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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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June 18: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 12:10 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Stockton-on-Tees Sign in
Burlington Sign in
Denver Buffering
London Crashing
Durham Playback Issues
Gualeguaychú Crashing

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Youtube Issues Reports

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  • Chill16608168 C.hill (@Chill16608168) reported

    @TheDanOMalley @YouTube Like when people cut in front of 18 wheelers. They have that buffer for a reason. So they don't end up in your dashboard.

  • JRHorsting JR Horsting (@JRHorsting) reported

    @KCAddison68 @WordswithSteph @YouTube Not a problem KC. Thanks, for the support.👍🌹💙🌊


    @tobin_bridge_ @YouTube Tweets have been awful

  • JennyPo19982017 Jenny** (@JennyPo19982017) reported

    @hlt195654 @YouTube im in love with a man I will never see meet or speak to. its sad. I need help

  • CityPitties City Pitties (@CityPitties) reported

    @Anarcho_SRC @SchnitzelStudio @Gdad1 @YouTube Not at all. If my surgeons, docs, and therapists, and I know something works it makes no sense to read about it not working...but thank you!

  • ComixDivision Comix Division (@ComixDivision) reported

    @justsomeguycc @YouTube I’m running into the same issue as well.

  • yrussq 🆈🆁🆈 (@yrussq) reported

    @WayneCAlderman @YouTube Yep. Try to login in private mode. If it does, you probably need to delete youtube cookies. I have problem only with Firefox where i was logged in before. I suspect it's entirely a "cookies getting expired" problem cause it occurs third time in a few days on the same browser.

  • missidawest Miss Ida West (@missidawest) reported

    @LaunaSallai @YouTube Check their outage map. I'm watching You tube and haven't had any problems in months. But I do recall an outage about 6 months ago. It would load and then it'd freeze up and then the spinning wheel of indecision would appear. Sure enough, their map was showing problems in my area

  • Elliot_023 Elliot_023 (@Elliot_023) reported

    @UlyssesSayNoMan @deux_raymond @CathQuake @mauritian_strug @YouTube also, heretical but we are sticking with the schism issue here

  • ignRevisor Revisor (@ignRevisor) reported

    is it just me or can you not sign in youtube... @YouTube

  • FoxPolaroid 🎃 Polaroid Fox (Next Con- MemphitFM) 🎃 (@FoxPolaroid) reported

    @TheAtheistR @YouTube @ge_kaitlyn @Shann_Q0 Reported that disgusting video. Can’t wait to see them crash and burn <3

  • AprilBowman_ April✨ (@AprilBowman_) reported from Bethesda, Maryland

    @EltonCastee Ooohhhh. That’s so ****** upppppp. @YouTube fix yo shit.

  • callel671 Craig N (@callel671) reported

    @Manches79568374 @TerryFlewersTFT @YouTube Terry would take the word off of a parrot as gospel if it meant getting more clicks on his videos. He’s the worst kind of a football YouTuber out there.

  • sutter4clay Becky looney (@sutter4clay) reported

    @phineappletay13 @slayswizzy @treepaine @TeamYouTube @youtubemusic @YouTube @RepublicRecords @UMG @taylornation13 @Vevo @treepaine @OneRepublic @todrick @YouTube please fix the view count has been freezing

  • Amy_Reigns07 Amy Reid (@Amy_Reigns07) reported

    @ACFromNy @YouTube Stop stealing art stuff that's your problem how you going to steal somebody else's stuff and you ain't get paid for it going somewhere leave Roman Reigns out of it

  • RodPedersenShow The Rod Pedersen Show (@RodPedersenShow) reported

    @TheSportsDoctor @ClarkMunroe @YouTube HACKED! And might we add... that’s some WWE-quality material, pal!

  • GeorgeTirebite3 J.F. Stanley (@GeorgeTirebite3) reported

    @MZHemingway @YouTube Back in the day, we toked doobies at Refer Madness screenings for laughs. A "bad-girl" doing mega-church rap, also laughable. If you want to end the drug problem, make USERS do hard time in the Big House like Japan does. Everything else is thumb twiddling.

