Is Youtube down?

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

 Some problems detected at Youtube

Youtube problems in the last 24 hours

Youtube Outage Chart

April 06: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 02:10 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering 56.56% Buffering
  • Playback Issues 20.49% Playback Issues
  • Sign in 12.70% Sign in
  • Crashing 8.20% Crashing
  • Video Quality 2.05% Video Quality

Youtube Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Santiago Buffering
Hamburg Sign in
San José Buffering
Cuenca Playback Issues
Zapopan Buffering
Mérida Buffering

Youtube Comments

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Youtube Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • frogqueen904 hailey elizabeth (@frogqueen904) reported

    @trishapaytas @YouTube Terrible

  • David_Triptico David Riley (@David_Triptico) reported

    @dianatremayne @islaflood @gemma_beesley @HelenAustin2013 @YouTube @NATECLA Let me know if anything I can do to help!

  • Staygyro ☭RedBanner🇨🇳🇲🇴 (@Staygyro) reported

    @Uzi2Yhc @David_F_Priest @tamyatman @Ian_M_Easton @YouTube YES I DO dare talk about human compassion. NO China did NOT hide any information. If other countries bought substandard stuff from bad manufacturers it's their problem not ours. So YES, I CAN talk about human compassion.

  • PerfectlymessUp PerfectlyMessedUp (@PerfectlymessUp) reported

    @MrNotSoHERO @YouTube No problem,We had a load of fun again.

  • Famini Famin (@Famini) reported

    @jk_rowling @YouTube Did a variation of this when I had pneumonia several years ago. If you're already coughing a lot, it's hard to take all those deep breaths, and even harder to lay on your belly, but it does help!

  • sebbe_carro Sebbe och Carro (@sebbe_carro) reported

    @YouTube Hi YouTube. I Would very much like help from you! Couple mounth ago our most of our old videos have disappeared on our channel and unfortunately we have no backup on the computer :( Someone told us that I could contact u here. Hope for help

  • Ther0byte Ther0 (@Ther0byte) reported

    @SimonWhistler @YouTube @ytcreators it is super sad, second channel in my feed after @Brothgarr got the same scam people after him. Maybe he has some insight on how to do it, iirc he also has either a post or a video on yt about the hustle to get it back or at least he can help you out

  • peter90402 Peter Ausnit (@peter90402) reported

    @jk_rowling @YouTube Link not working

  • Gekkodox Gekkodox🦎 (@Gekkodox) reported

    @jk_rowling @YouTube And I am still severely chronically ill. I can't leave my couch since 5 years and I can only eat organic- chicken breast, broccoli, cauliflower, savoy cabbage, green cabbage, high quality salt from the mountains, and Volvic spring water due to EXTREME Allergies (6/10)

  • alkalijuez Peace john (@alkalijuez) reported

    @SimonWhistler @YouTube @ytcreators Try to contact @KEEMSTAR maybe he can help.

  • ImVoxil Voxil 👑 (@ImVoxil) reported

    Could someone help me claim my custom url from @TeamYouTube @YouTube . The claiming system for custom urls is currently broken and just comes up with a error every time I try and claim. Doubt you'll see this but thanks if you do. Please. 👍

  • OBryanScott Scott O'Bryan (@OBryanScott) reported

    @phoenixbwp @YouTube Terrible situation.

  • e2bfutbol E2B FUTBOL ⚡️ (@e2bfutbol) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube why I get event ticket sales error

  • NickKelley0 Paintballri (@NickKelley0) reported

    @CoinbasePro funny “the most trusted trading platform” hacks YouTube accounts to show their crappy live streams for a sketchy cryptocurrency @toptenz. @YouTube @TeamYouTube fix this channel it is hacked clear as day and promoting a scam

  • LauraBullinger Laura Bullinger (@LauraBullinger) reported

    @OmarGoshTV @YouTube It looked like he was a homeless guy with mental issues. He was frightened of you approaching him. That's why he smiled, winked and walked away. Those are actions to appear jesting and light hearted, non-threatening. You did the right thing. Next time he'll think.

  • Annanotherthing Anna Stone (@Annanotherthing) reported

    @lazenby @YouTube Oh gosh. I ready that first sentence and thoughts the absolute worst.

  • addison_mills17 Foxy (@addison_mills17) reported

    @YouTube please help @SimonWhistler get his @toptenz account back!!!!

  • HANDYMAN6261823 ~ANURAG~🤓 (@HANDYMAN6261823) reported

    @Bending_ @YouTube Youtube never asks for the quality of the video you are downloading.....


