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Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery platform. Xbox Live is available on the Xbox 360 gaming console, Windows PCs and Windows Phone devices.

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  • Sci0n_ Sci0n (@Sci0n_) reported

    @Kyejohnson13 @00Core00 @ItsJustWeirdIDK @Remnant_Game @Xbox No I'm an honest gamer who is sick of game devs ignoring their fanbase for 5 days after charging us for game that wasnt fit for purpose. Also it wasnt early access it was VIP weekend know the difference. Nowhere did it say it still had issues when they was pushing the VIP weekend

  • Liseeinthesky lisee (@Liseeinthesky) reported

    @XboxSupport hi can you tell me how to get welcome to bloxburg to install on X box one. There's no option to pay and when we press play keep getting error 103. Son very upset.

  • rekuangelus26 The One In The Shadow (@rekuangelus26) reported

    @PinkLadyGames I dunno lady your pc might get some money but with the Xbox x an Dan reg one mine get u 75 bucks since the new Xbox comes out in 2 months there’s got to be better ways to fix it

  • spaceninjauk Mark (@spaceninjauk) reported

    @JudaZuk Yea i paid millions 😂 i actually paid £1 to turn my already existing Xbox live subscription into a Gamepass ultimate one 👍 also theres more than 1 game accessible on the gamepass service, getting way more games than a £1 would get you in the shops 😊

  • Darth_Trethon DarthTrethon 🅿️ro🎮 (@Darth_Trethon) reported

    @QuixoticRocket @ReallyMilkkyWay @shaunlabrie Well it was....but I can't fix stupid. If you so desperately want to damage control for Xbox and the execs with the established track record of six years of selling BS and you think it's a great idea to trust them I can't fix that. I can only tell you what's what.

  • Alekzander_ff14 Alekzander_Stark (@Alekzander_ff14) reported

    @ihat3this @Colteastwood @JsBlackfrost colt Eastwood is a advocate of that, he doesn't care for competition he's a Microsoft fanboy he will agree to whatever Microsoft tells him like a good corporate slave, even if it hurts the xbox platform, xbox is more of a service now than a serious gaming console & colt dont care

  • JaydenM08981158 Jayden Martin (@JaydenM08981158) reported

    @shinobi_story Can you reduce the lag for xbox

  • Snooker19Game Snooker 19 (@Snooker19Game) reported

    @KelleeS90037082 @govie10 @Lab42Games We've fixed this on PC and we're working on an update that will fix it on PS4 and Xbox One. Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll have it with you asap.

  • JackalTheBat Ciaran Gilchrist🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@JackalTheBat) reported

    @Sol_Vasum @JoanPWarner2014 @Xbox The man survived a King Raven crash, the grubs are gonna need a planet to smash into him to even make Clayton bleed

  • Jake50500818 Fallcomb32 (@Jake50500818) reported

    Hi @XboxSupport over the past few days me and friends such as @CaptainWazzer @MrSkele3 have been having the following issues games not working then when loaded we get kicked out game party,s disconnecting and know it was not letting me login I hope I been of help

  • THorrorist The Horrorist (@THorrorist) reported

    @EpicGames @MetroVideoGame Same issues on Xbox one..

  • DrSzar Bauthazar (@DrSzar) reported

    @survivetheark I run a Nitrado Xbox server on extinction. Everyone on the server is having a graphical/render issue. Makes everything smooth and not detailed. Wondering if there is a fix or if there will be patch in the future. Any feedback would help a lot.

