Is Rainbow Six: Siege down?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Siege puts heavy emphasis on environmental destruction and co-operation between players through tactical movements, advancements, defensive positioning, calling out enemy locations and the operators chosen by the enemy team.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Matchmaking (59.17%)
  • Online Play (20.08%)
  • Sign in (14.46%)
  • Glitches (3.48%)
  • Game Crash (1.47%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.34%)

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  • CoercionaryG
    TheRealRaptor (@CoercionaryG) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Hello im just curious i was given all the ESL charms and haven't received them on my account was this an error or still not given out, out of curiosity

  • TimMcVey1
    @HSG_dirtymoles (@TimMcVey1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport I have now opened 3 alpha packs since the #WindBastion update and all 3 have said "error" and then removed my alpha pack and reset my percentage to 2.3%

  • DoesGrayson
    Grayson Does Stuff (@DoesGrayson) reported

    @Rainbow6Game You need to fix ranked in the lower levels all they do is team kill and leave the match. They don't listen to the team either it sucks when your just trying to play but you can't because of your team 😥😥

  • BrAlbarracin
    bryce albarracin (@BrAlbarracin) reported

    Fix your game @Rainbow6Game

  • RileyAcevedo1
    Riley Acevedo (@RileyAcevedo1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game How come when I get a alpha pack it says error encountered looking for reward you will receive renown. Idk if I’m the only one :/

  • gorgis_korkis
    GO MONKEY619 (@gorgis_korkis) reported

    @Rainbow6Game having trouble with alpha packs I get an error then no reward

  • WalkerCrenshaw
    walk cren (@WalkerCrenshaw) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game And yes I’m angrily typing this because the reticle disappearing glitch just caused me to lose a game of ranked

  • WalkerCrenshaw
    walk cren (@WalkerCrenshaw) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game How about you fix year 3 first. Busted ass game 3 years old and still having bugs. On PS4 every 3-4 rounds my reticle in my optic disappears and every alpha pack I earn reads error and takes away my rewards. Fix this shit so I can enjoy the game please.

  • RyzeJohnnybonds
    Dickey (@RyzeJohnnybonds) reported

    @Siegemas2018 @Rainbow6Game @AkiraSashi When you realize that no present could fix jackals disability

  • LIL_BunZzZ
    Damien Lundberg (@LIL_BunZzZ) reported

    @GroupUnicorn71 @Rainbow6Game Operation Health was to fix the core game!!!

  • antosca00p4
    Antonio scaiola (@antosca00p4) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I have a problem with my credits: when i finish a game the credits that i made dosent appear on the menu it just dosent appear

  • AnotherBoltFan
    Alex Sandusky (@AnotherBoltFan) reported

    @Rainbow6Game none of these ranked games have even been close. The new season of ranked came out last week but yet no ones ranks shows up at all. Each game is one sided. It’s like silvers against plats. Please fix this already.

  • antosca00p4
    Antonio scaiola (@antosca00p4) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @barronjorge4 I have a problem with my credits: when i finish a game the credits that i made dosent appear on the menu it just dosent appear

  • Whitelightninco
    Whitelightning (@Whitelightninco) reported

    @Ubisoft I have never seen a game as broken and poorly managed as Rainbow Six Seige. Like jesus I dump so much money into your guy's wallets just for you to turn around and break something else with every season. I'm about to just count my losses and be done with your games.

  • txjohnh
    John Hedrick (@txjohnh) reported

    @Ubisoft Rainbow 6 servers are acting fucky today, people lagging everwhere

  • boo23280
    Gabe (@boo23280) reported

    @Siegemas2018 @Rainbow6Game @AkiraSashi Fix your ******* alpha packs I get a ******* error every time I open one

  • RyanTheBlueGame
    Mute (@RyanTheBlueGame) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @lilALQAEDA Good. Finally got an Alpha pack at 65% and recieved the "Alpha Pack Error" messege. Pretty rage inducing putting work in and get an error message instead of the reward.

