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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • J_Borsch Jerok (@J_Borsch) reported

    @holinka @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev fix shadow priset singel target.. the nerf killed us. Void bolt shadow word: void and mindflay need 5-7% increase to be viable

  • TheRealTCDavis Tom (@TheRealTCDavis) reported

    @Fateless44 @Moorgard @WarcraftDevs and thats of course without mentioning all the other myriad issues with the story... I can honestly say I don't buy that any of the stuff that happened in it felt like it could happen in the real world - I wasn't at all immersed

  • Polarthief Polarthief (@Polarthief) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS Ashenvale Moonwell is broken for the Lunar Festival preservation quest. No extra action button pops up to let me charge the staff.

  • kahcop fook u (@kahcop) reported

    @CsarFranck @ThreeeForks @Imortalcryptek @Supatease @WarcraftDevs Main issue is the game is trash and I just wanna spam q arena.

  • CsarFranck César Franck (@CsarFranck) reported

    @ThreeeForks @Imortalcryptek @Supatease @WarcraftDevs Just pointing out that the issue is the same on both sides

  • Fateless44 Fateless (@Fateless44) reported

    @Aernath @Aquadragon01 @Elizabeth_9292 @Wolfdream62 @Moorgard @WarcraftDevs Oh, I did read it. I'm nitpicking the hell out of every media they publish out. Thing is, I'm afraid about a case of First cinematic trailer for BfA and how the actual game looks. Which feels like night & day differences. Problem here is the trust issue and lack of communication.

  • FFbowtop Mooshty. (@FFbowtop) reported

    @xGetJackedx @PlayGwent Thats the deal with live service games I'm afraid. They have no obligation to stick around forever. Imagine that world of warcraft will shut down one day. How many people have spent thousands in monthly subs on that game.

  • MetaDust Metadust 🀄 (@MetaDust) reported

    Come login to Starcraft 2 or Warcraft 3:R if you want an ass kicking

  • MrTikachu MrTikachu (@MrTikachu) reported

    @WarcraftDevs please fix corruption nerf it to the ground or something trying to learn and grind pvp sucks so much because we can go against players that are worse with corruption and their shooting stars does 30% of their damage or their echoing void.

  • MrTikachu MrTikachu (@MrTikachu) reported

    @WarcraftDevs please no more corruption or just fix it in poe its broken and op in pvp you cant go higher in rating without running into both healers and dps running corruption.

  • Kalamazing Kalamazi (@Kalamazing) reported

    @Snaptixx @Thdlock @WarcraftDevs Yeah that was the fix!

  • ZiphoraWerebear Trashmaster Ziphora (@ZiphoraWerebear) reported

    @Zelliesoul @Blizzard_Ent @WarcraftDevs Many people are experiencing problems, I seen others on Horde side running in and out trying to get it to work, same with me in multiple locations.

  • Zelliesoul Zellie 🐄🐺 (@Zelliesoul) reported

    @ZiphoraWerebear @Blizzard_Ent @WarcraftDevs Hmm i had No problem at All with Them. And I did the power up the staff twice.

  • ZiphoraWerebear Trashmaster Ziphora (@ZiphoraWerebear) reported

    hey @Blizzard_Ent @WarcraftDevs The quests for the infinite flower crown is bugged, Ashenvale and Duskwood are not working to enter the pools and activate. It would be nice if these quests actually worked before they go live...

  • mindflayer mindflayer (@mindflayer) reported

    @BellularGaming Nope, they did NOT fix the stuck in combat bug in the Visions. Once again, @warcraft QC fails.

  • FantogemeDan Dan (@FantogemeDan) reported

    The problem with having so many interests, art, Disneyland, Transformers, World of Warcraft, etc etc .. is that you rely only have so much time for any one of them at any given time. And sometimes that kinda sucks.

  • AgesBot Ages Bot (@AgesBot) reported

    The Ancestral Years Formed by customer service, yet without sensed churches. Principal finds: burnt polar bear bones, warcraft, hints of sagas. Ideology: speed and favoritism. In the words of Herr T: We know nothing of their burnt finch bones.

  • Linchou6 Linchou (@Linchou6) reported

    @LoriKuki @WarcraftDevs I know a fix for that, go fire

  • lawantgarde Lawant (@lawantgarde) reported

    Playing Detroit Become Human. Apparently, an easy fix to get me to not mind the flaws in your work of art is just to put Clancy Brown in there. See also Warcraft.

  • kompreya Kompy (@kompreya) reported

    @Kersus @Suul75 @JAskins7 @romanryder Lines of consent were still crossed and broken. This is on par with someone logging into your World of Warcraft account while you were away, deleting all of your items, and then leaving you to deal with it. It's no longer fun at that point.

