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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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December 10: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 01:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • V3n0m777 Zenta Claus Zero (@V3n0m777) reported

    @Lozzykinz @YouTube It's alright, no problem.

  • Keepers_Union Justin Bryant (@Keepers_Union) reported from Raleigh, North Carolina

    @newley @YouTube I don’t think the changes are significant, really. In my case, the issue is I stopped playing when I moved to Raleigh. I think if I had joined a team down here and never stopped, it would feel normal. That said, it takes longer to recover from minor injuries now.

  • annafrancesca △⃒⃘ Anna Francesca (@annafrancesca) reported

    Is anyone else having YouTube upload problems ... been trying for days but it only uploads at 360p which is not my usual 1080p. I’ve checked everything else is good - internet, computer etc but YouTube isn’t playing. @YouTube

  • sisodiyams89 Mahesh singh (@sisodiyams89) reported

    @YouTube @YouTubeIndia Hi team, just want to know is there any Glitch in YT analysis system. My earning is decreased by every day.Please let me know and fix that issues.

  • JDTheGuru NintendoLifestyle (@JDTheGuru) reported

    Okay I’m going to keep tweeting until I get a response from #YouTube regarding my channel being hijacked coming up two months now... 6k+ subs and growing for nothing since 2012, apparently! PLEASE HELP ME! @YouTube @TeamYouTube @YTCreators Merry Xmas

  • Ashleig64816255 Ashleigh (@Ashleig64816255) reported

    @UK_CAA @YouTube We called yesterday and got though was supposed to of had a email asking for bank statements but nothing. Claim was our in on the 7/10, chased and give extra info needed on 18/10. Wonder if taking this further to highlight the issue @BBCWatchdog

  • harree65 Mark Harrison (@harree65) reported

    @pollytoynbee @YouTube But tell us again how terrible Corbyn is. The Guardian have done as much as the BBC to enable a Johnson govt, we won’t forget.

  • ZingyTunia dennis vanlook (@ZingyTunia) reported

    @AnimeBallsDeep Are you gonna bring @AnimeUproar problems up too or not cause @YouTube is getting really out of hand with the strikes all the channels I watch are getting in trouble even tho they didn't do anything against YouTube's policy

  • stephen_j_moran Stephen Moran (@stephen_j_moran) reported

    @YouTube The perfection of soloists such as Hilary Hahn, is almost impossible to imagine or overstate. One mistake and her career is over. I'm still unable to get through London's Burning on the tin whistle without an error after about fifty years' practice. She and they are geniuses.

  • stephen_j_moran Stephen Moran (@stephen_j_moran) reported

    @YouTube The perfection of soloists such as Hilary Hahn, is almost impossible to imagine or overstate. One mistake and her career is over. I'm still unable to get through London's Burning on the tin whistle without an error after about fifty years' practice. She and they are geniuses.

  • TheObamaFile Parker Shannon (@TheObamaFile) reported

    @YouTube "Whatever one concludes about whether the Justice Department had sufficient grounds to go to the FISA court initially, it’s clear that the DoJ acted dishonestly in failing thereafter to apprise that court of the problems it discovered with the Steele report." ~ Lindsey Graham

  • AliciavdFlier Alicia F ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ (@AliciavdFlier) reported

    @jamie_murray @YouTube Oh yes... In the leg for my knee, and in the neck for my shoulder. That hurt, a lot. 😬 Did help though.

  • suresh900174346 Suresh Choudhary (@suresh900174346) reported

    @YouTube hello youtube , my youtube channel is hacked on 25 nov.2019 and someone change ownership and name of my channel. he do more hacks and channel is terminated. please help me to get back my channel. my channel name was :- Tech Upgrade date of hacking :- 25 nov. 2019

  • e_odishaportal E- Odisha Portal (@e_odishaportal) reported

    @Bharatn55530334 @YTCreators @YouTubeIndia @GoogleIndia @YTCreatorsIndia @YouTubeGaming @YTcreatorsindia @YTgamingcommunityindia @YouTube Please help @TitaniumGamer to get his channel back as it has been hacked! Please @YouTube do something as soon as possible #SaveTitaniumGamer

