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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • katie_morning Katie Morning (@katie_morning) reported

    Warframe continues to devour my free time when I'm not working, sorry everyone

  • TwitchSoulicide Alexander Parsons (@TwitchSoulicide) reported

    WOW! My schedule is real bad. I've been on a grind playing warframe for the last... month, thing is, I'm playing on console (ps4) and I was wondering if you guys would like to see that, even though I dint own a proper capture card, and I'd have to use the ps4 streaming service.

  • JimtheNarwhall Nathan Switala (@JimtheNarwhall) reported

    @PlayWarframe Could you guys fix the game for the Warframe Players please

  • FahmiAfhm fahmiafhm_ (@FahmiAfhm) reported

    @PlayWarframe I tried to sign up a Warframe account using my email Then. an alert pop up and said "The email have been used" So, I tried to login using my email and then an alert pop up and said "Login failed" Then, i click "forgot password: and entered my email, an alet pop up

  • AWorkingTitle_ -A Working Title- (@AWorkingTitle_) reported

    @Sabuuchi I frequently play Warframe so I know the feeling, but instead of clowning on DE we should give constructive criticism. We wanted reworks for Ember and Vauban and we got them even if it **** a while. DE is aware of the problems with Railjack and they're working on solutions.

  • TheUltimateOzzY Oswald Neppl (@TheUltimateOzzY) reported

    @pcgamer Warframe. The devs got the heart at the right place but the game seemed to have continued issues with new content releases among a couple systems. Still hold it dear but kinda waiting for some big overhaul.

  • zedd_robbins Zedd robbins (@zedd_robbins) reported

    @moitoi I love playing warframe. The problem is I never know what I’m doing or what I’m supposed to be doing next.

  • Geomancer1980 Gene, Angry Penguin 2020 (@Geomancer1980) reported

    @tech_gaming Im waiting to see some things. If only like 2 of my friends can get the new one it doesnt mean much for a while, if you can do cross play with ps4 people I am much more likely to be an early adoptet... also as a Warframe junky I must ensure my fix is available

  • RoehnAdedred Papa Requiem (@RoehnAdedred) reported

    @RealSwalton @Gaston1687 @PaulTassi @Forbes Consoles are not the ******* issue here buckaroo. Take a look at Warframe. Devs are always adding to it and consoles have not held the game back. This is a Bungie problem, either they are giving us a nonsense excuse or their code is utter crap and needs a fix.

  • dtm_clan DTM Clan (@dtm_clan) reported

    @PlayWarframe for some strange reason I can't login into warframe keeps saying login failed check info but it's all correct anyway of bypassing this please

  • Caomhannach Feran (@Caomhannach) reported

    @PlayWarframe Yet another report from the ‘Login failed, Check Info.’ On #Warframe #PS4 , tried nine hours ago before getting some rest, woke up now and it still won’t let me in. PSN ID: Feran-Istae

  • BeigeShiba Beige Shiba ♔ (@BeigeShiba) reported

    @DasisDitto I was indeed subtweeting about why I no longer play Warframe. DE had a direction they wanted to take the game, I don't like that direction. It's suffering from the problem a lot of Games as a Service run into, which is "Just add more systems!"

  • Giley7 Giley (@Giley7) reported

    @PlayWarframe im having an issue with logging into my account on warframe on the ps4. Any solutions

  • shadowedcrimson Shadowedcrimson (@shadowedcrimson) reported

    But nothing helped so i reinstalled warframe but now it dosent even let me get to the login screen just straigth up states this. Unable to connect please ensure you have the latest warframe update installed which i have all updates installed and no new ones poped up.