  • VenomtheCF Venom (@VenomtheCF) reported

    @MichelleS_68 @Stoopzz_TV @WarcraftDevs The issue with these affixes are they are max hp related not dmg related. So things like mindflay and stars falls off as gear gets higher where echo and twilight continue to scale

  • TwitchRuban Ruban (@TwitchRuban) reported

    @Noodle__DK @joefernandes123 @WarcraftDevs Corrupted stuff either scales with hp or ilvl so no it is overturned and doesn't fix itself

  • Volstatsz Volstatsz (Cory) (@Volstatsz) reported

    @CatFishJohnny @WarcraftDevs Fair, but that's a definitions problem. By "casual" I mean "low time investment." Ny'alotha is punishing to low-time-investment teams, and that concerns me greatly. 😜

  • newchrisaway Chris Jones! (@newchrisaway) reported

    @Warcraft Yeah but I couldn't play for a week because of your poor QA not detecting Mac issues, so I cancelled my sub.

  • Ahegao_Master Hentai Enthusiast (@Ahegao_Master) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft @BlizzardCSEU_EN Just failed a horrific vision because of your servers not working properly, thanks for the amazing patch guys!

  • Jet_Limit1 Jet (@Jet_Limit1) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev ashvanes razor coral’s stacks randomly get wiped and dribbling inkpod will sometimes not proc. The former happened to me a lot on ilgynoth. Please fix!

  • Angelx911 Angel Rohan (@Angelx911) reported

    @TheFiredino @Warcraft3 @Warcraft The vision they had for Reforged @ it's original announcement/preorders is not what you're getting on the 28th. In addition the beta atm is also a bit of a mess, unstable, framerate issues, crashing, etc. Hoping their internal build is more stable.

  • Clockworkseer Andrew H (@Clockworkseer) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Recognising that you have significantly higher priorities right now so a fix, may take a while to come down, but can you confirm if the current pandaren DK anim for frost strike is the intended effect, as it doesn't use the Special Spin Attack that one would expect

  • mayuulin Mayuulin (@mayuulin) reported

    Sometimes I feel like an error in the system, 'cause I don't really like playing warriors though it looks like everybody else do. Too brusque for me. #Warcraft

  • bovi_hs Raphael Flotzinger (@bovi_hs) reported

    @Spunky90 @WarcraftDevs the problem is mostly with the amount of corruption and the amount of corrupted items. one 75 corruption procc is almost equal in strength as 3x20+15 secondary stat. people dont see it yet cause one scenario requires one lucky drop, the other requires 4 items

  • Kwepp Kwepp (@Kwepp) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Great one, unlucky that it wasn't done during PTR, might of been a good idea to actually test your systems before implementing them and then have to play catch up and fix them while they are in the live game.

  • MysticalOS 🧔🏽Adam (@MysticalOS) reported

    @NanoNost @count2classic @WarcraftDevs while at it, restore large combat log in raids to fix raid tool accuracy. #somechanges that range nerf was only needed in bgs and in world anyways :)

  • ssbmnxda naxuda (@ssbmnxda) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WarcraftDevs ok in hindsight, this was a little over the top, but arena pvp is extremely bad right now and it's because all of these corruption items are topping everyones damage, and all of the absurd trinkets are removing all normality from the game. Please fix

  • k0up1p poopoo head (@k0up1p) reported

    @RetroGameRater @16bitdadblog @SteadySphere @ProducerBTW @ColonelFalcon @8bitToNow @tallgamingman @xBrunnoFGx @ComboBroker @swooper_d @RetroBoyJon My dad broke my warcraft 3 cd and i cried a whole day. Also i broke my gta san andreas cd and tried to put both broken part into my computer with tape hoping it would work.

  • NanoNost Nano (@NanoNost) reported

    @WarcraftDevs You've now opened the box of "changes". Keep going and actually address the reason AV is so disruptive rather than skirting around the issue. AV is the only option for high honor per hour farming. AV honor needs to be nerfed so WSG is an equitable choice.

  • young_booga skrrt skrrt (@young_booga) reported

    @Warcraft fix your shitty game. every melee except ret should get 90% nerf on everything, a monkey could get r1 playing melee rn

  • kakotan2143 😎James Hudson😎 (@kakotan2143) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft @BlizzardCS .@Warcraft #FactionChange #BuyerBeware All fans and WoW players, be very careful before you do a faction change, it is super buggy, they don't tell you and just take your money and do nothing to fix it!

  • Galaick_ Stefan @ KroosKnights (@Galaick_) reported

    at this point they should just reset the Warcraft universe to fix it but I don't think their writers are capable

  • Vengerwow Venger (@Vengerwow) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Ashjra'kamas not working with the goblin glider is really shitty. Legendaries should grant new options, not limit them. Cmon now.

