder

  • joeybarnett18
    🎅🏻 santa seph 🎅🏻 (@joeybarnett18) reported

    I always complain about being lonely, but literally never answer anyone back on tinder.... maybe i AM the problem

  • emghollenbeck
    em (@emghollenbeck) reported from Castaic, California

    so I downloaded tinder just to see what I’m working with....and I can’t tell if my standards are really high or if it’s normal to not want to go on a date with a guy that only posts shirtless pictures and puts their height in their bio

  • tournerpolitics
    kosher salt מלח כשר (@tournerpolitics) reported

    @hermitqueen this is my problem i Dont know what people do on tinder like “sooo what do you think of she-ra” “well im a wlw with a pixie cut so u know i stan”

  • BaddestPadme
    Jaz (@BaddestPadme) reported

    I changed my password but this isn’t the first time this happens. I’m going to go to Tinder and try to sign in an see who tf is using my email

  • cam_napoli
    Cameo 🍂 (@cam_napoli) reported

    my tinder age already changed like please slow down I have 15 more minutes

  • Ems_Mae_
    Emily Gooch (@Ems_Mae_) reported

    Its been a productive day, passed my first final, found out my BF has been contacting his ex, learned he has a tinder & activitly uses it when he’s out of town working, & has been texting “female friends” cause I haven’t given him enough attention while studying for finals.

  • realdaveimboden
    Davis. (@realdaveimboden) reported

    made a tinder profile to day already found a big problem with the UI. i keep swiping up in an attempt to read the profile but this motion does some infernal finishing move called "super like". fix this now!

  • GabbyMarieS
    Gibbers🦄 (@GabbyMarieS) reported

    and by that i mean working hard on avoiding my studies but scrolling on tinder and eating my egg salad sandwich (w no celery)

    𝐬𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐡 (@VlRGOTH) reported

    this guy from tinder said he wants to fall in love with me. sir that sounds like a you problem!

    Sister Shib (@MITCHOHOLIC) reported

    @Tinder I am having a bit of a problem

  • yes000999888
    𝓀𝑒𝓁𝓈𝑒𝓎 (@yes000999888) reported

    My tinder bio is not working

  • LeftistCuck
    Leftist Cuck (@LeftistCuck) reported

    I think ima start working on a new tinder video! If you have any material send it in 😃👍

  • BIT80sP
    Born In The 80s (@BIT80sP) reported

    I have no issue with hook-up apps but when Tinder first came out it was promoted like a progession from online dating, but more efficient for the busy single city professional.

  • crustinaaa19
    нope 🤷🏻‍♀️ (@crustinaaa19) reported

    Just kidding, it's not working which means ISSA SIGN. So no tinder 💩

  • KarateKidJSG
    Jonsel (@KarateKidJSG) reported

    Possible broken toe from judo this evening and my foot looks like a tinder date that I accidentally swiped on. In true roger murtagh lethal weapon style.. I'm getting too old for this shit 😉

  • cmsark
    court (@cmsark) reported

    i have a problem with responding to tinder messages only when i have alcohol in my system lol

  • o17373
    ً (@o17373) reported

    my validation issues rlly haven’t improved since i deleted tinder

  • killsyourego
    𝒹𝒶𝓃𝒹𝓎 ☾★ (@killsyourego) reported

    @Tinder hey yuh uhm, i think tinders broken .. or at least my tinder is .. i havent gotten a match in a couple months so ..

  • _dorianrhey
    Dorian Rhey 🐁 (@_dorianrhey) reported

    @TonjaWallace 😂 I get side tracked when texting these tinder strangers, forget I was having a conversation, then leave the app alone for a week or more & forget to respond... 😅 I think working can sometimes lead me to being bad at responding to things in civ life. I get socially exhasted!

  • dianexlloyd
    diane🌹 (@dianexlloyd) reported

    Although still mad I swiped right on tinder and we didn’t match 💔 broken @LewisCapaldi

  • Ohmadsbae
    m (@Ohmadsbae) reported

    when its slow at work I let my middle aged coworkers swipe through my tinder for me n they absolutely love it

  • ytinderbannedme
    Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    Such a creep... the guy I had issues with followed me to 2 different dating apps.. I finally got tinder because I felt like I’d have more control over who contacted me.. and I could just swipe left and not worry about the harassing messages I was getting.....

