Is Ubisoft Uplay down?

Uplay is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service developed by Ubisoft to provide an experience similar to the achievements/trophies offered by various other game companies. The service is provided across various platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc).

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October 19: Problems at Ubisoft Uplay

Ubisoft Uplay is having issues since 02:10 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Margrnwjr Mark Greenwalt Jr (@Margrnwjr) reported

    @deathspankd @Ubisoft They definitely need to fix some stuff and since this last title update on ghost recon it seems really bad but some do the bugs are hilarious division 2 I haven’t ran into any bugs and I got a lot of hours on that game

  • TrimmAustin Austin Trimm (@TrimmAustin) reported

    Ubisoft should fix Rainbow Six Siege

  • captainbush79 @𝕮𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖇𝖚𝖘𝖍79 (@captainbush79) reported

    @Ubisoft what a problem with the server..Cannot connect to the server.. SILENT-100B..

  • Gui_Vinagre Guilherme Vinagre (@Gui_Vinagre) reported

    @UbisoftSupport But you didn't solve the problem! A problem with Ubisoft! And they told me to settle with whom I bought the game... Very irresponsible! In Brazil we pay dearly in these games. And you guys don't solve these horrible problems that happen in the game!!!!!

  • J_LFox_RFG J_LFox - RFG (@J_LFox_RFG) reported

    @Pisthetaerus @Cinders10122019 @AGayGuyPlays 60million dollars. I like how people compair income with problem solving. Better be EA or ubisoft and butter 100s of millions into a game each year, for it to flop and close down studios for it. Your tweet is so sad.. Alexa, play despacito.

  • AuraWolf92 AuraWolf (@AuraWolf92) reported

    @MahoneyGaming @UbisoftParis @Ubisoft @anthemgame @bioware Trust me I get it, It's not often I defend a game like this but I was in the "It'll improve over time" camp but the reason for that was the OG Mass Effect team being in charge of it, I thought with such talent they may finally create a live service story.

  • MahoneyGaming Mahoney Gaming 🎮 Productions (@MahoneyGaming) reported

    @AuraWolf92 @UbisoftParis @Ubisoft @anthemgame @bioware Yeah I don’t have the game anymore gave it away twice @anthemgame I was actually one of its biggest supporters saying wait they will fix the issues but so far I have seen bout 100 updates for the game Nd I guarantee if I pick it up tomorrow it will have the same content

  • Felipefourt Felipe (@Felipefourt) reported

    @UbisoftSupport ubisoft, the game @Rainbow6Game on console, is full of idiots using mouse and keyboard on the higher ranks sometimes its impossible to play... will you please fix it

  • JUNEBUGGxCOx Drew M.M. (@JUNEBUGGxCOx) reported

    @Ubisoft I cant believe ur trying to sell this game still!!! Its completely broken!!!!

  • DatGamerDad Steve Zugenheimer (@DatGamerDad) reported

    @Ubisoft @TheDivisionGame I am so tired of this piece of shit game crashing. So now, if you'd be so kind, I'll take the roughly 20 Technician Points I would have had if this junk didn't crash at the last minute of a mission. Constantly. If only you cared as much about the game

  • noxpop Jon Andrews (@noxpop) reported

    @merrittk With how AAA games are constructed this argument does make a lot of sense. With EA/Ubisoft/Activision creating a lot of games as a service with the intention of it making money via micro transactions perpetually it has many similarities to that kind of structure.

  • AHGxPonyboy Ponyboy (@AHGxPonyboy) reported

    @Ubisoft @TheDivisionGame Nobody wants to go to D.C. right now and even less want to play your broken game.

  • AHGxPonyboy Ponyboy (@AHGxPonyboy) reported

    @Ubisoft @Ubisoft is literally a dumpster fire. All their already broken trash games are just getting worse. Never wasting my money on this company again. @UbisoftSupport could be shut down right now and absolutely nothing would change. Completely useless.

