Is Ubisoft Uplay down?

Uplay is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service developed by Ubisoft to provide an experience similar to the achievements/trophies offered by various other game companies. The service is provided across various platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc).

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December 12: Problems at Ubisoft Uplay

Ubisoft Uplay is having issues since 02:50 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (45.10%)
  • Online Play (30.39%)
  • Matchmaking (12.75%)
  • Glitches (6.86%)
  • Game Crash (4.90%)

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  • YardyGOAT
    Yardy (@YardyGOAT) reported

    @Ubisoft fix your dog shit game so I don't lose to literal bots who can only use aids. I hate losing to ESA kids because all they can do is run full aids shits a joke.

  • TimMcVey1
    @HSG_dirtymoles (@TimMcVey1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport I have now opened 3 alpha packs since the #WindBastion update and all 3 have said "error" and then removed my alpha pack and reset my percentage to 2.3%

  • StylinWRX
    StylinWRX (@StylinWRX) reported

    @UbisoftSupport im having issues with my Uplay account on PC.

  • WalkerCrenshaw
    walk cren (@WalkerCrenshaw) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game And yes I’m angrily typing this because the reticle disappearing glitch just caused me to lose a game of ranked

  • asb1976
    Aaron Belgarde (@asb1976) reported

    @niccjagger @SouthParkPhone @Ubisoft And the new issues players can move their cards so they don’t take damage but you can attack my card it happened last week the game would of lasted long, if I didn’t summon dogpoo

  • WalkerCrenshaw
    walk cren (@WalkerCrenshaw) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game How about you fix year 3 first. Busted ass game 3 years old and still having bugs. On PS4 every 3-4 rounds my reticle in my optic disappears and every alpha pack I earn reads error and takes away my rewards. Fix this shit so I can enjoy the game please.

  • asb1976
    Aaron Belgarde (@asb1976) reported

    @niccjagger @SouthParkPhone @Ubisoft Cheating too much of it but to the developers it is a new ability, or the internet, they haven’t tried to fix those issues, plus how do people wind up with 10 to 20 energy in the beginning when they summoned high cost cards and no energy staff

  • blkpower7
    BLKPOWER7 (@blkpower7) reported from Hawthorne, California

    @UbisoftSupport WTF 2 days and this shit still not working ******* bullshit but Ubisoft want to charge you for all the dumb shit in the store but they can’t get the network up and running I’m done with this game....also that ******* mission you just dropped was weak as ****

  • Whitelightninco
    Whitelightning (@Whitelightninco) reported

    @Ubisoft I have never seen a game as broken and poorly managed as Rainbow Six Seige. Like jesus I dump so much money into your guy's wallets just for you to turn around and break something else with every season. I'm about to just count my losses and be done with your games.

  • txjohnh
    John Hedrick (@txjohnh) reported

    @Ubisoft Rainbow 6 servers are acting fucky today, people lagging everwhere

  • AnotherBoltFan
    Alex Sandusky (@AnotherBoltFan) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Having lots of problems with the Ubisoft club. I click on the Ubisoft club and it’s stuck on the load screen for the Ubisoft club and totally locks up the game

  • LoonatixsGaming
    Loonatixs (@LoonatixsGaming) reported

    @Ubisoft Hey Ubisoft, I'm having problems connecting to Ghost Recon Wildland servers

  • banditodoritos1
    🅱️andit (@banditodoritos1) reported

    Honestly Though I love Ubisoft games, but I’m really getting pissed with the Games as A Service for Ghost Recon. Guns that are being added (most you have to pay for) are guns that should’ve been out on day 1. And they keep pushing out glitchy items. Active camo doesn’t work.

  • p_griffiths87
    Paul Griffiths (@p_griffiths87) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Great a link to a thread with three posts giving no actual information on ps4 when my issue is on xbox.... Time to ditch ubisoft me thinks

  • Derp8156
    Chris Johnson (@Derp8156) reported

    @UbisoftSupport On Wildlands...I get the notification that I am connected to Ubisoft servers and online features are available. But on the side where i would click a friend to invite or join on them it says no online connection for playing with friends. But no error codes.

  • FariiidGH
    Farid (@FariiidGH) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game I do not know if you are aware of the disaster you have done with this latest update.I hope you fix the game soon because otherwise it will be your end, lage games,do not leave the ranks to finish the game,does not define points won.And many more mistakes that you yourself know

  • NonZerodemon
    Foolish Overlord (@NonZerodemon) reported

    Big L, you work for Ubisoft, and your trying to attack this guys career, and livelihood, you are part of the problem.

