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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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December 12: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 02:30 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering (49.68%)
  • Playback Issues (20.65%)
  • Crashing (15.48%)
  • Sign in (12.90%)
  • Video Quality (1.29%)

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  • edenxo
    Eden (@edenxo) reported

    @giu_palumbo @YouTube Hey! I don’t know how to fix that, but I can have my team look into it

  • EdgeVGaming
    EdgeVGaming (@EdgeVGaming) reported

    @DSR_Joker @YouTube Definitely enjoyed the ideas shared in this video. I think Bungie would have to hire writers from the WoW books in order to help put together an intriguing lore book but realistically, I doubt that’s going to happen given Forsaken not living up to financial expectations.

  • i_am_joshyo
    Exploring With Josh (@i_am_joshyo) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YTCreators @YouTube could use some help.. its not sending me my code text to log onto my youtube acount.

  • Meaty_Muffin
    MeatyMuffin (@Meaty_Muffin) reported

    @Ninja @YouTube More like worst!

  • Joyce7LYn
    Joyce (@Joyce7LYn) reported

    @YouTube I just cant help crying everytime I see videos like this…

  • NikitenkoDevin
    DevinNikitenko (@NikitenkoDevin) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube When I used YouTube on my computer on chrome the video freezes a lot and starts Buffering. I have to change the quality so it will play again or refresh and it restarts the video when I refresh.

  • Anoopku98825188
    Anoop kumar (@Anoopku98825188) reported

    @iamasagar @YouTube Plzzz contact me whatsapp no. 9882518853 help ki jrurat hai bhayia

  • SkoulasDDS
    Antigone Skoulas (@SkoulasDDS) reported

    @dr_rgsiii @YouTube These music videos are so awful. Omg I haven’t watched this shit for 20 years and it’s so bad

  • AlexZimmz
    Zimmz (@AlexZimmz) reported

    @JazzyJoeXD @Sora_Sakurai @YouTube I mean, that would be amazing, but they can't fix the online in a few days. That needs months. G&W's fix was simple, all they needed to do was take off the feather.

  • ProSorcerer
    Angeliceron (@ProSorcerer) reported

    @MrProWestie @YouTube Its noticeable with the Gewehr 43 its literally pointless to use now, STG and M1906 SF and M1 Carbine are basically the only good Assault guns now. SMGs are more horrible now than launch and Dice didnt even fix the smgs with the buff and they didnt nerf the KE7

  • MarkTarnum
    MT the Doodle King (@MarkTarnum) reported

    @YouTube A channel by the name Kittle Skits was re-uploading my videos and I reported them for copyright. Their channel was deleted for copyright and my channel was deleted because it was related. That makes no sense and none of my appeals have worked. Please help me.

  • pcb227
    Priscilla Browne (@pcb227) reported

    @KatiMorton @YouTube Help..I pre-ordered my book months ago on Amazon and would love a book plate. My book arrived and I get it tomorrow. I went online and cannot figure out how to request the bookplate. I already have my book and am hoping against hope I am lucky enough to get a bookplate/ pin,

    Jesse🦉 NITROX OWLFYST🦉Jensen (@OWLFYST_TV) reported

    Looks like @YouTube is broken again. Everytime I try to watch a video, all I get is a black screen with the audio being played in the background. @TeamYouTube needs to get their shit together! Also, SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE!!!!!!

  • ChristoR20
    Lord Puck (@ChristoR20) reported

    @Beuhlig @MrLiamHill @SWBFUpdates @YouTube Ty. It might help. It might not lol.

  • Dzurp
    𝓓𝔃𝓾𝓻𝓹 (@Dzurp) reported

    @xFIow @YouTube You ****** play custom games everything allowed anyway stop making excuses If you got a problem do sum

  • Meeyah818
    Meeyah (@Meeyah818) reported

    @galactic_geisha @YouTube I agree with most other than Ann Coulter talking about how the one thing that children need most is married parents, when we both know separation is better than a miserable marriage — I definitely see where she’s coming from, but I don’t think that’s the zero in on big problem

  • JazzyJoeXD
    Jazzy (@JazzyJoeXD) reported

    @Sora_Sakurai @YouTube Update 1.2.0 better fix Smash Online. It took you a few days to patch out Mr. Game & Watch's Indian reference to please some SJW's who weren't gonna buy the game anyway but when it comes to people who actually bought the game you act like you can't hear us.

  • Shannaportia
    Shanna 💋🤓🤣 (@Shannaportia) reported from Amarillo, Texas

    @jpmetz @YouTube I can see how that affects people’s perspective. I didn’t understand the backlash until writing this tweet. She has a problem that the public can’t fix. But continuing to make it public creates a bigger problem for herself.

  • harunalmahdi
    harun almahdi (@harunalmahdi) reported

    What is wrong @YouTube with ur newest update. I cant watch any video, always buffering even though i have stable internet connection. Please fix it.

