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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is an online-only open world third-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Massive and published by Ubisoft, with assistance from Red Storm Entertainment, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Bealzibub666 Your reasonable friend. (@Bealzibub666) reported

    Div1 - we must fix the chicken dancing in PvP! Div2 - make it so they move slower, dumber, AND have 700k + armor. THAT will certainly fix the....oh they’re just running around in wider more awkward looking circles......shit. Failure, again! @TheDivisionGame PvP is sick.

  • BokiSLO Boštjan (@BokiSLO) reported

    @OkBuckaroo @GrownManzGaming @IamSal_ @TheDivisionGame Problem is that there are like 100000 videos on yt with game problems and how to improve the game from respected youtubers not like me ranting here. And they acrualy dont implement any of it. How is it posible that 6 set is useles and weaker than 2/3 sets. Who tought this is good

  • BokiSLO Boštjan (@BokiSLO) reported

    @GrownManzGaming @IamSal_ @TheDivisionGame You cant expect for someone to have big turn around when they need 1year to fix d1 and than they made the exsact same mistakes with d2 and again 1y later game is unplayable.

  • JSYOUNG571 James S. Young Jr. (@JSYOUNG571) reported

    @freddava @TheDivisionGame We have been complaining about this since the release of the game. They obviously are not going to fix it. You will have to join in on some one else squad who hasn't completed yet and hopefully they don't experience the same glitch.

  • OkBuckaroo SimSim (@OkBuckaroo) reported

    @BokiSLO @GrownManzGaming @IamSal_ @TheDivisionGame it took them 11months to release update that would somehow fix bad loot and rng that they brought it from div1 4yrs ago. this game wont come back no matter what

  • BBIAJ BBIAJ (@BBIAJ) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Fix Bravo-09 error on Xbox One!

  • PoutineDragon PoutineDragon (@PoutineDragon) reported

    @shivers_raymond @N7Ace @TheDivisionGame seeing. You personally may not have everything you wanted, but this game is for everyone who bought it. It may have its issues (Division 1 had its issues too), and I am by no means trying to defend the devs at all cost, but to say that in 10 months we have had nothing, is wrong.

  • PoutineDragon PoutineDragon (@PoutineDragon) reported

    @shivers_raymond @N7Ace @TheDivisionGame enjoyably difficult without being too aggravating to play. We have had massive balancing and reworking of issues that have cropped up. We have Conflict modes added. We have new weapons added. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there is a lot of backend work we aren't 3/

  • WolvenEcho Michael Kautz (@WolvenEcho) reported

    @niquemei @TheDivisionGame If the issue isn't on their end of the stream how would you like them to fix it. Don't be an opinionated douche bag.

  • GamersGoldMine_ GGM (@GamersGoldMine_) reported

    News on TheDivisionGame!!: We're aware that the YouTube stream is not online. While we are investigating it is not likely that we will be able to fix the issue on time. We will have the VoD available via Twitch and upload it to YouTube soon after. Sorry, agents! #gaming #kno…

  • Snake911Solid Dr.Anas Amouri (@Snake911Solid) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Im sick of ur excuses.. there is always an issue

  • MichaelSumma Michael Summa (@MichaelSumma) reported

    @TheDivisionGame FIX YOUR GLITCHY ASS GAME. I was just killed by an invisible enemy that couldn't take damage. Now I know why I quit playing this 270+ days ago.

  • Reo_33 Reo (@Reo_33) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @JohanLnh so is there a kown issue where I am trying to change difficulty on tidal basin and it just stays on normal won't change 🙃

  • danielgacso danielgacso (@danielgacso) reported

    @AgentPutt @wdfgamingnet @TheDivisionGame @MKLwalz Typical. They make sthing as a great feature, then its not working and not even fixed ever. Targeted loot is the same. Great idea, but no activities on map. And if there is some these not increasing CP level, then CP drops 2-3 specific item, but not what will be useful. useless.

