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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. It is currently owned by Google.

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February 22: Problems at Youtube

Youtube is having issues since 01:30 PM IST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Buffering (50.00%)
  • Playback Issues (21.03%)
  • Crashing (12.30%)
  • Sign in (9.92%)
  • Video Quality (6.75%)

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  • alex_radulea αℓєχ яα∂υℓєα (@alex_radulea) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Trying to blame creators for your problem with advertisers and the community won’t do it, you guys seem to become more and more unconscious about your decisions and this only creates a desperate image on your name to demonetise people that might be living off the YouTube income

  • komi_senpai Komi (@komi_senpai) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Great idea! *sarcasim* @TeamYouTube y'all are practically giving trolls amo to take down anyone they don't like! Your platform already has problems with people misusing the copyright system and false flagging, please stop giving these people more ways to screw YouTubers over!

  • komi_senpai Komi (@komi_senpai) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Great idea! *sarcasim* @TeamYouTube y'all are practically giving trolls amo to take down anyone they don't like! Your platform already has problems with people misusing the copyright system and false flagging, pleaee stop giving these people more ways to screw YouTubers over!

  • jerizeHEARTScmb 🎗💜SistahBallingah💚🎗~Jerize~ (@jerizeHEARTScmb) reported

    Dont fix something that isnt broken @YouTube

  • Frithgar Frithgar (@Frithgar) reported

    @Thinknoodles @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD From some other stories very recently, this isn't just swearing in the comments, but seriously inappropriate comments such as a list of times to skip to on child gymnastic videos, and those videos being used on illegal sites. I don't think scripted bots will become an issue.

  • hapyzach29 zw98 (@hapyzach29) reported

    @MrMuselk Worst decision by @YouTube yet. Just killing their platform.

  • DragonessF DragonessFire (@DragonessF) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators This is a horrible and downright idiotic way to solve this problem. Demonetizing the video only punishes the creators! Not the commenter that said something inappropriate! If someone hated a creator, they could just say something bad that and causes them to loose revenue!

  • Ezel142 Ezel142 (@Ezel142) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD I am aware that there are some problems regarding comments on certain channels but punishing literally EVERYONE for this is massively stupid. This will just encourage trolls to abuse this rule to be a nuisance for certain content creators. Please YouTube, stop being so obsessed

  • IAmSuchANewB B (@IAmSuchANewB) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD So broken

  • OnlyEben ✴️OnlyEben✴️Official🔥 (@OnlyEben) reported

    @youtube can you guys please fix the ad apocalypse! It’s not going to down with the YouTubers on the platform. Why can’t you guys just stop using bots and start using humans. Then this ad apocalypse would of never happened in the first place.

  • Greenfiles3975 Gref (@Greenfiles3975) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Terrible idea YouTube

  • Forsnain42 ProcrastinatorMaster (@Forsnain42) reported

    @itsDanBull With the article 13 thing they're pushing, which is a major issue, they're saying it will affect the small creators. If this is on a large scale @YouTube will undoubtedly lose so many creators as it loses economic viability to make videos through no fault of them or their content

  • DirkZero DollarStoreThor (@DirkZero) reported

    @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators Whether or not your kid likes gymnastics, you're exploiting them for ad revenue. your kid is 5. He didn't choose to make a youtube channel and film himself doing gym, YOU did. So stop trying to act like a victim when you're part of the problem.

  • plmbcMOmw9nTI35 S.A.G.P6 (@plmbcMOmw9nTI35) reported

    @YouTube Can you stop making a bunch of rules that doesn't makes any sense like the comments aren't even the issue it's you I'm sorry but its true stop thinking of the other way around and think about how it will make other youtubers happy

  • natalyacalleja Natalya (@natalyacalleja) reported

    @vinniepaiano @YouTube No i am sorry, we need help! We don’t wanted from Rusia...and we the civilians cannot free our country alone...we do not agree with your views! #VamosMuyBien

  • ThomasBunink Typically Thomas (@ThomasBunink) reported

    @BlueSunBeta1 @SheetMusicBoss @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD The tools are there but severely lacking, and it's not hard to fix

  • pm_burns Paulette Burns (@pm_burns) reported

    Thought for a later day: why does a #video look poor on YouTube even when I export it from @AdobePremiere Pro using a @YouTube export setting🤔My desktop version looks fine so there's something going on with the YouTube compression that I can't fix

  • VoiceVersusAll VoiceVersusPropganda (@VoiceVersusAll) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators You better backtrack and apologize on this immediately!!! This decision will destroy your business and your revenue will drop faster than even the worst stock market crash.

