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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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January 29: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 08:30 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • ade1983 Ade (@ade1983) reported

    @4golfonline @YouTube Quality review as usual

  • Ksioldman18 Jacob sohn (@Ksioldman18) reported

    @SusanWojcicki @YouTube @YouTubeGaming It's been 6 DAYS fix the ******* phone app already!!!!!!!!!!

  • BitTubeApp BitTube | Airtime (@BitTubeApp) reported

    @DrachonaTheWolf @YouTube @TeamYouTube You're right. That's exactly what we're trying to do here at BitTube: solve a problem! 💪 Together we can make it.

  • WaveyDavey1602 Davey1602 (@WaveyDavey1602) reported

    @iain_claxton @YouTube I have a problem with all this one-side-fits-all solution. I'll be reading the rantings of an incoherent woman who has no idea what her end goal would be. I enjoy fantasy, but not plucked from the mind of a woman smelling of cat piss.

  • dwinle EMS (@dwinle) reported

    @terfle @YouTube No problem 🤗

  • BennettAuron Auron (@BennettAuron) reported

    @YouTube Your site is not working on my computer and I want to get on it is down

  • Chicagomike666 M (@Chicagomike666) reported

    @mariachong @YouTube Lol! Quite a stretch...but that kind of thing is illegal by statute in its face. I’m not clear what-if any—actual law was broken by Pres. This is more akin to the old 18th century “common law” criminal conduct..which was ruled unconstitutional almost 200 years ago

  • CastSweet Clint Stoker 🍬 (@CastSweet) reported

    @Fresherluke @YouTube (s) Darn. I just fixed the error.

  • AndreaTheiss2 Carla Browning (@AndreaTheiss2) reported

    @johnbeamon_ @AppSame @RepAdamSchiff @BarackObama @YouTube They were qualified. Big difference. And they are not working for a foreign country being investigated for corruption.

  • _namori_fan_ Go go power rangers (go, go) its morphin time! (@_namori_fan_) reported

    @MobGideons @YouTube same problem

  • Ksioldman18 Jacob sohn (@Ksioldman18) reported

    @YouTube @GoPro Fix the phone app dipshits!!!!!!

  • ben_nassi Ben Nassi (@ben_nassi) reported

    @Keubiko @YouTube I do not agree with you. This is not a technological issue: Tesla contains front facing radar so it does not have any problem to "understand" the disagreement between the camera and the radar/ultrasonic sensors. This is more of a policy/safety issue (explained in our paper)

  • JustinCanadian Justin Canadian (@JustinCanadian) reported

    @TheTomValentino @YouTube Well that's terrible. But Bernie Sanders opens his mouth then kind of sabotages himself

  • GasPoweredTwig Twiggy (@GasPoweredTwig) reported

    @YouTube Jaystation literally just lied to all of his viewers and faked the death of his Ex because she left him and tried to use that grief to monetize and grow a second channel, while running ads. You need to stop pushing shit like this and fix your system

  • GasPoweredTwig Twiggy (@GasPoweredTwig) reported

    @YouTube Justin Bieber doesnt need you paying to promote him. What you need to do is fix your broken platform. You have channels being assaulted by fake claims DAILY, you have Youtubers being demonetized for no reason at all, you have more pressing issues than a washed up "celebrity"

  • littlegrandma63 Chatty Kathy 🤩🤩 (@littlegrandma63) reported from Bunker Hill, Oregon

    @GeorgeMgoblue07 @YouTube Wow...forgot all about that used to make me cry. My ex boyfriends name was Billy And I had a 13 year old broken heart Hahahaha 🤩🤩🤩

  • LaRep2019 Gracie’s Mom. (@LaRep2019) reported

    @OANN @YouTube @GretaLWall I don’t understand why elected officials aren’t taking more of an interest in helping the very people that they were sent to help! I am dying of cancer and my family will be paying for my medical bills long after I am gone! How is this fair.....#ImpeachmentSham

  • tombaker4274 Citizen Solestacz 🌐🇺🇸✨🦀 (@tombaker4274) reported

    @OANN @YouTube lol! you 🤡🤡🤡 are the worst!!!!

  • shadowsbloodgam James O.T.S.S. (@shadowsbloodgam) reported

    i will be starting @YouTube back up tomorrow and streaming tonight but i dont no know what to play can you guys #help #otssfamily @OTSSFamily

  • salseragusa Action Jackson (@salseragusa) reported

    i need help @YouTube @YouTubeTV

  • LostChaosTv Sub2Chaos💎 (@LostChaosTv) reported

    @tee87683837 @YouTube @lexfridman Sub for sub doesnt help your channel. All your going to get is subscribers who dont watch your videos

  • aarons_tweets (((Aaron))) (@aarons_tweets) reported

    Literally watching this congressional hearing on Anti-Semitism (e.g. Holocaust denial), on @YouTube, as someone is posting comments questioning the historical facts from that awful era and accusing the witnesses, including a Holocaust Survivor, of "silencing criticism".