  • taskmasterii JuicySmooyay (@taskmasterii) reported

    @TheButcherVan More like digital extremes ..broken warframe updates and hot fixes that dont fix

  • Kiro010 Midnight Flame (@Kiro010) reported

    So I built the nikana zaw, bought the ash ryu bundle for the nikana skin, and then I find out theres a ton of visual bugs of the zaw nikana. And this was already reported wayyy back in 2018. DE really needs to fix their game instead of adding new buggy content... #warframe

  • wgrates William Grates (@wgrates) reported

    @TheZeldaAnn I can't be contained! Warframe, RDR2, Elite: Dangerous, MHW, MTG Arena, Minion Masters, Witcher 3, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Tech Support: Unknown Error, Papers Please, Minecraft, Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Wofenstein: New Order. MMOs: EQ, Wow, SWTOR

  • Zwaks 先生 無限 グブラ 🇿🇦 (@Zwaks) reported

    @moitoi @Xbox Hi, Meg. I’ve been struggling to log into Warframe for the past 5 days now. Some of my South African Tenno friends told me that they experienced the same issue. I don’t know what the problem is but I was advised by another to renew the licenses (PS4). That didn’t work, sadly.

  • CPTpurrfect CPTpurrfect (@CPTpurrfect) reported

    @rebbford (Just for the record: I think the lack of meaningful tutorials is a far bigger issue than this lets on. Most of the players answering are people who play - or in my case played - WARFRAME for a long time so it isn't something that is relevant to them.)

  • CorOfWarframe CorOfWarframe (@CorOfWarframe) reported

    @PlayWarframe there seems to be server connection issues w/ teams, even if you are online the game states otherwise. Just wanted to pass the info one anyone else playing having the same issue tweet it out #warframe

  • RHellcharm RealHellcharm (@RHellcharm) reported

    @Stealth40k The problem with putting games like Outer Wilds in here is that the Switch can't run them well. Like trying to play Warframe on the switch was a big mistake.

  • Ninjalink123 Ninjalink123 (@Ninjalink123) reported

    @TwitchSupport I can no longer use my email anymore because i guess the account is still active so i can't even make a new twitch account using my email. This is not epic. I watched on twitch a lot. Took part in free prime loot for warframe. Linked my account to several games. Please fix this..

  • UKStewart82 UKStewart82 (@UKStewart82) reported

    @PlayWarframe Lag. Frame drops. Please fix. Game is almost unplayable #warframe #lag #frames

  • Kotlolish Kotlol (Small Commissions open) (@Kotlolish) reported

    @PersistentWorld Yep. It's the only way to sustain it I am afraid. Warframe has the best balance in it in my opinion... but.. most games go with "Luck boxes" and "Timed exclusives" or "time savers" The other problems are scammers and phishers and trolls.

  • Zwaks 先生 無限 グブラ 🇿🇦 (@Zwaks) reported

    @soelloo @PlayWarframe I have been struggling to log into Warframe for the past 3 days now. My cousin (new player) messaged me and informed me that he too is struggling to log in. I haven’t seen anything addressing this so I figured it might be a regional issue (GMT+2) or perhaps a bug I’m unaware of.

  • Zwaks 先生 無限 グブラ 🇿🇦 (@Zwaks) reported

    @PlayWarframe I have been struggling to log into Warframe for the past 3 days now. My cousin (new player) messaged me and informed me that he too is struggling to log in. I haven’t seen anything addressing this so I figured it might be a regional issue (GMT+2) or perhaps a bug I’m unaware of.

  • Zwaks 先生 無限 グブラ 🇿🇦 (@Zwaks) reported

    @rebbford I have been struggling to log into Warframe for the past 3 days now. My cousin (new player) messaged me and informed me that he too is struggling to log in. I haven’t seen anything addressing this so I figured it might be a regional issue (GMT+2) or perhaps a bug I’m unaware of.

  • alexisgman AlexisGman (@alexisgman) reported

    @ntecuser @xiFlynn @PlayWarframe In that video. He literally admited that he decisions to quitting warframe, thinking the game was the problem, when really it wasn't the case. I made a comment on that video giving him supprt and he liked it and marked it. Its cause understanding and Empathizing with someone. 2/

  • alexisgman AlexisGman (@alexisgman) reported

    @ntecuser @xiFlynn @PlayWarframe Flynn went through a couple of in real life problems and the aggressive amount of streaming caused him to be Emotionally and Psychologically stressed. Now that Flynn is in a better state of mind. He now believes Warframe wasn't the problem at all.