  • JJGallaher JJ Gallaher (@JJGallaher) reported

    @SidAlpha @YouTube Sounds to me like this may be intended as a buffer for advertisers. Those guys don't want their ads playing on something with shady shit going down because people then link their product with the shit. Good thought but total over correction. Hopefully not broadly applied.

  • _Duck_274_ Duck (@_Duck_274_) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD This is the stupidest way to solve this issue, So because you as a company can't be assed to fix your platform the creators who, combined, made your platform, will have to pay for your idiocy. ******* pathetic.

  • KinKamisaka Blank (@KinKamisaka) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Not to mention, someone with a sick mind who thinks it would be funny to demonitize a user could literally just comment some dastardly thing and the creator would be forced to suffer due to it... This "solution" brings up way too many other worse problems. You must rethink this.

  • filthy_animal Filthy Animal (@filthy_animal) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Hey @TeamYouTube that's just begging for more kids to spam awful comments on videos about stuff they don't like

  • TheSultansss The Sultans (@TheSultansss) reported

    @Shweebe @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD This system is so broken to the point whrre if we dony like a creater we can destroy his livelihood

  • KinKamisaka Blank (@KinKamisaka) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD I'm sorry, but I can't see how this act of policing could possibly help Youtube. I see it more likely to injure it in a way that less people would come to enjoy this platform. All you have done is give the creators less money because someone else decided to act non-peacefully.

  • strafe_itz Itz Strafe (@strafe_itz) reported

    Hey so I’ve been striked twice now. The first one was for a “misnomer” title. The second one I got was while walking home and I got a copyright strike. I’ve already sent the appeal about both of them but still don’t know why I can’t livestream anymore! @YouTube please help!

  • zepplin31 Zepplin Trades (@zepplin31) reported

    @dmanbenzel @The_Randolph_ @fubarcito @PhillyD @YouTube @YTCreators Cards should be illegal because it’s a terrible game

  • Dr_Fiv3 Dr Five (@Dr_Fiv3) reported

    @nerdcity @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Otherwise it's gonna be a troll feast! I can see them, waves of them, just swarming a channel to leave awful comments in the videos so they can make sure the creators has limited or no-ads, "what an epic victory royal" they will say.

  • hello_my_memes owo (@hello_my_memes) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Barely anyone even watches my videos, but goddamn YouTube, this has been your worst idea since YouTube Heroes

  • otherlukecombs Luke Combs (@otherlukecombs) reported

    (2/2) policies. These content creators now have to rely on sponsorships and the donations they receive from their viewers in order to be motivated and able to make their videos. This especially affects the @Misfits group due to their heavily enjoyable content. Fix this, @YouTube.

  • Jman1995100 John is Counting Down to Godzilla KOTM (@Jman1995100) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube whoever's making these constant bone headed decisions needs to step down. You are causing more problems for the creators that MADE YOUR PLATFORM! Nobody wants to use #YouTube anymore because of decisions like this.

  • 93rdmin Rhythm of Zat Knight 🔴⚫️⚪️ (@93rdmin) reported

    @LondongirlSJ @David40542129 @Pady_oFurniture @ButtersStotch73 @ganais_anais @marmite_ @KingLionheart @CapnOveur @londoncabbie3 @LFC_blano @attorneygeneral @BBCPanorama @YouTube @johnsweeneyroar @global @NickFerrariLBC See the problem is in a debate where you say you’re not a follower, and then retract or at least hint that you are, means that you appear eager to lie

  • BenBeamsley Ben Rogue (@BenBeamsley) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD And to be demonetising content for comments you deem offensive on videos for children is the worst possible way to deal with this! Simply hide those comments for review by the content creator! Stop being so damn sensitive YouTube! You only care about your sensitive advertisers!