  • AHGxPonyboy Ponyboy (@AHGxPonyboy) reported

    @SouthParkPhone So @Ubisoft seems to be giving up on the company as a whole with even their newest games being released broken. @UbisoftSupport is useless. I guess @UbisoftRedLynx doesn't care enough about the customers to even attempt to fix this game. Criminals.

  • ThaSwampDonkey ThaSwampDonkey (@ThaSwampDonkey) reported

    Pretty disappointed after buying RockSmith, I am reading people having issues using the Blue Yeti Mic with the PS4. It doesn't recognize it. This saddens me that there is no support for this @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport

  • husamdemirtas2 Hüsamettin Demirtaş (@husamdemirtas2) reported

    @UbisoftSupport We were searching match as 5 men premade. My game crashed and I tried to reconnect. It only gives me an error. I searched on the internet and UbiYubble suggested starting the game from uplay. I tried and the game connected me to another game. -----

  • pluralaces PluralAces (@pluralaces) reported

    Here is why I don’t play your stupid ******* game anymore @TheDivisionGame @ubisoft @UbiMassive I completed kenly college expedition after joining someone else’s game, chapel unlocked but chest was locked, went back to my game & I have to do library all over again. FIX YOUR GAME

  • Rainbow6Game Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) reported

    @MissLunaMixer As of now there does not seem to degradation occurring. If restarting the console does not resolve the issue, please reach out to Ubisoft Support.

  • devynthelegend Dick Grayson (@devynthelegend) reported

    @WymanNBradGame @TiberSGreece @OperatorDrewski @ADevilishMotive @Ubisoft its a ******* video game. and it is literally about a bolt release LMAOOO literally irl you barrly tap it to ride the chamber forward. “mechanic” yall are literally upset over the absolute smallest of things which is the issue

  • doubleamr9 Double-AMR_9 (@doubleamr9) reported

    @jgsonicfan This actually fits into my issues with Ubisoft’s current mindset.

  • deathspankd Deathspankd (@deathspankd) reported

    @CRIMS0NGUARDX @Ubisoft @connectd86 oh how i can i forget the gear score glitch that happened when @Forkboy_Gaming @MJpwns @connectd86 and i played. that was great. and! it didnt even register us in the correct distance

  • deathspankd Deathspankd (@deathspankd) reported

    @CRIMS0NGUARDX @Ubisoft @connectd86 the division stuff happened since the latest update with the pentagon release. they ended up changing ui and such around. ghost recon issues have been around since day 0 and i know im not the only one who has experienced it

  • ConnorDTweeter Connor Siu (@ConnorDTweeter) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft Fix your servers or add an ACOG to the BOSSG #bossgacog

  • connectd86 Cloud (@connectd86) reported

    @deathspankd @CRIMS0NGUARDX @Ubisoft Haha yeah i remember that. I love the game but 30+ hours now I've run into pretty broken stuff. Really hope they fix things up. Its not deterring me from playing it by any means.

  • IAmReallySatan Satan (@IAmReallySatan) reported

    @duff_78 I liked the franchise up until Black Flag. Then the games got boring and started having a ton of technical problems and Ubisoft started inserting shitty microtransactions.

  • mbias27 Mbias27 (@mbias27) reported

    Hey @Rainbow6Game , so when i load into siege after an event in the ubisoft club, it says i have earned something like the montange shield skin, so when i go to claim it, i look in montes in loadout, and its not there, please fix this issue

  • itsATravissty it's a Travisty (@itsATravissty) reported

    @GhostRecon for the love of god can you hurry and get another update out to fix the hud bug/ raid mission .. since you guys failed at releasing that aswell @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft thanks higher ups for forcing people to launch a broke game. Ghost recon doesnt deserve this.

