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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is an online-only open world third-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Massive and published by Ubisoft, with assistance from Red Storm Entertainment, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • DROHUNG The Real DROHUNG (@DROHUNG) reported

    @N7Ace @TheDivisionGame Maybe if they did not **** around with the gear sets and weapon damage you could have downed him with no problems. Try chuck a rock at them as that has more weapon damage

  • KieronTolliday Kieron Tolliday (@KieronTolliday) reported

    Can @UbiMassive please make 1 DZ PvE only. Almost every @TheDivisionGame player wants it. Forcing everyone to GS500 still doesn't fix the whole "forced PvP" problem with DZ's.

  • DonnyXvX Donald Edward (@DonnyXvX) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Fix the damn negotiators set its annoying in pvp. Blowback does not work when you die and respawn. Stops working then works at random been like this since the set came out FIX IT

  • KasoziKM Kasozi (@KasoziKM) reported

    @BrianDaly187 @TheDivisionGame Nah Xbox, And yea Shotguns bout to be a problem in the DZ’s lol

  • BrianHawley20 Brian Hawley (@BrianHawley20) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Lol fix the servers first

  • ABabyAtDennys Jonathan Tsalyuk (@ABabyAtDennys) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Some serious server issues guys. Just got Delta-03 running solo on the DARPA mission

  • SpecOpsDelta SpecOpsDelta 🇺🇸 (@SpecOpsDelta) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Hey guys, something is wrong with your Update! Interacting with the world, like loot, doors, etc are not working properly, I have to pause and unpause for it to work also when I’m firing my weapons, It’s happening constantly. I tried 5 controllers but it’s not it

  • switchchris81 Chris Rhoads (@switchchris81) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I had 49 superior keys last night before maintenance and logged in and received 0 apperal keys. I was under the assumption that the conversion rate was 3 to 1. Who can I get in contact with to resolve or receive notifications about this issue.

  • iDabz710 Dabzy (@iDabz710) reported

    @iSilvyi @TheDivisionGame i used to never have an issue! now it’s just all the time fam!

  • Dellumn Joe Voyles (@Dellumn) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I bought the rest of the apparel event keys I needed 35, and completed everything. The only problem is the emotes, weapon skins, gear dyes, etc are not showing up in my inventory or under the appropriate categories to equip them...

  • PixelFoxtrot Pixel (@PixelFoxtrot) reported

    @KevinBu44442279 @TheDivisionGame Thats more of a server issue

  • PixelFoxtrot Pixel (@PixelFoxtrot) reported

    @EvilJ16 @TheDivisionGame The only reason he said he's done is because he had 2 bad experiences with the new classifies assignments. Thats literally all that happened and now as easy as ever he leaves lmao and one of the problems wasnt even the games fault. He got kicked

  • PixelFoxtrot Pixel (@PixelFoxtrot) reported

    @gazzbazz4000 @TheDivisionGame Its pushing it in the right direction, sure some issues are still there like stat rolls but we are getting the game improved over time

  • therealshifty72 JohnRedPepper (@therealshifty72) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Quickly it’s a whole 30 mins of new content and a specialisation, plus you can grind the most boring tedious missions again to remake all your broken builds.

  • NoCucksGiven Wow (@NoCucksGiven) reported

    @TheDivisionGame F u game u Delta me all the way back to the beginning of the mission for the third time there must be a glitch cause this is bs

  • iDabz710 Dabzy (@iDabz710) reported

    @TheDivisionGame please for the love of God, what is with the DELTA error! Like i’ve never had this and now me and my buddies get this all the time! FIX IT ASAP!

  • AndrewC58323697 Luca Wolf (@AndrewC58323697) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Everytime I do a mission to move the satellite dishes the server goes down with an error and I have to start all over again. As soon as i press X i am booted out.

  • Rochdalebuddha Eddie brown (@Rochdalebuddha) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I can and will once I fix the bloody mess you have made to my builds, obe whole years work wasted

  • Hardcore__inc Steph (@Hardcore__inc) reported

    @TheDivisionGame You know what i want my money back as a live service bull shit I'm entitled to have a refund if you **** the product up so please no bs my ******* money. Thank you

  • GBadger69 GhostBadger69 (@GBadger69) reported

    @TheDivisionGame ... feels more like a Delta Squad with all the Delta Errors within the Pentagon and is no fun at all to play it all over again ... not much improvement in my poor opinion 🧂🧂🧂


    @xBillTheGamer @TheDivisionGame 100% agree!! The mains missions are ****** mate I said this from would happen no testing on half this content for the pts and yeah issues I had it too piss take !!!