  • BenBeamsley Ben Rogue (@BenBeamsley) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD This is what age restrictions are for! You could easily fix this whole thing by having video content ratings, like every other entertainment medium. If children are viewing inappropriate content or engaging in mature conversations on YouTube, it's the parents responsibility

  • AJPhi11ips AJ Phillips (@AJPhi11ips) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD All you're actually saying is if someone dosnt like a content creator, they can strip away thier income with a few comments.. and that's the creators fault as you can't invest the time and resources to fix the issue

  • Sohailraja7015 Sohail (@Sohailraja7015) reported

    @Matiullahjan919 @YouTube Please check sound quality. Pic n sound not in sync. It is a bit annoying at times. Thx

  • Ipex____ Creb (@Ipex____) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators **** you YouTube. Your the worst place for creators, but unfortunately the #Onlyone. Only reason why you can receive so much backlash for your moronic decisions and still receive videos from your content cows you hold hostage.

  • MuesReviews mues - New Episodes Every Friday! (@MuesReviews) reported

    Our videos get a small fraction of views compared to the number of subscribers so the sub count has become meaningless. We just need a new platform to post stuff to that y'all are willing to follow us to. Worst comes to worst; we'll stay on @YouTube until it shuts down.

  • tillyandjames tilly & james (@tillyandjames) reported

    @_ZeroTurtle_ @YouTube It's better than continuing to have adverts on those videos, which in turn the people posting them lose money and result in seeing less of them on YouTube. So yes, it does help.

  • Its_Alex_Dee Alex (@Its_Alex_Dee) reported

    @DeAtHaToMiC69 @fubarcito @PhillyD @YouTube @YTCreators Police can and do look into comments that promote **********. This could help find people who possess or create CP and get them thrown in prison.

  • Baraa_A_Awwad Bara' Awwad (@Baraa_A_Awwad) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @BallingerMom @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD I wish I can go back in time and fix the tweet, but no

  • ManoMann2 Mano Mann (@ManoMann2) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Just disable the comment section of a video with terrible comments if you cannot fish out the bad ones and ban the commentors. Literally anything but removing adrevenue of a video that has nothing to do with the actual comments would be a better idea...

  • thebeaverdam83 TheBeaverDam83 (@thebeaverdam83) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD so now @TeamYouTube is attacking someone(the creators) for what someone else(the commentor) does. this is just another way to weaponize the comment section to attack a creators income that people dont like or agree with. the way you solve problems is not by creating new ones

  • again_censored CENSORED_AGAIN (@again_censored) reported

    @donnnnnald @MrUN1V3RS3 @Jagexi @Th3Fir3Knight @youngbirds09 @KEEMSTAR @BallingerMom @TeamYouTube @YouTube This issue isn't new. They knew and never addressed it until it became very public. Do your research. This is far bigger than you think. YouTube, Twiiter, FaceBook all have hidden **** comms going on that are ignored when pointed out.

  • m_3_v_0 Overwatch sucks but OWL is good (@m_3_v_0) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD Guys. That isn’t how you tackle the problem

  • EnterElysium EnterElysium 🎲 (@EnterElysium) reported

    @TheSaraGames @TeamYouTube @YTCreators @YouTube @YouTubeSpaceLon @PhillyD A knee jerk reaction is not praise worthy when a lot of people have been demanding a better system for forever. YouTube refuse to invest the money in sorting a problem. That is where the scorn needs to go.

  • EnterElysium EnterElysium 🎲 (@EnterElysium) reported

    @TheSaraGames @TeamYouTube @YTCreators @YouTube @YouTubeSpaceLon @PhillyD Wow, Sara. That's really ******* unfair. I've always said YT need a better system and that means people and decent moderation tools. YouTube needs to invest some of it huge revenue these days in actual trained eyes instead of trying to outsource the problem to a problematic ai.