  • rhexah_official
    Rhex (@rhexah_official) reported

    @YouTube Yeah, that video is gross, I'm gonna fix it

  • Cmillsaps3
    Christian Millsaps (@Cmillsaps3) reported

    @jonpresstone @TeamYouTube @BroadbandTV That is beyond stupid. @Youtube fix your policy.

  • maixiuslash80
    matt (@maixiuslash80) reported

    @GiraffeNeckMarc @YouTube I disagree with the reds being the worst team in the nl central, I think if they get a few starters that they could be good. Look at their offense and plus they have senzel coming up. Obviously they arent the best but they are definetly gonna be better that the pirates.

  • TastyChaiTea
    TastyChai (@TastyChaiTea) reported

    @reddeadrevenge2 @YouTube I've had a YouTube channel since before I streamed XD I've just been *terrible* at keeping it up to date... So I upload stream VODS =)

  • sixth_music
    sixth (@sixth_music) reported

    @ThisIsTheFatRat @YouTube @TeamYouTube @youtubemusic @YTCreators Terrible :(

  • TruckerDesiree
    Desiree (@TruckerDesiree) reported

    @anaaronfreeman @JessRBolenJr @askthetrucker @DanRather @YouTube Yes, they are self insured which also means their crash statistics are not public knowledge either and anyone who has worked in a training fleets knows they have LOTS of serious crashes the public never heard about

  • Yo_LionYT
    Yo Lion (@Yo_LionYT) reported

    @JGODYT @YouTube Dear James, I wrote you but still ain't respondin'.. I left my cell, my Twitter, and my SnapChat at the bottom. I sent two comments back in autumn, you must not-a got 'em.. There probably was a problem with YouTube or somethin'

  • ModiPeeingHuman
    Modified Peeing Human (@ModiPeeingHuman) reported

    @TeamYouTube I am using Samsung S8 plus latest version of android and youtube I did tried to sign out and sign in back it don't work either. I tried in setting to clear cache too but same issue. Please help @YouTube @_youtube_mktg_

  • ShadowsMotive
    Shadow (Manager) (@ShadowsMotive) reported

    @STEEZO_THE_GOD @YouTube I don’t know if I want to leave or stay idk if the build is to hard or perhaps I may just need HELP. To use a pure play last year n struggle to create my own shot.

  • AudioKritikYT
    AudioKritik YT (@AudioKritikYT) reported

    @FutureZJB @YouTube No problem!

  • AlwaysMe_84
    Nicole "Indict 'Individual 1'" (@AlwaysMe_84) reported

    @1nvisiblePink @YouTube That sucks! I'm sorry you're going through that. That's why I think it's a damn shame greedy Gus' decide they want to make good people doubt people in need. We need better programs in our communities so those who want to help, can.

    KTM (@BUVTHALAW) reported

    @pizzaparty531 @KyleKulinski @YouTube so what I'm getting here is that our main disagreement is over the use of the "SJW" label and not the actual issue itself. as for the smear campaign, the people Kyle is talking about are actually on the right for the most part, assuming i didn't mishear what he said

  • enderlink675
    Enderlink (@enderlink675) reported

    @ThisIsTheFatRat @Ozyxim0 @YouTube @TeamYouTube @youtubemusic @YTCreators I had a similar issue. Some guy named DJ Konect stoke some of your music and copyright claimed me for it

  • _Viperzzz_
    Viperzx (@_Viperzzz_) reported

    Okay @UMG you guys claimed weest for whatever reason. @YouTube you need to fix the copyright system. @KEEMSTAR report this. Weest was talking about umg about 15 to 20 minutes ago, and his YouTube video gets claimed. You guys NEED TO FIX YOU SYSTEM

  • 1Tslick
    Tyler (@1Tslick) reported

    @bjohnson779 @YouTube “He’s broken in half” 😂q

  • ChapoJr18
    TapX Chapo (50K) (@ChapoJr18) reported

    @KingzNA @YouTube They can add that but not fix notifications 😂

  • pcket9zs
    Pocket9z (@pcket9zs) reported

    @PFF_Eric @YouTube I am looking forward to watching that video, although everyone brings up his contract which means nothing. Vikings are terrible and deservedly so, but of the top 10 issues, Kirk isn’t in the top 5

  • Unjustlocket
    reece (@Unjustlocket) reported

    i'm sure everyone's wondering wtf is going on! so @YouTube is currently broken as hell right now, I upload a video and it turns out that youtube didn't process the video correctly and it was just a black screen for 20+ minutes, so that pissed me off a bit so I try again...

  • Reignbird24
    Reignbird (@Reignbird24) reported

    @JGODYT @ItsTheVito @DEXB0T @YouTube You're welcome. I think I can always see your replies. I think the alert bell turning red with new alerts isn't working is the main problem, at least from what I can tell.

  • bright_sol_
    Erica Fitz (@bright_sol_) reported

    @ArthurSido @prageru @Google @YouTube You’re making a situation an attack on an ideology when it is truly just an extremist action taken by people on both sides. It’s like people saying everyone on the right are murderers because of heather heyer. You are just contributing the the problem.