    @YouTube Even though we’re apart, there’s a million things we can do together. #StayHome and help save lives. #WithMe

  • janet_battersby janet battersby (@janet_battersby) reported

    @jk_rowling @LizzieCornish @YouTube Hi, I don't have the virus but I have c.o.p.d. .Just did this with the Dr. and I swear it has helped!Mornings are the worst time ,so tomorrow I will try this again. Thank you x

  • greybeardsme Guy Harris (@greybeardsme) reported

    Found it on @YouTube by asking uncle google, pity @GIBSAcademy could not help, not very entrepreneurial or #customercentric !

  • sabkuchsekho sab kuch sekho (@sabkuchsekho) reported

    @YouTube i have a problem

  • Mahesh22513558 Mahesh (@Mahesh22513558) reported

    Don't know why did @YouTube @YouTubeIndia has taken off 720p, 1080p quality options in mobile phone , but we can find those options in laptop, pc etc., Now the highest video quality in mobile phone is 420p not only in my phone all other Mobile Phones as well. #bug #solve.

  • Bi_Nghia_Vodka Bi_Nghia (@Bi_Nghia_Vodka) reported

    A message for you @YouTube **** YOU TERRIBLE PROGRAM I NEVER SEE

  • grahamoptional Graham R (@grahamoptional) reported

    @jk_rowling @YouTube I thought you were conspicuous by your absence here. Hope you’re over the worst.

  • malcanuk Mal Wayne (@malcanuk) reported

    @YouTube I have two problems with my channel I can add end cards. Even though have followed through to the editor it doesn't show up And my notification bell dosen't show up thanks

  • DataAugmented Gamer Geek (@DataAugmented) reported

    @abe_ghazal @YouTube 🤣 Haha I'm terrible Stay safe mate!

  • SupportersIn care supporters in india patronage health services (@SupportersIn) reported

    @PrimeAsiaTV @Khalsa_Aid @YouTube Please contact some people need help 🙏😊😊 9888429446

  • Joshua59993382 Dynamic Devz (@Joshua59993382) reported

    @phoeberryyt @AmberryYt @YouTube @AdSense That’s terrible all your hard work and you get nothing :(

  • Dj_IsCool33 Dj (@Dj_IsCool33) reported

    @YouTube Dear YouTube, YouTube for my tv (SAMSUNG SERIES 6) isn’t working for 2 hours. Please fix this!

  • Brajeswar13 BS (@Brajeswar13) reported

    @Mitesh_Engr @pandeyrohit411 @YouTube Mitesh Bhai, you are going to same premium PUT after 15 mins of market open...or any other way. It will help

  • sa1nathg Sainath Gonuguntla (@sa1nathg) reported

    @Mitesh_Engr @YouTube Sorry, typo errors ....

  • lIlMuRdeRouSlIl ☠️😈 lIlMuRdeRouSlIl 😈☠️ (@lIlMuRdeRouSlIl) reported

    @MukyModz @YouTube No problem my good man 👍

  • fahdup Fahad Alfarsi 🎓 (@fahdup) reported

    @chibiakumas @YouTube Hi Could you please DM me I facing problem with 8086 Assembly program I wrote the program but it's not working.

  • fahdup Fahad Alfarsi 🎓 (@fahdup) reported

    @chibiakumas @YouTube Hi Could you please DM me I facing problem with 8086 Assembly program I wrote the program but it's not working.

  • douglasrintoul Douglas Rintoul (@douglasrintoul) reported

    If you loved our @QueensTheatreH co-production of #OneManTwoGuvnors with @DerbyTheatre and fancy another fix, or just plain missed it, check out our pals' - @NationalTheatre - original production on @YouTube. See info. below.

  • TechnicalVide TechnicalVide (@TechnicalVide) reported

    My Google account hacked by someone. Hacker changed my password. When I try to forgot password show this error My Google account was Connected with my YouTube channel and adsence account. @YouTube @YouTubeTrends @Google @ytcreators @YTCreatorsIndia @MySmartSupports

  • jesss_lo Jess (@jesss_lo) reported

    @nursespiration @YouTube I did your BSN DEGREe and you lack every bit of compassion towards me. Please be a Christian Right now do the right thing I need you! I’m asking for your help.