  • BHGAM3R BHGAMER (@BHGAM3R) reported

    @UbisoftSupport I cannot login on ubisoft club, deleted all cookies still won't give me the option. No issues with Ubisoft homepage and forums

  • HiImBamBamxd Samuel Gustafsson Persson (@HiImBamBamxd) reported

    @Ubisoft Fix Rainbowsixseige on Xbox one, Playing unranked and 3 of my teammates rate quited and ive Been team killed twice and the last one on my team trolled and helped the enemies my flashing me with blixt, shielding them and leading them to me this shit is unaceptable.

  • AlastairTipping Alastair Tipping (@AlastairTipping) reported

    lol @ people thinking Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be anything more than another identical Ubisoft microtransaction-stuffed live service slog.

  • IAmReallySatan Satan (@IAmReallySatan) reported

    Ubisoft hasn't had a good game since Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. FromSoftware games are overrated. EA and 2k have ruined sports games. People who buy microtransactions are a large part of the problem with the gaming industry. #MyUnpopularGamingOpinion

  • erymar1x erymartorres (@erymar1x) reported

    I can’t login to uPlay cuz I don’t google authenticator connect and I don’t have my recovery code. I quit the game last year. Can someone assist me. @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport

  • PurpleeileenE Eileen Cooper (@PurpleeileenE) reported from Milton Keynes, England

    @Assassins_UK trying for last two days to claim birthday gift just get message saying Ubisoft servers down!!!!

  • sphingle sphingle (@sphingle) reported

    @Ubisoft Please make this game somewhat playabale. During 1 mission i lost connection with the server 4 times and i'm getting sick of your BS with this game. This game is broken as hell and should've had a later release date. Very dissapointed with the crap you think you can get away with

  • BNinja_Number_2 Blue Ninja #2 (@BNinja_Number_2) reported

    @DatingSims Ubisoft's problem isn't Capcoms. Capcom has amazing talent they misdirect or mismanage. Ubisoft makes games with good ideas but then forces them to sit next to bland ones or, worse, in the middle of a generalized structure.

  • UNIK90FTW unik90 (@UNIK90FTW) reported

    @EngageWill @Ubisoft I don't have any problem with these games but when it comes I'm not supporting microtransaction if u can call it micro any more its huge at the moment, if that means I can't play these games so be it , its vote with your wallet

  • btopal07 Baran Topal (@btopal07) reported


  • NearTuber Arturs (@NearTuber) reported

    @Collector_Cup @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft @EGLXofficial I would love to win one I love R6 been playing that game for like 2 year but I had some issues with my account

  • Arch3ryA Arch3ryAddict (@Arch3ryA) reported

    @Ubisoft club challenges must be broken because it hasn’t given me credit for any of the challenges I just completed over the past hour

  • RogueAgentMac1 RogueAgentMac (@RogueAgentMac1) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @GhostRecon @GhostRecon_FR @GhostRecon_UK I have a issue with in breakpoint I cant select nightvision and only get thermal in player mode but I can select both with drone on ps4

  • Lochlan84552368 Lochlan Hemingway⭕ (@Lochlan84552368) reported

    @GhostRecon @Ubisoft fix your game

  • Housenflou Ricky Rueter (@Housenflou) reported

    Dear @Ubisoft I buy my games through @steam_games to avoid using your crappy UPlay service. I'm sick of trying to boot up a game only for UPlay to keep throwing up errors.

  • Honesgamer HonesGamer (@Honesgamer) reported

    @Ubisoft suck my ******* infected gamer toe fix ur servers buddy got booted off a ranked match and we lost 3v5 please I deserve toe suckage

  • D3X3VO Dexevo (@D3X3VO) reported

    @ThomasE40241567 @Rainbow6Game I was being sarcastic about “waiting for console to have a problem” but I do agree with you about how Ubisoft cares more for PC than console.

  • PixelTrik07 Apan Trikha (@PixelTrik07) reported

    @theamitgoyal At best he can be some help in Olympics (if there's any nepotism) but he must raise the budget for other sports to at least afford and maintain the best equipment. Otherwise, BJP is acting like Ubisoft here, solving non existent problems.