  • jbeauty93 SpanishKoreanPolyglot (@jbeauty93) reported

    @YouTube I'm very sensitive, some would say that's a plus Now I'll go home and change I need a few things from the grocery Do things alone now mostly Left me heart broken not lookin' for love Surprised in my eyes when I looked above The check out counter and I saw a face

  • gussacci deonio (@gussacci) reported

    Listen to both of our tracks and tell me what’s so similar BESIDES the beat we used. Lyrics WAYY TOO DIFFERENT. Now i respect every artist out here, but this lil man have no right to claim a song that was WRITTEN, RAPPED, AND RECORDED by someone else. @YouTube fix this.

  • _atticusrob AtticusRob (@_atticusrob) reported

    @daz_black @YouTube You know what YouTube are like making little changes or something not working as intended, I'm sure if you contact them ( which you probably have) they will sort it out. Good luck!

  • partyypants mashal🌺 #Chhapaak (@partyypants) reported


  • AmmarMa02150124 Ammar Mahmood (@AmmarMa02150124) reported

    @brhomaa12 @YouTube That's due to the corruption of the Government represented by the previous governor and his followers, God help this city..

  • Console57500922 _ Garfield _ (@Console57500922) reported

    @iyoshifan111 @YouTube i have the same problem

  • scuderia_M orange (@scuderia_M) reported

    @SusanWojcicki @YouTube fix your shit pls

  • Knives4Gaming TheFriendliestGamer (@Knives4Gaming) reported

    @Shnitzel____ @smg1996edition @YouTube Yes they listed accomplishments and I’m not saying those should be ignored. Those are huge. It just feels incredibly lazy and kind of like they meant for this to be a passive aggressive retort more than a fix for last year’s problems.

  • Knives4Gaming TheFriendliestGamer (@Knives4Gaming) reported

    @YouTube No look into trends. No look at those who we lost. To top it all off the video comes off as a passive aggressive response to criticism, not a fix for your own problems. I’m really disappointed. I honestly went in excited, thinking this years was going to be great.

  • ExplainedMovie Movie Explained (@ExplainedMovie) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube Is there any solution for my problem. I'm waiting for your reply nearly one month. My three channel's got blocked, please consider my request and send reply.

  • notmadeleine Madeleine Little (@notmadeleine) reported

    @YouTube fix this!

  • TheLifeofBilby Bilby P. Dalgyte (@TheLifeofBilby) reported

    If @youtube doesn't reinstate my account I'm remaking it. I spent AGES making informative and HELPFUL educational content for people and all that work DESTROYED by what I can only assume an ERROR that youtube WON'T LET ME FIX.

  • vosboks David Vos (@vosboks) reported

    @420growlife @YouTube Boris Johnson starting to sound like a broken record.

  • himanshushinde Himanshu Shinde (@himanshushinde) reported

    This is nuisance, I have also gone thru this problem so many times , guess we don’t believe in credit of credit slates!!!! @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @Google 😒

  • Saffiya18458962 Saffiyah (@Saffiya18458962) reported

    @Temidor @Artspeakcentral @HawardDaniel @AdrianMarch10 @Mrstrang31 @BampSim @marcus124m @yes_we_cat @berekjoselewicz @LollllllaJR @Electroflxmusic @Jack03226799 @beilis_jay @utopian_red @childofeternity @fouadhaidar @kip73563260 @The_Danish_Brit @IshKabi @AaronArad1 @bellewriter @DuchampMark @SariadeG @DNy1818 @Michelled001 @kamranpasha @dannyd219 @notmyname222 @NeverSoPretty @DracMini @Jaccal68 @gomiriam63 @westbornegirl @JudeNoonan @meNabster @Paxton49817563 @DohanyJulian @MmarcusNilsson @SilentHunterUK1 @david_starof @jakesrbetter @Partisangirl @I_am_IamSmart @Ny18David @9arsth @azardsphere @Immort4l_Legacy @ah_adin @AbbyMartin @YouTube Mohammed had 1 Jewish "wife" whom he ***** after murdering her husband. She was my namesake, and no, she was not a "Hashemite". As for rabbis being summoned from Jerusalem to help codify the Quran I doubt that is true. There are a couple lifted passages.

