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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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Warframe Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • GeronibroGames Geronibro (@GeronibroGames) reported

    @jester253 @JpDeathBlade @TheMoonlght That doesn't mean they can't just adopt the Warframe model now. They could have just dropped the "2", changed the name, merged D1 and D2 content together and made it all free to play with special rewards for those who paid to play over the years. Problem solved.

  • RoboSt3alth RoboSt3alth (@RoboSt3alth) reported

    @thebakertv_ @PabloPoon If the moderation team wasn't so third party and disconnected from the main team this would be less likely to be an issue. Something I hope is looked at when Warframe sells

  • DasGanon ⚙️Das Ganon🏴‍☠️ (@DasGanon) reported

    Gah, gotta fix my Warframe drive partition to get the game optimized again. K:\ doesn't have enough space!

  • Konno_Taiga Warcraft III: Refunded (@Konno_Taiga) reported

    @Key_says_hi I don't have a problem with that as I like Warframe very much. It's the aggressive monitization that worries me.

  • BrendsonVII Brendson VII (@BrendsonVII) reported

    Jesus **** never has a system been so heavily broken and unbalanced in Warframe become it even releases... The amount of stupid I can do with some of these options... this is a completely different level of power creep.

  • BetzEmber Ember Betz (@BetzEmber) reported

    @LunaTheGothicS1 @PlayWarframe The reason why they did barely used abilities is because if they would have done the better abilities, the game would be super broken. To the point where they would have to nerf the abilities and making every warframe basically useless. So I can see why they did it this way

  • CrazyWriterGuy Justin J. Conidaris (@CrazyWriterGuy) reported

    @SinOnTwitch My only issue is that the open world segments don't seem to run properly on my PC, and it's not because my PC can't handle Warframe. It's MORE than up to the task. I just get a ton of lag and I don't know why.

  • csaki01 Csaki🌒☄️ (@csaki01) reported

    @rebbford @PlayWarframe This is all broken! BROKEN I TELL YOU! Nothing will ever be a challenge! EVER!!! damage buff, CC and void damage for every warframe? I can put ONE of those things on my Mesa and be able to dominate the whole Origin System by myself! Now image a whole squad! Do go on with this!

  • STerminated Silencer Isolated (@STerminated) reported

    @quackbir @FallGuysGame That's more an issue with Nintendo first party games and Nintendo overall just being bad at this online thing. Warframe and DCUO for instance work fine. Splatoon 2 for instance has made measurable improvements over its lifetime.

  • discord99057751 discordiabot (@discord99057751) reported

    Hackers Of The Light Episode 1 - Similar to Warframe, but instead of Lotus' headpiece, add some fan service from Vermintide, namely Sienna's fireball.

  • shaun96819 Shaun Bolosan (@shaun96819) reported

    @PlayWarframe I'm counting the days till I can sample Xaku the broken warframe

  • AhKatastrophe ItsAhKatastrophe (@AhKatastrophe) reported

    Today’s stream was my longest stream yet.... almost 15 hours of pure joy. Had some minor hiccups but nothing bad (pc totally didn’t crash) ima be back on tomorrow with some Railjack on warframe!

  • angelicremnant kick ass kiss girls 🇸🇩 (@angelicremnant) reported

    Octavia is a good-*** frame and i love it but it's like a compilation of warframe's worst design problems

  • angelicremnant kick ass kiss girls 🇸🇩 (@angelicremnant) reported

    actually if we're on the topic of fixing broken **** in warframe will someone please go move Octavia's Anthem so it unlocks after The War Within or at least inform the player that the quest is nearly impossible before TWW if you don't have limbo

  • hollowchimes Chimes (@hollowchimes) reported

    gonna start trying to get ppl into warframe by advertising it to their specific interests because it just has. so much going on. oh you like robots? cool space warriors? sci-fi? cosmic horror? abandonment issues? cute alien critters? boy do i know a free game for you

  • AzureBlaziken AzureBlaziken~! (@AzureBlaziken) reported

    LOTS of Minor and tough technical issues happened at the stream tonight, sorry if it was a small stream. Kinda filler today, but we will get back into it tomorrow on Warframe with NO Headphones! Perhaps a challenge could be made for tomorrow! Affiliation is gonna have to wait...

