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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • jacksbooks Jacksfilms_Ebooks (@jacksbooks) reported

    I fixed a BUNCH of your twitter bios should I fix your tinder profiles.

  • namuluvr joonie (@namuluvr) reported

    I’ll shut up about my tinder boy problems now I’m sorry lol

  • hw_loveclub i love hyungwon (@hw_loveclub) reported

    tinder men are a REAL waste of time. that being said i'm committing to a date with work crush tomorrow even tho i almost anxiety vomited today at work thinking about him and the ~relationship potential~ ! love having commitment issues !

  • AchilleusRay Achilleus Ray (@AchilleusRay) reported

    @litescript The big problem with Tinder is survivorship bias. When it works, it works! almost never works

  • voxslug UC Santa Cruz Maven, powered by SI (@voxslug) reported

    Pregaming my tinder date by listening to *** town, then picking up on adam’s slow, monotonous voice. I am broken beyond repair

  • SeptemberGhoul Stevie 🐀🖤 (@SeptemberGhoul) reported

    I just gave my mum a crash course on tinder so she can understand the youth of today. She’s still happily married to my dad btw. She just doesn’t get these things 😂

  • isabellegrass mother (@isabellegrass) reported

    can any of you comprehend that i matched w my ex’s new ******* tinder over a YEAR ago when we were broken up bc i can’t ******* believe that this is my life

  • MrMenziN Menzi Ngcobo (@MrMenziN) reported

    Race isn’t an issue yet, we’ll for me at least. The first time I used Tinder I was getting matches left, right and centre.

  • GabeJamesGames Gabe But Spooky 🔜 #Pax U (@GabeJamesGames) reported

    Supportive is working on a Goblin Dating Sim, and when my father asked me about it he thought for months (until recently) that I was making a DATING APP similar to tinder but never stopped being supportive of it. That's love 😂💚 he even offered legal counsel for the TOS

  • Neondangel PinkDayze (@Neondangel) reported

    Facebook added a dating feature similar to Tinder a while back and I began giving it a try. Shit's super broken. Like, wasn't ready for release broken. At the moment, I can't even open notifications from it without the Facebook app crashing. I also can't read any messages rn.

  • olrawnder Lazysaurus who trapped a mosquito under water 🌈 (@olrawnder) reported

    Tinder, bumble, pubg, etc nothing seems to be working out for me to find new friends and connect with them. Could really use some help here twitter

  • lottie_aither Lottie Aither (@lottie_aither) reported

    I should not be banned from tinder for making a joke that I wanted a sugar daddy... @Tinder please fix this. Or tell me what I wrong. I didn’t even get an email.

  • beanjeanbei 🎃👻screamjeanbei@GK Cafe (@beanjeanbei) reported

    @takarajewels I honestly thought tinder would be an easy quick fix to get over someone else and boost my ego but it really made me feel worse LOL

  • veru_muller Veru (@veru_muller) reported

    Problems nowadays: - I ****** up my knee again - I ****** up my life again - I just made a tinder again

  • latelylll elisabeth (@latelylll) reported

    maybe my tinder bio IS working vegan sags keep messaging me i have never been happier

  • eloisew16 Eloise Williams (@eloisew16) reported from Miami, Florida

    no such thing as broken tinder

  • jaimechristine_ Jaime (@jaimechristine_) reported

    I matched and planned a date with a guy from tinder who ended up having a girlfriend and when I called him out on it he tried to tell me that they just broke up and he was broken hearted. But yeah his girlfriend knows now so have fun boo 🤗

  • osnapitsjenny Jenny (@osnapitsjenny) reported

    @alonndddrra Maybe Tinder and Bumble isn't working out for him😂

  • wheat_thick mags (@wheat_thick) reported

    in 2016 i made a tinder date watch a video of a car crash and he ghosted me and he just sent me a tumblr messaging apologizing and said he’s felt bad for THREE YEARS

  • MatthewRyanF Matthew Feldman (@MatthewRyanF) reported

    @Tinder I got a text that said to use a code to login into tinder via account kit. I never requested anything so I think someone is trying to create a profile using my Facebook