  • Mellon_Twitch Mellon_ (@Mellon_Twitch) reported

    my problem with streaming is i never know what to stream anymore, Warframe will bring and hold people but i get bored of it quick, Soulsborne games also bring people in but if i get annoyed with the game i dont want to play..but im getting better..i might try Bloodborne this week

  • _MaxiTB MaxiTB (@_MaxiTB) reported

    @Puddingpapst @PlayWarframe @GameStar_de Warframe wouldn't work on Stadia - even slow paced games have issues with the video quality not keeping up all the time, Warframe would end up being a nightmare of bright colored pixels creating shapeless patterns of endless motion.

  • RansuRirie Ransu (@RansuRirie) reported

    sometimes i just think that warframe should have an operation health or something. just spend a full month or two fixing a lot of the problem the game has rather than making content that we will get to play 8 months. right now, i find myself wanting to play but also no

  • Oscar_Da_Man67 Oscar Lozano (@Oscar_Da_Man67) reported

    @warframe Hey guys, I was doing the plague star even but when it came time to go back to Cetus I got an error that ways “Could not update account information” with a timer at the end and if I press X to abort the update I just get stuck inside the doors leading to Cetus.

  • domandol 🅳🅾🅼🅰🅽🅳🅾🅻 (@domandol) reported

    @IKTooMuch @CanSchaumburg @PlayWarframe I played warframe for 200hrs in last 2 years ... Nothing too play ... Too much problems, bugs, .... And I Play since 2015: too many changes, tweaks, reworks on worse ... A lot of stuff not enough content

  • GrizzlyBarks dumpster-chan (@GrizzlyBarks) reported

    @Eto_naeD @PlayWarframe Take this, add bitching about new content being broken, and you have r/warframe

  • TobiasLeismann Tobias Leismann (@TobiasLeismann) reported

    @Cyberguts @WoWs_Legends That's your view of it. Then I look at a game like warframe where everything is free. And they are doing alot better than WoWs. There are no free options for premium ships that is a problem in my view. I have supported the game and bought backing. I just want them to be better

  • KnightSith Matthew Knight (@KnightSith) reported

    @PSNBTips They are still adding to Warframe. Massive grind. Heard the latest game mode is currently broken. I did play it and enjoyed it but as it was still at 0% I happily deleted it.

  • SPECTRE_0_28 spec28 (@SPECTRE_0_28) reported

    @General_Tennobi @QuiteShallow Ok so basically Wf is A Bug's life now, fix less things, RJ is an old game mode now, Warframe rule 34 and rework the Lich system with more lore is what i'm getting from this

  • Nagatou77977111 Nagato_-uzumaki (@Nagatou77977111) reported

    @RavensQuoteNvmr @Nerdgear29 @sj_sinclair Its impossible to fix rn there are things like the new warframe,plain of divuri,the new war,emperyan it could take at least a year or 2

  • soelloo [DE]Danielle Sokolowski (@soelloo) reported

    If you are on Xbox and experiencing this issue simply restart Warframe and you should see the Alert once you're back in 🔄

  • Trent65983128 Bozak_SD (@Trent65983128) reported

    @PlayWarframe hello I’m having trouble logging into warframe and idk but it keeps saying failed login check info

  • warren_lee2010 warren_lee2010 (@warren_lee2010) reported

    @PlayWarframe Hi having an issue with Warframe since last night in South Africa. I couldn't complete the 11mb update for a long time and when it did complete the download it wouldn't start the game up. The play option in the launcher was greyed out. I tried to verify the cache and it is stuck.

  • Rios98J JRios98 (@Rios98J) reported

    @PlayWarframe @moitoi @rebbford I seem to have a problem getting this months twitch prime rewards. I've claimed them, but everytime I log on or come out of a mission, "Bad Request" pops up and I don't have the boosters. Restarting Warframe has not fixed it.