  • ExitiumMachina Death Machine (@ExitiumMachina) reported

    @KellsBells_nz @YouTube I made a terrible mistake. I do it a lot, if it weren't for me no one would sabotage my life and everything would be fine.

  • RealDannyTommo Danny Tommo 🇬🇧 (@RealDannyTommo) reported

    @MarquessBraith1 @YouTube Only thing thats hijacked anything is your anti Jew BS you lot are coming out with. Come back when you have actually done 5% of what Tommy has done for the "Movement" you disrespectful idiot, go away and continue to blame jews for all your problems 😂 #LittleBitch #SorryWhoAreYou

  • Ruthless_Tony_G Tony G (@Ruthless_Tony_G) reported

    @jaisharma911989 @YouTube Hey you little scamming prick fix your shit or I will end you online.. allapppress is broken out of date... 2 people come to me asking to make you remember not to scam. 3 days before I run my SEO on you and every little outlet online you ever made. I will ghost you !! tick toc

  • Jyc_Row Jyc Row (@Jyc_Row) reported

    @QuirkyCraft To be honest, the real issue here is YouTube, not even coppa. Because even in coppa law they have a middleground stating there is indeed content that target both kids & adult, and @YouTube is supposed to have that third option we can choose. But they keep that under silence.

  • captain_says captain_says (@captain_says) reported

    @pressrewind75 @YouTube Sorry but I can't deal with that awful slapback echo

  • MathisonRex Rex The Skunk🔞🥀🦡 (@MathisonRex) reported

    @YouTube PART 2 Money-Tube has to make some changes. Not that I agree with it, that's just the facts. Most of what they're saying is just to scare us into cooperating anyway. Really gonna charge the people that use the site and help make it grow a $40,000 fine for not setting---

  • MathisonRex Rex The Skunk🔞🥀🦡 (@MathisonRex) reported

    @YouTube The problem is it's no longer "You" Tube. Once it got popular back in day, ofcourse Google saw an opportunity to make a profit. Hence advertisements, YouTube careers, then it became more complicated. Now, because of the whole "elsa gate" thing (look it up) Money-Tube --

  • JordeeGee Jordan Brompton (@JordeeGee) reported

    @rhinovulcan @Tesla @YouTube @myenergiuk 😂 my terrible parking ha

  • Thatbackbecher गैंडा। (@Thatbackbecher) reported

    @IndianInterest @ajitdatta @Twitter @TwitterIndia @YouTube same problem sir.

  • SqueezeMega Mega_Squeeze (@SqueezeMega) reported

    @YouTube This could solve the water problems

  • AEpic22 EpicsnowsassinG 256 (@AEpic22) reported

    @ElSrGusk @TeamYouTube @YTCreators @YouTube not trying to be rude ( and sorry if i am ) but it is false copyright claims, and they 3rd picture is mine, i got 3 false copyright claims and my channel got falsely terminated! but i do agree they do have to help a lot of people and it does take time but its almost been 2 weeks

  • HillhomeGaming HillhomeGaming (@HillhomeGaming) reported

    hmmm @YouTube having some issues showing videos tonight suddenly. That might mean I should sleep I guess!

  • DrewsClues broken (@DrewsClues) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube I have obtained help from numerous people to join me and the accounts have still remained untouched. Absolutely chilling. So this isn't just one person that they've "shadowbanned" from reports. My reports are ALL accurate. I've contacted press and press has all ignored me too.

  • the4nthem ⚡️Nobody⚡️ (@the4nthem) reported

    @Salt1estGaming @YouTube At this day of age where GPU could cost more than 1000 bucks, I don’t see a problem with a $599 console

  • Fynnpire Fynnpire (@Fynnpire) reported

    @Billisssa @YouTube Totally. If reviewers are just reading the CC transcript and not even watching the video to see if the creator actually swore, then we have a seriously broken system indeed.