  • sutter4clay Becky looney (@sutter4clay) reported

    @mainpopgirI @slayswizzy @treepaine @TeamYouTube @youtubemusic @YouTube @RepublicRecords @UMG @taylornation13 @Vevo @treepaine @republic @YouTube please help with the glitch

  • ahmetkirac Ahmet Kıraç (@ahmetkirac) reported

    @YouTube what he found out 06:57 throughout of these he was not concerned 06:59 about the energy loss in computers and 07:02 so what he thought about the energy problem was that they would a billion times more inefficient than they needed to be the switching devices

  • ahmetkirac Ahmet Kıraç (@ahmetkirac) reported

    @YouTube at Thinking Machines and he also was persuaded to 05:08 give a keynote at this conference where 05:11 he talked about the problems of Physics 05:15 of Computation simulating Nature with a 05:17 Classical Computer

  • ahmetkirac Ahmet Kıraç (@ahmetkirac) reported

    @YouTube …could have many 01:17 problems going at the same time and so 01:20 what Feynman had essentially invented 01:22 was a standard technique of parallel 01:24 computing called 01:26 pipelining where you get several 01:27 problems going on at the same time…

  • ahmetkirac Ahmet Kıraç (@ahmetkirac) reported

    @YouTube 01:04 problem and he realized that you could 01:07 do not just one problem at once she 01:09 could do several problems at once so you 01:10 had a deck of cards for one geometry in 01:13 one color and another deck of cards in 01:15 another color and you…

  • ahmetkirac Ahmet Kıraç (@ahmetkirac) reported

    @YouTube 00:48 and there was a problem they were trying 00:51 to do these complicated calculations for

  • London19721 London1972 (@London19721) reported

    @brianoflondon @YouTube Please do more. Talking about these issues MORE is the only answer. You did well. 🇬🇧🇮🇱

  • IyashiBaka The Helpful Iyashi (@IyashiBaka) reported

    @Cecil_234 @YouTube meanwhile many other much more demanding 3D games don't have this issue

  • okasion2012 okasion (@okasion2012) reported

    @Cecil_234 @YouTube Easier: search for Gamefreak programming errors or something like that. It's a disaster, no joking.

  • funkymonkey0151 jason williams (@funkymonkey0151) reported

    @sheltondesigner @YouTube I can’t help but wonder if YouTube has an unofficial policy of demonetising videos simply as a cost cutting measure, while giving other reasons as an excuse

  • WillMartinezOne Will Martinez (@WillMartinezOne) reported

    @LilaGraceRose @Pinterest @Twitter @facebook @YouTube @LiveAction #NoCensorship #Freedom #FirstAmendment I don’t agree with this platform but I also don’t agree with censorship of different views points of view of important moral issues and debates.

  • mariazq_ mariazq (@mariazq_) reported

    @vox_es @YouTube @YouTubeEspanol TERRIBLE INJUSTICIA!!! 💚VIVA VOX💚

  • TIMELESummer romano (@TIMELESummer) reported

    So @YouTube @youtubemusic @YTCreators @YouTubeTV STILL HASNT UPDATED TAYLOR'S YNTCD VIEWS. @treepaine FIX THIS MESS.

  • YuinoSery Yuino👓✨ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 (@YuinoSery) reported

    @derOecking @YouTube Honestly, it's been a month, it's just natural that you'd forget songs you weren't interested in. lol Yeah. In general this year there were a lot of **** ups and other technical problems this year :/

  • black_vincenzo vincenzo black (@black_vincenzo) reported

    @FitzTheReporter @YouTube It happened on 2/17/18 and we’ve been homeless ever since the American Red Cross was going to help but didnt see us as victims in the situation. but like I said I’m not complaining because this dog is amazing we’ve been through it together.

  • RedInABlueCT Red in a Blue State (@RedInABlueCT) reported

    @newsnowhouston @YouTube Keep cherry picking lies and insults. You could probably take things I’ve said to you out of context and have me arrested for being a terrorist too. Bring it on scumbag. Your going to jail, soon. You Tube isn’t going to help you. #NNHCHOMO

  • breatheindyil stream you need to calm down. (@breatheindyil) reported

    @YouTube please fix this sht.

  • ArilaCosplay Yularia Cosplay @Con Bravo (@ArilaCosplay) reported

    Sooo @YouTube isnt working... Cant sign in... Cant do freck all... Just gonna listen to FNAF songs while I wait for them to fix their buggy ass site...

  • ColtonGarrett16 Colton Garrett (@ColtonGarrett16) reported

    @ImDontai @YouTube No problem brother, I saw it and knew I had to get it to you🖤

  • jason71774022 Name (@jason71774022) reported

    @YouTube @SimoneGiertz @Tesla She had help lol

  • signsofrevolt Noel Douglas (@signsofrevolt) reported

    @NealMcTaggart @novaramedia @LauraPidcockMP @YouTube There’s no such thing as a ‘fair’ wage, all wage labour is exploitative and that exploitative relationship is the heart of the problem in a capitalist society

  • TouchingTheVoid Joe Simpson (@TouchingTheVoid) reported

    @ChrisGwinnett @YouTube No and nope. I know it f**ked Paul up tho so not especially keen to go there but it is a beautiful thing. Shit happens. On any other day Paul would have cruised past with no problems...that's life, it leads you down inexplicable paths

  • clarkesonn1 clarkeyyyyyy (@clarkesonn1) reported

    @TroopzAFC @YouTube Sort out the camera quality if you can tho troopz

  • NOPARDONSx Bulls Head Coach (@NOPARDONSx) reported

    @Eddie_Jay92 @YouTube No problem

  • happy_academic Adam Kerr (@happy_academic) reported

    @Chr_ist_opher @mannyfidel @YouTube @gaywonk Careful with the both sides argument. There are real victims of the system out there who have actual issues because of how policies and laws are structured against them. Humour is often their way to cope. Others are not marginalized the same way...Crowder is not a victim.