  • Hardcore__inc Steph (@Hardcore__inc) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Fix theses light arrows crap, all I've seen since new patch arrow flairs going off everywhere. Oh and since when do people charge towards a grenade...

  • Brandon73354521 Day (@Brandon73354521) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @TheDivisionGame @UbiMassive Sending a loadout to stash function isn't working properly. It equips the loadout instead of sending it to the stash. Please fix asap.

  • Zephyrr95 jim (@Zephyrr95) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Fix the audio bugs. I fire my gun but no sound

  • gazzbazz4000 gazbaz4000 (@gazzbazz4000) reported

    @TheDivisionGame i thought this update was supposed to fix the game 😂

  • MrNut85 Mark [+] (@MrNut85) reported

    @TheDivisionGame has some shit ******* server's, surely by now the server situation shouldn't be a problem but it is. Game crashing as you near the end of missions causing you to restart is not good.

  • Da3LeggedFreak MrPvE (@Da3LeggedFreak) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Loadouts are not working all. my loadouts that were saved will not work, it keeps telling me that my inventory is full but that is not the case. Backpack & stash are halfway. Please fix this, right now I can only play an access the last load out that I play with before the update

  • Catalin14A Dwichy (@Catalin14A) reported

    @TheDivisionGame The secrets of delta error also waiting

  • JordanBFG92 k (@JordanBFG92) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I would if is wasn't lagging so much 😒

  • ratt1g_neu FortniteHater1337 (@ratt1g_neu) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @UbisoftSupport after the update its unplayable. pls fix your game! sometime there are opponents which should be there just invisible but can kill you anyways or the game just crashes or some areas not rendering, pls fix immediately!

  • EzioAudi2re EzioAuditore (@EzioAudi2re) reported

    @TheDivisionGame @UbiMassive @Ubisoft However, TTK seems to be low. But can't say, because there are other buffs & changes contributing at the same time. So either there is really a problem or its just not updated in the stats display.

  • shonuff_sharp David Sharp (@shonuff_sharp) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I have tried to download the update on ps4 and keeping getting not enough space errors. I have over 90gb free.

  • CajunMoores Charlie Moore (@CajunMoores) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Can someone explain what it means to login to #TheDivision2

  • White_Dion_ Eternal Maestro (@White_Dion_) reported

    Launched @TheDivisionGame to check out the new update and just wow, hit detection felt broken AF, gear set changes seemed unnecessary and unwanted, menus, UI, skills buggy, seriously everything felt so bad I logged off. Maybe I'll give it another shot later, but man this ain't it

  • LeeviPlays Yli the Peli (@LeeviPlays) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Can’t use these with the Black Tusk Combat Uniform!!! Please fix this bug!

  • FooDogge D Mack (@FooDogge) reported

    @LikeAHero @TheDivisionGame the DZ experience -right now Div2 having only 3 teams in DZ's just does not provide the excitement & challenge of the Div1 DZ- i believe they made DZ's smaller to try & prevent the lag & d-sync issues of Div1 DZ- so im not expecting a change & may not play Div2 any more sadly

  • Dasglooo ダスグロ (@Dasglooo) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Still didn’t fix the problem where we couldn’t get clothes from open world :(

  • PJbottoms73 PJ (@PJbottoms73) reported

    @TheDivisionGame I'd rather you guys fix the ******* game issues that have been in the game for months now than spend time on extra cosmetic shit. 😆

  • FooDogge D Mack (@FooDogge) reported

    @LikeAHero @TheDivisionGame For me replaying missions is not an issue since I hate doing it. I’m pvp focused and do the bare minimum pve needed to effectively pvp.

  • billyma2017 billyma2018 (@billyma2017) reported

    @TheDivisionGame fix the ******* freeze bug God damn it

  • bicycleofdeath 𝕭𝖎𝖈𝖞𝖈𝖑𝖊🎃𝖋𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 (@bicycleofdeath) reported

    @Agent_Rivera_ @LikeAHero @TheDivisionGame *nod* I'm not giving up. Still giving the game a go. TU6 changes are plentiful. Curious to experience the changes. It's not perfect. Some examples are far from. Still making similar adjustment errors (a la Div1), but... I want to develope a front line opinion. I *want* to enjoy.

  • Wyldchyld6666 lee smith (@Wyldchyld6666) reported

    @LasseThor95 @TheDivisionGame Am not saying I do like the game it's the fact that they lie through there back teeth getting all the people to go out to the etf to so called fix the pvp in the game and they think by add a bit of pve content it the DZ is going to fit then they need there heads banging together


    @imJanko @Thylander @TheDivisionGame @hamishbode @yannickbch @ChrisGansler So supposedly we have up to 150 percent recal score which you can see this piece goes up to 101 but I believe this bugged my original roll of 47 percent down to 38. Quite a problem.

