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Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

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  • XanzerXIII XanzerXIX (@XanzerXIII) reported

    @ComicalNobody @Adsaqe_Dserus @TheDeaconCash @mrjoneslvl9 @bioware Y'know stuffs like Warframe, R6, Rust, Ark, of course the most popular one GTA Online, Apex,LoL etc etc and then there's game that have live service but still a single player like the last two Assassin's Creed.

  • InquisitorDark Dark Inquisitor (@InquisitorDark) reported

    @Matthew_Brown1 @40k_Inquisitor I guess this is because going through consoles certifications costs more money than PC you can update and repatch several times. Others like Warframe follow the same path. We (PC) test the update they fix until fine enough for consoles release.

  • bl4d377 Coveted Wordsmith (@bl4d377) reported

    I have a problem... I need to figure out how to get a new warframe without credits. I'm aiming for the equinox, but idk how to get the chassis, arms, legs, night aspect, day aspect.. Etc.. So if anyone could point me to loot and stufff. It would be appreciated

  • W_Ylthin Whining Ylthin (@W_Ylthin) reported

    @DAIROCKETTO Reminds me of massive clipping/collision issues with cosmetics in Warframe. They go unpatched unless they happen in very visible and kinda serious places, like Excalibur Umbra's loincloth clipping into his groin in a "quest completed" vignette.

  • rack_atac Baraka (@rack_atac) reported

    @PlayWarframe Hope it doesn't go through, Warframe is broken right now anyways

  • Lit_BrushD 🔥Big Brain Brush D™🔥🖌💖 👌🐙 (@Lit_BrushD) reported

    But maybe it would be the dualies with the rolls and without the stupid lag, as i said thats a hard one and we need servers ffs. In warframe i’m playing on NA servers all the time just because there are more active players than EU and even if i‘m the „host“ no one ever

  • Lit_BrushD 🔥Big Brain Brush D™🔥🖌💖 👌🐙 (@Lit_BrushD) reported

    30 degrees upwards which is also uncomfortable with my wrists. And NO this is not because of the gyro, in warframe (third person shooter) there are also motion controls and i can hold my switch how i want and i have no problem aiming there whatsoever cuz its comfortable

  • Scarybooster1 SCARYBOOSTER (@Scarybooster1) reported

    @pasmith I got the EA access and ripped through the campaign in 2 weeks. You are right it was a great campaign that I enjoyed a lot, but they failed to complete the "game as a service". Their hype and the community including me, expected it to compete with Destiny and Warframe.

  • shain_sanchez 🏳️‍🌈 🇵🇷 Many Noises 🇩🇴 🏳️‍🌈 (@shain_sanchez) reported

    @StallordD This is exactly why i stopped playing Warframe 100% has its problems But at least im not forced to play lunaro for an arcane

  • Dark_Energy_Lab Urulai (@Dark_Energy_Lab) reported

    I've been thinking about a good answer to the problem of relics in warframe. Pretty much the entire community knows this system isn't just broken, its unwieldy and in no way engaging or fun to play. I have some ideas to solve this but I wonder if I should share them.

  • Sleepertilia Liz-ard, 🚮🐼 (@Sleepertilia) reported

    Yeeeaaa after I finish helping mom I'm whipping up the new private account.....first I gotta fix up a header.... Which will probably be warframe sooooo to the ps4 then that.

  • IamtheJiminator IamtheJiminator! (@IamtheJiminator) reported

    @Allison68869803 i actually dont have an issue with most videogames as I should or maybe I do, if it's something like warframe i definitely do.

  • buckdasystem Bucky (@buckdasystem) reported

    @QuiteShallow I think the overall problem with the Kuva Lich system is it feels incomplete, even by Warframe's standards. Very limited personalities, low interactivity, many devstream advertised tools missing, etc. It feels more like they rolled out a glorified beta test.

  • PupperBooks Sniffer Pupper (@PupperBooks) reported

    I do not like the internet is giving us issues tonight so unfortunately we'll have to pull this out for the next Warframe stream to talk about a bit.