  • JooBessa19 João Bessa (@JooBessa19) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @hamishbode I can only imagine all the fuss before a sotg, but when you can, please address the pvp cheaters problem. I know I'm not the best pvp player, but skirmish atm is not worth playing with people using crhonos and lag switches in PS4. Good luck for the SOTG and cya later guys

  • Cirbir Cir bir (@Cirbir) reported

    @Sliqweeds @eliebee1 @TheDivisionGame does not seem like a challange... so id say ok 😂 to stay fair i gotta ask you for your problem with the actually fun and different idea and then ima gonna tell you where and why you are wrong

  • odyssey_final FKGDT (@odyssey_final) reported

    @TheDivisionGame fix the fixing bugs plz!

  • JonesJohn13760 Jonathan jones (@JonesJohn13760) reported

    @DanielDoesItPS4 @jgerighty @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft No problem

  • PoutineDragon PoutineDragon (@PoutineDragon) reported

    @N7Ace @shivers_raymond @TheDivisionGame I mean, if you want them to: 1. Fix loot drop rates 2. Work on RNG and balancing 3. Create a raid system/new raid content 4. Create story missions 5. Create new specializations 6. Create new and balanced weaponry 7. Create new locations 8. Pay actors to voice new content cont.)

  • hendogg11b Stephen Henderson (@hendogg11b) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Will this fix the Bravo 09 that I got on Dec 10th that has kept me out of the game every since, on xbox.

  • CheyenneGames Cheyenne (@CheyenneGames) reported

    @ChristianLukens @GhostRecon @TheDivisionGame I've had tons of fun playing D2 lately. Sunk a couple hours into Breakpoint this morning as well but the patch is having issues with disconnects.

  • shadowsgps shadowsgps (@shadowsgps) reported

    @lcequeen_18 @TheDivisionGame Yeah im in 2 minds it looks good but gunna have to change gear again and fix builds now stuffs changed

  • NdubEg6 NDUB_EG6 (@NdubEg6) reported

    @EK1GamingTV @TheDivisionGame Yeah you right, the game is lagging a lot, and also lacking in a lot of different spots. The game was just put out in stores to early. They should’ve taken their time with this one. This game would’ve had a lot of potential if it waited a little longer.

  • EK1GamingTV ✨ EK1 Gaming ✨ (@EK1GamingTV) reported

    Officially deleted @TheDivisionGame because its so broken. Go into conflict, seeker 1 shot dead, respawn, guy has 500k armour 3k Skill and 20k weapon damage, kills me instantly, I empty a clip into him and he dont lose 1 bit of armour... GREAT GAME!

  • johncpascua S_O_U_L_ (@johncpascua) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I’ve been having an issue where anytime I open the map while on tier 5 it gets stuck. The only thing that works is the the d pad to look where loot is and the a and b buttons. There’s no cursor to use and no way to exit. I’m on Xbox 1s.

  • MontaElmer Elmer Monta (@MontaElmer) reported

    @l3lairdog @SITREPRadio @MikeThinksAloud @TheDivisionGame I love changes,just don't give us more bugs and glitches in addition to the old ones.just make sure the changes are tested and it works with no issues before the release.

  • GamersGoldMine_ GGM (@GamersGoldMine_) reported

    News on TheDivisionGame!!: _Gothy There were some issues with Australian data centers yesterday but they seem to be resolved. If you cannot connect at all it's probably best to reach out to UbisoftSupport for further assistance. Fingers crossed it'll be resolved quickly! #ga…

  • _Gothy BFo (@_Gothy) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Xbox and Australia, I don't know anyone playing atm everyone is getting the ERROR C-2-229

  • ridercoms2 ridercoms2 (@ridercoms2) reported

    @KeemaMr Any gamer would. Balance between visuals and playability is an equation that’s not right at the moment. Limited to 12 players in @TheDivisionGame because of the detail of the characters (their words not mine) with bullet reg issues in a gun game, just doesn’t make sense to me

  • ahsantushar12 Ahsan Tushar (@ahsantushar12) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @LucifersNutsack Got the game after few weeks of launch. Found random crashes and shuttering problem. Thought gonna play later when it'll be fixed. After more than a year I tried and spent around 2 hours and now stuck because can't meet the coordinator. Nothing from you again @Ubisoft.

  • TundraTony80 Anthony DeAngelis (@TundraTony80) reported

    @MikeThinksAloud @TheDivisionGame Honestly, I feel like the problem isn't the Dev's at all, but whatever hush order Ubisoft has them under. I feel like the devs would tell us absolutely everything we wanted if they could, but can't for whatever reasons in place. Jist the nature of the business I suppose.