  • matrixhashyou austin.texas (@matrixhashyou) reported

    @TheDivisionGame WTF all muy builds are now broken af

  • _MarkGunn_ MARK (@_MarkGunn_) reported

    @Freecitizn @N7Ace @TheDivisionGame I still really enjoy it now, I've got the EB but will always want to run it. I'm going to give the update a go, see what the gear improvement and targeting is like. I think the content depth might be an issue but there are a couple games out this month that interest me.

  • HardStyleGam1ng Hard Style Gaming (@HardStyleGam1ng) reported

    @izzystewart @KasoziKM @TheDivisionGame @jgerighty @hamishbode @yannickbch No issue with others play testing the content before release. But they shouldn't be allowed to drop YouTube videos the night before, showing off the content. That's spoiled the narrative content for everybody, again, and a huge problem in my eyes.

  • bmanns23 Brian Manns (@bmanns23) reported

    @TheDivisionGame What's with the Mike errors

  • el_soldado_GER el_soldado (@el_soldado_GER) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Time to pray to the gamergod that you at @TheDivisionGame fix the alarm in the base of operations. I know it is just 7 month since release and we should not expect that crazy big changes but you never know. PLEASE GAMERGOD!!!

  • brandon86213138 brandon (@brandon86213138) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Why ******** are you guy needing lmg again what ******** you guys don’t know how to fix pvp you also buffed smg you guys are ******* stupid smg’s are a problem because now it’s only going to be ar builds and smg builds time to uninstall this trash game

  • Sys0p_ SHD Agent Sys0p ☣️ (@Sys0p_) reported

    @THEaquemeni @LtBuzzLitebeer @jgerighty @JohanLnh @hamishbode @The_Spier @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @aemond @AmperCamper Over the last several months I’ve noticed multiple instances where perceived issues were handled in a way that I could only describe as amateur hour. My bottom line is simple: The Division 1 & 2 are great games, made by amazing developers, and a poor marketing team. /3

  • Sys0p_ SHD Agent Sys0p ☣️ (@Sys0p_) reported

    @THEaquemeni @LtBuzzLitebeer @jgerighty @JohanLnh @hamishbode @The_Spier @TheDivisionGame @Ubisoft @Elites_Academy @ClancyElites @aemond @AmperCamper Additionally, what @LtBuzzLitebeer provided were simply his suggestions to make what I believe was a larger point... There is a clear disconnect between the marketing/pr department, game development, and the community. 2/

  • SixShotMcClane Revolver McClane (@SixShotMcClane) reported

    Hey @Xbox There's a big update coming to @TheDivisionGame later tonight. I'm not gonna get upset at your monthly issues this time. I'm just gonna say... Fix. Your. Shit.


    @widdzTV @jzlegit @TheDivisionGame And completely separated PVP/PVE balance so one side doesn't ever feel affected by the problems on the other side.

  • RansomLOShields Ransom O'Shields (@RansomLOShields) reported

    @TheDivisionGame i5 100% CPU issue. Worst $100+ I ever spent on a game. Biggest Disappointment ever. The only thing Ubisoft still makes worth a shit is Assassin's Creed. So far I've literally talked over 2 dozen people out of ever buying this game. Sorry but drop the shitty Snowdrop trash engine

  • DonnyXvX Donald Edward (@DonnyXvX) reported

    @TheDivisionGame There is an issue with the Negotiators talent Blow Back not working after dying in the dark zone while wearing 5 pieces. Once you spawn then lose your armor fighting it makes the blow back sound but does not send the grenade. Happens on and off.

  • DaRoyalEnforcer TheRoyalEnforcer (@DaRoyalEnforcer) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Lazy poorly designed outfits, cash grab, trash game, the hate on the game is justified by ex players, pvp is broke, end game is hilarious, loot is pathetic, i feel sorry for players still holding hope they will fix things.

  • Bebekungu Leonardo Adam (@Bebekungu) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Please i hope this will fix the hive bug that wont reviving user who drop for them self.. so annoying and its not rite.. thx

  • jonesladiesmsn8 Jon Jones/derivedwhale45 (@jonesladiesmsn8) reported

    @ZOMBIEKILLER464 @phoenixtian @TheDivisionGame @GhostRecon No. Just a patch that fixes a lot of the issues that game currently has, n the patch notes for it are out now

  • Father_Wendigo Dining With Donner (@Father_Wendigo) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Ah Jesus, I just realized that the big "fix the game" update is going to be competing against Fortnite's new season. RIP.

  • Mr_Gtr_xPRx Pedro Morales (@Mr_Gtr_xPRx) reported

    @TheDivisionGame Now you fix it