  • RantingBunghole Ryan 🇦🇺 (@RantingBunghole) reported

    @ISPuuuv @YouTube Yo ISP sir, please help a man get some *****, pretty please x

  • kidmago Wilson Mpalweni (@kidmago) reported

    @Marshall_H15 @YouTube Billions of Dollars Is Not The Issue Here, The Zionist Ideology Is! Comforting!

  • tweets_quotable Blue Maxwell (@tweets_quotable) reported

    @RobertStorms84 @YouTube From what I saw this is the worst in a way from Rey Palpatine w/ those ACE bandages on her arms. It is like these actresses killed the entire costume department and randomly dressed with WHATEVER - kids trick-or-treat in better outfits - #BirdsofPrey #fandommenace

  • TrueBackupGamer The Narrator (@TrueBackupGamer) reported

    @Roast_Queen_ @YouTube No algorithm is perfect if you don't train it. I interact with the ads options when stuff like that happens to remove that kind of targeting so I don't see it anymore. It really does help.

  • DonnAhhhhhh DonnAhhh 👻 (@DonnAhhhhhh) reported

    @SusanWojcicki @YouTube @YouTubeGaming Why not help your creators getting illegally mass false copy right striked by @Onision

  • The_Mad_Alien MadAlienArt (@The_Mad_Alien) reported

    @TPCrastinators @BestestGuyEver ******* hell @YouTube help the poor bastards

  • the_adi_kumar Aditya Kumar (@the_adi_kumar) reported

    @venkat_s @YouTube Day 8 : Continued some progress on Udemy course Weather app. There's this error 400, poorly formatted requested that'll I'll solve soon hopefully. Revised Async concepts and Event loop.

  • Kellryth Kelryth (@Kellryth) reported

    @heelvsbabyface @YouTube I have seen no bugs. Yet. Broken promises however...

  • Gourabsaha611 Gourab Saha (@Gourabsaha611) reported

    @ytcreators it was my fault i mistakenly pressed the counter copyright notification button plese help me @YouTube @YouTubeIndia @YouTubeGaming

  • z_ro_frequency z_ro_frequency (@z_ro_frequency) reported

    @dhgullotta @Heminator @brithume @YouTube “Shifty schiff” “pocohantas” “crooked hillary” “sleepy joe” yeaaah we’re the ones with name calling problems..

  • amesbanana Ames (@amesbanana) reported

    @YouTube needs to help creators more by getting rid of other creators who choose to false copy claim

  • PinkFrog1000 Daniel Watson (@PinkFrog1000) reported

    @FLWvideos @TeamYouTube @YouTube @TeamYouTube Please help

  • toni66380 toni (@toni66380) reported

    @La_sauce2k @iStormBreaker99 @ferhat12789406 @YouTube I realized that the cellular in the setting is not working... 😂

  • BeUrSelf03 Youtuber (@BeUrSelf03) reported

    @SusanWojcicki @YouTube @YouTubeGaming Mam please Help me 📢Day 60 of asking @TeamYouTube for help. They have restored my hacked channel 150k Followers (thanks) but they have not undone what the hacker did to cause the channel to terminate. Please help. PLEASE. 🙏Please help me by RT this🙏

  • MintLily Lily Murray (@MintLily) reported

    @LozzaFox @YouTube U really are an over privileged, ignorant man with a terrible sense of entitlement & I’m amazed Bonnie Greer met with u. U should be humble & embarrassed not vitriolic after QT.

  • BankBetterGuy James - The Notorious Banker (@BankBetterGuy) reported

    @YnotBro @YouTube @BankofAmerica It is.. there was a news story in St Louis where the cops said there was no reported crimes there. I do a podcast, I'm writing a book and I'm willing to work with any bank/candidate to help expose these things. I'm more afraid of not speaking up than saying something.

  • freetolivmylife freddie labbe (@freetolivmylife) reported

    @YouTube my account is paused I had the 10$ on my account just didn’t have the new taxes I have money I have no way to unpause account can anyone help

  • lisa_dymensia alter_dymension (@lisa_dymensia) reported

    @YouTube @BillyIdol Gosh Billy, he makes you look like a down + out reject. Being Rasputin's plus other's puppet has more than just thwarted you. You have no idea how low + loathsome you actually are. You're the worst kind of deviant...the most violent kind... stunted STUMP X

  • Lariolson1 Lariolson (@Lariolson1) reported

    @dkhos @YouTube @dkhos uber wouldn't have any operational problems and all the bad press would dry up if you simply began operating as a legal ethical corp. Properly classify drivers as employees and pay a living wage,adhere to applicable laws and regs,and learn to adapt your business 1/

  • Elliegirl616 Elizabeth Parrott (@Elliegirl616) reported

    @DDsulzbach @YouTube @SusanWojcicki fix your shit!!!!

  • SM1_Schneider Steve Schneider (@SM1_Schneider) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube about my YouTube channel and I've never had a YouTube channel in my life. This is the most frustrating situation ever. It just goes to show that they really don't care to resolve my issues at all.