  • FelingMellow ROSE CAM ROSE CAM ROSE CAM ROSE CAM ROSE CAM (@FelingMellow) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I was grinding my last 2 levels to get to level 30, I completed a bunch of side missions and what not, and I finally got to level 30... However exactly when I opened my cache, I got DCd for network issues and lost hours of progress. Is there a way to get it back

  • really2dapoint Really2dapoint (@really2dapoint) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Now all of a sudden they want to revamp everything when we said this 5months ago. The devs and people running the show have ego and pride issues. They didn’t wanna throw in the towel on their bad ideas until they had no choice. @hamishbode

  • BazzerBaz247 Bazzer-Baz (@BazzerBaz247) reported

    @DJCozby @Rakunvar @Ridercoms @djpanda510 @TheDivisionGame Servers are terrible on ps4, some servers are unplayable, players dont take damage, huge damage lag, rifle bullets and marksman rifles just dont register at points. Is there even a fix except spending loads of money on servers for a game that's basically dying which they wont do

  • m1lee Lee CTID Fernley (@m1lee) reported

    @DaytonOhioGuy @AJRussell1998 @TheDivisionGame I had this problem last night too and had to do the mission again from start, never thought of using chemical oxidiser 🤔

  • DaytonOhioGuy Mark Ares (@DaytonOhioGuy) reported

    @AJRussell1998 @TheDivisionGame Had the same issue on final NPC spawn. We hit the group with seekers as they came out the door in the upper level. One ended up under floor by escalator. Used oxidizer and was able to get him to finish mission.

  • yashppatel10 AGENTYASH10000 (@yashppatel10) reported

    @gregorythickett @TheDivisionGame @UbisoftSupport I visited support I saw nothing but faqs as soon as I open it their is search bar for faqs and at bottom option for chat with support Nothing like report glitched or just sending email regarding problem

  • shinuki22 🌊⛩Shinuki🔴🥋 (@shinuki22) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Dead game, nothing but a buggy, glitchy mess. Constant kicks, changing things just for the sake of, rng is useless, grind is pointless. D1 was and still is way better. Can't Ubisoft just make a game that works day one and leave it alone, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

  • BecauseICan2 ~ Joanna ~ Conageddon 3! (@BecauseICan2) reported

    @OllieNorris @Thermic_Bunny @TheDivisionGame Ok but Torres has a *** problem 😳

  • Rakunvar Rakunvar @Streamer_House PR (@Rakunvar) reported

    @DJCozby @Ridercoms @djpanda510 @TheDivisionGame Same thing happens with lag switch on PC. Can literally warp around killing with nothing to you, one of the first things we tested to see if they addressed it somehow. Tick rate, etc not being addressed, when they said they would be very clear this time with it with us=not cool.

  • lastplace1414 Brian Place (@lastplace1414) reported

    @TheDivisionGame back to back days (back to back games) I've been 45min into D1 survival only to get kicked by delta error. Try to resume session, then get UNIFORM C-35-1298. Very frustrating. Please hurry up w/Gear 2.0 so I can return to D2 since I can't play my fav part of D1.

  • GreyfaulkKiar Kiar (@GreyfaulkKiar) reported

    @TSwandol @BazzerBaz247 @LordJustice7 @pjkmgaming @Sali67844582 @jgerighty @AgentPutt @PauleyCraig94 @TheDivisionGame @jimbinni This was an issue started some time ago when the general discussion was what PC gaming bullets register almost 100% where as console is massively lower (it was raised when razorback first released) nothings been done and nothing will!

  • TSwandol TSwandol (@TSwandol) reported

    @BazzerBaz247 @LordJustice7 @pjkmgaming @Sali67844582 @jgerighty @AgentPutt @PauleyCraig94 @TheDivisionGame @jimbinni Yea I've done that. It wasn't just me that had the Bullet Registration issues. It happens every now and then but last night was extremely bad.