  • Anime_women1 Pearl (@Anime_women1) reported

    @PlayWarframe Idk if anyone else is experiencing this but, my Railjack wont appear in my Dojo. I cant customize start a mission or do anything. This really blows I hope you guys fix this, I'm on switch btw. #warframe

  • HenaoMonique Monique (@HenaoMonique) reported

    @HungryTapewyrm @PlayWarframe @ZoosVictoria @bendigobank Login to Warframe and you’ll get one

  • spicycate woah! cat! (@spicycate) reported

    Warframe spaceships fun and suprisingly not as broken as I thought it would be

  • PuppykanaVR Puppykana (@PuppykanaVR) reported

    @JustMarioBros @EepMoody @theocoleridge1 @JheinLAS @MatchaLottie @CDPROJEKTRED @Nitomatta Very much the same for me, but not FFXIV. Old consoles had the issue of one and done. For me it was Warframe, original versions had a lot of potential but it wasn't there. It's gone places though is still very much ambitious with their ideas

  • helladventurers Hella Adventurers (@helladventurers) reported

    Warframe is having stability issues since the last update, so it's time to kick stonefist heemitaur's crabby ass and be done with the first wave of deviant monsters 😤

  • darkxx07 vdark5 (@darkxx07) reported

    Just want to give everyone a heads up. Tomorrow morning at 9am I'll start my 24 hour stream for @RedCrossAU. I cant wait. Some surprises are happening and the first game I'll be on is #DemonsSouls. #R6S #RocketLeague #Warframe is they fix their remote play And more..

  • Oranim12 Oranim (@Oranim12) reported

    @TheGammatrap I would...But I've barely been on Twitter for like a few days and I'm not subscribed to many people... The problem being that I don't wanna subscribe to TOO many artists that focus on one thing in particular (like Warframe or Destiny) otherwise people would think I'm a fanboy...

  • 0Stubbsy0 Jey Stubbs (@0Stubbsy0) reported

    @PlayWarframe Hey Warframe Devs, I’d like to report a bug on the Plains of Eidolon for PS4. Sometimes when I go to use my K-Drive on the plains, i get glitched through the map and end up constantly falling and the only way to fix it is to leave the plains.

  • AaronDragonite Refreshed Dragonite (@AaronDragonite) reported

    @Garry_o_Jelly oh, i thought you meant warframe but still, fix your art consistency :v

  • ThemuslimgamerG TheMuslimGamer.GB (@ThemuslimgamerG) reported

    @Sabuuchi To be honest, I prefer to play the game than watch it being played. I only watch content creators for drops, the occasional build or their view point on a warframe issue.

  • audir8420hp David Biton (@audir8420hp) reported

    @Sabuuchi I don't think PvP is the answer for Warframe problems. The solution should be what PoE and Destiny are doing - small but consistent updates (leagues/seasons) every three months. But I'm afraid Nightwave proved DE don't have the attention span for that.

  • NiteFox4 Nite ( 夜 ) 🦊🍵🍨🍜🍀🍙⛈ (@NiteFox4) reported

    2nd attempt at the railjack I got garbage. I wish the first time it didn’t glitch oh well right 😒 #Warframe

  • KinkyChimera Deluxe Chimera🔞 (@KinkyChimera) reported

    Skullgirls is not a good fighter, great characters but not a good gameplay, also P2W dlcs.(cough BB) Fortnite is extremely overrated for being just a silly PUBG ripoff. Warframe has one of the most conformist communities of all, defending broken things that should be fixed.

  • gaming_jim Strange Bro Jim (Stop posting RWBY images) (@gaming_jim) reported

    So WoWS is having some issues at the moment, so not sure whether to wait for them to resolve or switch to say Warframe for the stream today. I also need to download the update so... not looking good for my Wednesday Warship weekly stream.

  • PastryPrime bean queen 🍰🔞 - (@PastryPrime) reported

    @ShugoWah yeah I just can't get back into it for the life of me if railjack being hoisted around as the """best""" content drop warframe's ever had wasn't enough to bring me back idk what will there's just core problems with the game itself, people are beginning to realize

  • Patzzzz_Joj Audinitia - P.C. (@Patzzzz_Joj) reported

    STW is mad broken again. Rubber banding and freezing. Bordeline unplayable. So I will be grinding Warframe meanwhile 😓

  • SaMyVIi SkateMan (@SaMyVIi) reported

    after a month or 2 he come back like nothing and like what he did all say was nothing while we all know this Warframe YouTubers their main problem is views and not the game . So my friend with all my heart i can clearly tell you (part3)