  • 5ilentArt Hannah (@5ilentArt) reported

    The biggest Problem with the Lich system in #Warframe is still that it exists in a vacuum. I think most people wouldn't even mind duplicate weapons that much if they didn't have to go out of their way to grind Lich missions until he's dead

  • marcadalle 10O_Relayer (@marcadalle) reported

    Damn just a small search key words “warframe+bug” to see a bugfest. So I guess the more the rng grind the more bugs/crashs/glitches... Not reinstalling so soon I presume. I’ve seen far worse errors than mines. I few sorry for them. At least Im happy my pc is healthy again ;)

  • netcrow98 🔞crow🔞 (@netcrow98) reported

    @CephalonKaron Hope so. I'm just gonna play warframe passively once or twice perweek from now to avoid any exhaustion because I don't want to take a big break again from the game I already took like three 2 month breaks or more from the game this year lmao idk if a break will fix anything

  • AzraelsGaming Azraels Gaming [Deviant Army][Wolf Pack] (@AzraelsGaming) reported

    @SherpaRage should film all of them starting up at the same time LUL like with all the problems warframe may/may not have at the min....its loading times are still the best of the three LUL

  • dumbgaydeer Bri🦌 but with fangs? and a knife? (@dumbgaydeer) reported

    i hit 50 total logins in warframe and fgo has that whole thing going on, so things are going great for me collecting login bonuses in games rn

  • AJRMAR00 Anthony Mills (@AJRMAR00) reported

    @PlayWarframe I have a few thousand hours of game play and warframe and have loved the journey but the intentional grindiness of the kuva lich event is kinda eye opening to just how unfun designed repetition can be. I think its time I take a break. Please fix this event.

  • ChewbakasJacket Impy (@ChewbakasJacket) reported

    >:L I don't even wanna play @PlayWarframe anymore all cause of the host migration bugs... Jesus Christ. Screw warframe reworks fix your internal shit first.. #warframe

  • Metalhead9806 JGMIII🎮⚽️🤘🎸Ⓥ💪🔥 (@Metalhead9806) reported

    @AldiaGaming @SkillUpYT I pay for a service I feel is worth investing in. Path of exile and Warframe offer thousands of hours of content so I spent on cosmetics. If d4 is amazing, gets continuously updated then I will also spend money to support the game.

  • Destreza_Azurit Onyx Octantis (@Destreza_Azurit) reported

    First "that" happened. then two days ago my phone broke. then today my Steam app logged itself out. My authenticator was on said broken phone. I can't get in to play Warframe. Bad luck just keeps coming my way.

  • whatzittuuyah whatzit tuuyah (@whatzittuuyah) reported

    I was excited to play warframe right up until the cold open that leads directly into gameplay with absolutely no graphics options to be found anywhere. Not in the launcher, not on the login screen, nowhere. Devs, not everyone has gaming PCs. Let us change the settings.

  • BombtailsTheFox Bombtails-The-Fox (But it's Uthri the gun catto) (@BombtailsTheFox) reported

    @HoodieMacallan @Pokemon @PokemonMasters Even Freedom Planet does. I'm actually excited for Freedom Planet 2, which got a delay (with some updates for the game's look and mechanics). But i agree. At least Warframe's devs does tend to fix some problems, and they update the game as well.

  • lunarespades Lauren (@lunarespades) reported

    for the second tweet in under an hour, went to go craft an incubator power core with my one remaining argon i guess it must have literally been about to go away cuz it said i had 1 but i clicked it and got unknown error, refreshed the foundry and go 0/1 😪 #Warframe

  • P15T0L_P3T3 Peter Fisher (@P15T0L_P3T3) reported

    @AshtreyGaming Games as a service for example GTA 5, Warframe, and Destiny work well in a subscription service. Single player games will be played and uninstalled. #facts #playgameshavefun

  • JDtheJokeDealer JD (@JDtheJokeDealer) reported

    @Lupo2theRescue Yeah, I'll give you that. However, that stigma still lasted until well after Destiny came out. I feel like, people only stopped being wary of it when Destiny started having problems and Warframe players started to present it as a much more favorable alternative.

  • JDtheJokeDealer JD (@JDtheJokeDealer) reported

    @Lupo2theRescue Honestly, I think it comes to one simple fact: People hate change. Before "Games as a Service", people were hating on "Free-to-Play" and "Freemium" games, which is why a lot of people didn't trust Warframe when it first released.

