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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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October 19: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 02:50 AM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Fahmeed_Rokon Fahmeed Opel Rokon🌐 (@Fahmeed_Rokon) reported

    @aryixn @YouTube @YTCreators @miniminter @TBJZL @DramaAlert @Cinnamonass1 @YouTube update I just found myself unsubscribed to @Calfreezy please fix this

  • J_LEE420 Jessie Lee Lawrence (@J_LEE420) reported

    @NovaFundus @BerniceBowling2 @trishapaytas @YouTube cant fix stupid . Your going to frustrate yourself trying to reason with logic .

  • memeist_boi some dude from the internet (@memeist_boi) reported

    @YouTube You should be thinking about how to fix yourself

  • jasonkerr214 KURSED SOULS (@jasonkerr214) reported

    @CashNastyGaming @YouTube He’s terrible

  • LoriinUtah 🇺🇸Patriot♥️LifeLover🇮🇱 (@LoriinUtah) reported

    @SKYRIDER4538 @mohiddinkalf @YouTube I so agree! I didn't know your mother is a Kurd. But they have been at war for centuries. We can't be the ones to come in and fix their problems.

  • Z00mDr Dr_z00m (@Z00mDr) reported

    @YouTube Start thinking about how sweet it would be to fix your ******* website

  • mamiimimi ✨La Rubia✨ (@mamiimimi) reported

    @ozzy411 Ask me some questions on my insta to use in my@YouTube video. Im doing a Q&A on this subject help me out

  • JazzE53460406 James Eck (@JazzE53460406) reported

    @YouTube I went and watched the actual video. I am amazed but it is similar to how Avatar could not hold the highest worldwide box office this year...records are meant to be broken. I just want the best car out there: Tesla, Porsche, or some other company. The World is changing...

  • Dee_Batch DEE (@Dee_Batch) reported

    @shaunyBoy1903 @NivekDatadin @Techlife32 @YouTube If you have 2018-2019 use logo dimming and pixel shift. You can play for 3-4 hours straight not issues.

  • ChristianPilg12 ChristianPilgrim (@ChristianPilg12) reported

    @AllyHud7 @LaurelHolub @YouTube @99freemind They are awful down there. The people they let foster seems like there are 0 standards.

  • raebops Rae Bops (@raebops) reported

    @wendyOrourke @DelphicDeb @ADASpota @Tribe_XX @RealArbuckle @willmckinley @biscuitkitten @kategabrielle @Taken_aBlack @oldfilmsflicker @pat_galloway @Moonspinner55 @Vivdjackson @p_l_white @SkotArmstrong @mindtheimage @Torcho @ElizabethWMang1 @Beatgrrrl @tnpcollection @VerlaineJohn @lastnametaco @YouTube That seems like a really great device. Problem is, getting bit by either one of these at this point would probably kill me.

  • LordInfernalis Infernalis (Spooky Dumbass) 🎃💀 (@LordInfernalis) reported

    @telltaleatheist @YouTube I mean at least chiropracty can help people

  • spookyboorhodes (@spookyboorhodes) reported

    I'll just wait for the hard disk to crash and keep it backed up. Maybe by then @TeamYouTube and @YouTube will have answered my question and I can afford to get a new drive. hahahaha

  • JNV_VLOGS Nameless (@JNV_VLOGS) reported

    @DavineJay @YouTube YouTube really needa step up there shit for real they fast to cr people but don’t do shit when we need help @YouTube

  • stargrazzer stargrazzer (@stargrazzer) reported

    @DanCady @KulwantDhaliw20 @YouTube @BBC You can see what you want. No such thing as a ClimateEmergency, all she has done is help write another blank cheque for the UNIPCC a self appointed bunch of so called scientists who actually ignore /manipulate data some of the narrative is made to instill fear to keep their jobs

  • hollybear0406 hollybear0406 (@hollybear0406) reported

    @RMHC_ @lilv0mit @thelastmemewar @oofmama2 @HatredMirror @pettycrocker12 @Onision @YouTube They are actually. They help to create a pattern of behavior. Not all evidence is DNA. Not all evidence is direct. If someone observes a car accident, their statement will be used. If a **** victim comes forward their statement will be used and then collaborated.