  • BernardoDelCast 𝖇 𝖛𝖊𝖗 0.111𝖆 (@BernardoDelCast) reported

    @JHunterPearson The problem I fear is that the gear pieces drop with seemingly random bonuses. Which is my least favourite progression. I hope they implement something similar to the warframe "cards in slots" system.

  • Jetwindgaming Jetwind gaming (@Jetwindgaming) reported

    Hey @DigitalExtremes next time you do a hotfix for #Warframe on #NintendoSwitch can you please fix that falling through the map glitch? Because when that happened to me, I got stuck in an infinite falling loop.

  • BilalPrinceAli BPA (@BilalPrinceAli) reported

    @Kidskull51 @mopcake1 @TWTHEREDDRAGON You mean Apex the game that hid that raven event thing behind a $140 pay wall after playing snd earing everything?? Bro once agajn you have NO IDEA what you're talking about... EVERY game you mentioned had a monetization problem only Warframe managed to strike the right balance!

  • QuiteShallow Shy🦈 (@QuiteShallow) reported

    @_H3dsh0t @themiabyte @PlayWarframe warframe is notoriously unreliable when it comes to merch, it often takes months to arrive and when it does show up its sometimes broken to pieces, remember navi's horror story about her umbra statue that took a like a year to show up?

  • QuiteShallow Shy🦈 (@QuiteShallow) reported

    @_H3dsh0t @themiabyte @PlayWarframe warframe is notoriously unreliable when it comes to merch, it often takes months to arrive and when it does show up its sometimes broken to pieces, remember navi's horror story about her umbra statue that took a like a year to show uo?

  • VVHITE8VVOLF Phantom Samurai (@VVHITE8VVOLF) reported

    @GirlOfSelfLove None of those lol Warframe is a pretty cool coop it's all Grind thou. But I don't play it anymore. So my new free to play is FALL GUYS. Hopefully they'll fix up the bugs soon.

  • StrayArctic Stray (@StrayArctic) reported

    @PanderpZack @HylianMurr I suggest you reread it too, warframe a Indi company took them 26sec to update there game. they update multiple times a week without ever causing issues for there players. the last time was a broken ssd during christmas. Square enix is a multi-million company

  • Rune0Wolf RuneWolf (@Rune0Wolf) reported

    Got my login bonus on #Warframe and now I’m 130 platinum away from buying the warframe I want lol

  • JodieStrickla18 Jill Valentine (@JodieStrickla18) reported

    @jetthejudge @AngryJoeShow @manscaped Warframe is free to play Avengers is a Live Service piece of **** that should burn in hell. Want example on how to do a live service? Forza Horizon 4.

  • DarkLilacDreams Maxayn Henderson (@DarkLilacDreams) reported

    @RockstarGames Wow #RedDeadRedemption2 is really broken. Just logged in again and got kicked after sitting on a flashing horse. So what game should I play now...Warframe....Gears...Destiny...Sea of thieves. Oh i can stream the sims 4

  • FrameshiftShark Sapphire @ SHARKFEST BAYBEE 🦈🚀 (@FrameshiftShark) reported

    I had this issue coming in to Warframe a year or so ago where friends were like "It gets better! Just get to Neptune! It gets better!" and do you know how long it took to get to the Second Dream quest? 80 hours.

  • ActiasInFlight AV | Actias (@ActiasInFlight) reported

    Someone take Warframe away from me I have a problem

  • Okami_Sengetsu Okami Sengetsu (@Okami_Sengetsu) reported

    Surprisingly, had a pretty good stream with Warframe. Didn't really do anything as far as follows or that nature, but got to reconnect with old friends. I really missed seeing them. Sadly, had to stop playing Warframe because of 'Network, No Response' error.

  • Dezarath Sad But True vs. The Salmon Dance (@Dezarath) reported

    I'm listening to these views on the Helmith system coming to Warframe and how broken it would be due to the powers being swapped.. But it seems you could negate this by simply transferring all four powers to a frame instead of one, just swap out the whole kit for a kit.