  • GraveSweeneys GraveSweeneys (@GraveSweeneys) reported

    @nicole_r281996 @Kayleigh01925 @morg1291 @Royces_Bunny @SimsVIP @YouTube its not an opinion sweetheart, you're literally just that ignorant. I truly hope no one comes to you for support if they happen to be LBGQT.. You'd be of no help. I also hope one day you'll see how wrong you are. This conversation is over.

  • Jaynitess Jane Gail (@Jaynitess) reported

    @TomFitton @YouTube @Twitter @facebook @JudicialWatch I looked at the shirts in your link & I think you need a female consultant to help you pick out some female shirt styles to print on. How about @GingerMcQueen, @CassandraRules

  • TheLawless Dan Lawless ⚒ (@TheLawless) reported

    Had to upload this again because @YouTube decided to delete it for no reason. You spend all that time filming and editing a video only for a technical error cost you all thise views and comments

  • mikeunderdog55 Michael Brownfield Jr. (@mikeunderdog55) reported

    @Chris_Smoove @YouTube I watched the video. Harrison barnes and the kings were already going to have him opt out of his player option so they could make a new deal to sign him for longer for cheaper so the kings could get more cap space to sign more players. Barnes wants to help the Kings improve

  • VoreDBSK fwank :3 (@VoreDBSK) reported


  • gizapossato Reaper is BISEXUAL (@gizapossato) reported

    @YouTube Help me signal boost this and report this exact video which contains xenophobic language

  • R0B0BITCH thot mom (@R0B0BITCH) reported

    @YouTube @SoundCloud please fix your shuffle algorithm it’s been giving me the same 20 songs for like a year now

  • ProudPatriot33 ❌ Deplorable Patriot ❌ (@ProudPatriot33) reported

    .@Twitter @jack messing w @LilaGraceRose. Can’t retweet. Live Action has had: A complete BAN by @Pinterest A complete BAN from @Twitter ads Major ad issues on @Facebook Major suppression on @Youtube Big Tech's CENSORSHIP of our life-saving message is dangerous @LiveAction

  • 95Swiftie Amanda 🦋 (@95Swiftie) reported

    @youtubemusic @YouTube @taylorswift13 Fix the views

  • Swaggy4590 Sage Joi (@Swaggy4590) reported

    @JTGily @YouTube fix this immediately!

  • Corporategang1 Michel Stevens (@Corporategang1) reported

    @Malala @MalalaFund @YouTube Japanese one was funny. Developed market problems

  • thuggee168 Thuggee (@thuggee168) reported

    @sheltondesigner @YouTube this has been a problem with YouTube for years quite a few creators have said things about it

  • nessiestressy Vanessa Jax (@nessiestressy) reported

    @CarmenRose610 @YouTube @gemmaod1 No problem x

  • LilaGraceRose Lila Rose (@LilaGraceRose) reported

    Live Action has experienced: A complete BAN by @Pinterest A complete BAN from @Twitter ads Ad issues on @Facebook Suppression on @Youtube Something must change Big Tech's censorship of our life-saving message is dangerous @LiveAction

  • lavist1 theRealTreerat (@lavist1) reported

    Live Action has experienced: A complete BAN by @Pinterest A complete BAN from @Twitter ads Major ad issues on @Facebook Major suppression on @Youtube Something must change Big Tech's censorship of our life-saving message is dangerous @LiveAction

  • dwphilbert Mr P (@dwphilbert) reported

    @TunneyPat @OfficialSIcons @DillianWhyte @YouTube @WBCBoxing He has to get rid of Hearn. I believe that’s where the problem is. No one on that side of the Atlantic wants to deal with him. He’s hated. Dillian deserves his shot though.

  • AcePhoenix2 Ace Phoenix (@AcePhoenix2) reported

    @TwoBrosGaming @YouTube Robbie, I've honestly given up on this year but please tell me the server issues are a big focus for next year. I appreciate the content but it's no good if we can't even get into it and play with it.

  • LilaGraceRose Lila Rose (@LilaGraceRose) reported

    Live Action has experienced: A complete BAN by @Pinterest A complete BAN from @Twitter ads Major ad issues on @Facebook Major suppression on @Youtube Something must change Big Tech's censorship of our life-saving message is dangerous @LiveAction