  • WolfgangCaleb PurpleDerg (@WolfgangCaleb) reported

    @duvvid @JonathanPieNews @YouTube Abolishing tuition fees is a smokescreen for the far bigger issue that is useless degrees, and an entire generation being scammed. Any business doing the same would have gone under. Subsidising corruption isn't the answer.

  • ShantanuanandC1 SHANTANU ANAND (@ShantanuanandC1) reported

    @DUALIPA @YouTube @BRITs My younger sister SHRISTI(16)is suffering frm incurable disease called LUPUS now we can't afford the cost of her treatment plz help us

  • TheSaraGames TheSaraGames (@TheSaraGames) reported

    @EnterElysium @TeamYouTube @YTCreators @YouTube @YouTubeSpaceLon And YT has asked for the communities help in identifying these bad actors and holly shit, it's working. So between AI and people caring about reporting this stuff, in part thanks to greater exposure from @PhillyD coverage something is happening. Something good.

  • lalit_pagare007 lalit pagare (@lalit_pagare007) reported


  • WolfgangCaleb PurpleDerg (@WolfgangCaleb) reported

    @duvvid @JonathanPieNews @YouTube I have close friends who've ended up thousands in debt for degrees that are near-worthless to any future job prospects. If vulnerable young individuals are being manipulated into taking on thousands in debt by those they trust, then that's a serious issue.

  • Shadow_boy1432 HamburgerYeet (@Shadow_boy1432) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BBPaws @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD This doesn’t help anyone, if your report and moderation system actually worked properly creators didn’t have to do this

  • YaGirlAmeliaTv Ya Girl Amelia TV. (@YaGirlAmeliaTv) reported

    copyright system is broken, montization system is broken, what am i saying @Youtube is broken. They only care about there big creators not small ones, but those small ones turn big @Youtube give them as much respect

  • 93rdmin Rhythm of Zat Knight 🔴⚫️⚪️ (@93rdmin) reported

    @David40542129 @ButtersStotch73 @Pady_oFurniture @LondongirlSJ @ganais_anais @marmite_ @KingLionheart @CapnOveur @londoncabbie3 @LFC_blano @attorneygeneral @BBCPanorama @YouTube @johnsweeneyroar @global @NickFerrariLBC The problem is it can make you paranoid.... now I for one would never pretend SYL is paranoid 🙃

  • DeathStalker131 DeathStalker (@DeathStalker131) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD This might be the worst solution to something i have ever seen.. You've done it again Youtube 👏 its like walking in a street where someone robs something and then the police arrests you for standing on that street. Hitler would be proud of your Third Reich

  • HplaysMatt MattHplays - (@HplaysMatt) reported

    by Google, the algorithm that @YouTube uses is broken. And they know it. Last thing they need is to add more code and that just magically makes problems go away, no. They have been trying to fix the algorithm but with how much pops on the website everyday its impossible to keepup

  • EnterElysium EnterElysium 🎲 (@EnterElysium) reported

    @TeamYouTube @YTCreators @YouTube @YouTubeSpaceLon It's a knee jerk response to trying to fix a problem without humans & applying dumb algorithms that anyone on the sharp end knows are unhelpful. It shows an alarming lack of insight into the issues content creators face and the abuse and problems that have been ongoing for years

  • leofilip95 Leo (@leofilip95) reported

    @EnterElysium @TeamYouTube @YTCreators @YouTube @YouTubeSpaceLon Sounds like they want to delegate the job of moderating their own website to the creators that make them money because they can't be arsed to hire more people and fix their terrible algorithm

  • le_wait_what wait what? (@le_wait_what) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD this is the worst idea youtube's had in a long ass time, there will always be inappropriate people in comment sections of videos. you might as delete channels that get more than 50 likes on a video

  • DZeraxis Drake Zeraxis (@DZeraxis) reported

    @TeamYouTube @BallingerMom @YouTube @YTCreators @PhillyD I understand that you’re trying to put a stop to the disgusting activities on several video. But choosing to demonetize a video over their comments is an awful way to do it and has so many questionable things about it. Could Youtubers be demonetized for a community that just—