  • 95harrythompson
    Harry Thompson (@95harrythompson) reported

    If you have a child it should be mandatory that you put that in your tinder page so you don’t waste people’s time. Having a kid isn’t a problem but some people don’t want to be a step mum/dad just yet!

  • celestiallexiii
    lexi (@celestiallexiii) reported

    idk whats sadder the fact that the guy that i thought was gonna court me decided he didnt want to add to my problems n just NOT or the fact that i ghosted another guy FOR that boy n now im just sad and have resorted back to tinder🗿🗿🗿

  • kellllseyyyy
    ♛kels☼ (@kellllseyyyy) reported

    Whoever is trying to create a Tinder account with my name, you suck. & the login code you needed sent to my phone.

  • limitedinc3
    limitedinc (@limitedinc3) reported

    @zunguzungu There's something moving and sad here - a Tinder arc - the romance starts out - surely he's the one! - it seems to be working - oh God, finally my search is over - and then - he's talking behind my back! - and then, he was a noshow in bed, if you wanna know the truth.

  • SamWineman
    Sam Wineman (@SamWineman) reported

    Customer service: 1. Like that guy you met off Tinder, they have no problem ghosting you. I emailed them several times because the FAQs on their site in September said that cards would be shipped in 3 weeks and mine never arrived. I didn't hear back until NOVEMBER. 2.5 mos later.

  • montyludgate
    Monty (@montyludgate) reported

    I tinder broken or am I jus ugly 😤

  • jledzz
    Jonathan Lederman (@jledzz) reported from Portland, Oregon

    men on tinder should stop trying to hook up so much and instead help me, through being a foil to my idealism, resolve my issues with the industrial age of britian

  • whoisjordanslv
    jordan (@whoisjordanslv) reported

    one time i asked a guy on tinder how tall he was and he responded “9’11” and then proceeded to crash into my life

  • robynpaterson
    Robyn Paterson (@robynpaterson) reported

    Women get murdered by their partners, ex-partners, or wannabe partners Every. Damn. Day. Another reported this morning. An AOS callout prevented one in my street last wk. The issue is not Tinder. The issue is not traveling alone. The issue is not women. It is men. #gracemillane

  • Slummy_Potato
    bitch ima die soon. (@Slummy_Potato) reported

    @TweakBoxApp fix tinder lol

  • dpuenteX
    Diego Puente (@dpuenteX) reported

    Homie: “Tinder feels slow today” Me: “People are taking college finals show some respect and support.”

  • Siirianen
    BAD TAKE R Y A N (@Siirianen) reported

    just matched with a ******* tinder who has the same name as my ex and is enrolled in the same tiny master's program my ex was in working through some issues rn

  • NiamhConroy3
    Niamh Conroy (@NiamhConroy3) reported

    “Tinder is full of weird boys just trying to get in your knickers” I say as I continue deleting and re-downloading the app every 2-3 working days

  • feellikeglitter
    nat (@feellikeglitter) reported

    was feeling a lil sad and heart broken so i went and messaged almost everyone ive matched with on tinder

  • ajguyot
    Alex Guyot (@ajguyot) reported

    @Citlaliac Your Tinder link's broken btw 😅

  • salilj0shi
    Salil Joshi (@salilj0shi) reported

    @Tinder no one is responding to my customer support requests and I have waited over a week as a paid member. I would like to talk to someone to resolve my issue.

  • Schdummbe1
    The Edge {N3RD} (@Schdummbe1) reported

    @Mr_Anderson____ @cryptotraktor I deleted tinder as well as okcupid. Too much crap. Sport addicted showgirl ******* who cry coz their nail has broken. There should be an equivalent for gamers, nerds amd such

  • mufcfan
    Pam Meehan (@mufcfan) reported

    @Hwarraichbooks @Sana_Banana22 @JulianGore There are unsavory people everywhere. My point was that not all on Tinder are killers Woman shouldn't be scared to live their lives Those who kill are the problem & victim blaming is absurd