  • sleepy_nan aw man dude (@sleepy_nan) reported


  • cmbyn mayed (@cmbyn) reported

    me with this guy on tinder telling me his day at work is slow

  • ELEANORXNEALE Eleanor Neale (@ELEANORXNEALE) reported

    if he has a topless selfie on his tinder and you swipe right on him, that’s a problem you have to take up with yourself ma

  • _EmilyValdez Emily (@_EmilyValdez) reported

    I matched with the cutest guy on tinder and suddenly I’m ready to get my heart broken again

  • zalinskinderple Edward Zaleski, PDQ (@zalinskinderple) reported

    @kurteichenwald @DebraMessing @GOPLeader @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC @marcorubio @GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP There's no shame in working for Burger King, until you look for a date on Tinder

  • Halibeaver Jordaan (@Halibeaver) reported

    logan wants to sign up for tiktok to find his wife because tinder "isnt working"

  • nutdiffuser manic pixie pussy (@nutdiffuser) reported

    Looking for someone who rly wanna be in this shit w me cuz i’m tired of redownloading tinder and i am TIRED of getting my heart broken

  • raysharkmond trans ben shapiro (@raysharkmond) reported

    @Dustbunny_Boy i’m working on getting an apprenticeship lol i don’t officially do tattoos and my tinder prof says “aspiring tattoo artist” so this guy just kinda assumed that i do tattoos already

  • IraParks Ira Parks (@IraParks) reported

    Tinder bio: Jacques The Forlorn, 44 That's my legal name. My parents were hippies. If you've got a problem with it, you ain't alone. It's been difficult. I'm not always forlorn.

  • eatpraystyle Steel Magnolia 🌺🌸 (@eatpraystyle) reported

    The problem but also goodness of being drunk in a new town is having no one to drunk/booty call. Unless you have Tinder 💀

  • Rodal_Heating Rodal Heating (@Rodal_Heating) reported

    @BrugesGroup Seems Blond boy is giving them tinder with the Ireland issue

  • demon_helpful Liddle Rapscallion (@demon_helpful) reported

    @goldengateblond Yeah, using the lyric from Bell Bottom Blues, “You won’t find a better loser,” isn’t really working for me on Tinder.

  • BiggestShoelace Existence University (@BiggestShoelace) reported

    @ObjectiveDollar The problem is using tinder

  • ShinobuPillar bruh (@ShinobuPillar) reported

    @Tinder when i try ti log in through my phone number i dont get a login code pleqse help me

  • urfirstbae Mags Parags (@urfirstbae) reported

    The key to working Tinder is to never answer the first message within an hour of you receiving it You're a busy ***** dont give them any other impression besides that

  • hausofkiIls ♡ 𝐢𝐦𝐦𝐲 ♡ (@hausofkiIls) reported

    im talking to a ******* tinder and we've literally been talking for like an hour and i got excited and almost told her i love her tjis is the problem w me bein overly affectionate 😤😤

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    It’s clear the app has a problem.. yet they are denying there is a problem... lol can we make tinder the new my space... Asking for a friend

  • sexandtheswiss mistress of hellvetica (@sexandtheswiss) reported

    Men, if you're totally broke don't try to date. He harassed me when I said, sorry can't deal. I have enough problems in my life as it is I don't need to hear about a man who doesn't have money for petrol. 🙄 #twitterdating #tinder #bumble

  • jessyyyboo jesssss (@jessyyyboo) reported

    why I matched on tinder with one of my co workers that didn’t like me while I was working there 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • AlbertoLoredoP Альберто Лорэдо (@AlbertoLoredoP) reported from Hammersmith, England

    Tinder et al are clearly not working 😆😆

  • courtneytayyyy i get ghosted professionally 👻 (@courtneytayyyy) reported

    My new problem: if a dudes name is Caleb on tinder I’m like 10% more likely to give him a chance to to be cute even if he’s a 2 or not my type

  • a_smish angela (@a_smish) reported

    @jessmrcc @artandwaltz My only issue with tinder girls is that sooo many of them are like "me and my bf are looking for a third 🤪" which is totally fine but like, not my jam when I'm trying to go on dates