  • DannyB3588 Danny Burns (@DannyB3588) reported

    @NoMansSky I just downloaded the game to get back into it but having trouble running forward on xbox, its like its unresponsive when i push forward on the analog, we need a fix badly its unplayable at this point

  • Alekzander_ff14 Alekzander_Stark (@Alekzander_ff14) reported

    @FryVillain @XcloudTimdog He is comparing games in the service when all xbox one games are there and only 3 ps4 games in psnow, that's not a comparison it's dumb and fanboy bullshit, if you compare games include all ps4 game's, gp is better as a service because it has all it's xbox one games that's it

  • Alekzander_ff14 Alekzander_Stark (@Alekzander_ff14) reported

    @FryVillain @XcloudTimdog Yeah you are putting a better service against another service, who cares about services you don't even own the games, if you are going to put two companies against each other at least do it properly and compare the actual games, xbox puts all it's games on gp, sony don't

  • CoreyC324 Corey C. (@CoreyC324) reported

    .@NintendoAmerica, @Xbox, @PlayStation - I do not know why inverting the x-axis camera isn’t an option in a lot of the best games out there. You three have to do better about this: it’s a serious problem. I’m (and many others are) literally not buying games because of this.

  • CoreyC324 Corey C. (@CoreyC324) reported

    @NintendoAmerica, @Xbox, @PlayStation - I do not know why inverting the x-axis camera isn’t an option in a lot of the best games out there. You three have to do better about this: it’s a serious problem. I’m (and many others are) literally not buying games because of this.

  • Hamayah2019 felastica (@Hamayah2019) reported

    @DannW1993 @XboxSupport @xboxuk charge for the service. /2

  • No_Life_To_Lose Joshua Peace (@No_Life_To_Lose) reported

    @Remnant_Game @NY_103 This problem is occurring on my Xbox btw.

  • _jj_castillo (°Θ) J.J. Castillo ≥≥ (@_jj_castillo) reported

    partially WHY I have been gaming on PS4 Pro, sometimes XBOX ONE X.. and even the regular launch PS4 game console.. more streamlined, less issues ….mostdef MORE … >> STABLE for GAMING. controller or not versus keyboard and Mouse. PFFT.

  • CauhnXBL Cauhn (@CauhnXBL) reported

    @grub4906 @XboxSupport possibly a internet issue try restarting your router

  • Trauma_Ties ✖Trauma_Ties✖ (@Trauma_Ties) reported

    After I don't know how long, my Xbox 360 just had an update. I'm hoping they fixed the broken app section and the fact that YouTube runs like crap.

  • toursXO tour$ XO (@toursXO) reported

    no way xbox took the servers down y’all are trolling

  • The_Fonz_Jr FonzJr (@The_Fonz_Jr) reported

    @Owlacoon @NumbWasTaken @Parasite Lmao my guy you forget ghost was the game they went from 360s to xbox ones (to then go to ps4s). Thats what slowed it down. Worst thing about ghost was the bomb glitch and overkill + shotguns.

  • 248AMthoughts Ryan Walsh (@248AMthoughts) reported

    If everyone that played PlayStation chose Xbox instead, maybe Sony would be broke and we wouldn’t have this problem :/. GIVE US SPIDEY ******** BACK

  • CalebHarrison2 Caleb (@CalebHarrison2) reported

    @ComplexMinded Honestly, given the dev wiping of dozens of major Xbox official servers + duping + meshing + the 3 weeks w/o transfers, A LOT of hardcore players have quit. You’d probably retain more players by fully resetting the servers. At this point, it’s so broken on Xbox.

  • DirectedByHarry harry bfdr (@DirectedByHarry) reported

    new Xbox update took Xbox 360 servers down man no way goodbye world

  • GeekFreak1011 ☆NoOneCares☆ (@GeekFreak1011) reported

    @DuneWhippet @ElectroxGaming @GleyberPls @XboxSupport Nope I actually never make problems for anyone in the real world....when I actually go outside that is

  • OvertimeWT Overtime Tournaments (@OvertimeWT) reported

    @Gamingteam16 @ComxtoYT @iRainRIA @2KCrewFinder @Big_Brudda_PURP @WalkOnWarriors We couldn’t get enough teams for a free to enter tournament. The Xbox one went fine i guess it’s just a PS4 problem

  • DannW1993 DannW1993 (@DannW1993) reported

    @XboxSupport I’m having major issues with my Xbox one console. A game crashed on me last night, and since that crash my Xbox has not been responsive/turning on. I’ve tried a factory reset and it worked until the following morning where it’s no longer displaying anything.

