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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an open world tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Paris and available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • glugite Tony Kidman (@glugite) reported

    @KaybsGaming @UbiAustralia @GhostRecon Had the issue when trying to take a photo of my team mate piloting. He was outside the chopper, sitting level with the main rotor, two feet out. The flight was bad enough, last thing I need is to lose a pilot. He’s eager but a little green when it comes to his piloting skills!

  • Wutset_Tewya Wutset Tewya (@Wutset_Tewya) reported

    @GhostRecon Glad to see you DIDN'T fix the damn gadget wheel glitch.

  • Rvzqe Ra’ (@Rvzqe) reported

    @Kavaai_ @GhostRecon It was happening to me before the patch dropped as well. Should fix itself or just log out and back in bro

  • jonadoza2384 Jonathan (@jonadoza2384) reported

    @GhostRecon YOU ******* GUYS NEED TO LEARN HOW TO FIX EVERYTHING AT ONCE. NOT JUST ONE AT A ******* TIME. I’ve completed a task for the field medic to get the 416 scout and it’s still not completing it. I’ve restarted my PS4 and game and it’s still not workin

  • AlwaysAmused11 Me Myself and I (@AlwaysAmused11) reported

    @GhostRecon Irritating menus...having to read all my POV whenever I get close to a door...pins that take up half the screen.....ladders that don’t work...frozen login screen whenever I log out...a game that feels like WORK when it should be fun... GFYS!!!

  • AlwaysAmused11 Me Myself and I (@AlwaysAmused11) reported

    @GhostRecon Irritating menus...having to read each piece of my POV whenever I get close to a door...pins that take up half the screen.....ladders that don’t work...frozen login screen whenever I log out...a game that feels like WORK when it should be fun... **** off.

  • The_Nickywas 니콜라스 🌐 (@The_Nickywas) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft i read online that there was a bug fix update to ghost recon breakpoint but i was disappointed to find that the bug where i can no longer deploy my drone has not been fixed. not sure why i can’t deploy my drone, but maybe it ghost war

  • yrncj2 yrn_cj (@yrncj2) reported

    @Voxelsaurus_Vex @GuiguiRegouin @GhostRecon 1. Having online servers helps update the game and get updates out wuicker rather than having to wait 3-7 days just for 1 bug fix/update 2.Everything comes to an end; but if they wanted to they can keep the game up longer. Just means they have to pay to do so

  • Maddog0414 Ben Pekelder (@Maddog0414) reported

    @GhostRecon breakpoint Night vision is dark for me and normal@for guys I play with, my game graphically just glitched out on me, had too close app, then in pvp ran into a lag switcher ( reported him/her)

  • Djarret95784334 Djarrett (@Djarret95784334) reported

    @GhostRecon @6_dof Can you please fix the 3rd perk slot not opening and now it not registering that I have already unlocked both MK2 and MK3

  • Lambo_Lando_ Human📍💔 (@Lambo_Lando_) reported

    @GhostRecon Bro allllllll of my progress is ******* gone.... I thought y’all was gonna fix it

  • Lambo_Lando_ Human📍💔 (@Lambo_Lando_) reported

    @GhostRecon Bro y’all shit is broken

  • RPancita Rica Pancita 🇧🇷 (@RPancita) reported

    @GhostRecon @Ubisoft The wheel does NOT work properly on Pvp. *FIX Love THE GAME #breakpoint

  • Margrnwjr Mark Greenwalt Jr (@Margrnwjr) reported

    So got a update ghost recon breakpoint today now it seems like there is a ton of new bugs and issues happening

  • johnwredcorn john redcorn (@johnwredcorn) reported

    @JordanMetalious @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @GhostRecon I had no problems in the closed beta, very few in the open beta, but now it seems to be getting worse. I bought this the day it came out because of how much fun I had in the beta. I can look past the small bugs but these disconnects are the worst.

  • Rookie_425 Rookie425 (@Rookie_425) reported

    So...I just realized something... Let me get this straight... Walker from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Met his breakpoint. Because of a boot ass POG that made one too many critical errors. And acted like he was better than he was worth.

  • JordanMetalious TheRealJdawg603 (@JordanMetalious) reported

    @johnwredcorn @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @GhostRecon Same here I mean I was lucky enough to go a little over 2 hours total without disconnecting I guess I’m a bit luckier than others but still this was a huge problem in the beta and it should have been fixed. I’m glad I’m going through GameFly and didn’t fully purchase this game

  • Justin41972580 Justin (@Justin41972580) reported

    @GhostRecon not seeing hit markers in pvp. Cant mark in pvp. Can see health bars in pvp. Please fix

  • StephenCSpiteri Stephen Spiteri 🇻🇦️ (@StephenCSpiteri) reported

    @GhostRecon There are still some issues that were meant to be addressed that are still prevalent: - tutorial notifications still popping up on entering the world map - raid notification (as above) - client freeze when mouse over items in Maria's shop - many reporting random CTDs