  • ValleryTanya Tanya (@ValleryTanya) reported

    @YouTube This story began with Your claims and ended with Your...terrible (sorry) beard. It was "Your" story. How sad actually. I'm sorry.

  • OMGFuziion #DareFuziion ❖ (@OMGFuziion) reported

    Reuploaded because it was copyrighted claimed within 5 seconds. @lilbaby4PF help me out. Not even able to earn money off @YouTube and they act like I’m tryna **** ppl over

  • Dennsell DennSell (@Dennsell) reported

    @Tinktweets45 @SantaSurfing @YouTube No problem take care ✔

  • ana_sternchen Ana Trofin (@ana_sternchen) reported

    @TeamYouTube My YouTube channel has been suspended since Aug 7 😤. I don't know the reason. Have appealed multiple times. Looking for some help 🆘 #TrustedFlaggers @YouTube #trustedflagger

  • Hackser_1856_ Dilki (@Hackser_1856_) reported

    Your type of humour, the storyline and the quality of those parodies were creative, i still see some youtubers with absolutely worst content and non family friendly, @YouTube clearly doesn't know what they are doing. But still @BartBaker don't loose hope.

  • ohoney_bee 𝕭𝖊𝖊 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕺𝖓𝖎𝖔𝖓 𝕾𝖑𝖆𝖞𝖊𝖗 (@ohoney_bee) reported

    @Flutterfinn1 @RMHC_ @SwedishFishAtta @HatredMirror @pettycrocker12 @Onision @YouTube I wouldn’t bother with this person. He’s just some incel who hates women. He refuses to listen and that’s his problem. I think it’s best we just ignore him completely and focus on spreading the truth.

  • ana_sternchen Ana Trofin (@ana_sternchen) reported

    My YouTube channel has been suspended since Aug 7 😤. I don't know the reason. Have appealed multiple times. Looking for some help 🆘 #TrustedFlaggers @YouTube @YTCreators #YouTubers #trustedflagger

  • seanforeilly 🏳️‍🌈 Sean O'Reilly 🏳️‍🌈 (@seanforeilly) reported

    @YouTube @UmairRaza666 No, just the worst

  • Alan1For AlanForsyth (@Alan1For) reported

    @irblinx @3dmakernoob @YouTube The man does do some quality veedio's

  • Dee_Batch DEE (@Dee_Batch) reported

    @shaunyBoy1903 @NivekDatadin @Techlife32 @YouTube if you watch varied content not issue. If you watch CNN for 8 hours a day ya. Honestly, it's a non-issue.

  • gordie_playz GordiePlayz (@gordie_playz) reported

    @YouTube Still thinking when are you gonna fix the algorithm

  • alfaqoof al faqoof (@alfaqoof) reported

    @lecanardnoir @YouTube didn't tell me a damned thing. massaged here and there and, at last, i could get my back straight. you can try to deny me my reality all you like. and i wasn't ill, just a wee bit broken.

  • ZeroZero2091572 zero (@ZeroZero2091572) reported

    @YouTube People work way too many hours for too little control over themselves. There is a psychic anti work underbelly rebelling saying we will not work unless and until you fix this.

  • Enderz222 Enderz (@Enderz222) reported

    @YouTube fix your system

  • RealJackWiser JackWiser (@RealJackWiser) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @PhillyD @YouTube @YouTube fix your shit you’re trash

  • ClaribelGaetan1 Clary Saint🥰 (@ClaribelGaetan1) reported

    @kimyentran3 @YouTube @SaintWorld__ @Saint_sup @_saint_official @zee_sup @Siwat0330 @SAINTHOODx knew about those problems are I only did it to help not have breakfast and with this that at least we already know nobody would have to continue with them.