  • JojoDAeditor
    JojoDAeditor (@JojoDAeditor) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport i cant get into my account because of the 2-step login

  • FakeChow216ohio
    David Engle (@FakeChow216ohio) reported

    @GhostRecon @UbisoftSupport I'm on xb1 and I can not connect to ubisoft servers or the store. I'm getting error codes: Guaya-00003 and Oruro-00301

  • CakeMuncher6969
    Name (@CakeMuncher6969) reported

    Maybe @Ubisoft should fix @Rainbow6Game so @R6ProLeague is not so ******* embarrassing. Wtf are you guys thinking...

  • TristanMai
    Tristan Mai (@TristanMai) reported

    @Ubisoft I have lagged out of 15 games IN A ROW fix your game in for honor PLEASE

    Maria (@MCMXLVx) reported

    Literally laughing loud while reading twitter feed. Then in another hand it’s really sad stuff to read. How ******** siege got so broken again. Why ******** this happens all the time after new patches and maintenances. Pls ubisoft fix the game first before any cl/pl matches...

  • TristanMai
    Tristan Mai (@TristanMai) reported


  • LepaErkki
    Leevi Kirjavainen (@LepaErkki) reported

    @Ubisoft can you ******* fix yo shit in that shit game called rainbow six siege and stop nerfing stuff that aren't even good ******* *****

  • ShadowsGPs
    Shadows gameplays (@ShadowsGPs) reported

    @ZeroSHIfT916 @pepe_jefe still no connection to ubisoft servers @UbisoftSupport i know you are aware but this is stupid now i put money on the game to support it , i buy passes to support it 100s of others do to how is your stuff this broken

  • AkiraSashi
    🎄Akira🎄 (@AkiraSashi) reported

    @ItsPom_Padour @Siegemas2018 @hanjosi We would appreciate if you take your complaints somewhere else instead of plastering it onto one's artwork on a fan made account. This is not an official Ubisoft account nor do we fix stuff in games. We make art and that's it if you didn't know.

  • Faulxt
    Faulxt (@Faulxt) reported

    @dfu_it Right this ******* season iz shit i don't care @Ubisoft fix your servers

  • davidjzuniga201
    David Zuniga (@davidjzuniga201) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I can't login to ur stupid Ubisoft website cuz I'm blocked from accessing my account. I used the right password but it wouldn't let me log in. It didn't give me a wrong password message or anything.

  • LebronMatthew
    Matthew Cadiz (@LebronMatthew) reported

    @GhostRecon @Ubisoft servers down on ghost recon come on get it up please.

  • stuartyd78
    stuartyd (@stuartyd78) reported

    @K_T_Cakes @Ubisoft @GhostRecon @UbisoftSupport Same issue here PS4 UK

  • jay_was_taken
    Jeremy B (@jay_was_taken) reported

    @ressonance2011 @ErikBusellato @lolesports Then you're clearly used to Ubisoft games, the only other games that have Server issues on this level. It's an industry standard to have stable servers and if they can't meet that, we have all the right to complain. Besides, all other Servers are fine, it's just EUW and EUNE...

  • pepe_jefe
    Jefe Pepe (@pepe_jefe) reported

    Big suggestion for the next update @GRWildlands @Ubisoft don't add anything you think it's cool. FIX WHATS BROKEN. hahaha. This will bring you gold.

  • pepe_jefe
    Jefe Pepe (@pepe_jefe) reported

    Remember when I say in my streams if it ain't broke don't fix it. Well @GRWildlands @Ubisoft you broke it. Smh. When will it be fixed. @ZeroSHIfT916 @ItsDeltaElite @Someultradude @atesixtre @NatAussie

  • BodiXGamer1
    BodiXGamer (@BodiXGamer1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I have a problem in my ubisoft account and I can't fix it

  • killyourfm
    Jason Evangelho (@killyourfm) reported

    @Jens_TX @linux_and Oof, Uplay has some problems... I haven't tried Zorin, but know that it's based on a slightly older base until January. My recommendation is Pop!_OS or Ubuntu.

  • HomeSliceHam57
    Matthew (@HomeSliceHam57) reported

    Just bringing it to your attention that the sound glitch is still happening on RB6S on console. Please fix this. Ive sent footage previously as you’ve asked for it and still nothing has be done. Please fix this problem. @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game

  • LoreMasher
    Danny (@LoreMasher) reported

    Regular developers: -Hotfix fixes a known issue Ubisoft: -Hotfix doesn’t fix anything, adds additional bugs, makes exploits easier to perform

  • itzrare_yt
    Rare (@itzrare_yt) reported

    Hey @Ubisoft, I just experienced a crash in Uno. Here's what happened: -AI played 2nd to last card w/o calling Uno -I challenge him right when he jumps in, running out of cards before he was forced to draw two -Game crashed

  • Rambo6Glaz
    Rambo6Glaz 🇫🇷 (@Rambo6Glaz) reported

    @G2Pengu You (PL teams and their players) guys should all refuse to play tomorrow. It will send a strong message to Ubisoft. They need to fix their shit + ******* announce OP Health 2 already

  • XXtraTHiCCYT
    XXtra THiCC Official (@XXtraTHiCCYT) reported

    @BreachChargeNSG @Nihilus45 @BikiniBodhi @Hixcap If Ubisoft wants to avoid issues like that, I’d say just give acog back to Jager and bandit for a limited amount of time and see how the pick/win rate chart changes.