  • beastmade_panda
    Beastmade panda (@beastmade_panda) reported

    @YouTube why am I not getting notifications for @Lyricoldrap videos fix this NOW

  • AliceReids
    CuddleLust (@AliceReids) reported

    @lifeanddeafpost @rikkipoynter @YouTube in the interim, I fixed the problem by going into the gear button next to the captions and manually choosing the language! Idk if it's covered in the video but it's a way to get your captions

  • JHendricksMusic
    Joshua Hendricks (@JHendricksMusic) reported

    @AthleticsFan314 @heeschmoney @YouTube Damn you’ve got some issues with Shyamalan lol.

  • insanedexters
    Merwin (@insanedexters) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube I am really disappointed in youtube, they say i "reused" content but youtube don't point out the problem. and they are continually taking money from me. THEIF!!!

  • Reignbird24
    Reignbird (@Reignbird24) reported

    @JGODYT @YouTube Yeah, no alert to your re-response but shows when I click on notifications. Something is broken here.

  • HardLineMusics
    HardLineMusics (@HardLineMusics) reported

    @YouTube *whispers*fix your broken ass content id system

  • SillyMikey
    Mike (@SillyMikey) reported

    @MrProWestie @YouTube I have to say, after playing a few games, you’re absolutely right. Core feels soooo much better it’s not even funny. I wanted to give the patch a fair shot, and it’s not working for me.

  • karlrolson
    ᴜʟᴛʀᴀᴋʟʏꜱᴛʀᴏɴ (@karlrolson) reported

    I wish @YouTube would just let me white list channels for recommendations, both for myself, and maybe even for those viewing my my videos if they've not set their own recommendation white list. That info could be used to trying to fix the algorithm with better training data too.

  • bossnatedog
    Bossnatedog (@bossnatedog) reported

    @R3dnekteddybear @YouTube Someone vouched for u saying u knew how to glitch🤣🤣🤣🤣. Might need to reevaluate my cicle🤣

  • codgirlsniper
    Kaylee (@codgirlsniper) reported

    @YouTube Worst rewind sry not sry and only basicly had fortnite for the entire thing thats when you know your not covering all of 2018 make it better next year pls

  • Excarkun
    Excarkun (@Excarkun) reported

    @TheQuartering @YouTube Destiny One .. Shit Show or WORST it Prob WOKE on Top.. to GO Broke

  • TheOutThere2016
    TheOutThereChannel (@TheOutThere2016) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube Please dont roll out that pile of shit interface dont fix what is not broken studio beta fuckn sucks layout its just not compact like the old layout and worse for a laptop on 120dpi and 1400x768 laptop res

    ThatGuyTheyCallJosh (@TGTCJ) reported

    Guess @YouTube @YTCreators still dont care about smaller channels . Like I can get YouTube stories cause I'm not big enough help us little channels out @TeamYouTube

  • LetsStayUnnamed
    LetsStayUnnamed (@LetsStayUnnamed) reported

    @Gusbuckets @pewdiepie They know it gets views, man. @YouTube s gotta learn that most media outlets have a vested interest against youtube, since YouTube itself is a threat to their jobs, like untill it realizes that and stops pandering to ********, it's gonna keep having problems.

  • Yinwolf20
    Yin Wolf🐺 🇮🇱 (@Yinwolf20) reported

    @TruTSTatiana @YouTube That sounds like a ransom rather than people needing help

  • iAndrew_Garcia
    Andrew Garcia (@iAndrew_Garcia) reported

    @ZaneRima @YouTube hey Zane! is there more advice for finding my head voice, i've been trying but i still haven't developed it, and i can't connect it with my chest voice. Please help. ily 🖤

  • SecuringCharlie
    SecuringCharlie 🇬🇧 (@SecuringCharlie) reported

    @viletoto @YouTube how did ya fix the LUA nameplate errors

  • trashlord74
    Eli Blumerich (@trashlord74) reported

    Hey @YouTube make it so your casting shit isn’t so ******* horrendous. Just started playing an @Terroriser video on my family TV cuz my ******* finger slipped on the cast button and it instantly casted without warning. Your app is completely broken, much love 🙃

  • DarkShadowsRose
    DarkBlackRose (@DarkShadowsRose) reported

    @YouTube and @TeamYouTube am having issues where my likes on videos aren't staying it keeps auto unliking them after I leave the app or off the video am on Android 5.1 version

  • twatterfull
    Hawking_Wore_A_Bikini (@twatterfull) reported

    @Captainswoop1 @JWBraithwaite1 @sconsyHammer @YouTube There's one glaring error with the description of the 1st model, you used the word; THINK..! Apart from that, it's spot-on.....

  • ThatisjustSwel1
    ThatisjustSwell (@ThatisjustSwel1) reported

    @YouTube Ok, I have bug, okay so Youtube Rewind 2018 has 9.7 million dislikes, but on the video it says 9.4 million dislikes. This isn't in anyway to bash Youtube Rewind 2018, but I feel you should know about this issue, if it is one at all