  • CreamOfWheat91 CreamOfWheat[TL40x5] (@CreamOfWheat91) reported

    Help this man get his channel back. This is a level of quality the community needs and it’s just a shame that others could do this to someone. @google @youtube @ytcreators #Retweet #SaveFLW

  • SM1_Schneider Steve Schneider (@SM1_Schneider) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube I have also asked numerous times why my account got suspended or shut down or whatever it was and they have still not given a response. I just don't understand why this is such a problem to get your back up and running. Oh and they keep saying something

  • JoseJus25988740 Tony Justiniano (@JoseJus25988740) reported

    @SWAGDAD80 @PowerPeteB @JrzyJoePiscopo @JoePiscopoShow @ArthurAidala @HarryCicma @anthonygambino7 @Bigcarmine1930 @DeRussoGary @aalemay607 @vu1226 @SlyRocky4 @BoiseYankeeGuy @JeffreyGerardi2 @YouTube Yeah I heard Sylvester Stallone son had a pill problem I take your deed he passed away in his 30s I believe I heard that story a couple years ago I read an article on it. Damn shame

  • ELaw32 Eddie Law (@ELaw32) reported

    @BangZoomMMA @YouTube Not gonna ask them for help. I've seen how that goes lol

  • SM1_Schneider Steve Schneider (@SM1_Schneider) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube I'm still trying to figure out why I'm still waiting for help to restore my YouTube account after almost a week. It seems like the team has given up and the issue is still not resolved. I have sent 3 messages and have not received any reply.

  • BangZoomMMA Bang Zoom MMA (@BangZoomMMA) reported

    @ELaw32 @YouTube Don’t expect YouTube to help you. They want to be tv now

  • tbadaczewski Tim Badaczewski (@tbadaczewski) reported

    @FLWvideos @YouTube @TeamYouTube @ytcreators Help this poor guy out!

  • Ashwathbobo Ashwath Bobo (@Ashwathbobo) reported

    @sashasublime @Chinmayi @YouTubeIndia @YouTube I experienced the same problem with my independent music video which I released a month ago. I lost almost 2k views in less than 3 days, views numbers dropping gradually day by day. Very sad. They say they eliminate bot views, and maybe remove the views watched by same account.

  • sarathokstate Sarath (@sarathokstate) reported

    @FLWvideos @YouTube pls help him

  • UBattleRealm UniversalBattleRealm (@UBattleRealm) reported

    @YouTube account access issues can you please contact me.

  • Advance_Player Advance Player (@Advance_Player) reported

    More crazy scams happening, help this man get his channel back, be aware, and share! @TeamYouTube @YouTube @ytcreators

  • donnythehawk Donovan Fisher🧢 (@donnythehawk) reported

    @BenjaminL2142 @WiseGuyJackie @PpollingNumbers @MonmouthPoll @YouTube Welfare is failing America. I think Yang is trying to Change from a net to a blanket. UBI starts everyone above the Poverty line. He has said if anyone is still struggling we will help them, but UBI makes us able to see who needs more help.

  • ElliegantlyMe Elliegantly 🔜 St. Louis, MO (@ElliegantlyMe) reported from Anchorage Municipality, Alaska

    @FLWvideos This is terrible! I hope @YouTube does something about this soon. 😟 🙏

  • JT_Valor ✨JT Valor 👑✨ (@JT_Valor) reported

    This is crazy! If you are a content creator you need to see this! Hopefully @YouTube will help correct this soon! Sorry this happened to you man 😔

  • Artspeakcentral Milanka J Sullivan (@Artspeakcentral) reported

    @PobudkiewiczP @inshallah1001 @bad_bec @AaIsrael2 @Scribejohnm @Alexand07780640 @Amoni41679233 @yes_we_cat @ABID83384480 @meNabster @360CNN @apgnan01 @Leylakhalid22 @HawardDaniel @Donaldfubu @AndyStill11 @IshKabi @SariadeG @lecterro @Temidor @Ojdadana @TeddysMom8 @Pammyreign @yosefman21 @gomiriam63 @Habirshibir1 @KapitanAsik @Iwona94407279 @DorotaPodlesna @Helix261 @Electroflxmusic @JewishIdentity @LollllllaJR @malkaavram @zionistpsycho2 @marcus124m @MarilynShephe15 @Sabi98288193 @BampSim @MercatoresQ @YourFriendZippy @OjciecResortowy @moo_raging @berekjoselewicz @any1butCorbyn @AdrianMarch10 @BaronieSisters @shim_oz * #Rebecca @bad_bec blocked U tho I`m not sure, as I`m blocked by that #inshallah person, so I`m having a wine tonight bc this thread is boring while you`re all talking to him, so the fix is wine & #LeonardCohen & then whoever @YouTube`s AI offers me 🎧

  • fuuuuuucckkkk Emma (@fuuuuuucckkkk) reported

    @msangiemoon @YouTube No problem!!

  • indyrailgirl Michelle Roberts (@indyrailgirl) reported from Cumberland, Indiana

    @ThomasKlineMD @YouTube My doctor just threatened to dismiss me if I didn’t start taking Belbuca! It has horrible side effects, is making me sick & does not help my pain!