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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • MichelleS_68 Michelle Stevens (@MichelleS_68) reported

    I have an absolute slamming headache right now from playing #Warcraft I deeply empathize for those ppl who struggle with the anger and frustration of not being able to do the things you love b/c your brain is suffering from age or you’ve had a medical issue.

  • ShepDanellos Danellos 🔜 BlizzCon! (@ShepDanellos) reported

    Some people raised this issue with me privately. The Blizzard stuff is very shitty, and I am disappointed. But I will not cancel my WoW subscription, nor will I cancel my preorder of WC3 Reforged. Warcraft has been a part of my life for 18 years, and those games bring me joy.

  • uenuverse Uenuverse (@uenuverse) reported

    Ugg, @Blizzard_Ent changed something, so every time they do an update to @Warcraft , they break my setup. Working to fix my game...again, for the 10th time...before stream.

  • Larrendias Larrendias (@Larrendias) reported from Lafayette, Louisiana

    @TrevorAbdon1 @JuhlRohde @Kroguardious @Warcraft And yet there are protestors within the company who have already staged walk outs. We don't blame (nor take issue with) the front line employees of the company. We take issue with the ChiCom bootlickers at the top of the food chain.

  • NestarBear Leckere Milch (@NestarBear) reported

    @Sturmbart @sunstringerWOW @Warcraft why is stormsong bigger than the entire broken isles

  • mrgrosser Bob (@mrgrosser) reported

    @z_bearr @NvidiaGFN @Warcraft @BlizzardCS But bringing it back. Just because you've got away with it for so long doesn't mean it doesn't violate the terms of service.

  • z_bearr 🖤She calls me Bear (@z_bearr) reported

    @mrgrosser @NvidiaGFN @Warcraft @BlizzardCS I’m just speaking from experience, i’ve never had an issue with playing WoW, or overwatch with gfn. I’ve put 300 hours into overwatch with it, and 300 hours easily into WoW with it. So you must’ve done something to tip them off and ban you.

  • BockholdMartin bockhold (@BockholdMartin) reported

    @XboxQwik @Warcraft Ghost recon breakpoint! I know people are hating on the game and it has some issues but I’m really liking it!

  • Diplonicus Diplonicus (@Diplonicus) reported

    Impossible to win against APES or aliance raids in general in wPvP because of the massive lag and servers being super unstable.. They have paladins with bubbles so most of the time they will always win #Warcraft fix the servers REEEEEEEE

  • larxene0705 Lârxène (@larxene0705) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Fix Essences on Retail

  • Woodenspoonbtw Woodenspoon (@Woodenspoonbtw) reported

    @WarcraftDevs I think my account is actually broken, on both my toons I just get bracers from my chest, please fix this it's so annoying

  • HighlordBaltim ⚔️🛡🔆Baltim🔆🛡⚔️ (@HighlordBaltim) reported

    @Karyundara I have in the past and do post World of Warcraft screenshots with those. Don't know whether video game versions are a problem too, but phobias suck, so I just wanted to make sure you knew.

  • Muchanger Mike (@Muchanger) reported

    @Nav_Ox @WarcraftDevs I was having the same issue last night. With war mode on, it eventually turned into a brawl fest with the horde.

  • cyberzombie72 tony van der heijden (@cyberzombie72) reported

    I just earned the [Paragon of the Broken Isles] Achievement! #Warcraft

  • Dowlphin Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜᴡɪɴ (@Dowlphin) reported

    Why adding Broken Draenei as allied race to #worldofwarcraft would be a bad idea: I can imagine the forum on fire... “The new Draenei allied race is literally broken right now and I don’t think Blizzard will ever fix that.”

  • delabeler Delabeler (@delabeler) reported

    @jalbus Seems the bigger problem might be the 40 million or so complete ******** civil war world of warcraft ******** he's emboldened.

  • malbane David Key (@malbane) reported

    My WoW account hacked yet again. Issue with and without authenticator. Waiting to hear back on my ticket. #worldofwarcraft @warcraft @blizzard_ent

  • cam_kyle Aadrica (@cam_kyle) reported

    @Omphilion @jontechs @MethodPotter @WarcraftDevs Not even talking about m+, that's a whole seperate issue. Conversation is about mythic raid meta.

  • leowyld Leo Wyld 🦝 (Raccoonatic Commander) (@leowyld) reported

    ...and, given the nature of this issue, I'm not sure it wouldn't have happened had I kept leveling Lukas- once he reached level 110. So, I'll just do random stuff with PTR Mero until next build and see if it has been fixed yet after that. #Warcraft #PTR 2/2

  • autismlegen Autism Legend (@autismlegen) reported

    this week my house is being torn apart to fix the foundation and it's a wreck, I have a wedding on Friday without a suit, 2 church meetings, a service, no clean clothes, and a bonfire I have to attend and all I can think about is how I'm going to make time for World of Warcraft

  • Tjessem81 Erik Tjessem (@Tjessem81) reported

    @Warcraft I am NOT in a combat!! Fix this stupid bug please..!! #notincombat #refusestofixbug #Blizzard #worldofwarcraft

  • thomasroiloup Thomas Roiloup (@thomasroiloup) reported

    Not going to stream today, but we did record 4 new videos. Unfortunately 3 of them are "how to fix world of warcraft" which are our worst videos. One was a "movies you should watch" episode.