  • GronakTheOrc Toby (@GronakTheOrc) reported

    @AnabolicGaming @Warcraft How about expand that to fix all of WoW

  • shibowauwau Shibi inu (@shibowauwau) reported

    @WarcraftDevs fix the lags plz

  • JuiceTeace JuiceTeace (@JuiceTeace) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Fix ****** glider/leg cloak shit or make engi toy only Fix ****** glider disconnection when used on BG (3 years long bug) Fix your ******* game omg trash company trash devs

  • Dapperedodo88 Dapperedodo (@Dapperedodo88) reported

    @Mischief9999 @lessgagz @WarcraftDevs How is it an advantage when the world 1st timer starts the moment NA gets acces to the bosses. A bugged fight just makes that 1 day advantage dissapear if its that broken. Then NA and EU are at the same level till tuesday with reset for gear an other advantage for NA.

  • Zen4TheMan It's me! (@Zen4TheMan) reported

    @WarcraftDevs What a sh*tshow these visions. One ruined because the whole instance pulled due to some bug, one ruined because I couldn't avoid a fear due to lag and ran into to many adds and one due to my own stupidity. Catching up is an ff-ed up grind/impossible.

  • Marzhanxd Marzhan (@Marzhanxd) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Cloaks are dropping from m+ please fix

  • rob_carebare Tiif (@rob_carebare) reported

    @methodjdotb @WarcraftDevs Blizzard devs and customer service, as always. Nothing new here tbh, still pathetic.

  • Sarabande_Mage Sarabande (@Sarabande_Mage) reported

    @iluvbacon91 @WarcraftDevs I called it. Was ready to admit I was wrong when I found out thet the Horde in EU were in the EXACT SAME SITUATION AS NA ALLIANCE (Warfront mid-battle and NOT getting Heroic). Either fix it or give NA Alli same advantage. At any rate, my initial anger was NOT misplaced. >:(

  • k3ndo_ Kupferkopf (@k3ndo_) reported

    @Warcraft And all are lagging due to server problems.

  • TheLOOGE Jordan (@TheLOOGE) reported

    As awful as benthic was, I predicted (as did others) corruption would be the most ridiculous loot concept in modern wow without significant improvements during ptr. I severely underestimated its absurdity. @WarcraftDevs you guys must make a massive tuning pass for Mythic to fix.

  • dRiveros_27 Being X (@dRiveros_27) reported

    How to fix @Warcraft

  • LiteralGarbageX EEH ERR (@LiteralGarbageX) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Thanks for taking forever to fix the Alpaca quest AND screwing everyone out of their progress. I wouldn't trust you guys to code a ******* online lemonade stand.

  • Nikolesama Nikkisama (@Nikolesama) reported

    @WarcraftDevs EU region had TWO unannounced downtimes in a short period of time, which pissed many players, on top of that we had login issues like three times since 8.3. Just so you know, US folks

  • WoW_UDM UDM (@WoW_UDM) reported

    Please just balance corruption.... All the data is there.. Just fix it. @WarcraftDevs

  • yserashenai Lich Queen Ysera (@yserashenai) reported

    I’m so mad right now. I can’t raid because the @Warcraft Mac client is still *****, despite the hotfix. The thing that I’m paying my subscription to do is crashing my computer. This is a problem.

  • Jalterixnar Jalterixnar (@Jalterixnar) reported

    @s_mara1 @Warcraft @Blizzard_Ent I'm glad I am not the only one that is having that issue. It seemed to crop up right after 8.3 too

  • ChaseStarships Star Ships (@ChaseStarships) reported

    @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft please fix nzoth not spawning on heroic. We did first 11 last night now zone in and he’s not spawning

  • Volstatsz Volstatsz (Cory) (@Volstatsz) reported

    What bothers me is that @Warcraft used to be *the* premier MMO in terms of customer service, and would do everything they had to in making up for a bug that cost you loot or playtime. Not only have they not kept up their lead, they've turned around and are now running backwards.

  • ChaseStarships Star Ships (@ChaseStarships) reported

    @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev my guild is trying to do heroic N’Zoth, we are at the boss cause we killed the first 11 last night and the boss is not fully spawning. Please fix as it’s our last raid night. Thanks

  • JeremyLee169 JeremyLee (@JeremyLee169) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Fix the damn ah so i can post stuff for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • browny182 Andrew Brown (@browny182) reported

    @GumdropsEU @WarcraftDevs I saw that some people had gold on discord so rushed over to my auction house toon, and... nothing. Hoping the restarts in a few hours fix it. My liquid gold has gone from 1.25mil to 58k through this :(