  • Henry27985430
    Henry (@Henry27985430) reported

    @Ubisoft why do my alpha packs don’t work it’s been like this for a week it says they’ve encountered an error and here’s renown.

  • Saleheim
    Saleheim (@Saleheim) reported

    @702Breakers @Ubisoft @GameOverGreggy @notaxation @TimGettys Looks like they should have used Origins' engine instead. I'm having the same problems as well. @Ubisoft better patch this if they are planning on selling a lot of season passes.

  • mynameisgeno
    geno moore (@mynameisgeno) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game It’s sad that MarioRappids is on your main page but GRWL never is - in any event- we could use some help - serious help.. This is the third update that has broken the game - it’s been down for 10 hours and unplayable for two days... after waiting 5 months for an update.

  • roHit_donny
    Rohit kanojiya (@roHit_donny) reported

    @UbisoftSupport stuck on the login page on uplay help urgent

  • YoutubeHiby
    Hiby. (@YoutubeHiby) reported

    @IconicR6S @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft Who cares about a word, the problem here is why he didn’t get banned

  • Rhythm_215
    Falcon (@Rhythm_215) reported

    I need help for unlocking my uplay account. I can't contact support on the website because I can not sign in. And the chat is not available right now. Please help! @UbisoftSupport

  • BroLedwell
    Joe (@BroLedwell) reported

    @UbisoftSupport I reinstalled and reset my console but am still having the same issue this morning. Attempting to launch Ubisoft club in-game will freeze my game every time.

  • driftergitarist
    . (@driftergitarist) reported

    UBISOFT. FIX YOUR ******* GAME. @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game

  • andrewbowen82
    Andrew Bowen (@andrewbowen82) reported

    @UberTimmeh I really happy for the streamers of you tube doing TD2 but the problem is Massive/Ubisoft will do it to their opinions not the wider world or is consipacry theory just dreamt up by me. I'm really looking forward to the new Farcry that's coming I'm guessing you already knew that

  • KanavGu93394482
    Kanav Gupta (@KanavGu93394482) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbiAustralia I bought R6S on the weekend for $52.56. The description did that I will receive 10 packs and 1200R6 credits which have not come through to my side. Can u pls look in the problem and give me my moneys worth. Thank you

  • DoggGaming
    Dogg (@DoggGaming) reported

    @zironicdk @Snurreleif @Secret_Lacky Sorry, I realise you work for them, but Ubisoft aren't doing it right mate. Ubisoft uses loot boxes in game ie gambling aimed at kids. That's not morally right and the practice should chased from games as quickly as possible. I have no issue with them selling cosmetics.

  • RockRolled
    JaximusBauer (@RockRolled) reported

    **** you @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport . You've turned the AC games into glitch havens. Playing ACII and Venice won't unfog despite syncing viewpoints. You should be ashamed at what you've become. Nothing but money hungry dogs.

  • Gendgishow
    Gendgi (@Gendgishow) reported

    @Lygartt careful when I was working at Ubisoft, turning off Shadow Play was one of the 1st things we advised customers to turn off if they had any issues in game :p

  • RayCarrot
    RayCarrot (@RayCarrot) reported

    @PhilippJeindl @Raymanni_ Yeah, most likely. Unless they do like with Rayman 3 and have another studio do most of the work. Ubisoft could very well see profit in making another Rayman games with 3D platformers doing so well again, like Mario, Crash and Spyro.

  • GamersGate
    GamersGate (@GamersGate) reported

    @itsjohnthehero @UbisoftUplay There's an issue with Ubisoft games at the moment. We sincerely aplolgise for the inconvenience and are working on a fix right now

  • Roger37446672
    Roger (@Roger37446672) reported

    @Ubisoft please fix ghost reckon wildlands I can't connect to my friends I have psn plus my net is good and I'm on latest ps4 update and yet I get Nat status offline

  • bmonty2365
    Bruce (@bmonty2365) reported

    @Ubisoft breaking the limit trophy not working, i tried over and over again, not earn it.😞🙁

  • riley74384990
    riley (@riley74384990) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game How bout you fix your ******* game instead of new ops

  • By_MrSnaKe
    Feltish (@By_MrSnaKe) reported

    @hero_fabulous Thats not ubisoft the problem but xbox retard

  • oX_GLITCH_Xo25
    Ox_GLITCH_Xo (@oX_GLITCH_Xo25) reported

    @Ubisoft @ExaltedCosplay Fix your servers keep kicking me on for honor.