  • Billisssa Billanater (@Billisssa) reported

    @Fynnpire @YouTube It is such a broken system that it solely relies on the CC system, they definitely need a backup system or bring back the dispute system

  • Julie82902847 Julie (@Julie82902847) reported

    @seniorveteran @Larry007Legend @Bobbitor1 @someotherperso3 @FxAxMxBxA @DennisH59386592 @Searchingforth8 @8BrianVogel4 @_Fat_Nixon @lockrousseau @spiralwrap @ruxcytbl @PPPTCE @Larryputt @freedom_gal @side_show007 @GemmaTorrent11 @WattzzD @StillFreeSCOTTY @jewls2245_gemma @FFrankIII @chowskej @Kmanaman3 @KeecoWang5 @AceBurford @BeauCosso @McginnKeven @willofphil @TyDonevski @Fueldog1 @LucyForLiberty @Z1Space @Lawsen_Webb @atlantis000000 @watchit00 @SarahResister @ldlovesUSA @mineisC @PaulBochamp @ImaFreespeaker @pjcobbrocks5 @revoltnow @ClayMMA1 @1HeroMe @MrsPate34 @Saracorday @Annette66130164 @gaming_grump @toadsu2 @YouTube Exactly! I spent four hours watching that stupid video because my Internet kept kicking me off, lol. If you've watched the entire video, then please help me to understand in what way you disagree with me & why.

  • mooseqt moose (@mooseqt) reported

    @StaySideWayss @YouTube don’t see any issues

  • DenisRod00 Denis Rodriguez (@DenisRod00) reported

    @lord_brunson @YouTube This dude always has the worst stat line to talk about wentz

  • jenny_penny131 Jenny From The Block (@jenny_penny131) reported

    @YouTube At least YouTube is self aware enough to acknowledge how awful the 2018 rewind was. So much better

  • BeatlesBrandon Brandon Thomas (@BeatlesBrandon) reported

    @YouTube I cannot help acting to my own videos. LOL

  • The_MeisterLine The MeisterLine (@The_MeisterLine) reported

    @Deplorabelle @YouTube It's not a question of whether his civil rights have been violated... The real issue is damages.

  • VolvoRattles Volvo Rattles (@VolvoRattles) reported

    @VolvoCarUSA #Volvo is #terrible. My #XC60 makes me sad. #Cheer me up @KimKardashian @katyperry @justinbieber @taylorswift13 @YouTube @jtimberlake @Oprah @wizkhalifa

  • BerryHawkins5 Berry Hawkins (@BerryHawkins5) reported

    @Marks_Tech @YouTube Realme x2 pro which is $150 cheaper than mi note 10 Has better haptic engine SD 855+ Super amoled display Much better build quality Has 50 watt super vooc charger that can charge your phone 100 in just 27 minutes and doesn't heats up please review realme x2 pro

  • TheNukeLore TheNukeLore (@TheNukeLore) reported

    @YouTube I am having a 503 error when trying to reply to comments

  • SerialPillock SerialPillock (@SerialPillock) reported

    @Shienoful @YouTube maybe worth asking for help on the help forum place with that :o

  • TessLAvram Tess ❄️ (@TessLAvram) reported

    like i literally cannot stress enough how many legal issues he is causing for these platforms @PeriscopeCo @PeriscopeHelp @YouTube @SusanWojcicki this man is threatening, doxxing, assaulting and abusing SO MANY PEOPLE AND YOU SIT BACK AND LET IT HAPPEN WHEN THERES PROOF HERE

  • TheNewKid2002 Logan Cox (@TheNewKid2002) reported

    @DonutOperator Fix it @YouTube

  • soggyballoons Erik (@soggyballoons) reported

    Let me get on my rant shit **** @YouTube for making uploading hard on creators and not letting you know there’s a problem until you wait a while 4 hours and your video is done ... HEY LET ME KNOW AT THE BEGINNING **** BAG

  • UnDeadAsylum_Md UnDead Asylum (@UnDeadAsylum_Md) reported

    @JSGuy2019 @YouTube True it’s happening in South Africa now. One problem, many farmers in Zimbabwe have left for good

  • MarquessBraith1 Marquis Braithwaite Esq. (@MarquessBraith1) reported

    @RealDannyTommo @YouTube Thank f*ck I washed my hands of helping you shysters. How this crap will help the victims of grooming gangs is beyond me. The movement has indeed been hijacked.