  • thomasroiloup Thomas Roiloup (@thomasroiloup) reported

    Not going to stream today, but we did record 4 new videos. Unfortunately 3 of them are "how to fix world of warcraft" which is are worst videos. One was a "movies you should watch" episode.

  • Bestest_Kouhai Moon Cancer BB Chan (@Bestest_Kouhai) reported

    @_Caring_dragon @SleepyBl4ze @HamsterLancer And here i was thinking its cool world of warcraft made a big ass dragon with anger issues make a giant ass crack in the world.

  • MbtvV Veriseven (@MbtvV) reported

    @xxromoninjasxx @BunnyxoIm Now you knw what @Warcraft players go through when @Blizzard_Ent gets DDOS'd.

  • midnacine Bethany (@midnacine) reported

    Some popular games/series to protest now that Activision Blizzard is canceled: World of Warcraft Overwatch Crash Bandicoot Wolfenstein Skylanders Spyro Guitar Hero Call of Duty Candy Crush Diablo

  • IgnisVenom Mr. Igglet (@IgnisVenom) reported

    @nick_leeb @Stiven_SRB It's too fire for Warcraft though, that's the problem.

  • MrScootScootTV MrScootScoot (@MrScootScootTV) reported

    @Grummz @Blizzard_Ent @blitzchungHS That brings up a HUGE point for the future of Blizzard eSports: Blizzard should NOT BE INVOLVED! One of the biggest issues with World of Warcraft in the eSports realm is that you can't have officially sanctioned events outside of what Blizzard approves/mandates. For example...

  • 1upGaming1up 🎮 Creepy_Gaming🎮 (@1upGaming1up) reported

    As mad as I am with Blizzard I'm not going to do ether instead I'm going to not play their games for a while as them siding with china has Me worried for not just World of Warcraft and Overwatch but Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon as Blizzard is owned by Activision

  • joewadepaulson Joseph Wade Paulson (@joewadepaulson) reported

    @OutcastHero72 world of warcraft is a lot of fun just doing the quest line. but it has so much to offer in 2019 but problem is there is not enough people playing on the same realms

  • Bunzato John Lujick (@Bunzato) reported

    @WarcraftDevs PLEASE fix the stuck in combat bug...

  • Nicobisgaard Nicolai Bisgaard (@Nicobisgaard) reported

    @MethodPotter @WarcraftDevs Such a simple fix and mind blowing that it hadn't Been done 😕 hpala does top hps and insane dps.. Weird..

  • beardmachinetv Beardmachine (@beardmachinetv) reported

    @WarchiefPeebs @Warcraft Imitation could be a problem :D my wife doesn't like video games. I can maybe talk her into some Minecraft on a lazy Sunday..

  • AlumiiGaming Demonbruh (@AlumiiGaming) reported

    @atanae @WarcraftDevs Yea those were def factors I was taking into account as well. The overall scaling seems to be an running issue from tier to tier. There are just some fights that do not scale well. We ran that many because we lost quite a few due to classic. Just picked up 9 which is good.

  • PapaProne_ PapaProne (@PapaProne_) reported

    I have cancelled my World of Warcraft Subscriptions and will not return until Blizzard issues a REAL apology to Blitzchung and proves to me they will NEVER submit to Chinese Government again!!! #FreeHongKong

  • TheKoppCar Seth Kopp (@TheKoppCar) reported

    I played World of Warcraft yesterday for 15 hours. I'm not impressed by this statement at all, this is clearly a problem.

  • Ferios01 Ferios (@Ferios01) reported

    Druids are using fist/dagger weapon appearances more than 3 years for artifact forms. This problem ruins my transmog experience. I want use my artifact skin without fist weapon mog. Shapeshift tab near appearances tab for druids can easily solve this problem. @WarcraftDevs

  • ijthomso Ian Thomson (@ijthomso) reported

    @TheNerdEmpire @dmaulsrobocock @hankgreen Just because it probably won’t doesn’t mean that it cannot happen, I’d rather stop the possibility now then having to fix it when the damage has already been done. Even though I like that when I’m playing World of Warcraft #bloodDK

  • Awesome2daMax Max (@Awesome2daMax) reported

    @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs can we get an update when you fix the crit errors on this PTR testing boss (Shad'har)

  • Enjoy321 Tomas (@Enjoy321) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs if you are gonna give us a boss to test, please don't make it crash the game when it gets to 66%

  • _kib0 MatV | Kib (@_kib0) reported

    Void Phase crit error WOOOO @WarcraftDevs

  • leowyld Leo Wyld 🦝 (Raccoonatic Commander) (@leowyld) reported

    So, I once made a trio of Worgen alts that were, per their story, part of a bounty hunting/"problem solving" operation called Bad Omen, Inc. Never did much with them, but I just had to see what they'd look like as Vulpera... #Warcraft #PTR 1/2

  • keptwench Holly (@keptwench) reported

    WOOT #runningofthegnomes @Warcraft @Blizzard_Ent let's crash the servers again! #gnomelife

  • Dom819 MrSkills (@Dom819) reported

    @AdrianDelicioso @GeekRemix @Methodsco @Warcraft We know apple bad, but Blizzard virtue signals all the time about social issues, they also claim "every voice matters" but they are bending over backwards to appease their Chinese masters. Method has too much to lose to get involved in this.