  • deigo_esai Deigo Vargas🥀🥀 (@deigo_esai) reported

    After 5 years of dedicated service my Xbox is now officially dead. F

  • JacobTurner_1 Jacob Turner™ (@JacobTurner_1) reported

    @Remnant_Game fix co-op for xbox. i can’t play with friends. constantly get “session does not exist”

  • ChrisDice99 Chris Dice (@ChrisDice99) reported

    @vigorthegame @Xbox There is some kind of glitch right now where people are invincible to bullets for some reason

  • mondaynighttinz Shea Tinsley (@mondaynighttinz) reported

    @1tzp0w3r i think i'm good now, my wifi wasn't working for a frustrating 20 minutes or so. xbox was broken and nothing on my phone was loading. my data decided to shit on me so even that couldn't help my phone and i couldn't play anything on my tv from my xbox


    @kevinDTD @TheEmpBruh @PlayStation @insomniacgames The problem with Xbox is clearly they were in a console industry or seventeen years without adequately bolstering their first party ranks. They got caught and had to buy studios. They don’t view gaming like Sony and Nintendo.

  • azdevildogaz Bobby Garman (@azdevildogaz) reported

    @PUBG_Support "announcing crossplay between xbox and PS!!" Have "lost connection to host" and crashed 6 times tonight smh please fix the game

  • BANGA215__ 💜 (@BANGA215__) reported

    @RockstarGames I can't shoot on foot on Grand theft auto its been going on for weeks so I won't play the game until the issue is solved ..I'm on Xbox 1

  • prodigy_xeno AIM Starzz (@prodigy_xeno) reported

    @therosshall @KartoonEmperor I play Xbox so Not mine they said they aren't having anything exclusive for modern warfare but then they release that Alfa for only ps4 and they aren't even gonna test the cross platform before beta release so we can actually play the beta with no problems

  • ChuckWyze Chuck Wyze🎶🔥 (@ChuckWyze) reported

    @GraysonLea @Xbox @XboxSupport Had this problem so many times. Its a shame these guys dont have a better system for updates. Guess ill just go with my switch lol

  • dannytorch Starships & Apocalypse (@dannytorch) reported

    @GroinBlue @calmchris63 @DayZ @nitrado Also, I'm on Xbox so your weird attempt at gaining points by insulting the device I used to play this broken, shitty game is not only as dumb as you, but entirely incorrect.

  • DgardsGaming Sons of Gaming (@DgardsGaming) reported

    @Penkid11 I actually believe that banjo is no longer Xbox only Sony Spyro and crash bandicoot I also multiplatform now too, never said Xbox was as bad as Disney 😉😂

  • blakecarpent3r Blake Carpenter (@blakecarpent3r) reported

    @XboxSupport i can’t purchase content atm through the store it’s not working help

  • NFMENbkdelta1 jesse barth (@NFMENbkdelta1) reported

    @NickOnMixer @Undercard1290 @WatchMixer I never had that issue but it's probly because I had a Xbox live account never really had any issues with it.

  • GroinBlue Blue Groin (@GroinBlue) reported

    @dannytorch @calmchris63 @DayZ @nitrado If I can drive just fine then clearly u r doing somrthing wrong,or maybe your just on ps4,which didnt get the game until xbox smoothed it out. We had 2 play a broken game.u dont know jack sht.I learned how 2 drive when the game ran like shit.Ps4 is shit in general,no fixing that.

  • ShiKobe509 Tyler J Morley (@ShiKobe509) reported

    @MaddenUniverse @JaybirdMadden @Jokeeee_ its cause he doesn't have xbox x. you need one for no input lag. xbox x's are used at classic thankfully

  • ftbIszn Lal🇮🇪🇯🇲🇸🇪🇲🇾 (@ftbIszn) reported

    @nbayoungdai Facts except Xbox, youngboy, lil tjay, qt and problems

  • Shogun5599 Shogun (@Shogun5599) reported

    @PUBG @PUBG_Support @PLAYERUNKNOWN Hello. On Xbox RIGHT NOW. The gamertag PUBG Lagging is messing with the servers. Everybody in the game network lags and he leaves with squad wipes!!