  • C_Garrett24 Cody Garrett (@C_Garrett24) reported

    Broken up for less than a day already back on tinder..🙄pathetic

  • tinder_hell tinder hell (@tinder_hell) reported

    Average build currently working out Im pretty new to tinder as you can see :D Nerdy guy looking for nerdy girl

  • remembvrwhen alyssa (@remembvrwhen) reported

    boy on tinder working film festival here say i won’t ask him to slip me into the robert eggers lighthouse q&a

  • nickidemic Skeleton Fetus (@nickidemic) reported

    @cannon_melon My first (and only) tinder date was at byui, and she made a comment about how it's like I wanted to kiss her but I was too scared (I just didn't want to kiss her) Next month I see her on campus holding hands with the guy she had broken up with right before we went on the date

  • KatieRelentless Katie 🎃👻 (@KatieRelentless) reported

    Honestly its happened. I made sure he always ate even if he was working late I drove 8 hours to do his laundry & to surprise him with his favorite snacks when his band was on tour & he was on tinder ******* 17 year olds 😕so yikes

  • bradendecker Braden Decker (@bradendecker) reported

    I’ve been attempting to sound less ******* while talking to guys on tinder but it appears to not be working

  • XoxoMeliii . (@XoxoMeliii) reported

    Working out and I hear someone talking about ppl they meet in tinder😂😂 I hope I never get that desperate

  • francinelesbean francine (@francinelesbean) reported

    I wish I had a cute girl to invite over to my newly clean room but I hate tinder and don’t wanna put in the effort to meet new ppl do you see the problem 😭

  • genzkafka ⸸ ~soft grunge~ thicc ⸸ (@genzkafka) reported

    i don't flirt with cute guys i see out in the wild either so hmmmmmm yeah i see what my straight boy friends mean when they complain about tinder not working for them i understand now

  • katieamber_14 katie (@katieamber_14) reported

    @_Saranell420 that’s why you don’t get on tinder to find “the one” 😂😂💀even when I was working on base a group of guys were like yeah she’s just a *** because a guy she was “talking” to saw her with another dude or something.

  • mercedesdianeee Mercedes 🌹 (@mercedesdianeee) reported

    I’m working door rn and just had to check an ID and I’m like why does this guy look so familiar then I remember he was a tinder creep from over a year ago. Yikessss

  • danlabuda Dan LaBuda (@danlabuda) reported

    @Tinder problem I have with your app, and all dating apps to be honest, it's utterly useless in the suburbs. I've been on a ton of these apps/services over the years, and not a single. Solitary. Date. From any of them. And it's frustrating.

  • Jonmad Jon (@Jonmad) reported

    @Emmyjewel @primalpoly The problem is tinder. Dating apps allow attractive men to cast a wider net and effectively monopolize dating in any given area. Back in 2009 I was competing with men at my local bar and in my social circle. Now I have to compete with all the men in my city

  • Jonmad Jon (@Jonmad) reported

    @BHabshey @robkhenderson @gang4610 It's tinder. The problem is ******* tinder. It allows attractive men to cast wider nets and monopolize dating. Anyone who blames anything other than tinder is a ******* idiot.

  • karlaacascante Karla (@karlaacascante) reported

    I’m going to start telling people that don’t know me that I met my bf on a flight. He was the pilot and I was working as a flight attendant bc tinder doesn’t have the same ring to it 😂

  • mslucialarsen Lucia Larsen (@mslucialarsen) reported

    My opening line on Tinder is “Hey!!”. I need better suggestions from men who’ve grown up making the first move cause this isn’t working for me

  • JdCrypto1 JdCrypto (@JdCrypto1) reported

    @Sethrogen LOL! I used mine to get into a few clubs in Brisbane (Australia, QLD) and to buy alcohol. I couldn’t believe it kept working so I told the bouncer. He was going to fine me $800 but I talked myself out of it. A ******* tinder also made a collage of my pic next to McLovins 😂

  • Mr_chubbychaser G Trap (@Mr_chubbychaser) reported

    Working in another office and my coworker just asked if I come across her profile on Tinder. She said mine pops up all the time 🥴