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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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August 23: Problems at World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is having issues since 04:50 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • GuiVanVeen Gui VanVeen (@GuiVanVeen) reported

    @lunchout2 WOW World Of Warcraft. Nope, not working, you must develop a more reliable rule!

  • outcomeofcum sidobreg (@outcomeofcum) reported

    @Warcraft I don't need a notification, I'm gonna be staring at the login screen from 8am Monday till 3pm

  • GameGirl42 Gamer Girl (@GameGirl42) reported

    No credit for killing Kor'gresh Coldrage for Arathi Warfront WQ (no 7th legion medal, etc.), everyone there was having the same problem, tried to kill for completion several times with no success. /cry #warcraft

  • crunkdome Crunkdome (@crunkdome) reported

    @Warcraft I have serious doubts the game is not gonna have issues with crashing and mobs the first few days

  • KreinPL Michał Stopa (@KreinPL) reported

    @dmoregard @Warcraft True, but in real I nearly look at my server name after login.

  • jevader1530 jevader1530 (@jevader1530) reported

    @Warcraft Lmao! Sure, in vanilla always have a problems with the money

  • THEGREATMEW1 thegreatmew (@THEGREATMEW1) reported

    @warcraftdevs are you ever going to address the issue in random bg's of unfair teams, sometimes alliance have no heals and horde have 3, which determines who wins before the match even starts, please fix this!

  • NotTheRealJelly 𝓙𝓮𝓵𝓵𝔂 (@NotTheRealJelly) reported

    @DJ_Chex_Mix @Warcraft They’re not, it’s free. And actually it’s them trying to fix it. Runescape did the same thing and it helped majorly, minecraft just took over the world again, it’s what the people want.

  • NotTheRealJelly 𝓙𝓮𝓵𝓵𝔂 (@NotTheRealJelly) reported

    @tja_vi @Syrannhis @Warcraft They’re trying to fix it dude, have faith

  • fyourmovement Adam (@fyourmovement) reported

    @Warcraft People realizing We had these problems only because We were stupid little kids and its not an actual problem.

  • garvindale Garvin Dale (@garvindale) reported

    Glad Blizzard is putting the effort to create all these new servers due to queue issues on Day 1. But it'll all be in vain in about 8 weeks :) #DuckAndRun #warcraft

  • TaylanErtan91 Taylan Ertan (@TaylanErtan91) reported

    @nichstarr @Warcraft I mean it is not against the terms of service.

  • _Frenzyheart Brandon B. (@_Frenzyheart) reported

    @__AN2N__ @DaZFPS_ @EsfandTV @Warcraft Never said that. I said that was the mentality then, and I'm not wrong. I don't agree with that mentality, BUT, if you're trying to be a healer and you are obviously not *trying* (and admittedly this applies more to gear but spec matters too to a smaller degree) there's a problem

  • Forge_Labs Sean - Forge Labs (@Forge_Labs) reported

    @crakdcheese @Warcraft I saved up and bought a 2H Sword. Problem was I was a Mage. Tipped me off I was playing the wrong class though

  • TheOnlyGBeast TheOnlyGBeast (@TheOnlyGBeast) reported

    @Warcraft I honestly never ran in to this problem back then

  • Vejahz Morena Melissa ☁️ (@Vejahz) reported

    @Warcraft Repairing single items! Choosing to go with a broken weapon or just broken boots.

  • Laiyren uǝɹʎᴉɐ˥ (@Laiyren) reported

    @Warcraft Yeah but once you turn on your brain you will never run into that problem

  • PixelBark ~PixelBark~ (@PixelBark) reported

    @TipsOutBaby @WarcraftDevs If it was just a text parser that showed a list of current groups being made, then there's no real issue. It's the auto invite part that is the real issue.

  • saltrage666 Druid of Lore (@saltrage666) reported

    @InfrnalSunshine @fabcrabART Dude in hindsight, Varian was the start of a lot of issues in the writing imo. Blizzard tendency to hype up human potential truly started with him, and then developed into this writer mentality of "Warcraft 2 themes > anything else" and its ******* axed so much lore and themes.

  • PPalaciosUSA P Palacios (@PPalaciosUSA) reported

    @spicy_wasabaee @Warcraft @plebTTV Nooooooo I really want a classic fix.

  • StargazerBlake Blake (@StargazerBlake) reported

    @TrajikBPM @Warcraft Lastly I’m pretty sure those free players wouldn’t like being kicked offline whenever the servers were full and a paid subscriber wanted to login. They wouldn’t like getting disconnected at random moments to make room for subscribers. So they decided not to deal with that.

  • StargazerBlake Blake (@StargazerBlake) reported

    @TrajikBPM @Warcraft I would be PISSED to have to wait in queues to login just because freeloaders are taking up all the server space. If they made it free they would have to give priority access to paid subscribers even if it means kicking non-subscribers offline when a subscriber wants to login.