  • goneboarding25 Sean (@goneboarding25) reported

    @Henhay1979Henry @TheDivisionGame Chances are I've ruined your darl zone experience quite a few times then because "the game is broken." Also if need to spell why it's broken ie... current builds will be obsolete, no content, etc... I'm waiting my time

  • m1lee Lee CTID Fernley (@m1lee) reported

    @TheDivisionGame servers down again seriously 😐

  • indifferentlmp 〰Robin〰 (@indifferentlmp) reported

    Clan xp board in clan quarters is still not working properly. It shows way more xp than you actually earn. I'm at 270 million but I've only actually made about 40million xp. Please fix @Thylander @TheDivisionGame @hamishbode

  • marcus_syndrome Marcus syndrome (@marcus_syndrome) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Please fix the invisible wall glitch and my character now shuffles when he walks by himself

  • JUR3Y3S Julian Reyes (@JUR3Y3S) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I think my only issue with recalibration is it not maxing out the potential of the gun or gear and improving the score of them. Chasing after them and having the station to improve them is what I enjoy about the game. Well that and hoping we get something similar to resistance🙂

  • Ridercoms . (@Ridercoms) reported

    @Thesaltywoman @TheDivisionGame Eva this update is not because of pvp. This is effecting us as pvp players as much as you as a pve. They haven’t even sorted the server issues for us from day 1. This is effectively *** 3 beta. All Ubisoft ip seem to have been told to refind their direction.

  • Thesaltywoman Eva Hagel (@Thesaltywoman) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Also! Stop catering to pvp! Everytime you give them something or fix something it screws everyone that plays pve! You need to balance it or create two separate games!

  • Jakedee95 Jake Driver (@Jakedee95) reported

    @SgtAaron3 @TheDivisionGame I’d honestly pay for content if they asked. The games as service model doesn’t work. We shouldn’t be 10 months in with a whole one pve game mode. A season pass would see this game in a much better spot.

  • PixelFoxtrot Pixel (@PixelFoxtrot) reported

    @MARKOFBLADEZ @TheDivisionGame Its most likely done. The content they just wanna makr sure it aint broken

  • PixelFoxtrot Pixel (@PixelFoxtrot) reported

    @Xboxjedigamer1 @TheDivisionGame Takes time to fix things man. People working on this are different from people working on bugs

  • Xboxjedigamer1 XpertWanderer🇩🇴🇺🇸🇮🇱 (@Xboxjedigamer1) reported

    @TheDivisionGame About FIX ACTUAL PROBLEMS ; like skills work when they want to work. Turrent still falls through objects, Seeker mines Freezes half the time. "Invisible" walls!!!. I rather you devs stop messing with our gear mods!!! Leave alone!!. Give us Calibration live in ***.1!

  • sdhorton63 Stuart Horton (@sdhorton63) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I sure hope you fix the DZ with this update because we are in the occupied right now and you have people when you get them on the ground and they pop up out of nowhere they're appearing out of nowhere and their gear doesn't even show on the screen when you view their yeah

  • iDabz710 Dabzy (Rinzler) (@iDabz710) reported

    @danielgacso @Hana_kooh @TheDivisionGame Don’t y’all both realise they do not care about what the community wants! Div2 is a dead game! Sad that Div1 has a higher player base! Div1 is better than Div2! I can’t believe they don’t see that as an issue! 6yr old game vs 1yr old game!


    @whatmjtweeted @imJanko @AgentPutt @allenm86 @TheDivisionGame If it’s going to get fix (big if) I assume they would roll it out year 2 which would be under the new gearing system. Personally I just want them to patch everything that links us to our soft core characters (dz stash, recal, blueprints, etc)

  • b00k0f Eli Weeks (@b00k0f) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Cool stuff. I feel like the general gameplay loop needs help though. Content is a big problem as well.

  • medicnick83 Medic Nick (@medicnick83) reported

    @watchdogsgame Noticing a trend here... First @CyberpunkGame then a few other games and now this... I'm wondering when @ubisoft are going to pull their fingers outta their asses and fix @TheDivisionGame and @GhostRecon #Breakpoint

  • sweetnjuicy_xx Alexis Stone (@sweetnjuicy_xx) reported

    @TheDivisionGame If y'all have an issue with the game please stop wasting their time in telling them. Do us all a favor and just leave the page.