  • MrTzxK
    Lewis cooper (@MrTzxK) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Retapz1 Yeah, I just got a sound glitch - couldn't hear a thermite charge on the wall next to me until it blew up and killed me! No sound at all from it - crazy!

  • lowkeyChezney
    Chezzy🕷 (@lowkeyChezney) reported


  • dumlilrat
    Numb (@dumlilrat) reported

    @Rainbow6Game bro what is happening on Xbox right now fix your game

  • i2South
    Jimmy (@i2South) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix your game

  • kamikazeeT
    xccurate (@kamikazeeT) reported

    @Rainbow6Game plz fix your game first

  • AnotherBoltFan
    Alex Sandusky (@AnotherBoltFan) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Having lots of problems with the Ubisoft club. I click on the Ubisoft club and it’s stuck on the load screen for the Ubisoft club and totally locks up the game

  • DJ_Fatalturbo
    DJ Deweese (@DJ_Fatalturbo) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftSupport still having severe issues on ranked on PS4

  • TheFuriouswc
    TheFuriouswc (@TheFuriouswc) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix your game. My friend and I are both getting kicked out of the game and the game says we go offline. It only happens in comp

  • ampfy_
    ampfy (@ampfy_) reported

    @AutumnMaeTV @Rainbow6Game I didnt see fortress spot not being detected in that one spot as a fix :/

  • MildDamage
    JOKER IN SMASH WE DID IT BOYS (@MildDamage) reported

    @Stormgamer19 @Rainbow6Game It's a visual bug they said they're going to fix

  • Stormgamer19
    CoBreZ_Grimlock (@Stormgamer19) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I think there is a problem with the renown. When i finish a match it say that i get 257 renown but i dont see the renown in the renown bank until i close down and open my game again

  • DabloR6
    Ryan (@DabloR6) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I love how when there were invisible/hipfire/speed glitches in the game, it would take forever to get patched. But now that there's a #BlackIce glitch, y'all will probably patch it tomorrow.

  • FariiidGH
    Farid (@FariiidGH) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game I do not know if you are aware of the disaster you have done with this latest update.I hope you fix the game soon because otherwise it will be your end, lage games,do not leave the ranks to finish the game,does not define points won.And many more mistakes that you yourself know

  • TheZeebster
    Zeeby (@TheZeebster) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix the new bugs

  • zpeterson_17
    Zachary Ryan Peterson (@zpeterson_17) reported

    @Rainbow6Game This is all cool and all but pls fix your game, its embarrassing

  • lil_eli_015
    Elijah Galarza (@lil_eli_015) reported

    @Rainbow6Game hello i am experiencing a issue with rank games losing connection and having errors reconnecting please help me i playbon Xbox One btw thanks 🙏🏼

  • _rylan_o
    Rylan_O (@_rylan_o) reported

    @JoeCamp45789830 @Rainbow6Game I’m not sure but i hope they fix it soon

  • FliyerR6
    Fliyer (@FliyerR6) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix not seeing ur elo and not seeing people’s ranks in the post game screen

  • ColdJoshh
    Cold Josh (@ColdJoshh) reported

    @Rainbow6Game will I experience extreme lag if I play console with 30mbps

  • LastLouder
    Louder力 🎄 (@LastLouder) reported

    The worst sound glitch has to be the Fuze Cluster Nades, then its thermite charges... @Rainbow6Game @Kiqxrr

  • xXGalactic_NeRf
    DespacitoGod🇩🇪🇬🇧🇫🇷 (@xXGalactic_NeRf) reported

    @RapTorFr76_ @ZzKillerBeastzZ @Rainbow6Game Noozy is gonna crash the lobby

  • KarlGregoryy
    Karl Gregory (@KarlGregoryy) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Also - there is a LOT of server lag right now. Everyone is complaining about this, last match it got so bad that everyone was jittering everywhere.

  • Kiqxrr
    Kix 力 (@Kiqxrr) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Retapz1 You guys are terrible fix your game

  • ToxycBanana
    George Stedman (@ToxycBanana) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Operation White Noise, simply for Ela and the login music. It's nostalgic. The new operations are better but I loved white noise for what it was!