  • Doze_Tree NN (@Doze_Tree) reported

    @hazzerbazzer26 Which is weird because I can stuff like Warframe, which is constantly updating, just fine but even games like The Binding of Isaac refuse to start up. Also the guy who can fix it is practically an urban legend for how present he is at a given moment.

  • MoontouchedMog Moogs (@MoontouchedMog) reported

    I just wanted to get my Warframe daily login before bed and instead I got an assault on the eyeballs

  • GeekyPokez Danni 🏳️‍⚧️🐲❤🖤, the tiny dragon bambi lesbian (@GeekyPokez) reported

    so no matter my settings my computer just has trouble with loading stuff in warframe.........and it has trouble keeping 60fps in the orb vallis.........neat........didn't use to have this issue.......guess dying ram effects a lot........

  • RyuTLawliet RyuTLaw (@RyuTLawliet) reported

    @PixieNix_ I honestly feel this way about most “games as a service”. The only game that remotely resembles this that I still occasionally play is #Warframe . And the main point that allows me to return is it’s FTP that keeps me coming back. To many games are being shipped incomplete >

  • Liaxox Lia (@Liaxox) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps We restarted before doing anything else 4hrs ago. Did it again as per your instructions. Still have the NETWORK NOT RESPONDING. We have tested all our connections. We don’t seem to be having issue with anything but WARFRAME.

  • AlexUncrafted Alex (@AlexUncrafted) reported

    Tried to play Modern Warfare - Constant crashing Tried to play Overwatch - Can't login Tried to play Warframe - Massive update I guess I was destined to not play games tonight.


    Hmm, worst idea, Warframe demanded I sign up for another stupid service account. Did not allow graphics settings to be adjusted before running, and then crashed for no apparent reason, offering no clue as to why. Warframe can eat a bag of *****. I'm going back to something fun.

  • TheReverbix64 Reverb64 (@TheReverbix64) reported

    - Excalibur Ok hear me out on this. Warframe is f2p, and has a massive global playerbase. Essentially you play as robotic ninjas with crazy abilities. Excalibur is a sword ability based frame. I dont really see any major problems but it would be somewhat hard to add i think.

  • BNPdayren BNP Dayren (@BNPdayren) reported

    @zaparods73 @OneDude14 I think Warframe "balance" (and gameplay challenge) is broken beyond belief and "reworks" make little sense unless a thing literally does not work. There's shit that'll be always extremely OP and wishing every reworked frame to be like that as well is silly. I like the rework.

  • InsomniacGT The Crazy Player (@InsomniacGT) reported

    My apologies, Insomniacs. I woke up with a brutal headache today, and my concentration is shot; I can't even watch #Warframe be played, much less play it myself, so I won't be streaming today. Please, check out my friend @gaming_jim if you need a Warframe fix.

  • astral__shadows [dredgen] shadow (@astral__shadows) reported

    oh god, i found a toxic prepubescent teen during an eidolon hunt. he was pissed because i was outdamaging his chroma/rubico riven build. he kept screaming how i was hacking, how warframe is bullshit, and whatever. not my problem. get good, kid. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • L4m813 Lambie (@L4m813) reported

    @frances20197690 @JohannesSauer2 @PlayDauntless Warframe kicked one of their Chinese volunteer translators and caused a huge uproar. This is why translation volunteers are setting up problems, they are saying it is ok to have free labor with no employee rights. This has nothing to do with quality.

  • KiaraEndless 『DEGENERATE REQUIEM』 (@KiaraEndless) reported

    @ledf2012 When you're on a non multi killer warframe and your weapons are meh Lotus: I got 167 problems and that capture target ain't one

  • sonicsuper399 Kode Xehanort (@sonicsuper399) reported

    @PlayWarframe Dear warframe, there is a huge problem with the orokin defense arbitration mission in the void. There are 4 switches in the middle of the room that activate lasers that kill all teammates. They are one shot. PLZ FIX. Orokin Defense Arbitration is unwinnable bc of it

  • Brutuxan Brutuxan@ExcitedForKojimaWalkingSimulator (@Brutuxan) reported

    So I read the article to understand what he meant. The problem is that there are free-to-play games that have the same model and keep updating them (Warframe, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy 14, etc.) What Jeff is proposing is an idea we've seen before, which makes this pointless.