  • NatSocNull Shalashaska (@NatSocNull) reported

    @Warcraft By go live you mean servers all crash while people waste their time trying to get in

  • Bmorg_7 BmorgOP (@Bmorg_7) reported

    @wolfofodin1986 @garza_reyes @AlzieuJose @Warcraft Which is essentially how these addons work. The issue people seem to have is with the automation of the invite. Which is disabled by default for a good reason as it leads to poor matchmaking. The social interaction is literally no different than using a channel for it.

  • wolfofodin1986 Scott (WolfOfOdin) (@wolfofodin1986) reported

    @garza_reyes @Bmorg_7 @AlzieuJose @Warcraft Pretty much. I give up after awhile there is no use trying to educate something without the mental capacity to see past his own point of view. I would not have an issue with an actual parser that shows keywords in chat and saves the message to a log. That would be a nice solution

  • Bmorg_7 BmorgOP (@Bmorg_7) reported

    @wolfofodin1986 @garza_reyes @AlzieuJose @Warcraft And I don't have anything against asmon, sometimes find him entertaining sometimes not, but the role selection and assisted forming of groups is probably the smallest issue of why dungeon finders sucked.

  • AgentDueProcess AgentDueProcess (@AgentDueProcess) reported

    World of Warcraft charged money constantly, but there was at least metric tons of things to do. Some of the stuff that wants to be a live service isn't worth a one time fee or the installation time.

  • Ellelaith1 ✨Ellelaith🔜TwitchCon2019✨ (@Ellelaith1) reported

    So sorry that I had to end the stream early due to bad thunderstorms in the area and for the technical issues with my microphone 🎙 😔Felt like I let you all down but I promise this weekends streams will better and on point. Hope you all can make it. 💜#worldofwarcraft #twitchtv

  • Lumi_Pie Lumi Lux [GGN] (@Lumi_Pie) reported

    Super frustrating when people with no skill play a holy pally/resto druid and get an easy win cause of broken classes #Warcraft #PVP #fuckingnerfthemalready

  • chewcudda Chewcudda (@chewcudda) reported

    @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs Please fix the popup that is nagging me about an unused essence slot. I click the message off but it does not stay off.

  • awizard_from_oz Oz™️ ☕️ (@awizard_from_oz) reported

    @KelseyFireheart @Wizard101 Yeah, I see the same problem in other games such as Warcraft. We need a portable mount garage 😆 but I want the ability to add a stat or two that some mounts have.

  • Hulkeen_ Hulkeen (@Hulkeen_) reported

    @yomangi @M4lte1 @Warcraft was not aimed at you bro dw, i fully agree that the addon is incredibly broken and should not be allowed to use in any way shape or form in classic, it was aimed at the "bla bla" guy above :)

  • ShorterPearson Chuck Pearson (@ShorterPearson) reported

    @jbj @bmbod None of this changes the fact that I still have a major problem with the fact that people are spending money on Modern Gears of Warcraft and not a new Hold Steady album dang it

  • Neimadthenomad Neimad (@Neimadthenomad) reported

    @Soesic_Clothing World of Warcraft from Burning Crusade to Warlords of Draenor. Everyday all day. (I think I had a problem back then😂) Second is Dragon Age Origins where I put 200 hours in it.

  • dusky341 dusky34 (@dusky341) reported

    @Ovzzz @Vesuvia30 @cryo_star @Warcraft Those things are not mutually exclusive. If you can't make friends and interact with others without being forced to do so then the problem is not with the addon, it's with you

  • AllarinDawnglow ❤️Allarin💛 (@AllarinDawnglow) reported

    @Warcraft @JJcanvas When I realized the Deeprum Tram was a shuttle service and not the world's longest aquarium. 😳

  • BJim072 BiggJim (@BJim072) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft @Gigabear_2 @Asmongold @BellularGaming I think the launch of World of Warcraft Classic will not be authentic unless the devs do a "servers down" at launch just like it was when the actual game launched in 2004. #Warcaft #WoWClassic

  • DaZFPS_ DaZFPS (@DaZFPS_) reported

    @_Frenzyheart @Greedysabii @EsfandTV @Warcraft If it's not automated then it could be a decent addon for many people but the whole point is not to make the addon automated and split the community because as Ion said these addons that change gameplay will eventually cause issues.

  • _Frenzyheart Brandon B. (@_Frenzyheart) reported

    @DaZFPS_ @EsfandTV @Warcraft Not arguing the automation part. I can see the issue you have with it. But as anyone that played DPS will tell you, finding someone that was a tank or a healer could be literal hours because there was no way to know for sure if someone was a tank or a healer, and...

  • _Frenzyheart Brandon B. (@_Frenzyheart) reported

    @DaZFPS_ @EsfandTV @Warcraft I remember getting groups in vanilla. It was a pain in the ass. Period. Full stop. And the biggest issue was finding someone that fit roles, because the built in stuff didn't account for tank/healer/DPS. So being able to see if someone is one of those matters to me.