  • WalnutSpice WalnutSpice (@WalnutSpice) reported

    @youtube if u don't fix your Xbox 360 app I will take apart my 360 piece by piece sending every piece to you separately in the mail, backing up your mailbox for weeks.

  • ClaribelGaetan1 Clary Saint🥰 (@ClaribelGaetan1) reported

    @kimyentran3 @YouTube @SaintWorld__ @Saint_sup @_saint_official @zee_sup @Siwat0330 @SAINTHOODx I know that not all fans are bad but the problem is that what they are doing bullying will continue to do if those of us who are good cannot stop them is the only thing I say that we have to support it by counteracting it is useful by bullying.

  • mjk_4mjk mjk (@mjk_4mjk) reported

    @DejahThorisQ @notcapnamerica @ruthincondechi @YouTube It was an awful earthquake. It destroyed the Jewish synagogue in La Condesa. It is not easy for your mom, to have her home damaged, it was a very traumatic experience. My best wishes to her.

  • zinser_steven Steven Zinser (@zinser_steven) reported

    @OANN @YouTube A huge national security issue

  • Watch5Time TimeWatch5 (@Watch5Time) reported

    @YouTube I made all changes to my channel to get approved again for partner program and I was turned down again for "re used content" All my content is original now. This has to be a mistake. I deleted all past videos that weren't original. Please help. -TimeWatch5

  • NivekDatadin Nivek OnlyOnPS5 (@NivekDatadin) reported

    @Techlife32 @Dee_Batch @YouTube I have same ks8500 55" No. Unless u want marginally better hdr. Next jump in picture quality will be micro led. Wait for that

  • lilly_watters 🐙 (@lilly_watters) reported

    @cpufreak101 @telltaleatheist @YouTube There is ‘how to talk to cult recruiters’ and ‘how to get rid of Jehovahs witnesses’ those might help you out.

  • RealAngieYT CarmelAppleAngie (@RealAngieYT) reported

    Hey @TeamYouTube @YouTube Why is the Live stream chat down because whenever people or me try to type to the person that's streaming the chat doesn't work. Please fix this problem

  • RealAngieYT CarmelAppleAngie (@RealAngieYT) reported

    Hey @YouTube Why is the Live stream chat down because whenever people or me try to type to the person that's streaming the chat doesn't work. Please fix this problem

  • djfemmie dj femmie jackson (@djfemmie) reported

    @YOUTUBE Is reducing all the new shows to snippit's I'm thick of it fix it stop it we want all the news not some of it you should be ashamed

  • Slay_Storm 🎃Storm🎃 (@Slay_Storm) reported

    @TwitterSupport I don't know if it's my device or what, but the @TwitterVideo quality seems to always be 🗑. The thing is on @instagram and @YouTube the quality is fine, but on Twitter it's always terrible. Just had to tell you about this problem.

  • HaydnBlower Haydn Blower (@HaydnBlower) reported

    Hey @YouTube I need to delete my old channel but locked out. Help please

  • HaydnBlower Haydn Blower (@HaydnBlower) reported

    How @YouTube I need to delete my old channel but locked out, help

  • VanillaChanny VanillaChan (@VanillaChanny) reported

    @YouTube @YTCreators @YouTubeGaming For real I need help. This is an issue. Your AdSense doesn't even detect my channel.

  • goofy_1_goofy Goofy (@goofy_1_goofy) reported

    @JimSanoBC79 @0_s__ @RealityToday3 @GodTheFather___ @mohanna @ashoukaFE @experience_777 @PapaFlerf @sonoftruth_ @flateartherx @RyaanFEP @slayckx @FlatEartherMatt @Motshi3 @Metrek13043 @YouTube @V4Vendetta2017 @Wifizoom @TheFlatEartherr @Gylauer @Rosalili17 @harmayani_fe @MathPowerLand You don't a god to tell you that child **** is absolutely terrible. You don't a god to develop a widely accepted moral code

  • thesithlord2016 Sith Lord kenobi (@thesithlord2016) reported

    @RandomMnky @YouTube Jared Leto was possibly the worst version of #Joker I've seen. The Joker is the crown prince of Gotham City yet he just looked like a cheap gang banger from a Hip Hop music video.