  • WarrenJeanes Warren Jeanes (@WarrenJeanes) reported

    @RHJKAndrew @singletona @rebbford @Brozime My biggest worry is that they're looking at going down the road to the "here's a fix you can buy for a problem we've created" type mechanic which is infecting most other games now. It's such a pity because Warframe is the one game I've always said does MTX properly.

  • Mortiel 🍂🦃A.D.Mortember🦃🥧 (@Mortiel) reported

    @Virtual_Shadow @OhNoItsAlexx @GloriousKev @JMaine518 @JabrilWilliams1 The problem is whether the game itself is "good" is subjective. For example, I think Warframe is a good, fun game. Conversely, I know other people that think the game is a bad, unfun game. Neither of those views are wrong as they are both opinions based on a subjective medium

  • Evil_Yinn 𝘽𝙍𝘼𝙏𝙯 (@Evil_Yinn) reported


  • Akinaaaz アキナ🎮 with Gilgamesh❤️ (@Akinaaaz) reported

    Is there a problem with the game's servers cos FPS has been really terrible today #warframe

  • Dante8016 Rames Figueroa (@Dante8016) reported

    @Miguel21669895 @PlayWarframe Buddy delete the save file off warframe from your console it will fix it. At least thats how i fix mine

  • yoori_ebooks /yo{2,}ri_ebooks/i (@yoori_ebooks) reported

    this guy has the warframe ARG is that they can stop me have anxiety about my problems without service for 20 for the second i voted sticker on my phone

  • Dante8016 Rames Figueroa (@Dante8016) reported

    @angelo_lvb @PlayWarframe @PlayStation @moitoi @rebbford Guys i found a fix for it delete your safe data of warframe from the system ty an enjoy

  • MisterDonut420 MisterDonut420 (@MisterDonut420) reported

    @PlayWarframe Feature Request: Automatic Login It's probably been suggested before but all the online games I play besides Warframe have this quality of life feature. I sometimes avoid the game because I don't want to type my password.

  • LexGoyle LexGoyle (@LexGoyle) reported

    @Sharkbroz For example I got one of those 75% off plat coupons @ login so i bought the $199 pack. Got slots i needed and I bought the parts for every prime warframe I was missing but even that took nearly an entire day just to get.

  • Joh_Hota Joh_Hota (@Joh_Hota) reported

    @PlayWarframe Since The Old Blood update I've been unable to patch the launcher (PC), open nor log into the site to submit a ticket and can't even load Warframe on PS4 so it's not just PC issues.

  • Jeangetsu Jean (@Jeangetsu) reported

    @PlayWarframe @PlayWarframe just lost my favorite game I can't even connect to the servers and when I can, I can't login every other game works besides Warframe that's great

  • meansary321 Meansary *Commissions open* (@meansary321) reported

    I really love the design in Warframe... Also wish I can go back into playing it on NS but only PC ver gets to buy the currency with the 50% or 75% off from login bonus _(:3」∠)_

  • spaceageGecko spaceageGecko (@spaceageGecko) reported

    @Decaying_Form @ZNumnum @mrklocu @Douchevick @soelloo Don't go praising the warthunder devs, warthunder has way bigger problems and much more dodgy microtransactions that warframe ever has.

  • Decaying_Form Big Nose (@Decaying_Form) reported

    @ZNumnum @mrklocu @spaceageGecko @Douchevick @soelloo Ignoring the hundreds of employees and hundreds of millions they make in which they've had ample opportunity to fix, but they haven't. Meanwhile Warthunder, an older game than Warframe has all the benefits RL/FN have just because they're "new".

  • HeyFitzy Fitzy (@HeyFitzy) reported

    @Sk8rjason1028 @ANiMa_Unchained @PaulTassi @Forbes Warframe content, Free. Fortnite content, Free. Fortnite Battle Pass, 950 VBucks BUT have a net GAIN of you reach max rank. Destiny is trying to tap into the free to play model, but still charges for its content. That seems to be everyone's issue.

  • BooleanBarman Boolean Barman (@BooleanBarman) reported

    @PaulTassi @Forbes There’s nothing wrong with the prices. The issue is that they also charged for Shadowkeep. If all content was actually free and they pushed cosmetics out through eververse that would be fine (i.e Warframe). Can’t have both paid dlc and lock away most everything in a store.