  • StupifyR6 Loredo (@StupifyR6) reported

    Pls fix hit reg omg what the hell dude I literally click Docs head and he doesnt die bro wtf @Ubisoft

  • ZeldrisSir SirZeldris (@ZeldrisSir) reported

    @Ubisoft fix your ranked I have apparently got into 2 ranked matches and I can’t reconnect even though I never queued and I have lost mmr and got banned.

  • UnlinkedV Unlinked_Venom (@UnlinkedV) reported

    @Ubisoft fix cav her ability makes no sense in a "Realistic Game"

  • clarence0879 Big Codi (@clarence0879) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game ok so there is this glitch on the Villa map where it just turns into a screen with the map background showing. This has happend more than once. So basically i sit there during the drone phase with a blank screen and the whole round. But its normal after.

  • CyberLightBolt Jack The Ripper (@CyberLightBolt) reported

    @noblejosher_ I'm not against microtransactions but when it's actual cut content that was pre-made with the game that's where my problem starts imo microtrans should only be cosmetic not like the grind ubisoft does with ac these days to force you to pay just to advance in the story.

  • AirxGamingYT Ian Gonzales (@AirxGamingYT) reported

    @Ubisoft could you guys please for god sake fix for stupid hit boxes in rainbow six i have been 1 tapped so many times in the shoulders and chest to know that you guys really don’t support your game

  • EdytheCuIIen Joeybird (@EdytheCuIIen) reported

    Me, unable to log into my ubisoft account because of 2 step verification not working ubisoft: you can disable that by clicking this link that'll ask you to sign in and then ask you for a verification code

  • hiestbreaker Julian Schuldhaus (@hiestbreaker) reported

    @Ubisoft fix the ping issue, from the east coast of North America, people from France are playing on ours and the ping is unbearable because headshots on my screen aren't killing them, not even damaging them. People shouldn't be allowed to have 90+ ping

  • Sir_Donnabis donald hogan (@Sir_Donnabis) reported

    @UbisoftSupport yo wtf i cant connect to uplay servers. i was stuck looking for uplay updates for uplay. "connection lost A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable. please try again later."

  • BadMeme80390082 YEE YEE (@BadMeme80390082) reported

    @UbisoftSupport I am having issues creating a just dance unlimited account, my internet is working, but the error message says that the Ubisoft servers are unavailable at this time. Can I get some help

  • ThomasE40241567 TheHeroWeNeed (@ThomasE40241567) reported

    @D3X3VO @Rainbow6Game It ain’t gonna happen mate Ddosing was a bigger problem on ps4 then it every was on PC and Ubisoft never even apologized after they fixed and on top of that no renown booster. Ubisoft just simply doesn’t care about console players. Btw Ubi only reacted to Ddosing when PC got bad.

  • Rainbow6Game Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) reported

    @Braxtontheidiot Hey Braxton! If restarting the game and console do not sort this issue out, we recommend reaching out to Ubisoft Support. They will be able to troubleshoot and determine the cause of the issue!

  • Rainbow6Game Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) reported

    @juan07852164 If restarting your router does not resolve the issue, please reach out to Ubisoft Support for further troubleshooting.

  • _L1ch_ ᛏᚺᛟᛗᚨᛋ ᚠᛁᚾᚾᛖᚷᚨᚾ (@_L1ch_) reported

    @Raycevick @OperatorDrewski @Ubisoft Admittedly, I don't think I personally really have an issue with games like Quantum Break or stuff like that not being completely accurate with their weapons.

  • SnowR6S 🎃Matt🎃 (@SnowR6S) reported

    @Memenized @Keefsosa01 @Rainbow6Game ubisoft runs their own servers for both platforms. I feel bad for console players, but they really like to make a big deal out of a few people. mnk on console looks broken though.