  • Stephalicious92 😎 Police Officer 😎 Stephanie Chavez (@Stephalicious92) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport 3rd mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint that is broken wont let me fully complete it 😕

  • Stephalicious92 😎 Police Officer 😎 Stephanie Chavez (@Stephalicious92) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport wanted to finish another side mission in new Ghost Recon Breakpoint but its glitched not working for critical mass mission open the bunker doors and find out what the gentlemen club is about take pics of the device and blueprints but it wont let me do it

  • Shadyfins Dee Will (@Shadyfins) reported

    @GhostRecon Did this patch by any chance address the random rocket launcher glitch when the buttons will stop working when you select the rocket launcher. Didn't happen often but when it did. It happened at the worst time during a mission and had to restart the mission

  • EvilSaint16 Evil_Saint_1 (@EvilSaint16) reported

    @GhostRecon Still didn’t fix my thermal issue. And no one wants to reply to my direct message.

  • MikeFiveOhTwo Mike the Do Nothing Savage (@MikeFiveOhTwo) reported

    Decent sized Ghost Recon update, hope it cleans up some of the bugs and loading issues.

  • JoshBruce0086 Brusky (@JoshBruce0086) reported

    @GhostRecon 2 issues since update: 1 - Notifications For completed quests for Shopkeeper pop up everytime game loads and everytime u fast travel. 2- Changing your fire rate will deploy your drone instead mid gunfight .

  • KevinHoffman Kevin Hoffman (@KevinHoffman) reported

    🎮😎 #GhostRecon #GhostReconBreakpoint sent me an email letting me know that I've got 582 confirmed kills in the game. I do not have a problem. I can quit anytime I want.

  • BleedingEvil BleedingEvil (@BleedingEvil) reported

    @GhostRecon Thermal vision isn’t working and drone night vision& thermal are not working

  • BrianMorris7674 Brian Morris (@BrianMorris7674) reported

    @Dmnq92 @TheRobbok @GhostRecon Ummm... that's never been true. There have ALWAYS been glitches, errors, coding mistakes in games since consoles were released. I know, I've been gaming since gaming started.

  • KevinHz19 Kevin H. Hernandez (@KevinHz19) reported

    See @GhostRecon finally released an update bug fixes. Read the patch note and don't see a particular fix note. Hopefully it is fixed to play smoothly this weekend.

  • NoTW_4Sure ChristCrusader (@NoTW_4Sure) reported

    @GhostRecon it appears to be a lot more audio issues after the new patch for Ghost Recon breakpoint. Audio is cutting out when it comes back in its overlap with current audio

  • Imthewindowsguy Aaron (@Imthewindowsguy) reported

    @ArluinCadeus @ZeroSHIfT916 @UbisoftSupport @GhostRecon Buy a new controller that doesn’t have issues with the d pad

  • JUNEBUGGxCOx Drew M.M. (@JUNEBUGGxCOx) reported

    @GhostRecon It seems likeu didn't even fix anything tha drone doesn't work sometimes still I just tried switching to a grenade in tha menu nd nothin just that stupid ****** sound of failure! I have nohope forthis game! Just encourage ubisoft to start making Fuedal Japan AC. Cuz this ain't it

  • Maddog0414 Ben Pekelder (@Maddog0414) reported

    @GhostRecon ( breakpoint ) nice patch guys , I wasn’t having any of these issues my friends were having with not being able too use drone no night vision, and now downloaded patch and I can’t use the drone can’t use thermal vision. Wtf

  • _TheJabronie_ 🐺x𝕊𝕋𝔼𝕍𝔼ℕx🐺 (@_TheJabronie_) reported

    @GhostRecon Nice patch but there still is problems smh..

  • darkreigngaming Vanicer (@darkreigngaming) reported

    @GhostRecon Just an FYI guys but I'm having significant connectivity issues here. Code WHALERS-00301. Completing a mission impossible at this time #GhostReconBreakpoint

  • GHolmes1981 Gary Holmes (@GHolmes1981) reported

    @GhostRecon the update broke the game. Lag everywhere. Please review and fix

  • SoldierIee EL1T3 (@SoldierIee) reported

    @GhostRecon I've tried contacting support and nothing gets done just keep getting told it will be looked at with other issues that I've made clear but this is beyond a joke I want to play but now a one hour ban are you joking me

  • Tristan49067410 Ares (@Tristan49067410) reported

    @GhostRecon Please fix the bug where after coming out of menus your suppressors are taken off, I’ve blown my deep cover multiple times because of that one. Also there’s an annoying bug with the sensor launcher where I get stuck in the animation of pulling it out and I can’t do anything after

  • Brian03046233 Bman (@Brian03046233) reported

    @GhostRecon Climbing/Sliding still glitchy and broken..still cant use thermal and have no binocs. But hey better visuals always compensate for poor functionality. I want a refund I'm tired of paying $60-$100 plus for shit products..Listen to the consumer and fix your dam game properly!!!