  • CakeMuncher6969
    Name (@CakeMuncher6969) reported

    Maybe @Ubisoft should fix @Rainbow6Game so @R6ProLeague is not so ******* embarrassing. Wtf are you guys thinking...

  • kodster128
    Kevey.uA (@kodster128) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Your game is ******* trash all I want to do is play ranked but I get tked and my teammates surrender please fix your game retweet if you agree😪

  • yaboymccarthy23
    spicoli McCarthy (@yaboymccarthy23) reported

    @Rainbow6Game been waiting 15 min to play 1 RANKED match..... Fix your broken ass ranked system.

  • NikobR6_
    NIKO (@NikobR6_) reported

    @FishyR6 @Rainbow6Game But they didnt fix that hibana/thermite sound bug 😂

  • Retapz1
    Asziky (@Retapz1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game It’s 2018-2019 can you please FIX THE GUN GLITCH it effects my game sound omgggg😡

  • LokiHolliday
    Patrick Roberts Sr. (@LokiHolliday) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Operation Health! Cause it was supposed to fix the issues with the game. And it just turned out to be a big joke!

  • TheIrishTurtle
    The Irish Turtle (@TheIrishTurtle) reported


  • lucastasfrei
    Lucas Matos (@lucastasfrei) reported

    @Rainbow6Game The new operation is nice, but the game it’s broken #R6mas

  • elementrealism
    The Realist @ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (@elementrealism) reported

    @robtanner84 @charlemange93 @Rainbow6Game Multiple costly season passes and loot boxes share a similarity and that is the approximation of corporate greed shining through the gaming industry. When a game is made, it shouldn’t be a service if it isn’t advertised as such. There is no transparency with the consumer.

  • swagmasterroman
    roman (@swagmasterroman) reported

    First round in and the game is already broken, “esports ready” my ass @Rainbow6Game @ESLRainbowSix

  • Nocteumbra
    Nocte (@Nocteumbra) reported

    trying to play @Rainbow6Game but the servers are lagging so much that its unplayable. GG

  • LepaErkki
    Leevi Kirjavainen (@LepaErkki) reported

    @Ubisoft can you ******* fix yo shit in that shit game called rainbow six siege and stop nerfing stuff that aren't even good ******* *****

  • VetroR6
    Vetro. (@VetroR6) reported

    @FishyR6 @Rainbow6Game well i mean they cant fix anything.

  • FishyR6
    Toni🇫🇮 (@FishyR6) reported

    @VetroR6 @Rainbow6Game Or try to fix it atleast, shouldnt be hard for a multi billion dollar conpany anyways

  • Swxrnyy
    Swx.- アレクス (@Swxrnyy) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix your game or give me the booster

  • Palanco87
    Kim Bergh (@Palanco87) reported

    Rainbow six siege, PC. Have been playing without problems all last night and some today before the ping spiked hard.

  • ImScReAmZOfRage
    Teagan (@ImScReAmZOfRage) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix ranked please and make is so people stop using keyboard and mouse on console

  • davidjzuniga201
    David Zuniga (@davidjzuniga201) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I can't login to ur stupid Ubisoft website cuz I'm blocked from accessing my account. I used the right password but it wouldn't let me log in. It didn't give me a wrong password message or anything.

  • Palanco87
    Kim Bergh (@Palanco87) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Error code : 6=0x00001000, please explain what to do. I did what the support page says, i was playing the game, suddenly got 300 ping and then alt f4 cause it was so laggy. Then after thati got the error.

Rainbow Six: Siege Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0xc000009a
  • 2-0x00000041
  • 2-0x00000067
  • 2-0x00000068
  • 2-0x0000B005
  • 2-0x0000C003
  • 2-0x0000c004
  • 2-0x0000e000
  • 2-0x00019001
  • 3-0x0001000b
  • 4-0xFFF0BDDC
  • 6-0x00001000
  • 8-0x00000001
  • 8-0X00000052
  • CE-34878-0