  • Shogun5599 Shogun (@Shogun5599) reported

    @PUBG_Support Hello. On Xbox this gamertag PUBG Lagging just Ddosed the servers! Be clearly is lag switching or something. He's been reported. He literally stopped the servers and wiped a squad everytime he did

  • DougFuoco Doug Fuoco (@DougFuoco) reported

    @Official_Serr @DayZ Just imagine how bad the update would have been if the Xbox players got their wish and got it released without the fix they made for the PlayStation version

  • qrusher14242 Qrusher14242 (@qrusher14242) reported

    no stream tonight, had to make a new profile in windows 10 and now i guess i have to redownload all my @xbox gamepass games. It doesn't find them, even though they are still on the HDD. Uggh not fun. Not sure how to fix it, so have to redownload Dead Rising 4.

  • SoDakJack14 SoDakJack (@SoDakJack14) reported

    @JaybirdMadden @ShiKobe509 I have no issues on my Xbox one X

  • MizProfanity MizProfanity (@MizProfanity) reported

    @moosemorose__ @BDaniel1307 @XboxSupport What error message are u receiving

  • RijadGoes2D derp (@RijadGoes2D) reported

    @BrodyAnimates No they dont I only had the Xbox Kinect 😁 Never had a problem Its better than the wii just sayin

  • RHussey6582 robert hussey (@RHussey6582) reported

    @RockstarSupport I'm having issues getting the duke o death and the Marshall on gta5 for free it says I have to be a returning player or something witch I am I was on the Xbox one but now I'm on PlayStation but it's the same social club is there anything you guys can do for me

  • kaedran12 Kaedran12 (@kaedran12) reported

    @Rainbow6Game plz fix your headshots on Xbox. I hit them in the head and they don’t register. Plz

  • ShayuKitsune ShayuKitsune-extordinar (@ShayuKitsune) reported

    @Lovely_Royale @KaelanFaireVA @JTMasterJedi A person could have a multitude of reasons for not working for a particular company in the industry they want to work in. I refuse to work for Microsoft/Xbox for instance and it’s nothing about being good cause I really think my writing sucks...

  • DeLyfe_ Put some respek on Brandon Ingrams name (@DeLyfe_) reported

    @Sony y’all are gonna make me switch to Xbox if y’all don’t fix this Spider-Man situation

  • AdamLeach 🄰🄳🄰🄼🄻🄴🄰🄲🄷 (@AdamLeach) reported

    @OltionZoto1 @KillerInstinct @XboxSupport The devs and Microsoft have already acknowledged the issue and have been working on a fix. The ultimate edition is supposed to come with everything and it downloads the base game and ultimate edition separately but everything is still locked.

  • Funkerooo Funky (@Funkerooo) reported

    I bought an xbox controller today just so i could play 2k on my pc. I have a problem.

  • Guardable tomhas (@Guardable) reported

    i think my xbox is broken

Xbox Live Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 08x7de0017
  • 0x800080206
  • 0x8004804E
  • 0x80070102
  • 0x80072ee6
  • 0x80072ee7
  • 0x8013153b
  • 0x803f8001
  • 0x803f9007
  • 0x807a1004
  • 0x80820002
  • 0x80830003
  • 0x80bd0009
  • 0x838601e7
  • 0x83950001
  • 0x8540000
  • 0x87c40001
  • 0x87c40002
  • 0x87c40003
  • 0x87c40004
  • 0x87c40005
  • 0x87c40011
  • 0x87dd0004
  • 0x87de0017
  • 0x87df2ee7
  • 0x87e00005
  • 0x87e0000b
  • 0x87e0000b
  • 0x87E0000D
  • 0x87e107df
  • 0x87e107f9
  • 0x8ca50004
  • 0x91d70000
  • 0x91d7000a
  • 1
  • 800701e7
  • 80151103
  • 8015402b
  • 8b010007
  • 8b050033
  • E101
  • E200
  • E203
  • E204
  • E206
  • E207
  • E305
  • SVC60017