  • jinx_tha_gamer J I N X 🕹... (@jinx_tha_gamer) reported

    @GhostRecon Hopefully y’all will fix vehicle physics as well because the driving seems like it’s on ice. Vehicles tend to be easily flipped over by nothing and they exploded almost immediately when turned over.

  • BockholdMartin bockhold (@BockholdMartin) reported

    @XboxQwik @Warcraft Ghost recon breakpoint! I know people are hating on the game and it has some issues but I’m really liking it!

  • TylerNickell2 Tyler Nickell (@TylerNickell2) reported

    @GhostRecon Fix what really needs to be fixed I’m tired of never having my drone

  • Brian03046233 Bman (@Brian03046233) reported

    @GhostRecon and game is still broke. still cant use thermal still lost my binoculars climing/sliding still glitchy and broken but whatever the PVP players are happy...

  • DeanSimon1972 Dean Simon 🍁🦃 (@DeanSimon1972) reported

    @BungieHelp Seriously screw your at capacity b*******. it's just another word for your servers being unstable to a point where you actually get on the game, you get more disconnection issues than ghost recon lol error codes misspelled whales but instead for Destiny it's weasel 😂😂

  • DaglessJayy Jayy Dagless (@DaglessJayy) reported

    @GhostRecon I still can't get in my game error code ARGYLL-00001

  • TBrownjr Tarv B. (@TBrownjr) reported

    @GhostRecon Still down for Xbox. Error code: Argyll-00001

  • The_AsylumTV 💀outcast club ☠ (@The_AsylumTV) reported

    @PintSizeTiger I have that same issue I've always wanted to get away from gta for a while but always revert back to it because idk what to play but I recently bought ghost recon break point may stream it I miss streaming 😥

  • Nick2169Bruce Nick (@Nick2169Bruce) reported

    @GhostRecon I tried to sign in 20 minutes ago and no luck.

  • Ben98Robinson Ben (@Ben98Robinson) reported

    @GhostRecon Still cant aim after certain actions you guys might wanna work a little harder on patching your game as this patch has absolutely not solved any of the issues I was having.

  • baddogz64 shawn timothy foster (@baddogz64) reported

    @GhostRecon i still can not login to game says Ubi down

  • SoldierIee EL1T3 (@SoldierIee) reported

    @GhostRecon Maintenance is over.... you sure because ever since that and downloading the patch I've managed to complete one PvP game the rest I've had infinity error constantly and your patch didn't even fix most of the issues from drones not working to items having wrong descriptions....

  • JohnRiv4 Johnbatista100 (@JohnRiv4) reported

    @GhostRecon I’m trying to do kill 20 enemies without being spotted for sharpshooter class and it’s still not completing I know I’ve killed 30 enemies without no alerts. Anyone having problems

  • Denksy Nate 🎃 (@Denksy) reported

    @GhostRecon Thank God you've fixed the marking issue. A sell all button in the shop for the next patch tho please 🙏

  • Rodriqu05699355 Rodrique (@Rodriqu05699355) reported

    @NanoPolymath @q87m21 @real_emii @GhostRecon I've done that still error connecting

  • Killstreak___ KillstreaK (@Killstreak___) reported

    @Jorraptor @Mightymushr00m @GhostRecon the game suffered from the Ubisoft decisions. Micro transactions shouldnt be a problem if it doesnt give you an unfair advantage in-game. Still, The ppl are doing what they want with their money if They want to buy skins/customizations

  • YoungPeng08 Your King (@YoungPeng08) reported

    @GhostRecon Fix the drone controls to be inverted just like the aiming, third person camera and the helicopter controls. Thanks

  • GhostgamerD GhostGamer_👻🎮 (@GhostgamerD) reported

    @GhostRecon Still no thermal vision for my op, are you f'n kidding me, this has been the case for a week now, to get the ultimate edition and have this shit happen and no fix pisses me off 😡😡😡

  • JoeCan57 Former Fetus Joe Canzona (@JoeCan57) reported

    @GhostRecon Getting error code ARGYLL-00001.

  • GAxelg2012 Axel (@GAxelg2012) reported

    @GhostRecon No it's not. Nothing is working. Please fix it.

  • scottlittle89 Scott Little (@scottlittle89) reported

    @GhostRecon Still can’t get online. Error code SILENT-30086

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 8002A10D
  • 80050002
  • 800a0003
  • 800C0019
  • guaya-00507
  • ribera-1000b
  • ribera-30086
  • ribera-40002
  • tarija-00009
  • tarija-00013
  • tarija-00014
  • tarija-00100