  • menaeth Menaeth (@menaeth) reported

    It isn't Blizzards fault that the Hearthstone championship gamer didnt win they didn't read the terms and service well enough before thinking of joining, No I'm not a Blizzard fan boy or such I'm just stating the facts @Warcraft @PlayHearthstone @HSesports @Blizzard_Ent

  • Zer0pointX Wayne Andrew (@Zer0pointX) reported

    @GeekDadChris @PlayOverwatch There are other games. I paid six months of world of Warcraft. They're not going to see another cent until they fix this. I was working on the last chapter of StarCraft 2. I'm not going to even contribute to their statistics. It's sad, but they've lost their way.

  • vicioushermes Hermesgenes (@vicioushermes) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce @RachidLotf My 1st ever pc was a vtech computer(toy). My 1st actual pc that my parents got for me I only play the pinball, solitaire and paint. And at age of 8. The only games I got in my PC is Starcraft, warcraft and diablo. My first ever pc problem was cpu too hot and shutdowns lol.

  • Moondaisey Moondaisey 🌙🌼 (@Moondaisey) reported

    @LongarmsFeedme @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS @WarcraftMounts @Warcraft concidering how many Hallows End I had to kill for the Headless mount. I'd had to say my account is crazy unlucky. However I know they changed the amount of how this gets fished up. I'm also wondering if tthe cross realm shifting causes an issue as well.

  • kloaf11 Kenneth Borges (@kloaf11) reported

    @ExorsusWoW @WarcraftDevs I also dont think TF was ever a problem but a community perception problem which they really struggle with.

  • SonOfCairne Baine Bloodhoof (@SonOfCairne) reported

    2/ If we join forces, ice mages can cool the head and a gnomes, with their tiny little precise machines, can fix the wound underneath the skin to prevent the warrior from suffering from long-term issues. While we tauren can care for them until they recover. 👍 #Warcraft #BFA

  • SonOfCairne Baine Bloodhoof (@SonOfCairne) reported

    2/ If we join our faces, an ice mage can cool the head and a gnome, with their tiny little precise machines, can fix the wound underneath the skin and prevent the warrior to suffer from long-term damage. While tauren can look after them until they recover. 👍 #Warcraft #BFA

  • BulletMagnetMac BulletMagnet Mack™ (@BulletMagnetMac) reported

    @GioSbragia @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft @PlayOverwatch @Activision The problems is that you're asking our government to interfere with the market to stop #China from interfering with our companies. The people of this nation have that power without the need of giving that fragile power to the government.

  • sawftytweets Ryan (@sawftytweets) reported

    @Nimyane @WarcraftDevs Agreed. Thankfully, it looks like TF may at least be ready for a fix.

  • Nimyane Nimyane, Loa of Skincare (@Nimyane) reported

    @sawftytweets @WarcraftDevs This and TF are my primary issues RN.

  • tarciswar young robot (@tarciswar) reported

    @WarcraftDevs hey DH//War not getting souls or victory rush procs off your explosive orb killing. honorless target / on killing blow effects. please fix this, or announce if change was intentional.

  • Johnguitar87 john cerami (@Johnguitar87) reported

    @GeromeGutierre4 @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft tencent has their hands in everything they are an investor who bought better stop using your internet service...your cell iphone your android device chinese companies have their hand in all of it

  • CaveOcelott CaveOcelot (@CaveOcelott) reported

    Problems I and a few others experienced. Then we got no news on Warcraft or Starcraft other then "Hey new expansion for WoW" or "New Commander for SCII" making me fear for any lack of news about a RTS title, Diablo franchise has been dormant since III only saved for a mobile game

  • tharkum Tharkum (@tharkum) reported

    @WarcraftDevs enable classic pvp system asap. There is no current content and it feels really boring. Also try to fix some of the most unbalanced servers #prayforit

  • SurprisedSmth Surprised Something (@SurprisedSmth) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN @WarcraftDevs I'm currently experiencing issues with Battle for Azeroth where I infrequently get disconnected from the game, but when I reconnect none of my Azerite Traits or Essences work. The fix I've found is to re-equip all pieces including the Heart.

  • mryandev Michael Ryan 🎃 (@mryandev) reported

    @tatianawrites Yeah it's WAY overdue. Sadly @WarcraftDevs depend on community addons/mods to fix their UX holes and accessibility issues.