  • DeborahTetteh14 Deborah Tetteh (@DeborahTetteh14) reported

    @kofi_mole @YouTube My friends heart got broken after watching the bestie video but she still went ahead to console her self with don't be late ....she is in love 😍

  • NancyGo93108446 Nancy Goyal (@NancyGo93108446) reported

    @MyCafe_Game @YouTube I didn't receive my purchase yet.. Plz help me with this

  • vxfernandalima Fernanda Lima (@vxfernandalima) reported

    @YouTube It's been over 3 months since my youtube account was for monetization analysis, and until today I got no answer, help out there.

  • YTDJEnder YTDJEnder (Carl) (@YTDJEnder) reported

    I'm ******* done with @YouTube's damn streaming services for a while. The new studio on PC ******* blows, for some reason my bitrate is low af, stream keeps buffering, and I'm using my ETHERNET CABLE for all of this. I should have none of these problems!

  • _India_Research Manoj Saxena (@_India_Research) reported

    @CChristineFair @YouTube Hard to believe that Dr. Busch and EAM Swaraj are both no longer with us. I know that life is finite but can't help thinking that both departed way too soon.

  • AngryAfrican Henk Campher (@AngryAfrican) reported

    This is why television is dying. After more than an hour waiting for @NBCSports @nbc @Xfinity @rugbyworldcup to fix their complete mess of showing the wrong game and STILL nothing - I switched over to @YouTube to watch #RugbyWorldCup. #FAIL #CustomerService

  • lulucapeles lulu MAY be @ playlist 2020 (@lulucapeles) reported

    Did anyone’s @YouTube just like completely crash or

  • lilv0mit 🎪 soup cookie 🎪 (@lilv0mit) reported

    @RMHC_ @thelastmemewar @oofmama2 @HatredMirror @pettycrocker12 @Onision @YouTube Thanks for reminding me, all powerful man. Let me go fix you a sandwich since my tiny woman brain won’t allow me to do anything else

  • goofy_1_goofy Goofy (@goofy_1_goofy) reported

    @JimSanoBC79 @0_s__ @RealityToday3 @GodTheFather___ @mohanna @ashoukaFE @experience_777 @PapaFlerf @sonoftruth_ @flateartherx @RyaanFEP @slayckx @FlatEartherMatt @Motshi3 @Metrek13043 @YouTube @V4Vendetta2017 @Wifizoom @TheFlatEartherr @Gylauer @Rosalili17 @harmayani_fe @MathPowerLand Oh shit. Of course I meant that nearly anyone would AGREE that he is the worst person in history. Sorry for that

  • Anna_Daisy_ Dais (@Anna_Daisy_) reported

    @Becca_Fortune @SHEIN_official @YouTube You have a problem

  • goofy_1_goofy Goofy (@goofy_1_goofy) reported

    @0_s__ @RealityToday3 @GodTheFather___ @mohanna @ashoukaFE @experience_777 @PapaFlerf @JimSanoBC79 @sonoftruth_ @flateartherx @RyaanFEP @slayckx @FlatEartherMatt @Motshi3 @Metrek13043 @YouTube @V4Vendetta2017 @Wifizoom @TheFlatEartherr @Gylauer @Rosalili17 @harmayani_fe @MathPowerLand Here comes the problem: I don't believe in a creator because I see the world in all its cruelty, injustice and imbalance

  • RobertWBonner Robert Bonner (@RobertWBonner) reported

    @joerogan @YouTube Help!!!!