  • DaZFPS_ DaZFPS (@DaZFPS_) reported

    @_Frenzyheart @EsfandTV @Warcraft The automation of invites takes away the authentic experience of looking for a group in classic, like I said again if it only parsed the chat to make it easier to find people for a group but YOU manually had to add them then fine there would be no issue about it.

  • DaZFPS_ DaZFPS (@DaZFPS_) reported

    @_Frenzyheart @EsfandTV @Warcraft Not saying how to play but when the addon affects the authentic experience that's a problem. Like I said if the addon was only parsing chat then great let people use it but go watch the video about Ion talking about "Addons that AFFECT the authentic experience".

  • DaZFPS_ DaZFPS (@DaZFPS_) reported

    @_Frenzyheart @EsfandTV @Warcraft Sorry forgot to include 3rd part, if the addon removed these aspects and only kept the chat parsing then it would be fine for people to use it but because it has automation involved in it for invites and deciding what role you are put under then that's the problem.

  • DaZFPS_ DaZFPS (@DaZFPS_) reported

    @_Frenzyheart @EsfandTV @Warcraft So you literally don't do anything yourself other then making the group and it automatically posts out the text you suggest it does, the problem with this is the auto invite option should NEVER be there, Call to arms did not have that and Classic WoW should NEVER have it too. 2/2

  • Nexxynex Nex (@Nexxynex) reported

    @WarcraftDevs fix this 😡

  • MaxWasTaken M (@MaxWasTaken) reported

    @TwitchPhrozin @Zeecrolink1 @NickPolom @Warcraft Geez, Addons in Vanilla were even worse than nowdays and some of them even more broken

  • Vejahz Esh - Guardian of G'Hanir (@Vejahz) reported

    I dreamt that the #Warcraft anniversary hoodie was sold out. I have a problem.

  • rpgeek12 Chad Riley (@rpgeek12) reported

    @AlexielApril You may not believe this but her biggest World of Warcraft issue is space for all her dresses (robes).

  • AlumiiGaming Alumii (@AlumiiGaming) reported

    @Frngtstc @WarcraftDevs I was on my Druid and had a similar issue. I had narrowed it down to one of the essences but blizz fixed that bug.

  • jevring Markus Jevring (@jevring) reported

    Hey @Warcraft, by your own admission, you don't want to repeat the problems of the vanilla launch. Yet here you are, with half as many realms as you need. Give us more non-pvp realms in europe, please. English ones!

  • JasonBrierley1 Jason Brierley (@JasonBrierley1) reported

    @Warcraft @JJcanvas The problem though is that your game model is based on scheduled redundancy, so there is incredible amounts of places to explore, yes, but 80% of them are currently redundant and empty, and the 20% being played through will soon be the same way.

  • LedriTheThane Christian (@LedriTheThane) reported

    I really do hope the ClassicLFG add-on gets broken by @Warcraft

  • bitflipped Cameron (@bitflipped) reported

    @Heallarious That's classic World of Warcraft... oh wait, no that's the problem. Q

  • ikeadrift benjamin (@ikeadrift) reported

    big continuity error that none of the orcs in the warcraft movie were wearing thick bootcut jeans

  • Durly1718 Durly (@Durly1718) reported

    @JesperRoos1 @AyyyyLemonjuice @xmptz1 @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs @icyveins That is Blizzard incentivizing players to misuse that info. The perception the game is designed around it is due in part to the same scaling problem across many difficulties as opposed to knowing how well a player can utilize that spec&gear vs how that content is actually tuned.

  • DwarvenHuntress WoWHuntress (@DwarvenHuntress) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS P.S. it was acknowledged on the forum you are already aware of this being an issue after a hotfix, and no my isp checked out and it works with everything else that uses it but WoW.

  • MrJamock Jamie Potter (@MrJamock) reported

    @Warcraft Eh I will respond to this when EU server issue is resolved

  • ShoesRogue ShoesRogue (@ShoesRogue) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev @holinka @ckaleiki Whatever half-measure plan you think you have to fix Rogue specs so that older Rogues will be happy, I'm telling you right now, it's not enough. It's not nearly enough. nu-Rogue is a complete failure of vision. Scrap it entirely.

  • ShoesRogue ShoesRogue (@ShoesRogue) reported

    @WatcherDev @holinka @WarcraftDevs Toolkit, Rotation, Aesthetics. Revert it all. Nothing nu-Rogue is worthwhile. Every aspect is a terrible downgrade, ditch it entirely. It is not acceptable that I don't even recognize my character as a Rogue. You have to fix this.

  • ShinigamiMG Shinigami Mal'Ganis (@ShinigamiMG) reported

    @Warcraft 😭😭😭 my laptop screen is broken! I'm so sad 😭😭😭