  • Bi_Nghia_Vodka Bi_Nghia (@Bi_Nghia_Vodka) reported

    @YouTube Here is my words : **** YOU TERRIBLE YOUTUBE

  • ElliotOmega Elliot Xylou Omega (@ElliotOmega) reported

    @YouTube @IsaWelly Please help @AlpaxLP ! Account has been hacked

  • PaulDev42478820 Paul Devine (@PaulDev42478820) reported

    @YouTube you have a recommendation problem across devices. I am now starting to get more and more recommendations on my PS4 and apple tv where it’s just a wall that I have already watched on my PC or.iPhone

  • gerry_deane Gerry (@gerry_deane) reported

    @Duffpaddy80 @YouTube And he won’t. But that whole exchange, the hubris, the entitlement, the meltdown... almost had a Chris Morris quality to it

  • TuyisengeRevoc1 Tuyisenge Revocat (@TuyisengeRevoc1) reported

    @TeamYouTube Seriously this is a big issue @TeamYouTube it is now 5 days, I loose between 5-10$ per day. Can you please try to address this. Thanks @YouTube

  • ElliotOmega Elliot Xylou Omega (@ElliotOmega) reported

    @PhillyD @TheQuartering @YouTube Another account has been hacked. Please help spread the word to get attention. Everyone please retweet and spam youtube with the audacity of 1,001 suns.

  • ElliotOmega Elliot Xylou Omega (@ElliotOmega) reported

    @AlpaxLP @PhillyD @TheQuartering @YouTube Another account has been hacked. Please help spread the word to get attention.

  • HeatherBuzzetta Heather Buzzetta (@HeatherBuzzetta) reported

    @AverageGuy2020 @SeniorHandyman1 @_ThePush_Report @Elissa0100 @YouTube Sorry love it is @ Wikileaks. it is in the emails. if you can handle you should read John Pedestos' emails... it is a rabbit hole that I warn you....THESE PPL ARE SICK.. IMAGINE THE WORST POSSIBLE THING.... THEN 50 fold that... we do not sleep much...

  • BossuWhite1 BossuWhiteGh (@BossuWhite1) reported

    @funnyfacegh @YouTube can you plz help me out with foodstuffs for me to manage it in this lockdown

  • gRUMPyPUMPing gRUMPyPUMPer (@gRUMPyPUMPing) reported

    @notkidding39 @YouTube That's crazy! The tour I seen Mudvayne was supposed to be there but they canceled at the last minute. So other bands played a longer show, Rammstein and System of a Down. (System was terrible tho, all they did was stand there. Was expecting alot better out of them).

  • ZainabBajwa16 knivese swords seller (@ZainabBajwa16) reported

    @Invest_in_Cards @YouTube Sir I m Zainab Bajwa from Pakistan I do business here I m seller knifese swords etc manufacturers else everything according to my colintes leather products &Exports and best quality everything

  • bebetagon pentagon #roadtokingdom 🪐 (@bebetagon) reported

    VIEWNYA FREEZE DI OH MY GOD OI @YouTube pls fix it

  • ObrienKade Kade OBrien (@ObrienKade) reported

    @YouTube you guys have a relatively large issue at the moment with channels being hijacked and then streaming a prerecorded video meant to get people to send scammer BTC i know of at least 5 channels affected some with 1 million+ subscribers. what are you doing to fix this.

  • martasieniuc Marta Sieniuc (@martasieniuc) reported

    @RemoteStukeley @YouTube Can you please write what the challange is as the video is not working 🙁

  • AlbertH51591544 Albert Hall (@AlbertH51591544) reported

    @SouthernStorm8 @YouTube Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing! 🤣😂🤣 I better get some sleep. This stay-at-home order has my schedule ALL messed up!! 😴😴💤 Stay safe.

  • SundiBhai Sundi Bhai (@SundiBhai) reported

    @8ballpool @YouTube internet connection drop same problem is comeing againg pls solve it miniclip

  • LonePhone LonePhone (@LonePhone) reported

    Haven’t been able to watch @YouTube since last Wednesday. Everything else loads but the videos just constantly spin on the loading screen within the app. Moving to a web browser results in complete failure as well. Was using it to help cope until then

  • zbass20 b (@zbass20) reported

    @MarquesHalo @YouTube Absolutely worst ******* company #fraud

  • Yusufisiak2 Yusufisiak (@Yusufisiak2) reported

    @Peruzzi @YouTube Please sir, I have been sending it to u sir, Yusuf isiaka, uba2072227305, please help me out, any amount sir, god bless you sir

  • MarkandZac Mark & Zac ⚓ NB Last Derbyshire Miner (@MarkandZac) reported

    @tidyboiler @YouTube If you need any help you only have to ask 👍👍

  • zbass20 b (@zbass20) reported

    @MarquesHalo @YouTube The worst. #suckit

  • andyzamanii Andy Zamani Sani (@andyzamanii) reported

    @Peruzzi @YouTube We get big problem for hand, you dey release video, who your video help... Wrong timing, no offense