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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • R4wdigga Graf Spatula (@R4wdigga) reported

    @Asmongold @WarcraftDevs The problem here is: you are so much right with everything you say, if Blizzard interferes now they basically have to admit that they are morons. They will never do that. They have been morons in the past, and never said or did anything about it.

  • XStyledNinja Roland 🏳️‍🌈 (@XStyledNinja) reported

    @Warcraft Fix chromie timewalking and let max level players enjoy playing older content without them one hit mobs or world bosses.

  • GarzorBIGsmash Taylor John Hearn (@GarzorBIGsmash) reported

    @DemoBytom @Warcraft stop spreading the virus and stay home and play a game. You're part of the problem mate going out to infect and kill your own family members

  • ikizukuri_rco Rob Cor (@ikizukuri_rco) reported

    @Naowhxd @Slootbag @WarcraftDevs this problem is still since mop...

  • xmk51 xmk5 (@xmk51) reported

    @WarcraftDevs fix trade channel. Separate channel for boosters.

  • sh1z0m1st Fr33mx (@sh1z0m1st) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs Do you ever consider your opinion wrong? Do you even question yourself? What if it's intentional design? If 4 out of 6 classes lose aggro at times, could it be thsg the other two are just broken? Of course you didnt, did you?

  • That_Bass_Jorgo Andrew Jorgenson (@That_Bass_Jorgo) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs The problem with all these replies about "how you no get threat" make me laugh. They definitely don't play with the same skill level players you do and can't compare their dps to the ones you typically play with

  • verbal_sparring adVerbs (@verbal_sparring) reported

    @trellsky @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs Would be nice. As long as threat isn’t a bug issue I’m ok with whatever they do.

  • themontymole_ TheMontyMole (@themontymole_) reported

    @Naowhxd @UndadTV @WarcraftDevs I don’t get it. I play rogue and am having no issues with threat.

  • Alex_Iruga Iruga Igelmo (@Alex_Iruga) reported

    @baysidedad73 @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs Reason he has no aggro problems is not him playing the class well, but your dps being absolute trash. Kekw

  • ImpsMyPimp CandyCornImpsMyPimp (@ImpsMyPimp) reported

    @deathknigth38 @Warcraft Sounds like a "you" problem

  • FrostykittyWoW Frostykitty (@FrostykittyWoW) reported

    @Naowhxd @Slootbag @WarcraftDevs I don't know what you play, warrior I'm guessing? Is this in the beta that you're struggling? Man I'm not confident in their planned release date with all these issues.

  • sophisticaden Caden Holbrook (@sophisticaden) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs The release date just makes absolutely no sense to me. The game’s still half-broken

  • Lightee7 Lightee (@Lightee7) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs I love listening to bad players who have only ever played with bad players respond to this with bad takes. Hey grats on having no threat issues when your dps are doing tank numbers from last tier!

  • ZenjiBro Zenji (@ZenjiBro) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs It's not a class issue. Threat is fine, unless you are running with geared out overtuned pre patch dps spec and you are a fresh 50.

  • Slootbag Ted Bacinschi (@Slootbag) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs Bruh legit dunno how you have threat issues on warrior or even brew now And is it because you’re rocking with any spec that is wildly overturned and will be nerfed?

  • _Zeptah_ Christina Frederiksen (@_Zeptah_) reported

    Suramar zone has been lagging so badly the past many days, its almost unplayable. I am not the only one experiencing this. @WarcraftDevs

  • baysidedad73 Mark 🍺 (@baysidedad73) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs Maybe L2P ? My guild runs with DK and Monk main tanks , I run m+ all the time with the DK, he has a bear too and we never have threat issues .. no matter how geared the dos are.

  • Liam_Xenh Xenh (@Liam_Xenh) reported

    @holinka @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev We're still trying to get heard on this issue. Any possibility of a response on this? There are more than enough players to warrant the little time a fix would take. It is value add! Glorious Tyranny Illusion for enchant holders. Please.

  • YoDaOrie YoDa (@YoDaOrie) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs wait if they fix tank threat how is my hunter going to get invited ??

  • thehilthoodie Hodor. (@thehilthoodie) reported

    @Warcraft fix frost dks, I hate everything about unholy and I'd rather just unsub than deal with more pics poor class balance for yet another expansion. There is zero reason to have a huge gap between the best spec in the game and the "worst"

  • studyandwork2 studyandwork (@studyandwork2) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev What the hell is this Lag on EU at the moment?

  • KuroiSakura2765 Kuroi Sakura (@KuroiSakura2765) reported

    @cartoonnetwork All of them look nice, but there is one major problem: This isn't World of Warcraft; this is Warcraft III.

  • Exosirus Exosirus (@Exosirus) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs Is it higher dmg thats the problem or is there some backend programming that needs to just change how threat works? I know threat is supposed to be harder (I haven't played beta) but is it impossible to get back once you lose it?

  • Exosirus Exosirus (@Exosirus) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs I finally choose to go back to my Prot Warrior and I just keep hearing how they are at the bottom with Guardian Druid. Is it just a threat issue or would you still not play 4/6 tanks? Is it adjusting to the new combat of SL?

  • Vattsonline Vatts (@Vattsonline) reported

    @Naowhxd @LimitThdlock @WarcraftDevs I had the same issue on beta and I thought it was me. I hope it gets addressed.

  • SlapJackNpNp SlapJack (@SlapJackNpNp) reported

    @Naowhxd @WarcraftDevs Ah don't worry the game is gonna be released in 23 days, loooots of time to fix everything 🙃

  • Vylens Genesh Vylens (@Vylens) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev I think Hot Trub (PVP talent) for brewmaster is bugged, both Conflict and Strife and the talent itself. I'm using it in bg's, I purify and there's no damage from it whatsoever. Fix, please

  • SteveDanuser Steve Danuser (@SteveDanuser) reported

    @QuestTheLine @Warcraft Look, it's not you. I have... commitment issues. Let's just keep it casual until 11/23.

  • esperhusky Alex (Esper) (@esperhusky) reported

    The games I'm getting in two weeks - * Demon's Souls (PS5) * Destiny 2: Beyond Light (PC) The games I'm still playing by then - * Dead by Daylight (PC) * Magic Arena (PC) * World of Warcraft (PC) The game I can't fit in - * Godfall (PS5) Gamer problems, or something, lol...